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  1. Does anyone know how you set up future transfers for managers and coaching staff in the FM16 editor? The usual tab under the contract area isn't there. If this wasn't possible, can this still be achieved with an EDT file?
  2. Quick question - in most versions of FM you could set up a future transfer for managers/staff in the editor but in the FM2016 editor there doesn't seem to be that option. Was there another way of doing this in that game?
  3. Not to bump this, just checking if there’s any other factors that influence a managers sacking, in terms of stuff you can set in the editor?
  4. Thanks! I’ll take a look at it. It’s the managers getting sacked for losing games in a row when they have built up years of confidence previously (like Dyche for example) that annoys me. They should clearly get more time vs a new manager etc.
  5. Patience aside, are there any other attributes or aspects of the game that decides when a manager is sacked? I’ve tested a few saves now and a lot of managers keep getting sacked where I wouldn’t expect it.
  6. Is it possible to change the number of teams from each country that gets a place in the Champions League? For example, 5 teams from England instead of 4?
  7. What happens when an AI manager has a role in his preferred roles list that isn’t selectable in any of his preferred formations?
  8. Does anyone know how I can edit the default formations in the "tactics" folder for FM14? I want to tweak the default 3-4-3 fomation the AI uses to move two of the strikers wider.
  9. Sorry, let me rephrase the question, as I don't think it was completely clear. I'm not trying to simply change the formations of the AI managers (I can do that in the editor). I want to add a completely new formation (a variation of a 541) to the game so the AI managers can use it as a starting formation. In older versions of the game you could do this by overwriting one of the default formations in the tactics folder for the game, but you can't do that in the newer games. So my question is, is there another way to achieve that?
  10. Is there a way to edit the default formations the AI uses, or even add to them? I don't mean the tactics themselves, just the starting positions so I can add new formations to the game.
  11. Is there a command similar to the "FAKE_NATIONAL_TEAM" command for club sides? Something like "FAKE_CLUB_TEAM" ?
  12. HA, no it's for an update i'm working on.
  13. Is it possible to foce a team to only have grey players, through a EDT file or something?
  14. If I edit the tactics in the AI tactics folder on the old FM versions (for example give each position a set mentality) does the AI override it?
  15. Am I right in assuming the manager profiles in the new versions of the game (with the new match engine) has been done specifically to work together, so to create a manager in an older version of the game (2008) I would have to give them different numbers for “attacking” “depth” etc?
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