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  1. Am I right in assuming the manager profiles in the new versions of the game (with the new match engine) has been done specifically to work together, so to create a manager in an older version of the game (2008) I would have to give them different numbers for “attacking” “depth” etc?
  2. What factors decide how well an AI manager does? I assume it’s not just quality of his squad? I ask because I’ve noticed a lot of the up and coming, tactically good managers that are doing well in real life (Nagelsmann, Rose, Rodgers etc) do really badly in my saves. I ran a few test season to see how often this happens and it’s almost every time. Does this happen for anyone else?
  3. Long shot but has anyone got a semi-recent (within the last 3 to 4 years) database they have kept for FM2009 they can share? This would be a database you have kept updated yourself with transfers etc or found somewhere.
  4. Thanks Neil, that makes total sense when you put it like that.
  5. This question is not for the newer versions of the game now we have all these Tendencies that help guide it. I still play one of my old FM08 custom databases and I noticed that certain clubs always sign the same player at the start of the game, regardless of who the AI manager is. So it got me wondering what used to impact this? Does the chairman have an impact? Director of football? Or something else?
  6. Is it possible to add Future Income to teams using an inline command? (EDT or DDT)? Essentially I want to be able to give a team future income for multiple years rather than just for a single year (which you can do in the editor). This is for FM08 BTW
  7. Thanks @FrazT Do you happen to know what, if anything, did influence who clubs choose as their manager in the older versions? Or was it totally just down to nationality?
  8. DId the tactical preferences of the chairman have an impact on the type of manager he would appoint?
  9. I know player valuation is ridiculously off in this version of the game but this is surely some kind of bug: I have Zaha at Palace, he's "indispensible" to the club but only valued at 7.75m. When I use FMM to check their asking price for him it's just a little over 10m. For a player that's apparenly indispensible. Is this a bug?
  10. As the title says, does anyone know if there's a skin available for FM19 that is anywhere close to the default skins for these older versions?
  11. Can anyone tell me if this actually worked for them? I have created the file using the guide on this site, placed it into the right folder and made sure it is ticked in the game. However, when I start a new game the transfer hasn't happened. If the command works, any idea what the issue could be?
  12. Does anyone know where I can find a list showing the slider set ups to create player roles in older versions of FM? I know some stuff is hard coded and can’t be done via sliders which is fine, but would be helpful to see how you can give players instructions to mimic certain roles in older versions .
  13. Thanks - I believe it was mainly cosmetic but wondered if having one increased the likelihood of the board signing a player for you? I know that happened a lot in that version of the game.
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