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  1. Does anyone know where I can find a list showing the slider set ups to create player roles in older versions of FM? I know some stuff is hard coded and can’t be done via sliders which is fine, but would be helpful to see how you can give players instructions to mimic certain roles in older versions .
  2. Thanks - I believe it was mainly cosmetic but wondered if having one increased the likelihood of the board signing a player for you? I know that happened a lot in that version of the game.
  3. Simple question, did it actually do anything?
  4. Is this thread only for FM18/FM19? Wanted to know if there is a specific file in an older version of the game (FM08 to be precise) that contains transfer value ranges or settings like we have in the latest versions of the game?
  5. It’s not in the sense of specific roles being only suitable to one way of playing, it’s more that they can enhance a style of play. Like having a sweeper keeper can enhance playing a high press games as it covers the space your defenders leave more aggressively. A standard keeper will still work (I’ve done it) but a sweeper keeper gives you more aggression. Same as a Mezzala who can drag players wide with their movement which is really beneficial when you press high and the space is compact. That’s essentially what I’m looking for, peoples opinions on which roles enhances which style of play
  6. Has anyone ever compiled of roles which are more suited to a certain style of play? For example I read in the description for a Mezzala that it’s suited to teams that press high. Is there such a thing for other roles?
  7. Just a couple of random questions that have popped into my head (based on how we create our own tactics etc)... 1. Does the AI manager set all his players to their best roles, taking into account his tactical preferences? Or do they stick to more general ones with their preferred ones mixed in? 2. When a nation isn't selected and you come up against a team from there, do their tactics mirror that of the manager that should be in charge? Or is it completely random? 3. Can constantly changing a players role (within matches etc) affect how long it takes your team to gel?
  8. I searched in here and haven't seen this mentioned yet (apologies if i've somehow missed it): Sarri: His set up seems to be a low-mid block, direct football which looks to be very counter-attacking where as I look at the way Napoli played last season and the way he's got his Chelsea team playing and they're definitely possession heavy, positional movement and balanced. I would suggest changing his defensive depth from 12 to around 7ish and Directness from 17 to around 5. Emery: his tactics are the boring end of ball possession where as with Arsenal his team are quite aggressive, playing a fairly high line (the City and Chelsea games were very notable for this). I would again reduce his defensive depth to 7 or 8.
  9. Is this more because the attackers naturally make runs into space so need to roam less? I've been playing about with this a bit and I find that when I allow the attackers to roam my team creates a bucket load of chances but miss 90% of them so i'm wondering if it's linked in some way.
  10. Is there a particular method you use to decide which one of the wide players you allow to roam for a particular game?
  11. Hope this is a straight forwards topic: do you have your creative or goalscoring players roam in your system? Or both? And why?
  12. Not sure where to post this but I wanted to praise those who have worked on the tactics creator for the new version of the game. The way you get the breakdown of how to execute different playing styles with the visuals of the dots showing what it should look like in practice is really helpful. It's already helping me look at my tactics in a way I previously haven't and I can see the bits I've done in the way I want and the bits I haven't quite got right (in terms of what I'm trying to achieve). Kudos guys!
  13. Doesn't sound odd at all - and like you said it's all opinion and that's why I like to read stuff like that to get an idea of what ideas other people have in terms of partnerships within roles. I use it all to help when I try my own stuff out.
  14. Similar - that thread does a good job of explaining the new roles but doesn't suggest roles you can use around them to create balance or maximise their effect.
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