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  1. With the way the ME has evolved, can we still look at an AI managers profile and assume certain things for the most part? For instance, if the AI manager has a 19 for his “attacking” attribute you could previously assume he will play attacking fluid football for the most part. Has that changed much?
  2. Thanks for posting this - really good read. It's actually helped me solve the issue, which was two fold. Firstly I was playing wing backs on attack who were getting too high and occupying the wide area forcing my inside forward too close to the opposition fullback. Playing fullbacks on attack kept them high but crucially not in the space my inside forward is looking to run into. I also dropped him into a support role so he would receive more of the ball slightly deeper.
  3. This is an unusual topic so bare with me... I have a great suite of tactics that work really well for me and I tend to win 85% of games I play with them. So why do I need advice? Because the tactic is supposed to be executed with my wide forward (Mo Salah in this case) being our primary goalscorer however my central striker (who is a deep-lying forward set to support) always seems to score the majority of our goals. The tactic(s) I primarily start most games (except away at similar level clubs) with my attacking system which is direct and high tempo with the front three (two inside forwards either side of a deep-lying foward) all roaming. Behind them I have a deep-lying playmaker sitting, a central midfielder linking things up and a central attacking midfielder providing runs from deep (he tends to score a lot too). The system is fluid and has addressed one of the issues i used to have (breaking down deep blocks) as I tend to win those games 1-0 switching between the above tactic and my even more aggressive overload version. I know this sounds bonkers but the fact the tactic isn't working exactly as it should is annoying me. So my question is: Has anyone ever got a wide player to function as their main goalscorer successfully and what am I doing wrong?
  4. Does anyone know how modifier the pre-match opposition instruction screen so I can display some of the attributes of the opposition players? I know some skins had this panel added to them but I would like to do this with the default 2008 skin if possible?
  5. Does anyone know if this is a bug (and if it's been previously reported)? When you set the recent transfer value for a player (in his player history in the editor), his value in-game does not start off as that value (and then increase or decrease as you play). This only happens for some players though.
  6. This is exactly it. And thanks @Cleon for linking the blog it was a great read. i totally get here isn't an "ideal" combination, what I was after was what the above poster mentioned that neatly divided the roles so you can more easily figure out how to balance your own team within your structure. I've looked at some of the more recent tactical priorities stuff and the way it's written is really confusing when there are so many roles.
  7. Sorry guys, my initial post might have been misleading. I'm simply referring to the role type in terms of creating balance. As an example of what I mean: I think the main function of an advanced forward is to score goals and lead the forward line so you wouldn't play two advanced forwards In a front two you would want a creator next to him. My question is more which roles in each position block (attackers, midfield) fit into "scorers" vs "creators"?
  8. Hi all, I previously read in a thread I can't seem to find now that different roles fit into a category that helps you balance out your team. for example in a front for you would ideally want two creators and two scorers and in a balanced midfield you would want a sitter and a runner. Does anyone know where I can find either a thread or blog that lists out which category each player role sits in? If you have the answer yourself please post it here too. Thanks
  9. Hi all, as the title say's, i'm wondering if this is possible? Is there a selector you can use in an EDT file to manually set the transfer value of a player at the start of a new save? Or is there any other way of doing this? Thanks
  10. Thanks, the knowledge the threads exist is a start. I'll start digging.
  11. Sly419

    A couple of Fm2008 (yes) question

    Is it possible to have the thread moved rather than starting a new one?
  12. Does anyone know where I can find a topic or guide that discusses how to set up player roles using the old slider system?
  13. Does anyone know if it's possible to add new formations for the AI to select from in this version of the game? And how you would call that into the editor to select?