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  1. Was the view of the PA from the in game editor or a third party tool. I believe this may have been known to happen with certain third party editors/scouting tools.
  2. Or play the full version for free this week! (And then buy it afterwards)
  3. Just a reminder to all. As per the op, please try to keep on topic, keep the feedback about the game and avoid being abusive to the developers. There have been some posts hidden for this again as of late.
  4. I have the same information as you that league rules and data changes (as per the first part of what you have quoted) will require a new save. In general any other change will be save game compatible.
  5. @Stouters To gain access to the new data and updated league rules you will be required to start a new game, however the majority of changes and fixes are save game compatible meaning you’re fine to continue any pre-existing save. this is from the change list. While I do not know for sure I would imagine coefficients would come under league rules @Neil Brock are you able to confirm at all?
  6. @Dennis_Ajax please keep your feedback in line with the opening post. Let’s stick to constructive feedback about the game rather than derogatory comments about the developers.
  7. I have hidden a number of posts due to personal insults and bickering being thrown around. Please stick to feedback on the game
  8. I agree that the board shouldn’t probably have let that decision go through... I’d be annoyed to. it was more the suggestion that 1.5billion euros was over the top for a stadium, putting the numbers in context. id be raising it as a bug that the board let him do it personally.
  9. The recently built Hotspur Way was £1billion....
  10. That is also your opinion. In my opinion FM17 is worse than FM18,FM19 and FM20. My experience is that the game gets better every year and I have never had the urge to go back to an older version... that’s not bias, but my experience and my opinion. Its no less valid or more valid than your view that FM17 is the best. We are two different people who like different things. the fact that the most recent wins each year could simply be the fact the game IS getting better each year in most people’s opinions. Therefore the spikes are around this that have a different favourite. It makes the results no less valid as this is a subjective poll.
  11. As @FrazT said it may be worth raising as a bug report, but it also may be worth thinking more about the context. Who are you managing? Is Austin good enough to play for your first team? The second question there is the real key one. If he would fit in your first team squad he’s not going to be seen as a player for the future. (As he’s a player for now) without the extra detail it’s hard to say for sure.
  12. Jamie McMaster was the first one I remember. He always turned out amazing in his first game...
  13. Respectfully I disagree. Players can and do perform above their ability on occasion. Particularly if surrounded by players of a higher calibre. Why else would their be so many transfer flops after players are brought following a rich vein of form in say a World Cup? The player hasn’t suddenly got worse, they are just no longer in a situation where they can over perform. look at Son’s goal against Burnley the other week. A moment of individual brilliance Messi or Ronaldo would be proud of. Difference is he cannot do it as consistently as Messi or Ronaldo. Therefore he is not on the level of (or have the attributes of) Messi or Ronaldo. However he is still a talented professional footballer who can pull something out the bag once in a blue moon.
  14. The only way to know for sure if it’s a bug or not is post it in the bug forums with a save an let SI look at it. They can then advise further.
  15. As per your opening post was this extra income through the editor? If not it may be worth raising a report in the bug forum with a save game so they can look into it for you. However league 1 and 2 rules for FFP are based on turnover. There will be more detail on the league rules page in game (I am not in front of the game right now so cannot see them)
  16. Unfortunately as moderators we have no more information than you. I would encourage reporting of the bugs to the beta forum if you come across any, and either an update to the public beta will be released or a full patch when it is ready.
  17. As above this is better placed in the tactics forum. As such I will close this thread. Please ensure it is your own work if you are going to post it in the tactics forum.
  18. I’d have to check the rules pages for league 1 and 2 but I believe in the EFL the wage element is based on turnover, which won’t change much unless you bring further success
  19. Again those that are running vista era pcs are not going to be the type to buy a refurbished pc off eBay. They are also likely to be the kind to just keep playing the last version they could run (I count myself in this group) rather than buy a new pc to play a new version. This is the first year SI have stopped 32 bit os support, and there have been numerous posts about not being able to play on these systems. I would hazard a guess that raising specs drastically may have a bigger impact than you think.
  20. It’s not necessarily new laptops. I for instance play on a nine year old laptop that was at best mid range 9 years ago. SI will have data about specs, but one of my laptops is below minimum spec and one is just meeting it. FM players are not all typical gamers (see the new pc thread for more evidence of this) but I wouldn’t laugh off the minimum specs thing
  21. As has been covered it will be ready when it’s ready. I'm going to close the thread now as it can only go round in circles. if you wish to leave feedback on the game please use the feedback thread.
  22. @XaW I think in this case this is an opinion rather than a lie or a false claim. to all in the thread just a reminder mods do read the forums and if you see something that you think is posted inappropriately use the report post function and tell us why you have reported it 👍
  23. It may be worth reporting this in the bugs forum, but I would triple check all responsibilities for contract negotiation first (for all teams if said transfer target is a youngster)
  24. @RobertPage I don’t know if you have read the post I quoted from Neil Brock. The holiday period is not long over, but as above be aware they know of the issues and are working on them.
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