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  1. Question: Let's say I have more time before an upcoming match. I can schedule one of Att Movement, Def Movement, Team Work and each of the set pieces to get all the bonuses? Could I instead do multiple attacking movement sessions? Would the benefit stack? Thanks.
  2. It's something I keep asking myself as well. Last year shots were bad beyond belief, regardless of players and they kept denying the issue and providing some real life stats to show for it, yet players would shoot almost parallel to the goal and they'd say it's no issue and ask for .pkm s. These are literally the type of issues you see after playing the game for 3 months (in game time). I cannot comprehend how testers do not spot these. It's not some isolated, hard to reproduce bug that shows up only in 1/10000 saves. It's something that's there every save and you can see it if you only play 10 bloody matches. I'm guessing in .pkms they can see player attributes at the time and some other hidden parameters that might help them troubleshoot. That still doesn't answer how testers miss this. It's a good thing we have Public Beta now. I'm hoping they acknowledge the long shots issue this time as well. I've had Salomon Kalou shoot a ball on the center from 25 yards goal and Neuer deflect that into goal. Neuer. I'm pretty sure people are having this issue regardless of GKs. Can provide .pkm
  3. Wouldn't be so sure. Last year they vehemently denied there is anything wrong with the shooting. The game had literally the worst shooting in years. You could see Messi shoot it into throw ins, completely parallel with the goal and be something you'd get used to lol. I think the issue here is how quick the fullbacks take the decision to cross. They just seem to stick on the ball long enough for the defender to come in blocking range. Be it so, sticking the inside forwards narrower to create space for the full backs to exploit seems to lead 95% to this scenario making it of little value to us. That, or we just try and focus on corners.
  4. The real problem is how crosses are handled. A lot of the times the wide players don't cross when the time is good and they can get a cross in, they wait for the defenders to come near them and when they cross, the cross gets blocked most of the times and generates an unreal amount of corners. Check the match below. Unreal number of corners coming from too much blocked crosses. Players should cross faster. Check the pkm below. Schalke v Bayern Munich.pkm
  5. One thing that is not very clear. For instance, in FM19 we could choose with up to 2 days before a match to focus on a specific training (att or def movement, set pieces, team work) that would give a boost for the match. Which are the training schedules now that give that? Is that gained cumulatively from the training sessions you've had all week or?
  6. It's that time of the year again where we all hope we're gonna see something bigger than last year's edition + twitter integration and pre match tactical meetings with no effect whatsoever. Not even thinking on preordering this until I see a full feature list.
  7. There's obviously issues with defending too. That's why they should not interpet the performance of the match engine based on stats. Because a faulty defence system along with a faulty offense system could potentially lead to similar stats, while still being broken. There's a thread in the bugs forum about long shots. Please look it up. You have clear examples over there, including Youtube and .pkms, where you can see the issue at hand. You will see world class players, with no pressure, shooting to the corner flag. Please just look up the topic and see the videos. Again, there is no doubt that the defense system should get improvements and it isn't yet what it should be.
  8. It's been reported over and over again. The answer was they are happy with the stats generated . Apparently you can measure how realistic and performing the match engine is by comparing the produced stat against the averages around the world....smh
  9. Answer has been given above. You're supposed to play the game and figure it out on your own.
  10. Hello, Could you please shed some light on to the shooting issue please? I'm far from the only user interested in this. Thank you.
  11. Writing down a line with "Shooting accuracy increased" takes roughly 10 seconds, if you're a really slow writer. Playing enough matches to know if the bug has been fixed or not can take one - two hours. Do I need to do the math for you to tell you which one is faster? Do I also need to tell you how writing a proper change log is something fundamental done by every decent software product on updates? I wonder if, when asked by their managers if a certain bug has been solved, they also respond with 'Go give it a try and see'. Surely it would only take them 5 minutes as well right? #justSIthings
  12. Again, how is that more normal than having a decent changelog and not expecting players to figure it out on their own? Again, that's if the issue has been fixed. I highly doubt it was fixed, since if it was, sounds like the kind of change you would put on a changelog.
  13. It'll take at least a couple of matches to see how players shoot and see them in different scenarios to see if it has been fixed or not. Couple of matches is way longer than someone writing in the forum post with the changelog "Shooting accuracy has been increased". Do you not agree? Also if you have any specific information about this issue, please share with us.
  14. Is it too much to expect a properly documented changelog to see if a certain issue has been fixed or not? Should we just play it for countless hours and try to take wild guesses if a specific bug has been fixed or not?
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