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  1. Totally in agreement. That's also what I wanted to point out. That while we give the AI access to more tools, they should be prone to misusing them just as much as we are.
  2. Also, because it was brought earlier. Let's imagine a world where a supercomputer and super AI is developed for the NPC managers in FM. And they would be able to use every single feature in the game with a very high degree of efficiency. Let's also assume that the supercomputer is a master tactician and would know the insides of most tactics and how to counter them. Even in this scenario, that computer will likely be beaten in 10-20% simply due to the fact that, like us, the manager simply will try to maximize the chances of winning his team has, but the playing itself and the carrying ou
  3. Couple of things on my mind: 1. I don't think we'll ever see difficulty modes and they would not make sense to begin with. I think SI stated this themselves so why don't we just cross this off the list? 2. What this thread asks for (and I imagine a lot of us) is give the AI the capability to use the exact same tools and depth of usage that a player has. This does NOT necessarly always have to increase difficulty. Given they are tools, they can also be used in a wrong way. An AI manager with bad Motivating would still suck at motivating his team through pep talks and interaction, but
  4. So I'm playing Haaland as an Advanced Forward and would like the crosses to be aimed to him. I could likely aim them in the center and be hopeful. What happens if I pick target man as a crossing target? Do they simply pick the best aerial presence in the box (which would default to him) ? Thanks.
  5. I've just finished my first season with Barcelona. My feedback for the beta is as follows: - The main features announced, as suspected, were simply a rehash. The new body gestures are simply a renaming of the old voice tones, you can even see that in their description. - The match engine looks solid in the Beta. Probably best version I've seen in years. I would say there's still some issues with inside forward movement and tendency to not go inside that much but still a very good ME. - First time I've actually seen the AI do solid transfers. After the first season, most top team
  6. Good input. I don't know what to say about pep talks, I always go for the full greens, I never tested what happens if I go full red on the players. Default tactics is an interesting subject. Does the AI have a set of default tactics they adhere to and can't go beyond that tactical constraint? Eg let's say there s a coach with 4-2-3-1 preferred formation and gegenpressing style. He gets a default tactic with some player roles and he cannot go beyond those player roles / instructions? Given the amount of possible permutations it certainly would seem like a big limiting factor. I w
  7. I think FM is meant to be a simulation, so the short answer would be yes. Yes, I want managers with a high CA (think Guardiola, Klopp, etc) to use the features to their full extent in building a squad and being as strong as possible. That doesn't mean they will win everything year after year or not, but it surely means that they will mount a good challenge year after year. You can prevent your players from being taken away with strong contracts. Then, you can negociate your transfer price to make sure it's worth loosing the player. That already happens to some degree in the game and
  8. Hello all, So one of the issues that's been frequently raised over the years is the difficulty of the game and how it's too easy or rather becomes too easy at a certain point, especially for experienced managers. In order to get the difficulty to a realist level, I think one of the first things to be done is have an actual look at what experienced human managers do to gain the edge and then clarify how many of these the AI does itself? Granted the AI is obviously not human, but we should expect an AI manager with high CA to be able to do all of this stuff. For instance, I woul
  9. The suggestion is rather simple. For corners, free kicks and throw ins, let us add different routines for each tactic mentality. The reasoning is rather simple: On a 2-0 lead if I'm playing cautiously, I'd want to keep a few people at the back on set pieces to not get caught on the counter. If I'm chasing a 2-0 lead and playing on attacking / very attacking, I would want the opposite, to have more people load the box. Doing this at the moment means manually going and changing routines while in match. Let us pick specific routines for specific mentalitites. Si
  10. Hey guys, Is there any skin for FM21 that hides the plain number for attributes and instead just shows the color for the range they are in ? Thanks.
  11. I had a hunch with too many playmaking roles, will certainly give a try with less. You are suggesting a shadow striker role, correct? Thanks
  12. Hello all, I'm trying to recreate a Barcelona-style tactic based on possession. I'm getting success with possession play, however I can't seem to be able to get Messi into play, neither in a F9 playmaking role, neither in a more offensive-ish F9 Pep-style. Whatever I try to play with him (F9 or trequartista) centrally, he just seems to not be involved anywhere near enough and when he is, he is always facing away from goal and passing back. I've tried some various roles on the wide men on the tactic below, I am unsure at this point what the issue is. Possibly should change the CMs to
  13. [FM21] Has anyone succeeded in recreating a Pep-Barcelona type of tactic with a False 9 / Trequartista centrally? I've started with Barcelona in FM21 and, while the possession game works efficiently, I can't seem to be able to get Messi to perform in a central F9 / Trequartista role. I've tried various roles with this for the wide men, I can't seem to be able to bring Messi into play to replicate his influence on the game. I'd expect the F9 to be a more playmaking role akin to today, with the trequartista being a more offensive version, similar to Pep's Messi role.
  14. This is exactly what I was looking for. Can't wait for their 2021 release.
  15. Does making them at 1 year old work and assigning them to a club? Do they get to the youth team when they come of age?
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