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  1. Have not seen one thing to get me fired up besides the WCB and hopefully other roles or some sort of tactical engine revamp. The data hub looks interesting so I'll give it a plus. Everything else is just a reskin. You did the same last year, however the ME was exceptional and it flied by. I can only hope ME is exceptional this year as well.
  2. There are a lot of reported limitations with the editor, including significant performance issues past a number of edits. I'm not even saying give us official out of the box retro databases. I'm merely saying create a framework for the community to ensure the process is smoother. - Better editor performance - Ability to import previous DBs and give you a starting point at least, etc. - Ability to import parts of previous DBs (eg only import players, only import clubs, etc). Assist with autogenerating dependencies where required. Give the community power. In the end, it is serving your own product. Look at what Skyrim achieved. Look at WoW with the Classic and now BC Runs. You are doing a service to your own game.
  3. I am not asking for some sort of continuous support that would increase their overhead, rather some sort of framework that is low maintenance and a one-off effort. Not sure what the licensing issue would be?
  4. I'm just really curious, why isn't SI providing more support in terms of retro databases? - Most of the recent databases could probably be ported relatively easily between versions. With some amount of work to potentially fill gaps, etc, I wouldn't imagine this would be too hard. I imagine the older DBs could potentially be ported as well with some massive JSON export or similar and then the newer editor filling in blanks. - Add the feature of "programming" regens coming through up to whatever point we desire, with the attributes we want, etc. This exists in a very limited way but would be simple to add it as a more fleshed out feature. Why are we not taking a page out of Blizzard's book? They've been adamant against classic for so long, up until the point they did it and it's been a huge success. If SI provides the "framework" for the community to do this, in ways that are more efficient than what is currently possible (think editor performance, etc), then that burdain can be left on the community with minimal to possibly no official support from SI. You can only gain new players / added retention from such a move.
  5. Totally in agreement. That's also what I wanted to point out. That while we give the AI access to more tools, they should be prone to misusing them just as much as we are.
  6. Also, because it was brought earlier. Let's imagine a world where a supercomputer and super AI is developed for the NPC managers in FM. And they would be able to use every single feature in the game with a very high degree of efficiency. Let's also assume that the supercomputer is a master tactician and would know the insides of most tactics and how to counter them. Even in this scenario, that computer will likely be beaten in 10-20% simply due to the fact that, like us, the manager simply will try to maximize the chances of winning his team has, but the playing itself and the carrying out of those tactics will be done by the players.
  7. Couple of things on my mind: 1. I don't think we'll ever see difficulty modes and they would not make sense to begin with. I think SI stated this themselves so why don't we just cross this off the list? 2. What this thread asks for (and I imagine a lot of us) is give the AI the capability to use the exact same tools and depth of usage that a player has. This does NOT necessarly always have to increase difficulty. Given they are tools, they can also be used in a wrong way. An AI manager with bad Motivating would still suck at motivating his team through pep talks and interaction, but he has the tool at his disposal. Yes, fantastic managers will probably use a lot of these tools in an efficient and positive way more often than not which might make some of the top managers harder to beat. But you are not increasing the difficulty artificially, you are only leveling the playing field between AI and Human. Hence why I started an analysis to see what exactly can an human manager do and where the AI is lacking. 3. Yes, there is more than enough computing power to achieve this, whoever claims otherwise has no clue what he is talking about. 4. Handicapping yourself (by not doing X and Y) is not the answer. The AI needs to be better. If you want to handicap yourself, sure go ahead, but that is a separate thing and should be treated as such. I am not referring here to not exploiting serious game bugs, obviously that should be avoided.
  8. So I'm playing Haaland as an Advanced Forward and would like the crosses to be aimed to him. I could likely aim them in the center and be hopeful. What happens if I pick target man as a crossing target? Do they simply pick the best aerial presence in the box (which would default to him) ? Thanks.
  9. I've just finished my first season with Barcelona. My feedback for the beta is as follows: - The main features announced, as suspected, were simply a rehash. The new body gestures are simply a renaming of the old voice tones, you can even see that in their description. - The match engine looks solid in the Beta. Probably best version I've seen in years. I would say there's still some issues with inside forward movement and tendency to not go inside that much but still a very good ME. - First time I've actually seen the AI do solid transfers. After the first season, most top teams have done some very solid transfers which is encouraging for long term play. - I was unable to win the first season with barca anything (got beaten by one point in the league by Real and Lazio trashed everybody in the UCL) which is absolutely fantastic. I wanted the challenge to be there. I also didn't go around poking gegenpressing, I opted for a tiki taka style. - Unsure if gegenpressing is still OP. - Unsure if match condition still has no impact in pressing / etc. - General feeling outside the match is good usually. Provided the beta ME only IMPROVES from now on, we should be having ourselves a fantastic FM version. I can only imagine if they actually pushed out some features this year as opposed to rehashing.
  10. Good input. I don't know what to say about pep talks, I always go for the full greens, I never tested what happens if I go full red on the players. Default tactics is an interesting subject. Does the AI have a set of default tactics they adhere to and can't go beyond that tactical constraint? Eg let's say there s a coach with 4-2-3-1 preferred formation and gegenpressing style. He gets a default tactic with some player roles and he cannot go beyond those player roles / instructions? Given the amount of possible permutations it certainly would seem like a big limiting factor. I was really hoping SI would engage with us in this discussion as well to help clarify stuff.
  11. I think FM is meant to be a simulation, so the short answer would be yes. Yes, I want managers with a high CA (think Guardiola, Klopp, etc) to use the features to their full extent in building a squad and being as strong as possible. That doesn't mean they will win everything year after year or not, but it surely means that they will mount a good challenge year after year. You can prevent your players from being taken away with strong contracts. Then, you can negociate your transfer price to make sure it's worth loosing the player. That already happens to some degree in the game and it sure does in real life. FM already limits you in hiring staff and players according to your reputation that is okay. I'm not asking for a hard mode, I'm asking for realism and for the AI to use the complete feature set we have at our disposal and to make sure that really top AI managers use it as effective or close to a human player, all in the limits of the game, no artificial boosting. If you want a certainty that you ll reach european glory, less based on merits you can probably opt for FM classic that will abstract a lot of difficulty out of the game.
  12. Hello all, So one of the issues that's been frequently raised over the years is the difficulty of the game and how it's too easy or rather becomes too easy at a certain point, especially for experienced managers. In order to get the difficulty to a realist level, I think one of the first things to be done is have an actual look at what experienced human managers do to gain the edge and then clarify how many of these the AI does itself? Granted the AI is obviously not human, but we should expect an AI manager with high CA to be able to do all of this stuff. For instance, I would expect someone with very high motivating, man management, working with youngsters and Judging Player Potential be a fantastic long term squad builder. 1. Squad Building Experienced human managers generally will: - Ensure they have each position covered (usually 2 players per position at least). - Ensure they have enough talent to cover positions where there are aging players. - Improves morale via player talks and team meetings. - Ensures mentoring groups to effectively develop players. - Trains players (individual training and PPM) to tailor to a certain style. - Some even go the lengths of transferring young talent to their U19 / B Team to have a constant feed of youth potential in the first team. - Recruit best coaches for each categories and ensure high training stars and low workload per each training category. - Recruit best scouts to ensure accurate reports. 2. Match Player Selection - In terms of selecting players for the match, one outstanding issue in the past versions (unsure if this is an issue now), would fail to rotate players and later in the seasons they would just play with very poor stamina, contributing to loss of form / bad results. - Added to that, experienced human managers will at times try to exploit certain weakness in the opposing team selection first by way of their own player selection then by way of tactics. If I for instance am up against a team that has no first team full back available on the right side, and their player of choice is immensely slow, if I had two wingers (one with decent speed one with great speed), I would opt for putting the one with great speed on that side in order to exploit the slow fullback and then I would opt tactically to concentrate play on that side. I am unsure if the AI is able to do this type of analysis and play pick. 3. Tactics - Probably the biggest item by far is tinkering around with tactics. Given that there's really a finite number of potential tactics and permutations of roles / instructions, I think AI managers should have the POSSIBILITY of arriving to tactics that possibly exploit the meta the same way that a player does. Granted, he has to have some sort of inclination to that style of play, but should still be possible. It is also unclear whether AI managers use player instructions and opposition instructions at all? - Mentality has been an issue in the past iterations, with a lot of teams (even ones with good reputation) deciding to go overly defensive. I have not noticed it in this year's beta. - How much tinkering is an AI able to do? As a human manager, If I can't get a player to perform (especially one that is considered important for the team), I tend to tinker around with his and the team instructions to find something that will help him perform as well. Is the AI capable of doing such adjustments when key players aren't performing? 4. Transfer Market Activity - For past editions, I've generally not had a problem in outsmarting the AI and ensuring I made sound transfers that would guarantee me the title for years. I think the biggest question here is what is the AI able to account for when making a transfer? Can he account for scouted potential, personality, rating, reputation, etc to find the next star? I will mention that I saw solid transfers after one year in my save. 5. Pre-match / Half time / Full time pep talks A huge advantage we get is being able to quickly find out which of the pep talks usually work best (it tends to be "Pick up where you left off" / "I have faith in you" / "Prove the media right" and be able to mostly reuse that to gain positive effects on the players morale. How does the AI do the pep talks? Do we have any insight into this? I think this encompasses a lot of activities that a human manager does to gain the edge and outperform the AI in the long term. If you can think of more, feel free to comment and add below. This is supposed to raise a discussion, involving both the community and SI, to find ways to improve the AI, without artifically raising difficulty like other games or handicapping the player. @Neil Brockcan you potentially aid us with an answer on which of the above actions can the AI do as well?Thanks.
  13. The suggestion is rather simple. For corners, free kicks and throw ins, let us add different routines for each tactic mentality. The reasoning is rather simple: On a 2-0 lead if I'm playing cautiously, I'd want to keep a few people at the back on set pieces to not get caught on the counter. If I'm chasing a 2-0 lead and playing on attacking / very attacking, I would want the opposite, to have more people load the box. Doing this at the moment means manually going and changing routines while in match. Let us pick specific routines for specific mentalitites. Simple and effective. Thanks.
  14. Hey guys, Is there any skin for FM21 that hides the plain number for attributes and instead just shows the color for the range they are in ? Thanks.
  15. I had a hunch with too many playmaking roles, will certainly give a try with less. You are suggesting a shadow striker role, correct? Thanks
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