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  1. Also, if required I have uploaded the game file (Dortmund Loan Issue - Joe Barone) First time I've done that before so if you haven't got it, and need it, let me know
  2. Also, the game seems to still think he is on loan as i have a greyed out "Recall" option, despite being able to use him in my squad
  3. HI, I wasn't sure where to put this, but thought it most likely comes under Transfer/loan issues I'm managing Dortmund in Germany, current in game date is May 2029, and have a young American striker. In January 2028, I loaned the striker, Joe Barone, to New York for the season. When he came back in the following January 2029, I started to give him the odd appearance for my team. However, every week or so I kept getting a news item saying that we have a player on loan who is soon leaving. This player was Barone, even though his loan was FROM us and it had already finishe
  4. If you are stuck on that screen, press left arrow key, and then click tactics in the left corner. It will take you to the dressing room screen again. From there click continue and it should let you leave, although it will say you’re leaving without doing a team talk. Apparently it is due to giving individual post match team talk to your defenders/midfielders/forwards. Hope this helps
  5. I have the same issue. I read a solution by somebody in the main forum. They said it’s related to giving individual feedback to defenders/midfielders/forwards after the game. Basically the quick fix when you’re stuck, press left arrow on keyboard and click tactics in the corner. That should take you back to the dressing room. Then continue from there. It worked for me but also said I didn’t do a post match team talk, but that’s better than having to replay the game!
  6. There was quite a large gamebreaking bug in FM20 Beta regarding the hidden attributes of Regens I believe. It had certain attributes fixed at 1 for all regens, which effectively made long term saves unplayable if started in the beta as all Regens had terrible personalities. I may be wrong, and apologies if I am, but wasn't this only fixable by starting a new save on full release? I only mention it as I worry if there are changes made to the ME and AI that they wont necessarily be save game compatible, although of course they could be.
  7. Have been playing 3D Key highlights during the beta. My biggest issue with Extended (TINY issue but annoying) is that it always shows the often needless last 30 seconds of a game before the full time whistle and it just frustrates me when im a goal down and see it tick to 30 seconds left before showing a player get tackled a give a goal kick It feels like rubbing salt in the wound, knowing that the game is over but I have to sit through a further 30 seconds of my players being terrible I've enjoyed Key highlights on the Beta as there is simply so much information on FM now to analys
  8. Hi everyone, I’m hearing that SI have acknowledged the beta is rather easy. Is that official? If so, have they said that this will be tweaked/fixed for full release? Im struggling to find any specifics on this. Thanks!
  9. Or they are just people that use the forum to complain every year and not be constructive or part of the community
  10. I remember the good old days of 24 hours ago when this group was just gifs and banter...
  11. Sooooo after watching the stream tonight, have my prays been answered?! Very excited
  12. I’m still holding out hope that it’s just one big bluff and will be released at on the hour!
  13. Live stream at 7pm. Beta goes live at 8pm... I mean... that how I read it 🤷🏻‍♂️
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