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  1. Still reloading since last night, trying to get Lancaster City. They have a pretty low reputation compared to their divisional rivals so could take some time. If I can’t get them, I’ll likely take up South Shields
  2. Had an idea that would possibly be good to implement (for those that want to use it) When planning our set pieces, I feel it would be great to be able to run a visual training session of it’s effectiveness. Whether it be 2D or 3D (or even more basic, a feedback message from a coach after a week or so of how the team have got on with it) and feedback on its Weaknesses/Strengths (e.g not beating the first man, consistently picking out teammate) I know there is feedback on training and the different element of training but feel this would make set piece creation less of a lottery and more interactive what are people’s thoughts?
  3. After being a long time Dafuge Challenge fan, I’ve decided this year to step it up a bit and try the Youth Challenge. I’ve had my eye on it for a few years but never settled on the idea, as I’m a big fan of signing young talent. Developing your own is always more satisfying Though, and even though I feel this could be personally my biggest FM challenge in the last 15 odd years, I think it’s time!! The development centre feature could be massive this time round! Ive got my eye on Lancaster City for this challenge. Has anyone else got a desired team in mind yet?
  4. Sorry about the lack of activity. like I said before I stated a new job at the start if the year and it's been a busy couple of months. Going to have a good session this afternoon, but might not get an update out... we shall see
  5. One of my long term, continuing aims is to play a passing game. I love to watch possession football and want to emulate it in my career. something that I will be keeping track off is passes per game and pass completion. At the moment I'm not sure which pass completion % to set as my goal per game but something I am keeping an eye on is the amount of passes we are connecting compared to our opponents TOTAL passes. Say for example we attempt 500 passes per game and complete 400 of them, I am aiming to make sure that the oppositions total attempted passes doesnt exeed 400. It may sound weird but it's something I feel shows a dominant passing game that not only shows our ability to knock the ball about, but also the extent to which we can shut the opposition down. These two things are vital to having a free flowing possession based tactic that effectively takes all the sting out of the opposition. At mid season this season I will make a small post about this with facts and figures. It may sound nerdy but it's things like this that suck me into a long term career! Thanks again for continuing to read. I will post mid season update later this week
  6. Worcester City ​ 2018/19 Season Review Vanarama Conference final position: 8th LEAGUE TABLE[/url] LEAGUE POSITION GRAPH"] "]SQUAD STATS[/url] After a steady start to the season we eventually hit a lovely bit of form around mid-season and for a short while looked on track to achieving a play-off position. By the end of the season we were comfortable in the top half of the table and an 8th place finish seems a fair reflection of our season as whole. FA CUP"][/url] - After last season's incredible success, I hoped to emulate it but ultimately we just didn't perform against a very beatable Whitehawk side and a 2-1 home loss was a disappointing end. FA TROPHY"][/url] - I predicted a semi final showing this season and we managed it with a couple of great performances. Even after coming from 3-1 down in the first leg of the semi with 2 goals in second half stoppage time, Accrington embarrassed us at home and the Wembley dream was over for another season. TRANSFERS"][/url] - We off loaded a fair few players and made a few signings in key areas. Ali Tindle"][/url] came into the squad at right back and the youngster was a record signing for Worcester at 31k! He had an average first season, but I hope he will improve. Nick Moore"][/url] is a great young keeper, signed as backup, but probably will never feature as a first teamer (but don't tell him that!). Avis Ganiyu"][/url] was brought in as a first team left winger, but the Irishman suffer a bad injury and missed the last couple of months of the season. Steve Crawford"][/url] was brought in during January as extra fire power up front, but he too suffered a bad injury during March and never got going this season. Huw Johnson"][/url] was brought in during the mid season window also. He was signed as a set piece specialist and scored 2 goals from cracking freekicks. He certainly did the job! FINANCES"][/url] - With all my new expenses, including loan repayments, high wages etc etc, all the money we made last season has pretty much gone! Heres hoping for another cup run next season! BAKER'S PLAYER OF THE SEASON - Paul Stonehouse"][/url]. The 31 year old left back was solid throughout the season and did exactly what he needed to do. This being his 2nd season with the club he has gone on to prove himself as one of the first players on the team sheet and a great player all round. Overall there were no stand out players as everyone did well, but he was consistent and very rarely put in a bad performance. BAKER'S YOUNG PLAYER OF THE SEASON - Christoforos "Cristiano" Christodoulou"][/url]. For the third year running, Cristiano is my Young Player of the Season. Yet again it was a hugely difficult choice and there is valid argument for him to be Player of the Season. He put in match winning performances and completely changed our fortunes on many occasions throughout the season. He lacked a bit of consistency, potentially due to two nasty injuries that keep him out for about 8 weeks of the season. I really hope that he excels next season and can take the Player of the Season award! OTHER KEY PLAYERS George Williams"][/url] (DC) - He didn't play a huge part in the season as I was restructuring my defence, but injuries in the back four gave him a chance to re-secure a first team spot. In previous seasons I have used him as a right back. At centre half he proved to be very accomplished. The biggest point being that he managed to score 5 goals from corners which proved vital, securing us a lot of points. Bradley Fortnam-Tomlinson"][/url] (ST) - It's rare that I have a striker as one of my key players, but as he actually got into double figures I found it something of a rarity! He was important and for large parts of the season it felt like he was single handily keep us competitive with his goals. He rarely scored more than one a match which kind of shows how many points he secured for us. Sean Geddes"][/url] (MC) - The welcome return of Sean to my key player list! The captain of the team! He didn't have an amazing season but proved he could still fit into my squad well. In all honesty I'm not sure if he has another season in him but I will give him a chance for sure. IN OTHER NEWS > More training ground upgrades, but it has been hitting our finances > We played our last game in the rented Aggborough and will be moving to our new stadium next season! > Game of the Season - Coming from 1-0 down in last 20 minutes to with 3-1"][/url] after a tactic change! Aims for 2018/19? > LEAGUE - I’m aiming for the playoffs Baker's Prediction - 4th > CUPS - FA Cup 3rd Round. FA Trophy Winners > TRANSFERS - No really plans. I haven't fully assessed where needs improvement but maybe if a star winger is up for grabs I will sign him.
  7. Haha so true, even though I wish it wasn't! Still as in love with the game as I was when I was introduced to CM97/98!Only got a game or two left on my current season so I will try and complete it tonight and get the write up done
  8. Just a quick update, March hasn't been a great month for my first teams injuries!!!
  9. Thanks guys. Just an update, I started a new job last Monday with some longer hours than before so not playing FM as much as I was before Christmas. I am in March of my current season so might get an update done this weekend, but just wanted to let anyone know who was following. I'm still very much enjoying this career, but I'm sure a lot of you understand the situation! Thanks to everyone that has been reading and I hope to update as much as possible.
  10. I HATE affiliations. I have just cancelled one with Birmingham City... and the new chairman sorts this out... useful!
  11. Looks like the fans disagree with me and Geddes wins his 4th consecutive Fans Player of the Year award!
  12. Worcester City 2017/18 Season Review Vanarama Conference final position: 14th LEAGUE TABLE LEAGUE POSITION GRAPH SQUAD STATS My prediction for this season was to finish 18th in the league and escape relegation. We managed this quite convincingly in the end and were able to relax towards the end of the season and test out a couple of different formations and try out a few different player combinations in some key areas. Hugely happy with the season as a whole. The Conference is a great league, one of my favourites to manage in, and it has been a very enjoyable season. FA CUP - Predicted 1st round... boy oh boy did I get more than I bargained for! I had a fairly easy run, albeit a lot of replays! Losing 12-0 to Man City was embarrassing to be honest, even setting a new biggest ever loss record, but at the end of the day it was 1 game that we were never going to win. The plus side of this is that our finances went through the roof! FA TROPHY - Predicted Semi-Final. Really disappointed about this, but the competition did cross over with a huge fixture list which wasn’t helped by the FA Cup replays. January's fixture list featured 8 games, but only 2 league games! TRANSFERS - A lot of signings were made, too many to talk about them all in detail. Murphy was a striker bought to try and fill the false nine role, but the jury is still out. Byrne was a young goalie to replace the aging Vaughan. Stonehouse was a replacement left back to Tyler Wier following the promotional step up. Cook was signed as support to Geddes in the centre of my midfield. Smith was signed as a backup to Christodoulou. McMahon was 'initially' signed as backup to Rowley and Hutchison in central defence but this will be touched on further down. Mbunga again was supposed to be a back up to Logan but forced his way into the first team. Jones was signed as a young back up to Nti and Murphy as striker. Gormley was signed as a backup to Willims at right back, although he does have a hell of a lot of potential! Verma was signed on a whim as he was very cheap and I was so desperate to find a good false nine. He managed 0 starts but 21 sub appearances! Fortnam-Tomlinson was signed in January and went on to be a great signing for us! FINANCES - I had been desperate for a cup run and finally got one! The game against City got us about 800k which lead us to be able to afford to improve the youth development program amongst other things! BAKER'S PLAYER OF THE SEASON - Bradley Fortnam-Tomlinson. He was brought in during the January transfer window as Jordan Murphy wasn't adapting well to the demanding false nine position. Bradley still has some way to go to get to grips with the position but at the end of the day I brought him in to get goals and win us points, which he did perfectly. His contributions was a huge part as to why we stayed up and was scoring from distance, placed shots, headers and even a free kick. An all round good goal scorer and he deserves player of the season. BAKER'S YOUNG PLAYER OF THE SEASON - Christoforos "Cristiano" Christodoulou. This again was close but the Greek from Boston managed to get the award. He stepped up to the Conference very well and bagged 10 goals in the league. His movement on and off the ball is great to watch on match days there is always a sense that something can happen when he has the ball. I just hope that he has the potential to keep progressing and gets better and better over the next couple of seasons. OTHER KEY PLAYERS Kyle Rowley (DC) - A very close candidate for player of the season. Kyle put in another great show this season. Watching the games he is always the player diving in with the interceptions and its great to see him crushing the long ball tactic employed by the opposition by simply cutting the passes out with his great heading ability. Very reliable player who rarely makes a mistake. He could be a main stay of my first team for a few seasons to come. Peter McMahon (DC) - He would probably be annoyed that I didn’t choose him as my young player of the season! Peter was only ever signed to be a back up player to Graham Hutchison, but Hutchison just didn’t put in the sort of performances I expected from him this season so gave Peter a chance early on. His position in my formation means that he sits slightly deeper in my defensive line than Rowley. His skill comes from staying on his feet and getting the great block tackles in around the penalty area. Maybe he should have been Young Player of the Season, but there is always next season! Oliver Byrne (GK) - Oliver was brought in to replace Nathan Vaughan who I didn’t feel was able to step up to the Conference. His stats may not look great, but if you ignore the 12-0 loss against City, he only conceded 67 goals in 56 games. We had the 9th best defensive record in the league. He was solid to be honest and I hope to see more again next season. IN OTHER NEWS > Sean Geddes keeps his first team spot and was even appointed captain but didn’t blow us away this season. I will give him another season to prove he is good enough but I have players ready to step up if he can’t perform. > We have been taken over... and I managed to keep my job! > We're getting a new stadium! Aims for 2018/19? > LEAGUE - More of the same. I would be happy with another mid-table position. I always want to improve on the previous season though so let’s try and get in to the top half of the table. Baker's Prediction - 12th > CUPS - FA Cup 3nd Round. FA Trophy Semi-Final > TRANSFERS - Not 100% yet. No really aims on signings. I will probably be getting rid of a fair bit of dead wood though!
  13. I play him as an advanced playmaker (attack) on the right hand side of a two man central midfield. His player instructions are to get further forward and play it shorter. He's never really had any injury problems for me, although his 15 aggression has meant that he has picked up a fair few yellow card suspensions!
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