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  1. Original agreed to sell the player for 100 mil if an offer comes in. Contradicted this in a recent press conference and had the notification that player was concerned about this. Went to check, and my managers name is showing up as person#1
  2. No Expert by I would assume: Cross from Deep, Stay wide and Floated crosses as very general rules (for either your full backs or Wingers deepening of who you want to cross it) but happy to be corrected if someone has other ideas
  3. I get the point on this... it assumes a degree of geographical knowledge... which I just don't have Hopefully some kind person and make a big list so that we can keep it to hand when we do our scouting Edit: Just seen FalseNineteens list! top work!
  4. If you are starting players with a full green heart and it is going to completely empty each game then either: 1. The player has terrible fitness/physical attributes 2. The player is heavily fatigued after playing non stop all season so the heart will deplete a lot quicker 3. Your tactics are too intense and are being used without variation, so players aren't being given a respite from the same high intensity tactic. It could well be a combination of all three. Squad management, tactical management and rotation is seems hugely important on FM22 more than ever before. I feel your issue stems more from that, than your perception that the fitness interface is poor. The new interface of fitness from FM21 onwards is a better representation of fitness and would be more similar to what football clubs would receive IRL from their medical teams. Also like someone said before, if it is really a massive issue, check out the Medical Centre for more in depth analysis of if a player is fit to play.
  5. I thought it was just my amazing tactics that was making Giroud the best player in the world Being serious though, I have scored close to 20 goals from near post corner headers in Serie A in first season. Tonali near post corner to Giroud attacking near post... goal! I mean... it makes sense it would work
  6. Could be a nice player to come in as the understudy to Giroud in my AC Milan Save.
  7. I believe you can change this in the Staff Responsibilities. Assign control to yourself. You can then go into the U23 and U18s via the side menu (or the development tab) and can access the team training for the youth teams
  8. Wait... Danish 4th Tier is managable? Ooooo Journeyman starting place could be decided! I know there was changes to the Danish League, I think basically they split the 3rd Div into two, creating an extra level to the countries Pyramid, so that might explain its inclusion into FM22 i Suppose
  9. What level of team are you? Ive not noticed any issues with players moving into space so far
  10. I'm almost certain this is true. Expressing big interest but then not following through with a bid will annoy the agent. I assume they will feel "used" for their information... which is literally the case I guess. This will casue mistrust and they (i assume) will not deal with you again, or will be less open to you next time you ask for information on another player. I wonder if the AI is such that you can actually develope a bad (or good) reputation between agents. For example if you do the "express big interest" alot and dont put bids in, agents might become wise to it eventually? And slowly expressing big interest wont work as much anyway?
  11. Same, and I think a few other have experienced the same “lag” not a bug specifically but I’ve only noticed this lag when on my list of scouts and the scout assignment screen
  12. Oh really. I had a quick look though this thread and others seems to experienced lag on the scout assignment screen too so it must be a common issue. Hopefully something they can fix for full release
  13. First impressions, really enjoying it The match animation is SO much better this year. Seeing some excellent moment and cheeky cruyff turns and the like. Already having joy with WCB at Milan, Romagnoli providing inside options for Hernandez on the left wing, before feeding it back to Hernandez to put the crosses in. Love this! Saw a GK spill a low powerful cross (which normally was always held in FM21 unrealistically) so that was a nice addition and I’m only just finishing up Pre Season! There’s a lot of new interface changes which will take a bit of getting used to but not found anything too annoying yet, just different. Scouting seems to have had a few changes. South America now split by North and South instead of East and West. Scandinavia isn’t an option to scout (I think it must be classes as Northern Europe now?) Not sure of the reasons for these changes but it no doubt is for a more realistic representation of how scouts work when they are sent out by clubs. Talking of scouting, the one thing that did cause me some issues was the loading screen or lag on the scout page. Where all my scouts were listed and also when addig individual scouts their assignments. It seemingly froze for 5-10 seconds on each screen, when normally every other screen loads instantly. Maybe it’s cause Milan have 19 scouts? I don’t know. But yeah, that was a tad annoying. Other than that I’ve personally found no specific bugs, which has really surprised me. Can’t believe I have work tomorrow, but come 5pm I’ll be powering it back up and getting stuck into the Serie A season!
  14. People have only just finished work in the UK and a lot of Europe. 7 or 8pm BTS release is optimal for SI I think. They were never going to release before 6pm
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