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  1. I agree,it never their issues. It took me ages trying everything until I hit on the V-Sync setting and I subsequently posted it on here but even that didn't didn't work for everyone. For me,going back to "global" seems to have sorted it but again not for all it seems. All too often when Si make a so called "improvement" they break another area of the game !! There were loads in FM18 like kits not working,sound removed from highlight games etc,etc ! It's unfortunate because up until now there were no issues with FM19 updates for me at least !!
  2. Try switching V-Sync back to "global",it worked for me !
  3. Try switching V-Sync back to "global". It worked for me !
  4. If you're getting lag in 3D matches you need to look elsewhere in your setup,i.e. background processes running,Anti-Virus products etc. My rig is hardly state of the art (Intel i3-6100 CPU @ 3.70GHz,16GB RAM,NVIDIA GTX 960 4GB) yet I'm getting 5 stars and movie smooth graphics at maximum settings,as I did with FM18. However with FM18 I had to run with vertical sync set to "fast" to kill stuttering but even that is not necessary with FM19.
  5. If my issues were exclusive to me then why did Si admit to a fix for stadium graphic issues in 18.3.0 ? However they have not sorted the lack of sound in highlights ! The following is a quote from a user on the Steam forum,further proof that it isn't just a problem for me. "18.3 is out BUT still no fix for lack of sound watching highlights of games. I read that SI found a bug with sound so they disabled the crowd sounds etc for matches when viewed back (such as watching other fixtures of AI teams or old fixtures of your own side). I was hoping 18.3 would re-introduce match sounds on these highlights but alas it was not fixed".
  6. Why is it time and again an FM update results in other areas of the game which previously worked fine now being broken !! After update 18.2.1 we no longer have sound on replayed matches and some graphical errors i.e. no structure detail when stadia are being expanded. It's an increasingly annoying element in FM and also how is it that no-one at Si spot these errors before releasing the update and worse still do nothing about it until the next update,rather than correct the errors quickly and submit a "hotfix" ??
  7. The sound is totally screwed also. I use a customised audio commentary that worked perfectly before the update but regardless even using the default sound setup there's a fault as there is no sound at all if you watch replays of other teams or even your own !
  8. Some of you guys need to join a decent FM community. I have good sound and audio commentary running fine on FM2018,it's vastly superior to the default. I was partly responsible for developing the package. I suggest you head over to my FM group at DazS8 FM Graphics on Facebook,where you'll find most of the answers to questions posed on these pages.
  9. Agreed,it's very much out of order to plagiarise any content without asking for permission or crediting the originators ! The pack was a collaborative effort and at no point was "Tommy Hughes" involved !
  10. There is a huge third party community out there who will provide almost everything you need,it's just a case of looking around my friend. I personally use an audio commentary pack which includes vastly improved crowd sounds and I had a part in modifying some of the sounds. Look at FMScout,sortitoutsi and fmview as starting places.The Facebook group I belong to,DazS8 FM Graphics,is I believe the best source for collective add-ons.
  11. Anything from an Nvidia GTX750Ti and above will run FM in highest settings. FM is not so physically demanding on most half decent graphic cards,more important is to run it on a 64bit machine as FM is a memory guzzler ! I recommend a minimum of 8Gb and a 32bit computer will only recognise a max of 3Gb !
  12. They work exactly as in FM16,just make sure you use the same folder setup as FM16 then when you reboot the game,select preferences from the start screen,clear the cache and reload skin before loading your save game.
  13. Useful info Michael as my small (120Gb) SSD was reaching capacity and this is a good option until I upgrade to a larger SSD !
  14. I agree with Maw74,I have created my own team with the beta,so what aspect of create-a-club is not workable for you ?
  15. Yes many of us use the modified pitches my friend. Incidentally you cannot change the size of the match ball.
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