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  1. Excellent work as always Michael. I do have one request though. When a player is substituted he remains in the onfield 11 and the sub stays in the sub section rather than swapping out with the onfield player being substituted. For me it makes the screen look confusing and untidy. The default skin shows this correctly, so I'm confused as to why you changed it. I've looked at a few files where it says about players staying in the subs section but nothing I tried could rectify it. I'd like some guidance please.
  2. FM21 for me is stable, apart from this one issue. If I choose to watch the highlights of a league division or cup games, the game crashes every time after two, three or 4 matches played. I've never been able to watch a complete number of matches played. I can watch them individually without a problem but not as an automatic collective.
  3. The thing I find annoying is how failures are repeated with most beta offerings. Surely these things should be noted so they don't recur. Even weirder is that the FM20 beta suffered from none of those that we had in FM19,18 and 17 but have resurfaced in FM21. Namely, changing camera angles on every reboot. However the worst one for me is the game crashing when attempting to watch the highlights of a division or competition. I get a crash dump after two,three or four highlights shown. Otherwise, the game runs great. It's fast, smooth and is streets ahead of what went before in terms of match en
  4. A completely pointless post. MJ has NEVER given a confirmed date for beta releases, so why even speculate. It'll be here when it's here !
  5. Unless it's a consequence of posting video content online, the match graphics look hopelessly lagging, something that has been the curse of FM18, 19 and 20 for many of us out there, despite us owning high spec. machines. It was cured in FM18 and 19 but never solved in FM20. Si need to get it right with FM21 !
  6. What's with the woodwork thing ? I don't think it's an excessive occurence and for me, it adds to the drama !
  7. I'd love to try the updates or ME but have now given up on FM20 and reverted to FM19 as I'm still suffering from an inexcusable stutter in 3D match play,despite owning a high end PC. However that's been covered and commented on many times in the bugs forum
  8. Is your zoom set to 200% ? It needs to be if you're using a 4K monitor at its recommended resolution.
  9. If my issues were exclusive to me then why did Si admit to a fix for stadium graphic issues in 18.3.0 ? However they have not sorted the lack of sound in highlights ! The following is a quote from a user on the Steam forum,further proof that it isn't just a problem for me. "18.3 is out BUT still no fix for lack of sound watching highlights of games. I read that SI found a bug with sound so they disabled the crowd sounds etc for matches when viewed back (such as watching other fixtures of AI teams or old fixtures of your own side). I was hoping 18.3 would re-introduce match sounds on
  10. Why is it time and again an FM update results in other areas of the game which previously worked fine now being broken !! After update 18.2.1 we no longer have sound on replayed matches and some graphical errors i.e. no structure detail when stadia are being expanded. It's an increasingly annoying element in FM and also how is it that no-one at Si spot these errors before releasing the update and worse still do nothing about it until the next update,rather than correct the errors quickly and submit a "hotfix" ??
  11. The sound is totally screwed also. I use a customised audio commentary that worked perfectly before the update but regardless even using the default sound setup there's a fault as there is no sound at all if you watch replays of other teams or even your own !
  12. Some of you guys need to join a decent FM community. I have good sound and audio commentary running fine on FM2018,it's vastly superior to the default. I was partly responsible for developing the package. I suggest you head over to my FM group at DazS8 FM Graphics on Facebook,where you'll find most of the answers to questions posed on these pages.
  13. Agreed,it's very much out of order to plagiarise any content without asking for permission or crediting the originators ! The pack was a collaborative effort and at no point was "Tommy Hughes" involved !
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