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  1. I'm not getting a problem with latest W10 update. However, if you're convinced that's the issue, then roll Windows back to the previous version, it's easily done.
  2. There's a 15 page post under 'Match Engine Lag'. No point in creating similar or identical posts. Have a look there, you might get some tips ?
  3. What's with the woodwork thing ? I don't think it's an excessive occurence and for me, it adds to the drama !
  4. I advised on here long ago that geforce experience was a piece of useless crap. The problem lies squarely with Si. It's a shameful situation.
  5. Here we go again. In desperation let's blame the graphics driver, despite the the fact that the game regularly prompts you to update to the latest edition ! The most recent Nvidia driver has not caused ANY issues whatsoever on other software I'm running and in fact has shown improvements with some ! It's time for Si to admit they don't know what's causing these issues and that's why we're not going to see any more ME updates to cure the lag/stutter for the remaining life of FM20. Many, like myself are still experiencing these issues, despite owning high end machines. The game may be ok for a few minutes/matches but the stutter soon returns. It seems to me that Si consider the percentage of those affected is low enough not to care about when gauged against the cost of a total reworking of the ME. The fact we're not likely to see any more updates to resolve this issue is in itself irresponsible and risky, as there are many out there who no longer trust Si to produce a relatively basic, workable 3D engine and have already vowed they will never return to FM.
  6. armicook, there's already a topic in this section listed as "match engine lag" which is currently 15 pages in size, so maybe you should post there, not only to prevent repeat topics on this forum but you might also find something there that can help with your issue. It has worked for a few.
  7. I'd love to try the updates or ME but have now given up on FM20 and reverted to FM19 as I'm still suffering from an inexcusable stutter in 3D match play,despite owning a high end PC. However that's been covered and commented on many times in the bugs forum
  8. Sadly I've come to the end of the road with FM2020. With every update the lag/stutter has become WORSE ! A third of the way through it's life and the issue STILL hasn't been fixed. As LaytonBhoy says there is now a pronounced stutter which is totally unacceptable for those of us with high end PC's. I will be continuing my career save in FM2019, which runs flawlessly, for the time being. I feel completely let down by Si and £35 worse off for a product that cannot be played at it's maximum settings on a PC that easily produces exceptional performance on far higher graphically demanding software. If it wasn't so sad it would be laughable.
  9. You're totally missing the point mate. EVERYONE can lose the lag if they wind their settings down. However,as pointed out in the previous post, he like myself who have high end machines should rightfully expect to be able to run a fairly basic graphics engine, like the one in FM2020 at it's maximum settings ! We do not want to play FM with washed out or blurred graphics. This issue is totally down to Si and they seem to be going backwards as the latest update has made the lag worse than ever !!
  10. With respect mate isn't try it for yourself the obvious answer, unless you're away from your PC/laptop ? As for me, it didn't work. Improved but still stuttering occasionally.
  11. After installing the latest Nvidia graphics driver (442.19) I have noticed an improvement. Not perfect, still the occasional stutter but the GPU load average is lower, so less lag.
  12. Try something for me. Set rendering to "very high" then run GE. I'm betting your rendering setting will revert to "high" because that is the ONE setting that has a major contribution to the lag. I'm not prepared to accept that my high end PC cannot run FM20 on anything less than its maximum settings, so it will always be a major issue for me and why I'm still playing a flawless FM19 until they sort this.
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