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  1. I’ve just checked, in order to download FM 20 touch you need to go in to your previously purchased apps via the App Store. It’s in the list.
  2. Not sure if this is a bug or not, can someone check it out. @Harry Dunning when you select the highlighted you can choose different positions but it doesn’t do anything.
  3. At the end of season summary, you can see it lists “vanarama national league” twice. When you click on either it doesn’t alter the current screen. Guessing it should just be there once.
  4. Not seen this as logged yet but thought I’d stick it here and if it’s already logged please delete it. when scrolling through teams or down different menu the scrolling goes very jittery and doesn’t move and then after a short while it will carry on as normal.
  5. Just to add to this pay attention to the Wrexham Vs Barnet result. I was keeping an eye on this result as I needed Wrexham to win for me to finish in the playoffs.... turns out in the end they won 1-0.... edit . Also just noticed at least 3 of these results differed
  6. Please can we make it so that when you touch a player on screen during a game his name appears. It used to do it on FM20 but it looks like its been removed in 21.
  7. Can anyone tell me how training works in FM Touch? Are there any documents or anything that gives you any information for the way training works in FM Touch? anyone at SI?
  8. @Harry Dunning - unfortunately not. I got the sack from Wednesday and i've started a new game now and dont have the save. Will make sure if it happens again to save it.
  9. just to confirm, I am running FMT 2021 on 21.2.2 and mine works fine. In order for the new skins to work you must import the skin for the same version. I can also confirm that I have custom logos and kits working fine.
  10. @Harry Dunning I've only seen this happen once in my game. I only noticed it when the opposition had a corner.
  11. also just noticed that it doesn't do it every time.
  12. Can someone confirm if this is a bug or not please, when I get opposition reports from my scouts I get the following screen. If I click on either Full Opposition Report, scout report or data report it then takes me to details about my own team, when surely it should take me to details about the opposition (Luton) in this example.
  13. Surely there must be a patch due out soon for iOS? - Theres loads of bugs which need fixing so hopefully its not too far away.
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