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  1. I've had it confirmed by Sports Interactive that there not going to be any new updates for FM Touch 21 unfortunately. Although these bugs are not game breaking there are hugely frustrating.
  2. Just wondered if anyone could confirm whether SI are planning on releasing any bug fixes across these platforms? - I'm not sure about Switch and Xbox but I play on iOS daily... or at least used to. There are lots of bugs that have been reported and had no fixes since the game was released. Can anyone enlighten me on this?
  3. Raising another bug Before a game, when selecting the "Next Match Only" only button and I adjust any tactics for this next specific match it does not work. An example of this is my primary formation is 4-2-3-1... I told my team to play a 4-3-3 and then when the game started I noticed that it didn't switch my tactic at all. I attempted this twice more to confirm this was the case. Good luck
  4. Touch on the PC - Yes - works just as well as the full blown game Touch on Xbox / iOS / Switch - No - full of bugs which dont seem to be on sports interactive radar.
  5. I created some filters on my PC. They have automatically saved to the cloud. I can also see these have synced over to my iPad. Thats great. However how do i delete the filters? I can delete saved cloud games but cant seem to delete anything other than that.
  6. Just an update for anyone out there who decides to boost their bank balance by purchasing an addon. I received this today from development. "the team have spent time investigating and unfortunately given the unique situation this has occurred in, we're not in a position to make the considerable change this would require to make it compatible with your save, we'd like to process a refund for your unlockable purchase."
  7. Just noticed that I've uploaded a saved game to the cloud. On my device it says the saved game took place at 07:53 AM however on the server it says 08:53AM.... I'm guessing this change is just a DST setting on the server that hasn't been made.
  8. Yeah defo over achieved. Currently 10 games in and unbeaten. Hopefully this is my season...media prediction is 19th.
  9. Too easy? I think not. I am managing Wealdstone in the Vanarama national league, top of the league all the way through to April where I then only won one game in 5.... I lost the league by one point on the last day of the season.... I then got through to the playoff Final, lost 2-1 in extra time. I then had the FA Trophy Final to also look forward to, 2-0 up with 10 minutes to go and lost 3-2..... I was tempted to quit and say the game is fixed.
  10. When selecting the match report button from here you get a screen that displays the teams and score twice.
  11. Thought I’d log this as I’ve had it happen a few times now. When your team or the opposition have a highlight sometimes the highlight will show a cross or some other attacking play then all of a sudden it’s a penalty. Really frustrating.
  12. Just wondered if this was still marked as a bug? When trying to alter your formation during a game it still jumps to another screen or closes the menu. Its done this since release.
  13. Hi@Harry Dunning , has this been logged as a bug?
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