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  1. [FM14] [RELEASED] Vexillium for FM14 and FMC14

    How long till the next version is released? Loving this skin so far! thanks for your efforts!
  2. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Hi all, I'm getting a new laptop and need a bit of advice and help along the way. I have been looking around and I quite like the look of the Dell Inspiron 15R found here http://www.dell.com/...spiron-15r-5537 Not a bad machine but im sure you lot are going to say there is better and dell is rubbish etc. So my budget is between £450 and £600 at a push. - Hoping to get one around £500 ish. I want it so have dedicated graphics for gaming (the one in the link has a 2gb card) etc going to be used for Footy Manager, working on, streaming etc.. Was hoping for a quad core machine also. There was a 15R i7 Quad core on dells site a couple of weeks back but it looks like they have changed the specs of it now. cheers.
  3. Competition Logo Pack with many Trophy pictures

    No this is on fm2014.... Could you tell me a page that the icons are on so I can tell if it's working or not?
  4. Competition Logo Pack with many Trophy pictures

    cleared my cache and everything but can't get these to show.. should they?
  5. Competition Logo Pack with many Trophy pictures

    For some reason I cannot tell if this is working for me or not? I have added the graphics to my graphics folder but when I go to my club and competitons I don't see the trophies. I get the following screen or am I doing this wrong? All my other graphics work perfectly.
  6. [FM14] [RELEASED] Steklo X4

    Tom thank you for this skin. I truly appreciate it just like everyone else here. Your a massive plus to this wonderful community. However I have been through previous pages etc and can't see an answer for this so apologies if this has been asked before. Will there be a Steklo x4 skin released for FM classic mode?
  7. [FM14] [RELEASED] Steklo X4

    Tom Dixon - The best Football Manager skinner guy there is :-D. Don't listen to the moaners. If you have to then stop posing updates... just upload once finished! Good Luck and may the force be with you!
  8. Not entirely sure how to create a poll on this but just wondered how many of you actually play Classic opposed to the fully blown game? I'm going to be starting a new game very soon on Classic but wondered what everyone else is currently playing?
  9. Can't SI admit that they shouldn't have announced it whilst it is so far away in terms of a release date. They probably should have waited until next season and released it when they got it right.
  10. PSVita Release

    Sorry about that Marc, I thought the term Handheld would had been an appropriate place to post this.
  11. PSVita Release

    Very Poor.
  12. Can we get something sorted with this release. It's all gone very quiet lately regarding the Vita release of FM. Cone on SI give us something regarding this.
  13. Champions League skin for Football Manager 2014

    Another skin I think will be brilliant. hmm Steklo or Champions league
  14. [FM14] [RELEASED] Steklo X4

    Cant wait for this skin! Use it every year!
  15. [FM14] [RELEASED] Steklo X4

    Looks gorgeous! Any ETA on when we should be expecting it?