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  1. Due to having three kids and busy life I will be buying this on my iPad. Really enjoyed FM touch 20 on iOS.
  2. I’m currently in my second season at Newport County. In the first season I worked with the players I inherited and signed a few players to give them the boost. I walked league 2 with no problem. I’m now in league 1, 30 games in and sitting in 8th. I was pretty much walking the league for the first 15 games and for some reason I’ve now been found out. I can’t get a win at the moment and on a 7 game run without a win. ive just been analysing my squad and out of all my team the majority is 3 star current ability with up to 4.5 star potential ability. So I’ve got a half decent side. I t
  3. Ah ok - i wasn't sure if it was supposed to "minimise part of the screen" certainly the rest of it is a bug
  4. Thanks @Harry Dunning. Out of interest if there a current known bugs list?
  5. There are a couple of bugs on this screen in FM Touch 20. 1. When touching to make a certain part of it work, it seems to be very inconsistent and generally doesn't work at all. 2. Looks like the scaling is wrong. Part of the text is cut off "Highest average in XXX" and also unable to use the "- Average" on the right hand side to try and make it fit. Im using an iPad Air (3rd Generation) and seen this bug on three of my saved games now.
  6. Currently in my third season as Sheffield Wednesday. Not doing well, no money, players are average and generally we aren't going anywhere and consistently finished mid table. Leicester City then sacked their manager and offered me the job. They are in the Championship, should easily win the league and managed to keep all their players. £90 million available for transfer funds and paying over £1.1 million in player wages...... I said no as I was thinking about my beloved Owls and how they would go down without me...... three weeks later I got sacked :-D I really regret not taking that job!
  7. Hi, ive just been thinking about what you said.... I guess your right it’s too separate things. So my question is to both really then. Should I go with the formation that my assistant suggests? Not really sure how I want to set the “tactic” out though.
  8. Sorry the lack of info on my first post. I've just added more.
  9. Hi Everyone! I've been away from the Football Manager scene for a number of years due to family commitments and work etc. I recently decided to try and get back in to it so thought the easiest way to do so was to play on my iPad. So I went ahead and invested in FMTouch on iOS. - I love it despite the fact i'm not doing well, hence why I've come here for help. So my plan. First off I want to take control of my beloved Sheffield Wednesday and hopefully bring them back to life once more. So what I did was Holiday through till the end of the first season before taking control of them. Th
  10. I only played a couple of matches last night but this happened 6-7 times during each game. anyone else seen this?
  11. Not sure if it’s a bug but I thought I’d raise it to see if anyone else is experiencing these issues 1. I’m 20 games in managing Sheffield Wednesday and I am yet to score a corner. I’ve used both default corner routines as well as my own and no matter how many corners I have my players don’t get anywhere near the ball. I was thinking this could be a bug or else I’ve got to get rid of Barry Bannon for not putting decent balls in. 2. A lot of times during games im seeing that my players are getting in to good positions out wide but are standing offside. They aren’t getting back onside
  12. Howdy all. It’s been a while since I last played FM and tbh I’ve never been great at it. However the last time I really had a good go at it there was a thread that was posted by lam who gave excellent instructions on how he prepares before a game. How to read what the opposition are going to do and how to setup your team before a game. is there anything out there that’s recent that will help people like me who struggles how to setup their teams?
  13. I second this. It’s really infuriating. For me I am able to start a game and then when it comes to making a tactical change it never happens. It says it’s waiting till there’s a break in play. It never happens and I am unable to make any changes during that game. this doesn’t happen every game it’s every other game.
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