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  1. This is really doing my head in. I'm trying to sell players but first of all the head of youth development rejected the transfer on behalf of management due to the low fee. After I sacked the head of youth development and then tried to sell the player again, the assistant manager rejected the transfer on behalf of management. Would the assistant really overrule a managers decision to sell a player. Is there any way around this and has anybody else had the same problems selling players. Thanks.
  2. I agree with what you've said regarding balance. Yes there should be always a tactic and formations to counter act another system. Not one over powered system. I believe that fm 2018 me was quite good in this regard. I have had success using various styles of play. I'm just so happy that it seems like there are vast quality of life improvements from fm 2019.
  3. Even though the pass out wide is not the better option, I must say job well done to the entire team behind this remarkable version of the game. The collyer brothers, miles and the entire coding team should have statues built outside of their respective clubs. I bow down to their tactical knowledge and dedication to the sport.
  4. I find leaving the general training to the assistant to be perfectly fine. They do a good job of tailoring your training to your tactics. I handle the individual training as I find that to be alot less time consuming.
  5. Even though a simple option would be handy, you can change the occurrence probability for all types of injuries in the editor.
  6. I believe fm 2018 has been the best me up until now. Fm 2019 me was horrendous. This one looks promising. One of the things I noticed was players not passing topeople in a better position to score. This does happen in real life but I used to believe people with higher teamwork would be abit more unselfish.
  7. Hi. I am aware of how to remove ffp from domestic football, but does anyone know if theres a way to remove it from European competitions like the champions league. Thank you.
  8. Hi.iam aware of how to remove ffp from domestic competitions but does anyone know how to remove them from European cups. Thanks.
  9. I think a great idea for youth regens would be to have the quality of nations regens done per position.for example. italy might produce better defenders and goalkeepers but not as talented wingers.would be great if you had this option in the editor to set all the nations regen quality per position rather than just a general youth rating. let me know your thoughts.
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