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  1. You dont happen to have a fix for portugal verification by any chance do you?
  2. Brilliant. Works a treat. Thank you.
  3. This problem still persists after latest patch. Is this going to be looked into ahead of the next patch?
  4. After the latest patch an error still exists whilst trying to verify italy nation rules
  5. Hi. Does anybody where the option has moved to to edit tv and and prize money in fm21 pre game editor. Thanks. For as long as I can remember its always been I the same place in advanced rules but this year I cant see it.
  6. Hi. Does anybody know where the option to edit tv and prize money is in advanced rules this year. I cant see the option now at all in pre game editor advanced rules for any competition..
  7. Hi. In the pre game editor I cant seem to see where the option is in advanced rules this year. Does anybody have an idea where its moved to?. Thanks.
  8. As long as you dont need to mess with advanced rules outside of england it's all good.
  9. I've also posted this in the bugs forum. It appears that the problem in pre game editor verifying certain nations database and advanced rules still remain. It's been fixed in england but still remains in Germany.
  10. Yes the problem has been fixed with certain countries but not others. Problem has been fixed verifying english but still remains when trying to verify Germany database and advanced rules. Comes up with a load of verification errors. Is this being looked into? Thanks.
  11. Hi. I was wondering wether or not anyone could give us an estimated fix date of when the advanced rules verification problem will be sorted out. Thank you.
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