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  1. Nice. The player pic with nationality flag behind looks well made and is vibrant. The skin is 70% title and side bar though which are too big. The icons and text are a bit childish (?) for want of a better word. It devalues the quality. I think if you sharpened them up and decluttered you are onto a winner.
  2. SACKED I dont have a grasp on this game at all now lol. I've got lots to learn. Played series since FM05 but think the game has outgrown me and my skillset! Sure i'll get it with practice and lots of reading up...
  3. I am still struggling with goals here. Start of a second season. Only difference is now i'm conceding for fun. I'm still using a Control system. Flexible. With sparing TI's of [short Passing] and [Work Ball Into Box]. I just don't look threatening at all. I'm convinced its the strikers role that I need to get right. I have Pavon who i'm sure you all know. And Yannick N'djeng who is a strong, physical forward. I dabble between CFS normally from N'djeng & DLF/S or AF for Pavon.
  4. Finished the season tonight. Took on board some advice above, and adjusted to the below. Moved Martin to APS. And bought in a striker more physical to play as a CFS. I had lost patience and faith in Berigaud. I've stuck with the 4-2-3-1. In the 38 league games I scored more than 1 goal in a game just 6 times. But had the best defensive record. You can probably see the games below where I was tempted into playing "Attacking" football - Each time getting beat 5-1, 3-1 and 3-1. I swiftly stopped and reverted back to Control. From analyzing the stats and player performances my personal conclusion is that when playing a slower paced and more deliberate game, the players are not skilled enough to unlock defenses. Alot of the 1-0 wins you see are simply where i've nicked a goal from a corner or set piece or capitalized on the opposition mistake and not from a beautifully crafted goal. I then tried to play a more direct and attacking football but got punished heavily and conceded 13 goals in 3 games i tried it. Season 1 is over. I overachieved but i wasn't happy. I dont feel like my team deserved to finish 4th. Never at any point did i feel "we've got a grasp on this and playing a brand of football". I think i need to bring in some technical wingers and a very good forward. Going to stick with a control but really need to get goals in - Any more advice on the layout below is appreciated!!
  5. Some nice ideas there Vasilli. I believe Martin would be more than capable of playing as an Adv Playmaker in the MC strata. I'd be interested to see how that works. Beriguad is competent playing as an CFS but i'd dismissed it given his diminutive frame and that some Ligue 1 central defenders are big guys, i dont want him in too many physical battles. I'll perhaps give that a try! Thanks Summatsupeer. I wasn't viewing it a major tactical change between the 2 systems. The 2 wide men drop deeper and are a little more disciplined, but that's it. Although I change to counter, we still 'control' games reasonably well and make good use of possession. At least against lesser and equal teams. In terms of building on something its definitely the back 4 & midfield. The defense and midfield trio are very good and can control games very well - all ways solid with movement between them. Martin (RPM) and Lasne (BBM) hold well defensively and create enough movement between them in transition to carry the ball forward. Where (I think) I am falling down is the final third and finding a cutting edge. I feel I need to take more risks, sacrifice some defensive stability for a bit more bite, but that is dangerous when stability is all I have going for me right now.
  6. Afternoon Gents I'm playing as Montpellier in Ligue 1 targeting a top half finish. Despite my best attempts (Make of that what you will!) I am really struggling to score goals. I take great enjoyment from learning and applying the tactical side of the game in FM and have had to learn so much more from this recent edition of FM to remain competitive. The latest stage in my development is now resorting to the forums for a bit of advice. I've read some of the fantastic guides out here but i'm perhaps in need some tailored advice from some of you who undoubtedly understand the games nuances more than I! So whats up? I play a 4-3-2-1 - Control system. The problem is goals. I have the best defensive record in the league but still sit 6th after 20 games. I'm being let down by a lack of fire power. My strikers are not great, that doesn't help my situation - But the only 2 teams I've scored more than are the bottom 2 in the relegation zone, in 19 games I've failed to register a single goal in 8 of those. I need to take responsibility for that. I only really win games 1-0 Mourinho style, and if the opposition score generally i'm out. The pleasing thing is my team plays well, even when we lose i'm not left thinking "I was comprehensively outplayed". I've not lost an away game all season. At home i'm inconsistent. I keep TI's minimal. At home when feeling confident I opt for Control, Short Passing, Lower Tempo with Roam from Position if we look a little toothless in attack (Quite Often). Away from home I change to a text book Counter (4-1-4-1) No Ti's. I dont think any major changes are needed, and i suspect a couple of tweeks could really get me firing. I dont want to play Berigaud as a poacher. He's not good enough, but it's the only role where he even entertains the notion of scoring a goal. I'd rather play him as a F9 with Correa as the IF but experience is the combination was not effective, largely due to Berigaud's inability to play that role effectively. Then with Camara as a Winger who is he crossing to if Berigaud plays as an F9. Thanks in advance for all your constructive help!
  7. Hey! Good job Jogo Bonito! Who you playing as? Firing up a season in France right now! Me and a friend are taking the Eurostar to France on Saturday to watch the Lille Vs Lorient, so may go Lille!
  8. That's a good Point Welshace & you're absolutely right, I dont know that at all, but lets agree there is some strong evidence perhaps. I would struggle to believe that If a manager of a newly promoted team (Last 2/3 seasons) was told by the board that you have £30m to spend on players this season, that the manager would limit the spending to just £5m. Granted not all managers would spend all available funds all the time, but certainly in the case of my examples above where we have a club, certainly in the case of Empoli who rely on freebies and loan players due to a lack of transfer funds - Would take advantage of those funds. Doing a little digging I can see Empoli have spent around £15m since the 00/01 season. I hope here we can begin to see that, it is a little strange that during my second season in charge, I would be presented with a £30m transfer budget. Appreciate the responses and input chaps *Allow me to add as a side note here, as it is important. There has been no significant 'financial windfull' in my game. By that I mean no extraordinary player sales or tycoon cash injection. I am talking here about run of the mill seasons.
  9. It makes perfect sense that it increases on the first season, I completely agree. But that doesn't go any way to explain why in a very large number of cases the human manager is presented a transfer budget which would be the greatest amount of money ever spent by that club if used. The fact i as Empoli manager was presented with a £25m transfer pot (Adjustable to £30m btw) in my second season, killed the game for me. No realism. No Empoli manager has ever been provided anything like that sum by the board before. The club spent 5/6m Euro's in that last 2 transfer windows. Why stump up £30m all of a sudden.
  10. Why is that at the start of the second season, with largely any team, you are presented with a far greater transfer budget than that club has ever seen in its history. 2 examples from my saves: Save 1: Italy. Game with Empoli. First season finished a modest 10th. Start of 2nd get issued a transfer budget of £24m. I am no expert in Empoli history but they have never spent upwards of £5m in a transfer window. There were a few signings last season with the exit of Valdiofori & Hysaj etc. even then I doubt they spent > £5m. Why is it I am all of a sudden presented with a £25m transfer budget. Where did that come from? Save 2: Germany. Game with Hertha. First season finished 13th. Start of second season I get issued a transfer kitty of nearly £30m. Not a chance! That is crazy. Most Berlin have spent on a player in the last 10 years is what? £6/7 m for Stocker or maybe Adrian Ramos?? Think their transfer record was for a Brazilian back in the late 90s and that wasn't much more that £8m! Both budgets seems un-realistic for those teams, and are not representative of budgets managers of those team would've seen previously. Now i understand that income is rising within the game, and we are seeing more and more spent by clubs in transfer windows. However it seems that the game is a little too generous to the human player with the kitty they're presented at the end of each season. Xx
  11. This guy! Anyone else seen him in this form on their game? He's got 22 in 20. Scores every 70 minutes! Why all ways him.
  12. Stop playing BPL people and get in here! GET MOTIVATED! [video=youtube;CXDgnWToqFs]
  13. Thanks Kandersson. Ha, you dont need sympathy - You are having a far better season! He does like to run with the ball, fortuanatly his 'Decision' making stat is pretty strong so it keeps his enthusiasm for it in check a little I think! I have him just as an AMC (Att Mid - Attack) role. I dont like too many specialized roles in the team, as I want a more fluid approach but it seems to suit him well. You playing as La Viola? How are you getting on?
  14. Empoli FC - Mid Season Review 15/16 Here we are and Christmas is around the corner! Overall I am pleased with the strong if not slightly inconsistent start. When my first XI are on the field the football is strong and disciplined. Saponara and Pucciarelli can really make things happen. Diousse has been ever present and is solid for me as a deep lying playmaker. We've had some fantastic highlights including wins away to Fiorentina and Napoli and some frightful lows (A 5-1 drubbing from a Balotelli inspired AC Milan <- This guy has 18 goals in 16 league games!). Formation wise i've settled on a narrow 4-3-1-2; It is solid and compact. It plays to the strengths of the team, your best players are all central & you lack quality wide players so a narrow approach has really worked. I've been found out a couple times against teams who play with AMR/L and attacking fullbacks, Bittante & Rui cannot cope and often get overun. I've been able to counter this by setting them to [Full Back - Defend] and have the 2 wider CM's on defensive duties with specific PI's to close down the opposition wide men to alleviate the pressure. So as the Winter Break starts we are currently sat in 5th place: Juventus look sensational - Unbeaten in the league and in Paul Pogba is a real handful proving to be the stongest player in the league (Behind Balotelli). Highlight Well thats easy. An away win against an unbeaten Napoli at the time. Pucciarelli and Saponara playing a major part for all 3 goals. The win was made all the more special as it came of the back of defeats at Home to Juventus & Away to AC Milan. Napoli fell asleep for 7 minutes as 2 swift counter attacks unlocked the Napoli back 5. I was really pleased with my teams ability to switch mentalities throughout the game. We started with a counter philosophy and stole 2 goals around the 50th minute mark. Swapping to a control philosophy as our confidence grew, along with it our possession and we bossed the game scoring a 3rd before Napoli drew one back. Sensing a comeback I switched philosophy again to play Defensive, and dropping much deeper, we managed to lock Napoli out and bag the 3 points at the San Paolo. HAVE IT RAFA!!!! FACTS! Star Player Well you guessed it, it's the ex Milan player Ricky Saponara. Playing as an AMC behind a front two, he links play with the 3 Central Midfielders behind him & he is able to pick space behind the opposition midfield. With Pucciarelli & Maccarone running off the shoulders off defenders he's been clinical with his assists and shooting boasting an Average rating of 7.25 this season picking up 4 MoM awards.
  15. Moussa Konate!