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  1. Hey, hope all is well with your family. Hopefully you pick this up again if you find the motivation!
  2. This is a pretty common issue people express frustration with. Fantastic to see you've had success so early with Oxford and i imagine you've given the board & fans an almighty surprise and caught a lot of the other teams in the league out too! But do not now expect teams to come at you and play the same way. Other teams now know you're the ones to beat and will approach you as a manager differently and their approach to you on match day will differ. My best advice for this is to start slowing it down, drop to Comprehensive Highlights and gauge how teams are lining up against you - i don't mean formation specifically but try and map their defensive shape, how many of their players are making forward runs? How high is their defensive line? Is there room in behind? Is the space on the flanks? I imagine they are maybe now playing a bit deeper, giving you more respect, maybe playing on the counter more and restricting space your attacking players have in the final third. Think about how you now need to adjust your roles, shape or TI's to stay one step ahead. Finally a balanced formation will help. By this i mean how you score goals. Do you attack purely with AMR & an AML as WINGERS - Your forward play may be predictable and teams now know to expect plenty of crosses and will set up accordingly. Maybe all your play goes through a number 10 and pacey striker and teams are kicking the #10 hard and dropping deeper against your front man...
  3. If i'm losing 2-0 its rarely to do with my players. It means I've made a tactical faux pas and need to look at myself rather than them. Or i am up against a superior team and its par for the course. Spot on.
  4. Yes I agree with this. Seen it across Europe's big leagues. Particularly teams with a heavy European schedule. Fatigue is to be expected for these teams, but the AI does not appear too competent in managing squad rotation and will drive players into the ground. I'm my Las Palmas save when I've played Madrid or Barca after they have a mid week Europe tie they will routinely name the same XI despite heavy fatigue. I'm talking 60/65% Match Fitness.
  5. I've had mixed success. Will delegate B Team and Youth to the DoF and depending on how i feel he does in negotiating good deals i will let him or her take the first team. Dont just blindly assume your DoF is even remotely competent, test the water first. with B team and Youth.
  6. I use them occasionally too. Encourage after conceding a goal. Demand more when 2-0 up and not wanting complacency to creep in. Concentrate / Tighten up in last 10 to protect a lead. Maybe a placebo effect of course!!
  7. Agree, very extreme. Upload your save into the Bugs forum and raise it there. I am sure that this is not an intended consequence and far too drastic given the league performance.
  8. Agree, very poor season from Barca. Messi had his worse ever season in terms of goal scoring. Eibar were fantastic - Pedro Leon was a real menace! Wonderful player - Very strong technically. Viera was strong - 12 Assists and 6 Goals. Had games were he disappeared, and others were he ran the show in the final third. I had terrible luck with Vitolo - Played 2 games then injured all the way through to the new year were of course he returned to Madrid.
  9. LAS PALMAS - Season 1 (2017/18) Review _______________________________________________________________________________________ I went into the season with lofty ambitions of mid-table mediocrity and a season of consolidation. Transfer budgets disabled 1st season, i was happy to work with the current crop of players. Despite loosing key players in the summer, in particular Roque Mesa to Swansea i was looking forward to seeing attack minded Viera ply his trade and witnessing the young Uruguayan CB Lemos in action. I set about creating a very basic tactic that was most importantly defensively sound. I set up with an initial 4-3-3 but did not have enough quality in midfield or depth to play 3 week in week out. Despite positive results in friendlies I tried a new formation for me the 4-2-3-1 DM. It allowed me to play both Viera & Hallilovic in attacking positions, and with only 3 good La Liga quality CMs and just 2 strikers i could manage rotation comfortably. I am not astute tactically in game but like to think I understand the tactics of football to some extent. I played all games this season with this formation. Standard & Flexible. Against a better team i went Counter. By that i don't mean i tried to play on the counter, that is not what selecting Counter means (Makes sense right) - In it's most basic form it means playing with a deeper line, more narrow, and only begin pressing the opposition deeper into your own half. I never played anything more aggresive than Standard as i found myself exposed when doing this. Particularly with a top heavy formation like 4-2-3-1, playing [Attacking] can get you found out if you are not careful. I do not understand the mentality option so i don't change it. I do not like using many PI's - I only use [Shoot Less Often] on my Wingbacks - I find Personal Instructions pigeon hole and drastically limit my players' actions on the pitch. So many times i see open space in front of my WB if he just cut inside and i go crazy when he decides not to and dribbles down the flank into an awaiting fullback, only to realise its my fault or selecting the PI {Run Wide With Ball} - For this reason i dont very very rarely do PI's. Team Instructions were simple. Against better teams I never used them. Against equal teams i never used them. The only time I used a Team Instruction was from about 15 games into the season when lesser teams started playing 4-4-2 against me and defending deep in 2 banks of 4. Very tricky to break down even with very technically gifted players (See Leicester Circa 2015). To try and have my team work around this i initially tried a camping tactic, pushing high up whilst holding my 2 DMs back to attempt camping in there area and wear them out. Man City do this well IRL, boxing their opposition in deep inside there own half. I had NO idea how to do this in FM and failed miserably. Being countered constantly and loosing defensive shape. I had success against defensive teams by switching 1 DM on Support to a Segundo Volante on Attack duty. That's it. Normally Vicente. His forward runs from deep often forced opposition CB's to retreat and opened space for my attacking quartet. Paired with just 1 TI [Pass Into Space] TI i had reasonable success. This forced my attacks to be more aggressive. Rather than ponderous passing around the oppositions 18 yard box my players dropped balls in behind and hit long balls wide for wide men to run onto. My Possesion and passing accuracy suffered miserably. But as long as i kept a solid shape, all it took was one magic ball from any one of Viera, Hallilovic or Vicente and Calleri would finish! _______________________________________________________________________________________ Overall the season defied my expectations. I never got carried away and expected that inevitable winter slump or down-turn to come and it never really did. Real Madrid won 3-1 against Espanyol to seal the title on the lat game of the season but Champions League next year is very exciting! We had the best defence in the league and often clinched games 1-0 with many hairy moments on the way! _______________________________________________________________________________________ Star Player for me was DM Vicente - The 30 year old with over 250 club appeareances was instrumental in attack and defence. Scoring a 7.36 rating for the season won a ton of accolodes during the season including Most Tackles & Most Interceptions in the league as well as contributing 10 goals and 11 assists from the DM(Support) position. _______________________________________________________________________________________ Onto Season 2 (2018/19) Money is very tight. I have an ageing squad and no wriggle room in my wage structure. I need to replace retiree's and want-away players and to top it all off i need to contend with Champions League placing extra strain on the players i do have. ...Can't wait
  10. Heading into the last game of the season now versus Valencia. Too Nervous. Madrid are away to Espanyol who are playing well. La Liga is awarded on head to head results - So level points with Valencia would crown us Champions. But Madrid would be crowned champions even if they only manage a draw (And i beat Valencia). Will finish the season and put a review up El Payaso. Las Palmas are a fun team - I don't do anything too creative with tactics ( I dont understand the ME or tactic screen well enough too lol) but will happily share. . . . Some time later Las Palmas 2 - 1 Valencia 90th minute winner from Calleri after what i thought was heartbreak following the best goal i have ever seen in FM. Parejo pick up the ball far on the right, in line with the 18 yard box and drills in a cross - Zaza leaps above Lemos and heads against the bar - He hits it so hard the ball flies out 30 yards to Pereira who volleys it first time past Chichizola <!> Calleri's winner was crap - Kondogbia played the worst back pass to Neto and Calleri sweeps in, intercepts and scores a late winner. Leaves the table: Madrid play Espanyol now in Catalonia. I've got a ticket and will be watching from the stands. I'm sat next to Sergio Ramos who is serving a 3 game ban after a 94th minute red following a 2 footed tackle against a 36 year old Joaquin. In a game they were winning 5-0. Good decision maker Ramos. Fingers crossed!!
  11. Good Skills - You're dominating! Nice to see Belotti getting goals for you. He is a great player.
  12. How do we think the last 3 games will play out here. I'm backing Valencia!
  13. Not something i have noticed to any extent playing an identical formation to you. My suggestions would be you if you are playing with a Fluid / Very Fluid system you are affording your players creative licence to make decisions on the pitch that deviate from your tactical setup. If you have the [More Expressive] Team Instruction enabled, this too may also be allowing your players to wonder from your tactical template and take it upon themselves to switch at times. Reigning in the creative freedom afforded to your 2 wingers may help in 'forcing' them to stick to their assigned roles and positions.
  14. Good discussion. I too got bogged down with the recent editions of FM - Trying to over analyse every tactic, PI, TI, mentality, attitude to risk etc. etc. What helped for me, and what may help others is: Stop trying to play Football Manager - Instead just play football. By that i mean stop thinking "Will this tactic work in FM?" Or "How will the Match Engine handle this PI?". Most of you will know football, you will watch a game at the weekend and see quite clearly tactical trends and approaches. Think in real terms. In my FM save as Southampton, playing away against Leicester. I don't even need to look at their players, agonise over their technical proficiency vs mine, or debate whether i need to play fluid or structured. I know Leicester, i know they will defend deep, play with pace up front and be direct to the front men on the counter. I know their creativity comes from the flanks and they like to drive crosses into the box. Without ANY knowledge of FM or the ME i know i want to drop my back line a little deeper to give my slow CBs a chance against the pace upfront of Gray & Vardy. I know i will need to be more patient in attack and not commit too many players forward to risk being countered. I know i want to smash Mahrez and show him onto his right foot so he doesn't cut inside onto his favoured left foot. I see him do it every week on MoTD. I know their CBs will win every aerial duel against my smaller strikers so my fullbacks are going to cross less and when they do i will instruct them to play low drilled crosses. Think in real terms. How would you as a REAL manager approach this game. Dont try and play the engine, just play football.
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