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  1. So last night I smashed through with Inter Miami from Feb 19 to Jan 2020... but around August/Sept time when the NCAA Championship began I assigned the competition to one of my scouts... but all I received were reports on a couple players from the Miami Academy. I assigned another scout towards the latter stages, around three weeks of the competition, but didn't get a single report. This was all in prep for my first SuperDraft. Around the time of the draft, I then tried to scout the combine... but I was unable to get team reports (and therefore individual player reports) of the four teams... This then meant on Draft day I was getting basic reports from my DoF, who I think at Miami has Judging CA of 15 but PA of about 10. Not ideal. When assigning my scouts to 'Scout for one week' the reports would not have been in in time. I had second pick and grabbed a decent GA player, but my other picks were pretty dull due to the lack of knowledge of the pool. @Uncle_Sam am I missing something blind and obvious when scouting the NCAA? At some stage all three of the NCAA competitions in the screenshot below had been assigned, but mainly I had been scouting 'NCAA D1 Soccer' I think - I thought this would scout the 24 conferences? Is there a specific tournament inside the NCAA which requires scouting if preparing specifically for the draft? And any tips on the how to scout the combine/draft thoroughly would be appreciated. Please excuse if I have missed something obvious. Great database though, get the feeling i'll be hooked on this save for quite a while.
  2. Am I correct in thinking that this update does not include players moves, ie can we still build Inter Miami up from nothing? Or does it have the likes of Lewis Morgan, Nguyen, Robles, etc etc already there? (On a side not, the squad they've built is fantastic, better than what LAFCs was when they entered the league) Also, when adding the unzipped files to the editor data folder, do they each need specific folders within the editor data folder or can the files (extension, global comps, domestic comps, extras) all just be dumped in there?
  3. I also hate to be that guy, but will the graphics file work alongside a previously downloaded logo/face pack? Am using ScopeMegapack2019 from 18/19 and would like to continue using it if I can. Nightmare also. Started a save with Inter Miami last night (8 hours work) with original database... Got to August and had began to build a nice roster (traded for Victor Ulloa and Juan Agudelo then googled them and found out it happened IRL). This database means i'll just have to do it all over again though. So so good to have affiliated academies and NCAA.... I take it players from both are only available in the Superdraft? Or can you promote from the academy (also do you have a 'first option') and sign from NCAA just like a normal transfer?
  4. Literally just loaded it up.... first thing I've done is look for a chief scout... then i'll get my scouting team and AssMan. How late did you sign the rest of the staff? I feel i'm just wasting money if I build a coaching team now? What a project/challenge this is!!!
  5. Awesome thread @MWE - this has inspired me! My type of save. A couple of seasons ago I did one with Atlanta United but left after 2 seasons because got fed off of the trading/transfer market (and I'm a fan of MLS - I understand how it works)...You've really grasped it in game it seems. I found that I really struggled before with initiating trades and the buildup of the trade itself, ie what draft pick is 'good value', how much GAM/TAM to use, is the offering franchise short changing me? I could never really suss out what was a fair offer and then very rarely bothered doing any trades at all. Did you ever actually find decent players on the superdraft, or did you get more 'value' from trading away draft picks as part of player trades instead of worrying about the draft itself? Would it be stupid for me to trade away first Superdraft pick in winter 2019? You've worked wonders managing to get the likes of Sweat, Dwyer, Morris, Zardes etc... I'd have thought these would be 'indispensable' to previous franchise. How did you go about this? I also saw you signed a player from Persepolis... take it the board allow scouting across the entire world? You also mentioned your knowledge of the league was at a good level for summer 2019 MLS window... did you then just trade for players which were listed? If you were to give a five-point plan to anybody starting with Miami in early 2019... what would it be? Thanks in advance, appreciate I've asked lots but want to give this save a go... got to be one of the toughest, most-intriguing and educational challenges on this year's game!
  6. I'd absolutely echo everything that @Thengil says above. Find yourself a CM with passing of 17 in the the NL and you're onto a winner. And being tactically adaptable as you go up is vital too. Let them play. I had one standard tactic (control) and a much more cautious (frustrate opposition) tactic which I used for the cupsets. There were plenty of them. And spot on with regards to pestering the board, I must've been asking for any kind of improvements on an almost weekly basis. And threaten to leave if they won't back you: "You won't send me on a coaching course despite three-successive promotions?" "Fine then... I'm off"... to do a coaching course. It works. Added to this, make sure your coaches are always studying... my PL coaching staff is mainly from the National League and L2 days and it's one of the best in the PL. Those courses paid dividends. And player personality types are so important to the dynamics, no mercenaries or fickle footballers should anywhere near your journey.
  7. My six seasons with King's Lynn: NLN - 1st. NL - 1st. L2 - 7th won Playoffs. L1 - 2nd. Champ 7th. Champ, 2nd. In the PL for the 2025/26 season, came 2nd on the final day of the season but very very nearly won the Championship... look at that Rafa Mir goal for Newcastle! But I've really prioritised the FA Cup every season and the income from it has been fundamental to the club's growth. Got to the semi-finals this year, lost 3-0 against Liverpool, but the run made about £3m. There are certain PL rules regarding stadiums too, and our first season in the Prem will be at the City Ground in Nottingham... about a two hour drive from King's Lynn. Some big summer signings too: Rayan Cherki, Gylfi Sigurdsson, Sepp van den Berg, Japhet Tanganga, Predrag Rajkovic.
  8. I've had to learn that after four straight promotions to the Championship, you must sometimes accept that you have to take the rough with the smooth. Lost my last home game of the season 3-1 to Cardiff, who went on to win the playoffs...
  9. @likesiamesefish I think he peaked at League Two Mansfield on my save. Those 16 apps this season have all been starts too!
  10. @ajt League attendances in the Champ have been between 6500 and sold out (7300). I'm making hefty monthly losses now compared to previous seasons which must be the higher wages, although I am well within the wage budget. I'll need to beat Tottenham at home in the 3rd Round and go on another run. The FA Cup is the bread and butter of this Lynn team though, we love it! In the previous summer it was announced that we would at some stage move to a new stadium. When I don't know, it seems the board are yet to establish somewhere appropriate. I've only just noticed that we will indeed be moving to a smaller stadium! What is the point? We are not Juventus. Just checked finances, we are spending £95k a week on wages when the budget is £210k (this was initially £125k at beginning of pre-season). I've attached some screenshots of finances. Despite finances being 'okay', the losses and projections are certainly worrying. Conclusion: Promotion is a must. How much is one season in the PL worth?!
  11. Paul Lambert's early Norwich City. Nobody did the diamond quite like that team.
  12. I've only just noticed this after playing my first LLM save. Cambridge nabbed somebody from me when they were in division above. They've recently done the same despite now being two below. The board won't even look at improving my youth facilities. It could well be coincidence they've gone to Cambridge who are local (maybe PL Norwich didn't fancy them), I'm just looking forward to some sort of compensation if/when they make it. I think this is class from the guys at Football Manager, the realism is fantastic!
  13. I'm currently on my fave FM save of all time. First season finished 1st in National League North, second season came 1st in National League. In my third season finished 5th in League Two after only getting into the playoffs after the 45th game. Had the momentum going into the Playoffs and went up. Fourth season, came 2nd in League One. I think prioritising the FA Cup above everything has done me wonders financially though. I've beaten PL teams such as Leeds, Saints, Man City in the Third Round over the years. The income has meant bigger wage budgets next season - I'd spent a grand total of £81k (sold more than 250k) in the four seasons prior to getting to the Championship. When signing players, bring them in on trial for 4 weeks... make sure your assistant manager (Gary O'Neil has been epic) has good judging CA and PA. You can get a good judgement that way. When looking at free transfers see who they are wanted by. If they're wanted by a bigger club, try get them! In April start to look at U18/U23 players from big teams. One season I signed 3 from Spurs, 4 from Norwich, 5 from Liverpool. They were at these teams for a reason and there's a depth of talent available every season. I've just nabbed Charlie Savage (Robbie's son from Man United) on a free and 20 games into Champ season he has the league's highest average rating. Don't worry about loyalty one bit. I've had a few guys come far with me but there comes a point when you have to be stern. After going up from L2 to L1 I lost 6 loan players and released 8 others. That's 14 players to replace. The squad I assembled though for L1 was on another scale. Keeping short contracts allowed me to cull ruthlessly. Send your coaches on coaching courses as much as you can! They improve rapidly. I have the best coaching department in the second tier and they were with me mainly from the National League. I've not played a LLM save like this before but it's honestly been so rewarding. My target was PL in 10 seasons but to have got four promotions in four seasons was so unexpected, albeit slightly unrealistic. Also, sign a washed up legend if given the opportunity. No doubt they'll underwhelm... but for Wayne Rooney's last ever professional game to have been lifting the League Two Playoffs at Wembley for King's Lynn, it's something! He's currently managing Plymouth U23s.
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