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  1. I’ve been looking for some hot prospects to bring in and develop, mostly been picking them up from Eastern Europe so far as they’re much cheaper than what I’ve found in South America but no one to sell for huge amounts yet. I could probably try and move on a few of my better players now (Alena, Cook, Zirkzee or Wind) for big money and reinvest but I’m not sure if I’d get the kind of fee needed and then the replacements might not be at a price to make it worth it. The money and increased reputation from Europe/trophy wins would be a big boost as well for me. Yeah it baffles me seeing peopl
  2. Not posted in here for a while but thought I’d drop in a little update and maybe get a bit of advice. No screenshots as I’m currently just on a short break at work but might post some later. Now completed 5 season with Millwall and the last 3 have been successful ones in the Premier League. We’ve finished 9th, 7th and 9th. I was disappointed the 7th place finish didn’t get me into the Euro Cup 2 but I honestly have no idea how qualification for that works, it looked like 7th place would get it for me until about 25 games into the season and then it just disappeared? I think I’m reachi
  3. My second season in charge of Millwall has now finished. Last time I posted we were nearly at the end and locked in a promotion battle with West Ham and Leeds. Or at least I thought it would likely just be the 3 of us. We secured a strong 2-0 win over Leeds to put us in an excellent position to finish in the automatic promotion spots as we sat ahead of them with a game in hand. We lost easily to Wolves (as expected) in the FA Cup. Unfortunately this was followed up by a 1-0 loss away to mid-table Hull whose goalkeeper was man of the match. At this point, Leeds started to drop points with
  4. Just a quick little update as we come towards the end of the season as I'm very excited about where this could lead. First, remember when I said we wouldn't be signing anyone in January? Well forget that. Ferguson handed in a transfer request due to not playing (although he didn't end up leaving) and left back was a position I needed to strengthen so in came Domagoj Bradaric from Lille. Very happy to bring him in for under £2 million. He needs a bit of work defensively and has mostly been used against the weaker teams because of this but he seems to have great potential.
  5. Finally back playing again, went through about a month without touching FM, partly for fear that it would all fall apart when I did, but also just occupied with other stuff. 2nd season has been going incredibly well so far, much better than I expected. We currently sit 4th in the Championship, 5 points behind an automatic promotion spot in mid-January. Really all I wanted was an improvement from last season and to be firmly in the top half. Jed Wallace has been outstanding and definitely a huge part of why we've been doing so well. Other than that it's been hard to say why we'
  6. Season 2 with Millwall has begun following the end of my night shifts. Pre-season and the transfer window was spent revamping the staff at all levels and trying to upgrade the squad. On the staff front, coaching levels are now either the highest average or close to across the league which I'm happy with. The number of coaches and scouts allowed by the board increased over the summer which was a nice surprise as during the previous season they had reduced the number of coaches and physios. Transfers shown above. Pretty happy with my business. Selling Thompson for £10 million feels li
  7. First season with Millwall finished, and it was very up and down. Started the season fairly well, albeit slightly inconsistently but would have been more than possible to get into the top half and that's what I was hoping for at that stage. And then everything just fell apart. I'm really not sure why but it did. I guess looking back it had started to go a bit sour into October and November but we were still playing reasonably well in matches, just struggling to get over the line or having someone sent off stupidly and then not being able to recover. But December it got worse and Jan
  8. @Jogo Bonito yeah Wallace and Cooper are definitely two of the better players to start with. Wallace in particular has been very impressive, pretty much everything good we’re doing goes through him. Bradshaw and O’brien are decent up front in moments but not as consistently. Molumby has been pretty good so far for me, although I’ve maybe not used him as much as I should. Starting to look at who might be available for free during the summer as don’t anticipate having much of a transfer budget but can shave a bit off the wage with loans expiring and clearing some of the weaker or unhappy players
  9. Started playing during the free fortnight as I suddenly had a lot more time on my hand (being unable to visit girlfriend or go out with anyone aha) and had some decent saves on old versions of FM with Norwich and Huddersfield bringing them up from Championship/League 1 so decided to go for that again to start with. Went with Millwall as they’re my dads team and seem like a decent challenge. Currently sat in 13th of season 1 after 20 games. Been very up and down, almost every time a win a match or win well we then go away from home and perform awfully. Was doing a little better earlier in
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