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  1. You are right. Really spot on. However the clubs are willing to let us use their badges, faces and kits. But for a price. It's a product they can sell. And computer games are a lucrative market. They will not sit idly by whilst their assets are offered for free without their permission. The fundamentals of the situation we are faced with is that the legality of the matter is undeniable. The hosting & distribution of protected player images, kits & logos is illegal unless the access and authority to do so has been granted. We might not like that. But I do not believe t
  2. I'll start as i started the other comment. I agree with you in principle with what you are saying. But. This is off the mark. FM sold over 2 Million Copies in 2019. It consistently performs as one of the top selling PC titles. "FIFA generated $600 million in licensing rights for the 2015-2018 cycle" (FIFA Annual Report Summary). Juventus earned over (E)40m in licencing sales prior to the Konami Deal! There is enormous amounts of money in licencing and in particular granting access to 3rd parties to use said licences. I wish all companies shared your philosophy. Unfort
  3. It's Monday. I've had a shandy and am feeling saucy. So what players didn't or haven't quite lived up to the promise that their early FM days promised? ...I'll get us rolling: Carlos Fierro ... Here is the Football Manager 2012 equivalent at a similar age:
  4. (Shhh!) You are of course right. But he's a darling of Gladbach fans and is on fire this season in the Bundesliga! P.s 9 Games in:
  5. Absolutley, new manager Marco Rose (From RB Salzburg) has them playing some high intensity, high press football - Very entertaining. Big challenge though. Board want Champions League first season and that wont be easy!
  6. I'll start by saying. In sentiment I completely agree with you. My fear is this - Juventus does lose a penny. Many a penny. Why? ...Because if the FM Community were not providing these resources for free. SI & The 'Football Manager' team would come under pressure to provide these. Many people (Myself included) in this thread have stated they would not be interested in the game without the Graphical & Licence improvements provided by the community. So without a community provided solution, SI come under heavy pressure from their fan base to acquire official licences. The
  7. With my limited knowledge ...That would not be adequate to avoid claims of infringement.
  8. I agree. I think the game would lose all appeal to me if graphical mods could no longer be applied to game. So the issue with licencing is relatively clear. Only the Trademark owners have legal rights to use and distribute the property they own. Any website or user that uploads Graphics intended for distribution is in breach of Copyright Law. With regards "No one is making money from it" - Well we've both just said we wouldn't buy the game without the graphical packs. So SI are certainly benefiting from it & Sortitoutsi.net charge a subscription that allows users to more easily dow
  9. News starting to spread of a clamp down on 3rd party sites hosting graphics and picture packs for Football Manager. FM Scout: "We feel obliged to our community to announce that due to licensing reasons we had to take down all graphical addons containing official club logos and player faces. These graphics are trademarked and/or copyrighted material owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders." FM Base: "In the last few days, you may have seen speculation surrounding the future of graphics packs for Football Manager on social media and other fansites. This is
  10. Yeah, this is an interesting one. I think that the software employed in the game is not clever enough to determine whether a game of football is "entertaining". Entertaining is an entirely subjective notion that i dont beleive the AI could pick up - I imagine the game has a checklist of criteria that it is looking to match up against. Something like: Average Shots Taken Per Game > 13 Average Goals Scored Per Game > 1.5 Dribbles in Opposition Half > 7 Touches in Opposition Half >125 Maybe? If enough of the criteria is met the AI will think the game
  11. ★★ Season Preview - 2019/20 ★★ Thank you all for taking the time for visit my guide for Gladbach in FM 2020. Gladbach have always been my 'main' save in FM and I really wanted to create a thread this year to hopefully garner some discussion and fun with other Managers. Really keen to see your success, tips, transfers and stories! I appreciate these dedicated threads are dieing out in favor of a specific league thread but I wanted to do it anyway. Hopefully if you are managing Gladbach you can stop by, learn something from the other posters here and hopefully share a piece of
  12. Gladbach Legend Jupp Heynckes with the Bundeliga & European Cup. ★★ Message in this thread to have your achievements as Gladbach Manager recognized and immortalized forever in Football Manager 2020 ★★ ★Team Records★ Biggest Win: Biggest Win in a Cup Final: Biggest Win in Champions League: Most Possession in a Match: Most Games Won in Row: Most Matches Without Losing: Most League Goals Scored in a Season: Least League Goals Conceded in a Season: ★ Bundesliga - Players★ Most Goals in a Season: Most L
  13. WORK IN PROGRESS Please bear with me whilst this page is finalised.
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