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  1. From personal experience, I can agree to that statement. You said red hair? I think I might be looking ticket prices tonight....
  2. I, for one, have always been a fan of Swedish football. Well at least a fan of a certain part of their fanbase
  3. I tried the same in FM16 with 2 IWBs and a HB. HB worked but the IWBs don't seem to work right in that game
  4. Break teams down

    Yes but the can be oh so fun Glad to see the OP is making progress
  5. I've use a 2 CB system occasionally this season. But only when it's become painfully apparent that my opponent has no interest in attacking. When they park the bus, I take it as a challenge
  6. What duties did you give your wide players when you did this? Because I know, from personal experience, you can tailor wide midfielders to play very much life inside forwards. 2 suggestions. Either try using wide mids as opposed to attacking mids and use a defensive mid, or raise your defensive line a bit. Either one should help you limit some of the space you are giving up to your opponents. Actually I'd definitely suggest a DM either way. At least based on the tactic you showed in the first picture. If you're actually using the second one now, I like the use of a defensive mid. I'm not sure how I feel about both FBs being on attack. And I'd still suggest raising you defensive line especially if you wanna press. Fluidity increases how much creative freedom your players have. So it can definitely give them more freedom to ignore your instructions and pass the ball how they want to. You don't have to use fluid to play a stylish, attacking brand of football. Which brings me to my next point. Are you sure you have the players for this though? You've just been promoted so I imagine your squad isn't exactly one that will do everything you want them to especially against top league opposition.
  7. I've never had the luck of drawing one of the big boys away. If I did ever get one, it was always at home where I'd be promptly massacred.
  8. Yup. I'm still playing FM16 and I just recently tried making a tactic somewhat replicating Pep's Bayern. My idea was to use a halfback to push the CBs out wide when we had the ball and use IWBs to come supplement the center of the park. While the HB worked, the IWBs didn't. Which was a real shame. In other news, I have also joined the strikerless hype train and it is devastating.
  9. I like to attack with sense rather just pure unadulterated reckless abandon like in my younger years. I play with width and tempo. I like movement and I prefer to give my players attacking roles than to go with an overall attacking/aggressive mentality. When I play matches, for the most part I will start the same way and adjust based on what I see. FM has really turned me into a scout so I do plenty of it in my saves. I prefer to build my squad with youngsters. Except, of course, when I have a tycoon then I just sign players to spite rivals. No Arsenal I will not let you have Strootman.
  10. Lose this number. I really wish they got inverted wingbacks working properly in FM16 :/
  11. I have a suitcase of money for you if you do. And if you don't, well we have never met.
  12. I took over them a few years in bouncing around in my save. Currently in my 3rd season with them. Yes the board absolutely refuse to give me a new stadum which is a shame. I've gotten a tad lucky with my academy as well signing other German youngsters so I don't have that issue thankfully. Dudziak and Miyaichi (unfortunately) are long gone.
  13. Would be a nice change wouldn't it