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  1. When I was younger, I found myself panicking when things began to go wrong so I made changes early and often. Not because they were the right thing to do, but because they made me feel better than I would've just sitting around letting whatever was happening happen. And of course, as you said, you can end up losing sight of what you want or how you want your team to be playing. Sometimes that can be a good thing, especially when a key result is at stake. But other times it can be detrimental especially when you are overreacting to situations that may not be as bad as you think they are. Ironically as I've gotten older, I've done a complete 180 in my playing style; I sometimes find myself waiting until it's too late to make a change out of fear of reacting too early and having said changes be detrimental or counterproductive. After all these years I'm still struggling to found that balance. Though I'm certainly going to make an effort to pay attention to the details especially early on in matches. And especially against clubs of the same caliber as Real Madrid.
  2. Changes Halfway Through The First Half First thing I did was change the mentality from counter to standard; we were giving them too much space and time. That had to change. Also I added the TI retain possession because frankly were spent too much time launching harmless balls forward to be intercepted by Real Madrid’s CBs. I also used to TI take a breather for a few minutes to try and calm things down. These are the changes I went with though I can’t recall exactly when I did so during the latter part of the first half. I don’t claim to be a tactical genius. But I like to think, well hope, my changes had some sort of impact because 15 minutes after Benzema’s goal, we tied the match (it’s ok I know I am kidding myself). We won the ball back and Schneiderlin finds Adeleke who immediately plays it to Januzaj out wide. Instead of play an unnecessary ball forward, he takes on his man and brings the ball infield before playing it back to Adeleke. Just like last time, multiple Real Madrid players close him down quickly. The difference this time is that Varane defending space rather than closely marking Wilson. Adeleke finds Wilson in behind and Wilson’s strike meant we went to halftime tied 1-1. Changes At Halftime And Early In The Second Half At half time I made a couple more changes. I subbed off Strootman (he had a yellow) for Schweinsteiger and I had my WMs man mark Real Madrid’s FB. I felt like we were losing them too often for my liking. I also made another change at some point early in the second half; I decided to change Schneiderlin from a DM-s to a BWM-s in an effort to stop Real Madrid from controlling the midfield as much as they were. Well, it almost cost me. As you can see, Schneiderlin is woefully out of position. So when Modric has the ball, Shaw steps up to challenge him. That leaves James Rodriguez open, one on one with the keeper. De Gea made the save. And I immediately started drafting a new contract because that man earned it. As the match went on, after surviving what was an absolute barrage from Real Madrid, we found our footing in the match. The last 15 minutes was a lot more even than the first 15. As Real Madrid began to tire, they began to make more mistakes and thus we were able to get behind their backline more often. They also began to commit more fouls. We took the lead on a free kick after substitute Depay was hacked down from behind by Modric. Depay’s free kick and Smalling’s header. The last pictures I’ll show you are of Real’s equalizer in the 80th minute. We won back possession and countered with way more players than we needed to. And that allowed Real Madrid to subsequently counter our counter. Isco managed to find the one man in space; Bernat. 2-2. What can I say? I lost myself in the joy of taking the lead that I suppose I lost track of the fact that I was supposed to be managing a team. We shouldn’t have had that many players forward. Maybe Jones could have been less narrow there and maybe Januzaj could’ve done a better job of tracking the man he’s supposed to be marking. But in the end, it’s my fault for not telling my players to be more cautious going forward. Other Observations As the match came to its end, I thought about the other chances Real Madrid had. Isco had a glaring opportunity saved when 2 players closed down Benzema as opposed to one of them following Isco. I chalk that up to miscommunication and misunderstanding between players who are still very much getting used to playing with each other. Bale had himself a couple chances when matched up against Shaw. Sometimes a really good player is just going to beat you. I’m certainly not at the point where I’m willing to deem a particular player a weakness. Same with Jones and Smalling. Jones had an ok match after the first few minutes he struggled against Bale. And as I said before, maybe another day Smalling makes those interceptions. And maybe another day Benzema buries his that second chance, as does Isco and Bale and James. Frankly, I got lucky. Here are the final stats. Final Thoughts Final score you ask? 3-2. Depay got himself brought down in the box. Adeleke stepped up. And we took the 3 points back to Manchester. The press said I was fortunate. Against a side I’ve been historically bad against? I think I’ll take luck. I’ll also be keeping De Gea till he’s 50. Looking back, I certainly could’ve acted sooner and been more proactive when Real clearly weren’t gonna let me play the way I wanted to. Other than that, I think there’s more I could’ve done. Hence why I am interested in how other people approach matches against massive clubs. As for Real, I think I know where to start next time I face them.
  3. Recently I played a Champions League match away at Real Madrid. With it being the first match of the group stage against a side I've always been hilariously poor against in my FM career, needless to say I was nervous. The match has come and gone and now after playing, it I've decided to go back and watch it over to see what I felt I did right and what I could've done better. Now this is the first season in my save (though I did sim a season before taking over United). Between the multitude of signings I made, and the amount of changes my tactic underwent between the start of my reign and this match, it would be safe to say that my side is still very much in a state of flux; hiccups are expected as my players get used to each other as well as get used to the system I ask them to play within. Between injuries, lack of fitness, and general rotation, I end up with this lineup (I’ve also listed the roles of my players in my tactic): Early In The Match As soon as the match starts, and I mean seconds after it starts, there are warning signs. Kroos has the ball in acres of space and plays it over the top to Bale who has gotten in behind Phil Jones. Luckily, on this occasion, Smalling gets across and puts it out for a throw before Bale can do anything with it. This next picture is from the 2nd minute of the match. For my United, there’s a lot that’s going wrong in this picture: Kroos once again is in space and has all the time in the world. The DMs are not positioned well enough. And personally, the most troubling thing about this picture is how deep and almost flat my team’s shape is. In a way this was by design, but was certainly not part of the plan. Let me explain. My team’s mentality was set to counter. I like it and have for a while. I feel like it’s a good starting point for my team and we usually can get the job done without deviating from it. In this match though, because of it we were giving Real Madrid too much respect; too much space and time to do whatever they wanted to. I also want to note the positioning of Real Madrid’s CBs. Look how far into our half they are at the very beginning of the match. You’d think they were chasing a goal late in the match with how far forward they are. Just goes to show how aggressive and attacking Real Madrid was from the very start of the match. We manage to stop this attack (Kroos passed it to Benzema who then played it wide to Bale. Bale played Bernat, who was overlapping. His cross was intercepted) and it gave us our first chance to ‘counter’. This was a consequence of how deep we were playing early on; we managed to win the ball back and were not in any position to counter effectively and make Real Madrid pay for pushing up as high as they did. Januzaj has the ball here and has one player ahead of him with how far the AMC and the ML are withdrawn given how defensive the overall team shape is. And for him to get into a position where he can play a ball to the ST, Wilson, he has to get past Varane. On this occasion he does not. Another issued I noticed was, given how deep we were and how pushed up Real Madrid was playing, whenever we won the ball back, we would immediately look to counter by trying to play a ball over the top to Wilson at the first opportunity. All it did was lead to easy interceptions by Real Madrid’s CBs, Varane and Vallejo. And in the 5th minute it lead to Real Madrid’s first genuine opportunity. Kroos, once again has the ball in space. Schneiderlin goes to close him down. Kroos plays it to Isco who has plenty of room in front him as the closest player to him is Strootman. Isco plays a ball over the top to Bale, who has gotten behind Jones again. De Gea makes the save. Smalling may have been able to intercept it but I don’t think it would be fair to place any blame on him for this chance. At this point, you’re probably wondering why I haven’t shown any pictures of my team’s shape going forward. Well that because we didn’t. At least for the first 15 or so minutes of the match. We showed our first signs of life 20 minutes in. Januzaj wins the ball out wide. As you can see Real Madrid aggressively close him down with 2 players. He plays the ball to the AMC, Adeleke, who dribbles towards goal. Not surprisingly Real Madrid close him down quickly and he finds himself in a pocket. Now I felt like his only 2 viable passing options were 1, back to Strootman or 2, back out wide to Januzaj. Instead he plays an ill-advised ball to Mata out on the right wing which is intercepted by Bernat. In my mind, this happened as a result of one of the TIs I use in my tactic, higher tempo, as well the PI more risky passes which the Treq role has. That compounded by with him being hurried by 3 Real Madrid players likely forced him into a rushed and aggressive decision to try and play it Mata leading to the loss of possession. The way things were going, a goal was inevitable. And it finally came in the 23rd minute. Once again Kroos has the ball in space (I’m beginning to sound like a broken record at this point). He gets it to Isco who immediately passes it to Bale who finds space as he cuts inside. He plays it back to Isco who then plays in Benzema and Benzema makes it 1-0 Real Madrid. Though Smalling might’ve been able to intercept that pass on another day, it doesn’t matter because up until that we’d given them the space and time to operate and they were almost always going to make us pay. This was just 3 minutes later. Kroos alone at the top of the box. He plays in Benzema, who’s gotten away from Smalling yet again, but this time he blasts it off the post. I’ve always been guilty of making changes way too late but this was the final straw.
  4. Let me preface this by saying **** Bayern Munich. Decided to do something new (I almost always play with Manchester United) and started a save with another club I enjoy watching these days, Borussia Dortmund. I actually didn't start a whole new save, I used a save I already had and I've taken over in 2017. Things have not been good for them. They just finished 6th in the Bundesliga. No Mkhitaryan, Gundogan, Hummels, Papastathopoulos, or Bender. And Weidenfeller has just retired (hired him as a GK coach). The squad definitely had it's deficiencies; Subotic and Ginter the only CBs and I was not particularly convinced by Subotic. Burki looks decent but I wanted try and improve on that position. Our FBs were old. The midfield was less of a pressing concern, but I wanted depth behind Sahin and Weigl. Out wide/up top I was actually pretty happy with what I had. I was excited by Luan/Gabriel Barbosa/Kagawa/Aubameyang. So I hit the transfer market. Well......a lot happened. Transfers out: Gyau's contract was up and I had no desire to bring him back. Leitner, Fabian, Ramos, Kuba, and Durm were moved as I deemed them not good enough or simply no longer needed at the club. Piszczek was moved because I had a player I felt was better and younger (BVB signed Darmian the season prior) and I wanted to keep Passlack in the squad as my backup RB. I liked Park Joo-Ho. But I wanted to bring in a younger player. Remember my earlier comment about Bayern? Well they were the reason I ended up moving Luan and Barbosa. Die Bayern came in for Luan, Barbosa, Darmian, AND Aubameyang. Luan and Barbosa threw tantrums (actually so did Darmian but he got over it quickly) when I rejected the bids so began to prepare for life without them. I knew at some point I was gonna sell them, but I sure as hell not gonna sell them to Bayern freaking Munich. Luan was sold to PSG. Barbosa off to United as part of a deal. And finally Subotic was moved to City. Sometimes I'm too lax with negotiations. I certainly could've got more for him and Luan. Transfers in: The first one is the big one. Yes I actually went and did it. About a month or so prior, I got a news notification that contract talks had broken down between Bayern and Gotze. I didn't notice that his contract expired until I went searching for possible replacements for Luan/Barbosa. So I made bringing him back my top priority. And, at 110k per week + a ton of bonuses, I got it done. I saw the same happened with Obi Mikel. He's a player I've always like in FM so I got the deal done before anyone else got involved. I went looking for a backup LB and stumbled upon Facundo Cardozo. He's naturally a CB, but he's now competent enough to do the job on the left imo. As I mentioned before, I needed CBs bad. Abdennour is a solid one. United signed him the season prior but he barely played for them. I got him for 19.5 million, 15 million less than they spent on him, but I know I could've got him for cheaper smh. I really gotta be stricter with negotiations. Timo Baumgartl was unhappy at the recently relegated Stuttgart hence the meager transfer fee paid for him. I originally targeted Bernd Leno, but Leverkusen were having none of it. My original bid for Horn was rejected but but his tantrum was enough to get them to accept one for 13.5 million and I got my new keeper. Depay wanted to leave after not playing. Barbosa wanted to leave after interest from Bayern. I was interested in Depay. United were interested in Barbosa. And there was no way I was selling him to Bayern. It all made too much sense. Plus Gotze and Reus got injured so I was desperate to get the deal done for someone who actually wanted to play for me. For that same reason I picked up Julian Green from Bayern. Although the media made it very clear they were unhappy with how much I paid for him. Robin Knoche was sitting in Bayern's second team transfer listed. He shared a lot of similarities to Subotic. He was also younger and German. So Knoche in, Subotic out. Erlich and Thijs are just youngsters my scouts couldn't get enough of so we'll see how they'll develop. I actually signed a couple more but no point in mentioning them just yet. In any case, the season has started and after a very very cagey nervous first match of the season that ended 0-0, we won all our matches and looked good doing so. We're 2 weeks away from getting Gotze and Reus back. And now that the international break is over, I'm hoping we can maintain our form in the league. Sidenote: Bayern have started off the season with 1 win and 2 losses. Serves them right :D:lol:
  5. That was beautiful As did. I was happy with the appointment after that display at the world cup, but it just didn't work out for him here.
  6. :D:D:D Made me me laugh harder than I should have
  7. They ran out of things to write a good while ago tbf. I think he's been all about saving his job the start of the calendar year.
  8. I agree with this tbf. I'd rather this than spend a ton on Lukaku when we have a couple youngsters who could be very good down the road.
  9. First off, that video sent me on a nostalgia trip like I've never experienced since I moved to America Secondly the thing I was most impressed about was how compact your team was. That's been my biggest issue right now. Nicely done Ozil
  10. This is really good. Very detailed. I appreciate you putting this together. I've generally done much of what you put down under pre match except for look at my opponents form. Might start adding that to my mental checklist.
  11. I caved and paid 34 million for Aymen Abdennour It helps though that I sold Blind for 53 million. Abdennour has been solid tho
  12. That's the thing that has ticked me off more than anything this season; the lack of goals.
  13. Rooney's been doing that all match. What a pass.
  14. 37.5* Give em credit
  15. Nah. We'll get to 18 and then Bournemouth will hit us on the break in the last minute.