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  1. Yes but wouldn't that happen regardless anyway because wingers are already instructed to stay wide? Which is sort of my point
  2. Is it a bit redundant play with a wide/extremely wide team width if you're also using wingers? Because it seems like it would be.
  3. My favorite way to use an AM behind 2 strikers is to have him on attack and making runs. As you're usually going to be playing with one striker on support anyway, it should likely open up space for the attack minded AM to run into and exploit
  4. Thought provoking thread. Funny as one of the questions that's been on my mind recently has been how much any given role/instruction impacts things around them? How much should I consider? In a sense, you've answered that @herne79. I should be considering everything. I was planning on going back to the drawing board. Now I have a different 'why' to utilise I as I work on my system.
  5. Agreed. Matic really just provides coverage for the backline. And Rashford does a lot more than occupy the CBs and hold up the ball. He likes to drift, and take on defenders. I think he'd work as either an advanced forward or a complete forward.
  6. I just wanted one of the back 3 to step into the space between the backline and my midfield pairing and be an extra passing option if need be
  7. First off, I appreciate the articles as I wouldn't have ever considered using a libero. I started messing around with it because I wanted someone who would step into the midfield and would behave like a defensive midfielder. And just like you said, when you have a defensive mid and/or use an aggressive playmaker (I happen to use a roaming playmaker at DMC), it certainly can completely negate the involvement in the libero in build up player. For me, that's fine. I may not be utilising to the best of the role's ability like you have (it's amazing how effective the role can be), but with it I've found something that I wanted to accomplish; having a CB step up and behave like a DM while my team is in possession.
  8. From personal experience, I can agree to that statement. You said red hair? I think I might be looking ticket prices tonight....
  9. I, for one, have always been a fan of Swedish football. Well at least a fan of a certain part of their fanbase
  10. I've never had the luck of drawing one of the big boys away. If I did ever get one, it was always at home where I'd be promptly massacred.
  11. Yup. I'm still playing FM16 and I just recently tried making a tactic somewhat replicating Pep's Bayern. My idea was to use a halfback to push the CBs out wide when we had the ball and use IWBs to come supplement the center of the park. While the HB worked, the IWBs didn't. Which was a real shame. In other news, I have also joined the strikerless hype train and it is devastating.
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