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  1. Lucky you, Dembele has played 14 games for me so far and yet to find the net
  2. Not a major issue but one of the Betfred Cup semi finals is being played at Murrayfield instead of Hampden
  3. I'm out from 9am Wednesday until Thursday morning so bound to be released then
  4. Facebook just told me the FM14 Beta was released 3 years ago today
  5. Come on lads, release it tonight. You know you want to
  6. People kidding on they want the Beta to test for bugs let's be honest, we all want it because We're addicts who need a fix
  7. I reckon we might get some stuff tomorrow during the England game
  8. Need More Info

    Did this ever get fixed? I've got the same problem
  9. Bloody hell its hard work being an international manager on this, I just had to leave Denis Law out the Scotland Squad
  10. I'm looking forward to downloading this tonight, I'm gonna move Celtic and maybe Sevco/Aberdeen to England as id like a bit more of a challenge, new Celtic and Scotland manager here
  11. A few pence under a tenner
  12. Took 8/1 for payet to score from outside the box, think Iceland should be quite deep so hopefully a pop shot from 20 yards can decide it
  13. No 365 offer tonight?
  14. What are people doing for the 365 offer? Wales at 11/2 really looks far too big
  15. Getting on the beer now, watching it in the pub with an English girl I quite like so might have to tone down the anti English stuff for the day but **** it, come on Wales