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  1. Need More Info

    Did this ever get fixed? I've got the same problem
  2. Bloody hell its hard work being an international manager on this, I just had to leave Denis Law out the Scotland Squad
  3. I'm looking forward to downloading this tonight, I'm gonna move Celtic and maybe Sevco/Aberdeen to England as id like a bit more of a challenge, new Celtic and Scotland manager here
  4. A few pence under a tenner
  5. Took 8/1 for payet to score from outside the box, think Iceland should be quite deep so hopefully a pop shot from 20 yards can decide it
  6. No 365 offer tonight?
  7. What are people doing for the 365 offer? Wales at 11/2 really looks far too big
  8. Getting on the beer now, watching it in the pub with an English girl I quite like so might have to tone down the anti English stuff for the day but **** it, come on Wales
  9. 5/1 for Portugal total goals under 0.5, Gotta be worth a few quid as a saver
  10. Are there any players in your squad from your Partick/DU teams?
  11. What's the foreign limit in Dutch leagues? Do non Eu have to be paid a certain amount or have I imagined that? I'm looking at starting a new game In a country where I can churn a conveyor belt of youths from all over the world
  12. Best thing about Portugal is its so competitive between the big teams. Because there's only 30 games, every dropped point can kill you
  13. Celta? Quality squad but the Big Three to contend with
  14. We won't be paying £20k to Any youngster, our highest earner is only on )25k and he was around when we were paying higher wages. Ayer will be on entry level wages, I'd guess £8k at the very max
  15. Where did the £20K per week for Ajer come from? That can't be right surely