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  1. Honestly, Van Der Sar is *****. He couldn’t catch a cold, only thing he’s useful for is his long throw. If he wasn’t untradeable, he’d be long gone
  2. **** 532, 352 is the future Delaney slots in to LCB, Virgil as the destroyer In the middle then Akanji on the right. Klaiber and Kostic on the wings. Bundesliga is so lacking in full backs and more defensive wingers out with Davies who costs an absolute fortune even for the RTTF
  3. I’m going 83 x25 and prime icon in swaps. I’ve not got any primes yet and am surely due a **** icon but **** it it’ll be fun
  4. Back again with another icon pack after a nice set of WL rewards 👀👀 this is number 9 this year. The notable pulls are mid cruyff, baby eusebio, baby Pele, mid Essien. coming out tonight was possibly the best so far in Mid Gullit!
  5. It’s just a visual bug. Put the rares in as normal and it’ll work
  6. I’ve got an untradeable Mbappe sat on the bench but I’m enjoying my 4312 at the minute
  7. I also did an icon pack today and packed Mid Cruyff. Leaves me with an untradeable front 3 of dreams
  8. Grealish will join Suarez in being SBC fodder however can’t knock how easy it is to do
  9. Davies is a great pull, either into CM or LM in a 352 is how I’d play him
  10. I wish they’d fix the ****ing goalkeepers in this ***** game
  11. Aye it’s mad. I have been incredibly lucky this year, Mbappe came untradeable from the UCL Semi finals SBC and Pele/Eusebio from 5 base Icon packs. Cantona looks fun but I can’t get on with Robben at all, I was really excited about him but find he gets outperformed by Van Bergen
  12. Managerial masterpiece is great craic, the MLS one was the most fun as they have some right fun 76’s and 75’s (hello IF Sergio Santos) and you have to think about your big players. If it’s even 80 rated, you’re ending up with games against dead teams and Mbappe/Neymar/Varane on the bench
  13. Fwiw Mctominay is an absolute beast. I play him as the middle CM with incredibly defensive settings basically a CDM in a midfield with Baby Schweini and Gravenberch. He’s replaced Kessie RTTF who makes his way to the bench. I couldn’t resist that beautiful Scottish link
  14. I’ve been desperately trying to pack a KT from upgrades this week but given its incredibly unlikely now, looks like I’m gonna have to break my first owner rules as I love the wee man and with that link to Scott Mcsauce too, I can’t wait to take it in to WL
  15. good thing about friendlies if you see a team you don’t want to play against, just quit and get a new game. Makes managerial masterpiece so much more bearable
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