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  1. He dragged me to a first season champions league with Celtic. Scored 56 goals in total. I've managed to tie him down to a 5 year deal with 3 year option so should get his peak unless I get an insane offer. Have turned down 55 Million so far. 🍋🍋🍋
  2. Super, so long as it’s meant to be in the game. I was heartbroken, managed to snatch a draw with my Bolton team against Spurs, had used all three subs to waste time then we carried on playing
  3. Is no replays in the FA Cup third round in 2022 a planned thing due to the Qatar world cup?
  4. Just grabbed this 16 year old for 20k from Nantes, hes only got 3.5* Potential for Celtic but with the right development looks potentially decent. Physicals are there already outwith strength
  5. Not exactly hidden but Maresic is a great pick up from Austria for under £10M
  6. I've swapped Celtic with An EPL team (Cardiff) to give myself more of a long term game. I'm in the second season and showing as ineligible for Europe. How long will this last for or will I never be able to play in europe?
  7. Can't get a screenie right now but Gaudino looks very good for a young free agent
  8. Henderson should be off for the headbutt. Notice no Colombians calling for VAR. bastions of fair play
  9. I don't watch much English Football, are De Bruyne's set pieces always this *****?
  10. Don't understand short corners when you have three centre backs plus Lukaku in the team to aim at
  11. No the vast majority think he's absolute *****. I don't mind him though.
  12. How good are Panama at defending set pieces? I could do with Big Boyata scoring
  13. I normally tell my team to tighten up and concentrate in the first few minutes of the match because I've had a significant problem with conceding early goals and going 2-3 nil down and it seems to have made some impact
  14. Caique has been my number 1 since January of first season ( looking at about 7 years now) and has only moaned once about leaving, solid so definitely worth a look if anyone needs a keeper. I lost Gordon to retirement in November 1st season so he was a panic buy but well worth it
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