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  1. I'm about to get this same issue. If it helps Rangers and Sparta were eliminated from the Champions League Runners Up Path.
  2. Makes sense. Well he took my £43m for the start of season 2 and replaced it with £17m so he is kind of Lawwell like. Hope you guys can get a happy medium
  3. Not a massive issue but Celtics game against St Mirren was originally scheduled for The midweek fixture list in august but was postponed due to that idiot Bolingoli. The game has it being played on the date it was moved to (September 16th) but if you get through the CL, that’s a champions league night which means it gets postponed and forced to play later on. Best thing to do IMO would be just to put it on the day it was originally scheduled like our game against Aberdeen is the Saturday after.
  4. Tbf Forrest does have a profile at RWB but it’s unconvincing. I don’t think that’s wrong, he didn’t really operate in the RWB position despite being on the team sheet there.
  5. Fwiw, the board just gave me £43m to spend in November. I’m aware of the finance issue obviously as I raised it but seems Pistol Pete is still not tight enough. I imagine he wakes up in hot sweats at the thought of spending that money
  6. The rat (Rodgers) being an icon again is annoying. He ruined any chance of being an icon at the club with his actions. I’d put MON as a club icon as he’s still held in high demand, certainly over the rat. Also feel Brother Walfrid needs to be higher than favoured personnel. Should probably be a club legend.
  7. I’m not gonna say no to it but I’m not sure the Celtic balance should be so high at £73m at game start. it’s gonna make budgets incredibly high within a year or two
  8. He’s not very good at football. Have him back pls
  9. I don’t have a clue till I see the DB. I like abusing Scandinavia so might try to get a loan to tide me through first season and scout from there
  10. Hopefully find a way to terminate Shane Duffy’s loan then go from there. Could probably use a winger and CDM for my Celtic team
  11. He dragged me to a first season champions league with Celtic. Scored 56 goals in total. I've managed to tie him down to a 5 year deal with 3 year option so should get his peak unless I get an insane offer. Have turned down 55 Million so far. 🍋🍋🍋
  12. Just grabbed this 16 year old for 20k from Nantes, hes only got 3.5* Potential for Celtic but with the right development looks potentially decent. Physicals are there already outwith strength
  13. Not exactly hidden but Maresic is a great pick up from Austria for under £10M
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