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  1. If it was pre-decided it would happen every time, not just sometimes that the result is the same when you reload. The fact that it doesnt happen every time is in itself evidence against pre-destination.
  2. I can confirm that verifying cache helps a lot on saving time. I tried saving after applying the hotfix and it was very slow. After verifying cache its much much faster. Still slower than FM14 though, but about the same time as before the hot fix.
  3. You can not do that, but I agree, it would be a very nice feature to have.
  4. Fokikos of Greece. Promoted after 3 seasons, and now qualifying for Europe on a regular basis because of fair play. Struggling against relegation every year too though.
  5. There is an option in the save menu where you can choose whether to save the game locally or in the cloud.
  6. I heard there was a guy in Amazonas on the peruvian border that hadn't recieved it yet, so good for you!
  7. You could argue that its no longer "tonight" though, but "tomorrow". Personally I would love for it to come out in the next few hours, but I am sure it wont be here until tomorrow evening at the earliest.
  8. I used a right-footed left back for a long time, and it caused me no problems. He was even a very attacking wing-back.
  9. I never have more than one keeper in the squad. If my keeper get an injury, then I rely on some random u19 keeper or a gray one. Its so few matches that I have needed to do this in the 30 or so seasons I have played on my save, that I dont find it worth the hassle to deal with unhappy backup GKs.
  10. I asked for a new stadium and the board refused. I leaked it to the press and was negative towards the board, and the board changed their mind and started building a new stadium. There was no news story telling me this but immediately after I saw on the board page that a new stadium was being planned. I was long overdue for a new stadium, since my stadium is very small compared with the others in the league, it is full every week, and the club is rich. I might have been very lucky, but that is my one and only experience with leaking to the press.
  11. On mine, 2014 - Croatia beat Sweden 2018 - Belgium beat Germany 2022 - Denmark beat Argentina 2026 - Italy beat Denmark. WC hosted by USA 2030 - France beat Argentina. WC hosted by Spain 2034 - Brazil beat England. WC hosted by Qatar again. 2038 - Brazil beat Germany. WC hosted by Mexico
  12. I have actually got more high potential youth in the intakes in FM 14 than I had in FM 13, despite having played fewer seasons on this version. I have had 3 5-star youngsters and many 4 and 4,5. One of them has gone on to be a world class defensive midfielder, one is still 16 years old. The last of the three got sold to Chelsea, but was not used and the talent was wasted. He spent most of his career in Ajax. I am playing in France.
  13. Thats what I thought too, but the default kits are not the problem. As you can see from the screenshot, the default kits are the right ones, but the kits from the game is overlapping around the edges. So its like both the original default-kits and the downloaded default kits are activated at the same time.
  14. I have this problem too. I have been searching around the internet for a solution, but all downloads intended to fix this has been outdated and are no longer available. Help with this would be greatly appreciated.
  15. No forward passes at all. Barcelona-style football.