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  1. Media overhaul required...

    Just had a tycoon take over my club, gave me £90million to spend on transfers, more than doubled the wage budget to £2 million a week. My next press conference there's no mention of this instead I'm asked about 18th placed Roma sacking their manager and if so and so has made the right choice putting some player I know nothing about on the transfer list. Surely the press would be asking my opinion of the changes at my own club, what do I plan on doing with the money or things like that.
  2. Italy non-eu players

    Maybe this is a stupid question but have you registered him? The wording on the warning you get when you approach a non EU player says you can only sign x amount per season rather than you can only register that many so if the transfer went through surely you should be able to use him. Well, either that or the warning should be reworded.
  3. Ridiculous contracts?

    I don't let a contract get down to that stage unless I really have to nowadays. Start the process about 2 years before expiration (if possible), see what they want, make a counter offer, don't worry if they break off communication. However I wouldn't suggest cancelling myself, let them break it off and wait for them to be willing to speak again. If you do it this far ahead of expiration you hold all the cards and assuming they want to stay then more often than not they will break. I think if a player wants to stay and their agent is failing to get that for them, then generally they are more likely to sack the agent. If things don't go your way then you have more time to scout a replacement and use the inevitable media questions about the players future to your advantage. Treat it like tapping up a new signing rather than a last minute rush to make sure a player doesn't leave for free.
  4. Ridiculous contracts?

    I find that as long as you're willing to play long term with negotiations then you can reduce demands by a lot. By this I mean don't be afraid for negotiations to break down and wait to come back to the table. Obviously this is riskier when signing new players but it can happen and you can end up saving a large percentage of wages.
  5. Any way to recover lost saves?

    If you have cloud save enabled then they save to steam.
  6. Transfer system FM17

    Pretty much... My memory of it is that clubs used to say a player was not for sale at any price end of discusion. Forum members complained that wasn't realistic. So they changed it to clubs saying "ok, if you want him then he will cost you at least 100 million." Now people complain that isn't realistic.
  7. Maybe this might just be me being colour blind but on the post match analysis screen the section for medium distance passes is a circle of solid colour rather than a circle with a number in it.
  8. Transfer system FM17

    It's only early days so maybe this is just me attributing too much to one transfer, but I get the feeling we need to be more patient with transfers in this version and not accept all of a players demands off the bat. I made a move during the first off season for Pucciareli as I was looking for a backup shadow striker and a false nine. He seemed to fit both of those roles well enough for me. Empoli had been relegated, he was unhappy, I made a bid, they accepted and he had a list of demands. After removing most of them other than agreeing to a major pay rise we opened negotiations and he asked for somewhere in the region of 130k a week which I couldn't afford, nor would I be willing to pay it. So I went about looking for other targets confident that the chances of him had gone as Marseille were in for him as well. A couple of weeks later his agent got back in touch to say he was willing to reopen negotiations. At first I had problems as Empoli wanted more cash for him (Which I think is a nice touch as my bidding again showed that I was keen on his services so naturally they are going to play hardball) but once that got sorted he was willing to negotiate on his wage demands and in the end got him down to 70K-ish. I probably could have got it lower if I tried harder. The other thing is that he had not yet rejected the offer from Marseille in older versions that would have played out in one of two ways - Either he would have signed with them or he would have rejected and sat there until someone took the initiative to make a move for him. Maybe players are more willing to be patient in this version and play teams off against each other to see which fool is willing to be parted from the most of their money?
  9. I'm having exactly the same issue as Firehouse, managing Torino and started on the previous patch. All countries are ghosted out and to get round it I have to go to the scouting screen and set scouting assignment rather than using the option on the news item when a scout finishes his previous assignment.
  10. Play Ratio Stats

    Percentages no, because it depends on what role his previous manager used him in. Look for example at the passing completion percentage for an anchorman compared to a playmaker, mostly the anchor is going to have a higher stat but simply because he's laying the ball off to someone next to him most of the time. Likewise shots on target can be deceptive if he plays for a team where he often finds himself isolated and having to take a pot shot. Or if he plays for a team who often find themselves facing a parked bus and find themselves trying from distance. In short I never really pay much attention to anything other than a players attributes and personality. In fact as I type this, it's is making me think that perhaps scouting should be modified so that in the first few viewings of a player are very much based on their current form and their current team. Maybe even the attributes you see should be affected by this and only becoming better over time... and not giving an attribute range but rather a definitive rating which is inaccurate.
  11. It depends on how long I've been at a club. In my current save I've been with my team for over 10 years and I have 3 tactics with near 100% familiarity and use these to mix and match depending on the current opponent. I have a 4-4-1-1, a 4-1-2-2-1 and a 4-1-3-2 but from those it gives me a foundation to play a 4-2-3-1 or even a 3-4-1-2 (asymmetrical) and the players seem familiar enough with them. However with a new club I tend to stick to one formation initially until they are comfortable with it.
  12. Player Preferred Moves

    I have noticed that when players are learning a PPM they get green arrows in related attributes, for example someone learning to take long throws getting an improvement to their throw in stat. Or possibly it's just a coincidence and I'm imagining it.
  13. On a very bad run, help!

    We would need more information to be able to give practical advice. If you head over to the Tactics forum you should find a wealth of information which will help you. Failing that if you then post with details on your tactical set up, someone should be able to give you a hand.
  14. FM16 Major League Soccer

    Possibly league reputation and the average value of players within the league or value of clubs?