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  1. They used to use photos before. Always amusing when your regen had a middle aged overweight avatar.
  2. No handicap if you go on holiday. I set up a game recently and had I think it was 4 human managers. When the season finished I was looking at the table and one of them had managed to finish second in the first season with Torino if I could have got them that high up the table myself I would be pretty happy.
  3. I was pondering this thread in the shower this morning and would it maybe make sense for players to have a "love for the game" hidden attribute as well? As an example I like my job well enough but as soon as my pension looks suitable I'm more than happy to retire and spend more time with my sofa. My boss on the other hand says he never wants to retire. In football examples you could compare, say Kevin Prince Boateng who says he doesn't really care about football with somebody who lives and breathes the game. The former might still be a professional, work hard, trains properly, ensu
  4. I assume the bonuses make a difference, noticed a trend where players with a bonus for a certain amount of goals play out of their skin until they reach that total and then go off the boil.
  5. Not really as easy as tha for Spain as the Contonou agreement is used. If you look under the leagues rule tab it will tell you which countries are exempt- for example in Spain most (all?) African nations are exempt from foreigner status. Quick check for you own squad can be done using the full status option on the list of squad views or by clicking on the registration tab and seeing who has FGN next to their name.
  6. It's treated exactly the same as signing any other non eu player for whichever country you're managing in.
  7. In FM terms think of citizenship as the right to not count towards foreigner limits in leagues but nationality the right to represent that country in internationals. You see it a lot with SA players in Spain as they get Spanish citizenship after 2years but need to wait another 3 years before they can represent Spain internationally.
  8. As always the best thing to do would be to download the demo and see how you like it. Training has changed in the last 5 years or so (I think? I'm getting old and time seems to go fast, maybe it was longer ago) so you don't make a schedule using sliders as you used to. It isn't too fiddly and less gamey than before if a little less flexible depending on what area you want to focus a player on. Most parts can be delegated to staff now, training, scouting, press interviews, whatnot - Also the touch version gives a nice streamlined version of the game.
  9. I've not seen a payout like that in so long I figured they took it out of the game. Last time it happened to me was Roland Nilsson at Sheffield Wednesday back in maybe 1994.
  10. In interviews clubs will ask if you're willing to join now/end of season. Barca had an inept caretaker in my save until the end of last season
  11. Just had a tycoon take over my club, gave me £90million to spend on transfers, more than doubled the wage budget to £2 million a week. My next press conference there's no mention of this instead I'm asked about 18th placed Roma sacking their manager and if so and so has made the right choice putting some player I know nothing about on the transfer list. Surely the press would be asking my opinion of the changes at my own club, what do I plan on doing with the money or things like that.
  12. Maybe this is a stupid question but have you registered him? The wording on the warning you get when you approach a non EU player says you can only sign x amount per season rather than you can only register that many so if the transfer went through surely you should be able to use him. Well, either that or the warning should be reworded.
  13. I don't let a contract get down to that stage unless I really have to nowadays. Start the process about 2 years before expiration (if possible), see what they want, make a counter offer, don't worry if they break off communication. However I wouldn't suggest cancelling myself, let them break it off and wait for them to be willing to speak again. If you do it this far ahead of expiration you hold all the cards and assuming they want to stay then more often than not they will break. I think if a player wants to stay and their agent is failing to get that for them, then generally the
  14. I find that as long as you're willing to play long term with negotiations then you can reduce demands by a lot. By this I mean don't be afraid for negotiations to break down and wait to come back to the table. Obviously this is riskier when signing new players but it can happen and you can end up saving a large percentage of wages.
  15. If you have cloud save enabled then they save to steam.
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