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  1. https://benbabbitt.bandcamp.com/album/kentucky-route-zero-original-soundtrack https://amerigo.bandcamp.com/album/hero-of-time-zelda-35th-anniversary-tribute
  2. Dialect and accent aren't interchangeable. Accent is how you speak, dialect is how you speak and which words you use. Pedant hat off. I've moved around so much that my accent is generic British with people having asked if I'm from Merseyside, Manchester, Nottingham, Scotland, Sweden and The Netherlands. The latter two probably as I've spent so long living overseas that I have to keep an eye on myself for using American words out of habit.
  3. Man... that expression he does in EVERY interview! Mouth pursed looking like a confused dog with it's head tilted. Fox's output in general makes me fear for my blood pressure but I hope a special place in the outer rings of hell have been kept open for him.
  4. Thinking about it, couldn't hurt to go through the eshop and search for games with free demos.
  5. Mario Odyssey has an assist mode too. Yoshi's Crafted World and Captain Toad are pretty kid friendly as well.
  6. The YouTube algorithm was kind and gave me this mix I've not heard in an age.
  7. I was sure Mario 3D World had bits on the Wii U where you needed to blow into the mic on the controller. Either I totally imagined it or they took them out seamlessly.
  8. Rumours of Phantom Hourglass as the copyright was renewed recently. Other than BOTW I've not played any since the Gamecube so I'd be quite happy if they did the lot. Although after 3D all-stars I don't want to get my hopes up too much.
  9. Think I remember the spoof version better at this point. Maybe it was Wong Jing or Steven Chow but really didn't translate well. People being fed centipedes and whatnot. I think its been maybe 10-15 years since I last watched it if not more so might be due a rewatch. In fact this talks probably got a Wong Kar Wai deep dive on my to watch list as its been ages since I saw most of them.
  10. Aye you're probably right. It's a product of its time and place. The thing is that given all that's happened to Hong Kong in the last 25 years there's a good film that could be made about all of Wong's usual themes but of course that wouldn't be allowed with the current situation. And! I'd forgotten how it was a throw away idea while making Ashes of Time. I still don't really know what's going on with that movie other than it looks pretty and some guy drinks some wine.
  11. I love Chungking Express, Fallen Angels too. The way they look, the soundtrack, the atmosphere, all great. Did you see a sequel is due out this year?
  12. Chungking Express one I guess?
  13. Yeah they're both good movies. Thinking about it he's maybe another one who just stopped caring and phoning his roles in later on. Still don't understand how As Good As It Gets and About Schmidt get the praise they do. Speaking of actors phoning it in I watched the documentary about The Isle Of Dr.Moreau not so long ago that's an interesting watch.
  14. Jack Nicholson is an odd one for me. He has charisma but seems kind of limited in roles he can play. Fully agree with Stephen King regarding The Shining for example. But he's great in Easy Rider. Dennis Hopper I think suffered for his years of odd behaviour which probably cost him a lot of roles. Amazing in Blue Velvet though. In no particular order and liable to change at any point. Kurt Russell Harry Dean Stanton Bill Murray (pretty much all of the original SNL cast tbh except Chevy Chase) Chow Yun Fat John Goodman. Think he's due a good serious dramatic ro
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