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  1. grahamf

    New nationality

    In FM terms think of citizenship as the right to not count towards foreigner limits in leagues but nationality the right to represent that country in internationals. You see it a lot with SA players in Spain as they get Spanish citizenship after 2years but need to wait another 3 years before they can represent Spain internationally.
  2. As always the best thing to do would be to download the demo and see how you like it. Training has changed in the last 5 years or so (I think? I'm getting old and time seems to go fast, maybe it was longer ago) so you don't make a schedule using sliders as you used to. It isn't too fiddly and less gamey than before if a little less flexible depending on what area you want to focus a player on. Most parts can be delegated to staff now, training, scouting, press interviews, whatnot - Also the touch version gives a nice streamlined version of the game.
  3. I've not seen a payout like that in so long I figured they took it out of the game. Last time it happened to me was Roland Nilsson at Sheffield Wednesday back in maybe 1994.
  4. In interviews clubs will ask if you're willing to join now/end of season. Barca had an inept caretaker in my save until the end of last season
  5. There was a lawsuit about that a while back and the drivers actually won. Chances are they have since been constructively dismissed and the same things are now going on to a new crop of staff I bet. The trains here are pretty good, however the layout of the subway/light rail stations in Osaka is so bad I doubt anyone could have made it harder to find your way around if they tried. Between that and the subways lines being split between two companies so you have to exit one station and try to find the rival companies one during the heat of summer means they get a massive thumbs down from me.
  6. grahamf

    Be proud of your heritage pls....

    Yeah, dialect is the wrong word entirely. Basically it's only used because of Han/Mandarin chauvinism and really dialect should only be used to differentiate between for example - Hokkien as spoken in Fujian province, to the way it's spoken in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and so on which are actually different dialects of the same language.
  7. grahamf

    Weather Thread.

    It's been non stop rain for the last 2 days. I've literally only left the house to go to the convenience store and back. I would be happy to be back in work today but it's still throwing it down. Checked the forecast to see if it might ease up any time soon - Learned that next week we're expecting a typhoon or possible super typhoon coming right at us. Still plenty of time for it to change it's path which would be nice as another weekend trapped indoors does not appeal.
  8. grahamf

    How many languages do you speak?

    English, French which I hardly ever get to use nowadays so it's rusty as hell but give me a week or two in France and the verb endings and so on start to come back to me. Ok Mandarin, very basic Taiwanese (Mainly swearwords and basics to get over with nationalist taxi drivers so they don't take the long route everywhere. Just starting to get serious with Japanese - For now pretty basic about 500 words and random things when they happen to use the same reading as the Chinese. Can understand a lot more written than I can speak at this point.
  9. grahamf

    The Good Place or The Bad Place?

    Exactly what I was going to say, really curious how the second season will work out.
  10. grahamf

    North Korea Launches Missile to Japanese Waters

    A "self defence force" and certain parts of the constitution designed to prevent any aggression but there are certain elements who want to change that.
  11. grahamf

    North Korea Launches Missile to Japanese Waters

    Just to clarify - are you suggesting they noticed the threat, then after realising it wasn't anything worth worrying about they sent out a message to most of the country warning them about a non existent threat, then waited a short time and messaged everyone again that all is ok, nobody is going to die, you can change your underwear and go back to bed? Just for the ***** and giggles. And also if they had decided it was going to strike they wouldn't bothered to send out the initial mass SMS? I'm all for the occasional bit of trolling but that's some high level deviousness on the part of whoever watches out for these things.
  12. grahamf

    North Korea Launches Missile to Japanese Waters

    Live streaming it might be easier if thats cool with you?
  13. grahamf

    North Korea Launches Missile to Japanese Waters

    Apparently Japan doesn't have the capabilities to do that from what my colleagues are saying. However the all clear text message came about 10 minutes after the warning so they were probably pretty sure all was ok. Otherwise they would have started the tannoys they have in every neighbourhood and make sure everyone was awake for their impending vapourisation.
  14. grahamf

    North Korea Launches Missile to Japanese Waters

    Uhuh. Received text messages from the government warning system about an hour ago suggesting I move outside/find shelter. As my phone was on mute I just saw them now, not dead and I can hear my neighbour so he didn't evacuate either.
  15. grahamf

    North Korea Launches Missile to Japanese Waters

    How do you think it feels living in Japan and this being the first thread you see when you log in? It's enough that I already have to deal with earthquakes, typhoons and giant lizard attacks.