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  1. It could be the team talks given by the assman. Also when you go on holiday the assman (or at least used to) is prone to changing from the tactic/lineup you've specified once the match kicks off.
  2. They used to use photos before. Always amusing when your regen had a middle aged overweight avatar.
  3. No handicap if you go on holiday. I set up a game recently and had I think it was 4 human managers. When the season finished I was looking at the table and one of them had managed to finish second in the first season with Torino if I could have got them that high up the table myself I would be pretty happy.
  4. I was pondering this thread in the shower this morning and would it maybe make sense for players to have a "love for the game" hidden attribute as well? As an example I like my job well enough but as soon as my pension looks suitable I'm more than happy to retire and spend more time with my sofa. My boss on the other hand says he never wants to retire. In football examples you could compare, say Kevin Prince Boateng who says he doesn't really care about football with somebody who lives and breathes the game. The former might still be a professional, work hard, trains properly, ensu
  5. I assume the bonuses make a difference, noticed a trend where players with a bonus for a certain amount of goals play out of their skin until they reach that total and then go off the boil.
  6. Not really as easy as tha for Spain as the Contonou agreement is used. If you look under the leagues rule tab it will tell you which countries are exempt- for example in Spain most (all?) African nations are exempt from foreigner status. Quick check for you own squad can be done using the full status option on the list of squad views or by clicking on the registration tab and seeing who has FGN next to their name.
  7. It's treated exactly the same as signing any other non eu player for whichever country you're managing in.
  8. Maybe this is a stupid question but have you registered him? The wording on the warning you get when you approach a non EU player says you can only sign x amount per season rather than you can only register that many so if the transfer went through surely you should be able to use him. Well, either that or the warning should be reworded.
  9. Maybe this might just be me being colour blind but on the post match analysis screen the section for medium distance passes is a circle of solid colour rather than a circle with a number in it.
  10. Regarding the discussion with player unhappyness I'm sure it's been discussed to death by now but I found myself in a ridiculous situation last night. 3 of my 4 strikers are complaining about playing time even though I use a 4 player formation. Pre-patch it could be a bit tricky to juggle them but I always managed. So fair enough a slight change to the patch might have pushed them over the threshold so to speak. However what I find odd is my youngest striker who arrived last season, progressed far faster than expected and forced himself into first team contention which I couldn't offer to hi
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