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  1. These video refs are watching Netflix i reckon in their little room when England play.
  2. This is against the rules of the game I believe, citing an article I read regarding Plymouth, whose manager I think wanted to use their away kit at home because everything from their home kit, grass and stadium decor was too green and similar. Apparently clubs are allowed only one game a season or something where they are allowed to choose which kit to wear in a game. Otherwise the rule is home kit for home and home kit for away unless parts of their home kit clashes with the the home kit of the team they are visiting. I haven't read any official ruling though.
  3. Am starting to think that I wouldn't mind a more established team in the next round. I can't take much more of this probing possession football trying to break a team down who are cramped in their own half. It's too frustrating. I think a team like Portugal would be a nice change and a more entertaining game to watch.
  4. I had something similar. My player was a natural SC and AM L, with competent as M L. My back up tactic was a straight 4-4-2 so I was training him as M L, but still played him as AM L in a wide 4-3-3 in 90% of game minutes. It was ok until he suddenly switched from a natural AM L to competent, with M L rising to accomplished. He remained a natural S C. I was annoyed but accepted it as I had been training him in a different position, however I question the reality of someone going from natural to competent in an ability overnight unless they suffered a stroke in their sleep.
  5. I can remember watching that France England game in 04 and Coming straight in here after it had finished to read the reaction. I remember one post that summed up how I was feeling. Roughly along the lines of "for 90 minutes it felt as though we had become the best team in the world and then Zidane bought me back down to earth". Football has never made me feel literally physically sick before or since. That team though; if only we had someone better then Darius vassel to replace Rooney.
  6. before entering contract negotiations? I have identified a promising player to sign from non-league. He is on non-contact which should mean under the contract tab, I should be able to make a contract offer without going through his club first. It gives me the option to do so in the contact tab, however when I go into the 'approach to sign' option it takes me to a page which states "you cannot make a contract offer for this player You must have a transfer offer accepted before you can enter contract negotiations with this player" It then has a linked "make an offer" button, which when clicke
  7. I think the OP has raised a valid point and the responses of some here are quite disappointing. Its perfectly logical to have a young player coming through who, as first team manager, I may think would better suit another position. Surely, with it being a bit of a risk to blood him in the first team in the new position, it would be ideal to be able to instruct my u21 manger to do so in the under 21 team to make him more accustomed to the position. I dont have any experience with 'B Teams', but I know the 'use the First team tactics' doesn't solve this issue with u21 teams and to take charge o
  8. Does every team below con south/north with this update now only have the ability to offer non-contract to players? Ive started two games so far and both teams I chose had non contracts only. I've previously been using a similar download and before with most teams, you could offer either non contract or part time contracts to players obviously with limited squad status options. Having only non contract available to offer makes it rather annoying!
  9. I think PA should be more variable when a players form is considered. All players have a set PA, which obviously at a younger age they can reach or get close to if played regularly. I think if you have a player say between 22-28 who is playing very well regularly, their PA should be boosted in game too. I think one of the games biggest disappointments over the years is when climbing the pyramid with a small team. It would be impossible to do so while keeping a Jamie Vardy or Leon Britton type player in the team throughout the journey, as the team will always outgrow these type of players.
  10. It wasn't funny at the time but my reaction would've been if you were there. I was just shouting at the screen "YOU CANT DO THAT!" ?
  11. In the steam workshop thing there are a few decent tools which enable the lower leagues to become playable. Just search lower league. All you have to do is subscribe
  12. A 'throw in' to the opposition, at 2-2, in the last 10 minutes. I was fuming. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/wZ2qE1qYjsQ" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  13. can you not add it to steam again? Subscribing was not a problem for me unlike this download option...
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