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  1. Hello, hopefully, I can discuss my experience of playing FM more extensively here. Some thoughts seem to be very prevalent so far that I have been playing FM, and I thought maybe it is the right place to share. These are: Can someone play the game with the same mentality as someone who plays Fifa or other sports simulation games? Why or why not? Does this game require you to constantly think about your approach and record everything in your mind or book, basically how a real manager would go about his every day as they are a professional and it is their only job? The answer to the first question, in my opinion, seems to be no, you can't play FM with the same attitude because you do need to visualize and function how a real manager would do, and it can get overwhelming. For example, you have decided to manage Barcelona. Now, what? You can't continue and go to the next match hoping to win the game with only your tactical understanding and power over the AI. Your club might be suffering from substantial debt; players are on ridiculous contracts, staffs are not good, or not according to how you envisaged it; the youths need restructuring, sold, loaned out, or bought. With so many things to do, it can indeed get overwhelming. Once you lose one match, you know it is going downhill from there, and these are the questions and doubt circling your mind. Were my players too tired of my training methods? Did I rotate my squad enough? Did my lack of squad depth affect why players were getting injured? Why was I failed to see that, or how am I supposed to do that? Should I have done more math training before the match? How did I handle player relationships? Could I have accepted the offer of my player about his wage not to dampen his mood because he was an influential member? Why my youths are not looking nice, I was hoping to bring a golden generation or at least would have liked to see more youths from the academy score goals without buying players from outside to accelerate my progress.
  2. For example, If I want to manage Barcelona and want to get better youths from the best nation then what sort of database do you recommend? Should I play with the entire world to keep the game more realistic? I mean it is so confusing.
  3. However, I also feel 4-2-3-1 is extremely suitable for Arsenal particularly for Odeegard who plays good in that AP role so, how about going for support role for him and two inside forwards and cancel the attack duty on wing back but maybe include overlap with narrow width. Select Be More Expressive and see. All are based on my opinion of playing with Arsenal
  4. .. W(A) F9(S) IW(S) Mez (S) RPM (S) HB(D) IWB(D) WB(S) I once used something like this for Arsenal. You could give it a try a see how you like it. IW(S)- Saka/Pepe W(A)- Pepe/Saka Mez(S)- Smith Rowe RPM(S)- Odeegard HB(D)/A(D)- Rice IWB(D)- Tierney WB- Bellerin
  5. Change to BWM in centre midfield if u have one and tell him to get further forward like Kante and DLP(D) and Left back to WM(A) to press higher? Tell the outside centre backs to get wider and maybe put mark tighter on them and see how does that work?
  6. Hello, I have not tested this tactics and set up but if you like you can try it out and see if it works or how you like it. It is based on possession and build-up. I have back 3 so, it gives us a superiority but the one CB is operating as IWB/FB(D) the key thing is he is supposed to be in the half space and trying to bring the ball out of defense. I have permanent width created by the two WM(A) to fixate the fullbacks and create space in the Interior or middle. F9 and T both will give great mobility between the lines and try to find the WM into space. CM(S) should be good dribbler and would be allowed to dribble to destabilise opponents structure or block. You can give it a try and let me know and most teams are using something like that
  7. Does it meet the standards regarding its specs and can withstand long-term saves (20 nations as playable, and all others view only with National Teams, International, and my league's game simulated in full detail? From the advanced DB, I want to add players from the first division and national reputation.). A mid-range processor is recommended for it so, does the one currently suggested have a mid-range processor for FM standards? I might add or remove some league and alter the detail level of competitions, including the database. I should have the capacity to be flexible with my saves in terms of how much realism I want to add? Therefore, I will use the PC exclusively for FM, not do anything else (Netflix, Video editing or Download, or any other game). I am just trying to make sure I get the best deal.
  8. Sorry for bothering you guys too much. My budget is $700-800. My only concern is playing FM and not worrying about how many leagues I load, the detail level, players count, etc. I do not want to do anything else on that PC if it means sacrificing how I want to play FM. My sole purpose in searching for a new PC is to play FM and not scouring the web for issues with databases. Even though I can randomly choose a PC by myself based on my budget and weighing all the pros and cons, getting the advice of an expert from here would be very reassuring.
  9. 700-800 U.S.D would be good and also have to meet the requirements I put above to play FM. Thank u
  10. Hello, I am not confident in finding myself the best PC that suits my need, and any help would be reassuring. I am currently using Aspire E15 E5-576G-5762, and I am unsure if that can handle long-term saves. I planned to load 20 nations as playable, and all others view only with National Teams, International, and my league's game simulated in full detail. From the advanced DB, I want to add players from the first division and national reputation. A mid-range processor can handle that, and I do not know what is considered a mid-range processor. Does the processor on my current PC would be considered mid-range? What do you guys recommend?
  11. Roma has good players and lots of history. I never managed them, but they are leading candidates for anyone hoping to work in Italy (Serie A). A player linked to many clubs, mainly I think Arsenal and Man Utd Lorenzo Pellegrini plays there, and you would certainly like to get the best out of him. Dzeko would be a great Target man if I am not wrong, and you can use Target man in a possession-based tactic, and I found it an influential role. Sharing your ideas with others makes you feel accomplished because something could feel vague to you, but sharing with others gives you clarity and lets you engage without taking things too seriously. If you work out the detail about how you want to play first, everything else becomes more accessible; otherwise, you get lost in what you are trying to achieve. Since you want to play a possession-based game and prefer to have the ball at your player's feet, you now need to work out how you will transform that onto the pitch, basically score goals. The formation is not essential sometimes; no matter what type of style you want to play, it is about moving the opponents, enticing them to play the game the way you want to play. It is about controlling area zones using the entire width of the pitch and the height to destabilize the defensive block and progress. Most teams that play positional football (Arsenal, Man City, Fc Bayern, Sassuolo) sometimes build with back three. It is relatively common but effective in stretching the first line and moving the ball quickly between them. You create numerical advantage because you do not want to lose the ball in that area and lets your players access different pitch areas. I am excited and looking forward to it even though I can not play FM as much because I am busy with other things currently, and FM requires gradual and systematic planning to feel assured that you will achieve success. It makes it easier when others can give you helpful information and tips to help you speed things faster.
  12. First, I want to create a baseline tactic based on pressing from the front and hunting the ball as a pack with front players involved in pressing or closing out the angles when necessary. When I consider that, it all sounds good, but how do we transform that into goals once we win the ball. Who is making the runs in behind to take advantage of the disorganized shape of the opponents? If we use high wing-backs, how do we make sure that we do not get caught in transition ourselves? These two are significant roles for pressing, I suppose.
  13. I want to build a baseline 4-2-3-1 that would serve as a reference point to get me started without me always tempting myself to make it more complicated or create exciting patterns without any reason. I mention I am in charge of Arsenal and familiar with the formation and how I can make it more effective. I want to take it game by a game basis based on how the opponents line up with their shape. My theory will be exact, with less space between each line for the opponent to play through and set pressing traps depending on how the opponents line up. We are always pushing our lines where opponents have less option, forced to go back without knowing how to play past our press or give up the ball while they are disorganized. Our AM will create the overload when pressing the opponents by closing the player's necessary angles on the ball depending on his body shape. Our front players will set the standard for pressing and pushing the opponents back while the defenders push up to close the distance between the lines. Can somebody provide me with further tips or recommendations because I want to start from the correct path?
  14. That is true; it is hard to use a standard formation sometimes to replicate the movement pattern and linking of the real-life footballers on the pitch; that's why you have to asymmetrically approach it. Man city uses a standard 4-3-3, but rarely player stay there throughout the match; some players are given more freedom to move between the lines while others are told to provide width depending on the player available and their strength. Even though Guardiola is very fluid and flexible, he always takes his player's strengths into account and adapts as all the good managers do. Raheem Sterling is the one who gives width, and when he gets the ball, he attacks the opposition full-back with pace because that is his strength. He is often found isolated on the wing because of the extreme width he provides, and that is Guardiola's primary goal is to get him one-on-one with the opposition full-back and is then encouraged to take a risk in dribble. The 3 defenders are positioned in each vertical channel depending on how you decide to create a back three with, and I doubt if it's possible in FM to make a back three like City without using an HB(D). If you position the defending players during buildups in half-space, it gives them a better angle and opens up passing to different areas of the pitch, and Man city tries to take advantage of that when Laporte is playing. In my view, some traits would be beneficial, and I see players in the Man City squad do are as follows. 1, Sterling hugs the line, runs with the ball, and plays one-twos, knocks the ball past the opponent. Bernardo, if he is playing, he is told to get the ball from deep and move into advanced areas when he is not needed to drop deep. He should be able to run with the ball through the center and switch the ball to flanks; dictate tempo would help too. Gundo gets forwards whenever possible, comes deep, and dictates tempo, Gets into the opposition area.
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