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  1. Roma has good players and lots of history. I never managed them, but they are leading candidates for anyone hoping to work in Italy (Serie A). A player linked to many clubs, mainly I think Arsenal and Man Utd Lorenzo Pellegrini plays there, and you would certainly like to get the best out of him. Dzeko would be a great Target man if I am not wrong, and you can use Target man in a possession-based tactic, and I found it an influential role. Sharing your ideas with others makes you feel accomplished because something could feel vague to you, but sharing with others gives you clarity and lets you
  2. First, I want to create a baseline tactic based on pressing from the front and hunting the ball as a pack with front players involved in pressing or closing out the angles when necessary. When I consider that, it all sounds good, but how do we transform that into goals once we win the ball. Who is making the runs in behind to take advantage of the disorganized shape of the opponents? If we use high wing-backs, how do we make sure that we do not get caught in transition ourselves? These two are significant roles for pressing, I suppose.
  3. I want to build a baseline 4-2-3-1 that would serve as a reference point to get me started without me always tempting myself to make it more complicated or create exciting patterns without any reason. I mention I am in charge of Arsenal and familiar with the formation and how I can make it more effective. I want to take it game by a game basis based on how the opponents line up with their shape. My theory will be exact, with less space between each line for the opponent to play through and set pressing traps depending on how the opponents line up. We are always pushing our lines where opponent
  4. That is true; it is hard to use a standard formation sometimes to replicate the movement pattern and linking of the real-life footballers on the pitch; that's why you have to asymmetrically approach it. Man city uses a standard 4-3-3, but rarely player stay there throughout the match; some players are given more freedom to move between the lines while others are told to provide width depending on the player available and their strength. Even though Guardiola is very fluid and flexible, he always takes his player's strengths into account and adapts as all the good managers do. Raheem Sterling i
  5. Hello, due to certain constraints in my life right now, I cannot play FM as much, but I still watch real-life football and am fascinated by recent tactics of Man city and was contemplating how much of it could be replicated on FM. To the best of my interpretation, I have picked a couple of roles and duties but never have tested them out. If we want to create real-life tactics, we need to remember that it might not be possible to create an exact replica of real-life tactics, more so of MC. In his recent tactics, Pep used 3 at the backs during buildup from the back; depending on who is available
  6. You want your best player operating in the half-space (yellow zone). I want to see the same. All the great wide playmakers KDB, Eriksen, Ziyech, Pogba, Bruno, TAA all have excellent delivery and can put inaccurate and delightful balls into the box just curling away. I want to do the same here, taking advantage of deliveries from out wide. But to do that, my player needs time to receive the ball, get their heads up then whip a curling cross into the box. I need to attack the box with numbers coming from different areas to make blind runs where defenders do not see the runners until the last tim
  7. Okay, I might try that one but is it more sensible afterward to try to use somebody on the left flank as WM(A) or IW(A) duty. In the midfield, can anything change or be accommodated to make it more balanced or make it more efficient, perhaps RPM or BBM, without making it vulnerable in defense.
  8. 4-4-1-1 is a balanced formation and will be hard to break through can easily turn into 4-2-3-1, but that's not the point. I know this is something you would ideally look for how the team will approach you as we are one of the top club team will tend to be less aggressive. I do agree we are a top team and more bottom teams chose this formation. The whole idea is to be different and uses space technique and method effectively to score goals, make opponents guessing and maximize our player's strength by placing them into areas with duties and roles that will be very useful. I have told you what I
  9. Hello, guys. I am a little bored playing possession football all the time; thus, I decided to try something different with ajax. If you look at my tactics here, it is not a formation anyone would pick first to play possession football. Besides, formation is not everything. You could play any style with any shape and formation as long as you know what you are doing and then use team or player instructions to utilize space effectively and create goal scoring chances. Space Space Space I strictly believe football is all about space. Whether it is Man City, Tottenham, Leicester, and Arsenal, every
  10. Hello, do you change any roles game by a game basis, either from midfield, your wingback, or forward, depending on the opposition. Are your players well suited to roles you select with contrasting traits that might disagree with how you want it to perform. Why you chose the particular roles and duties, what is your reference point. What are your points on the league and your positions? Is your only problem just conceding goals or also have trouble scoring? How do the opponents approach you in different games? Where do you guys expect to finish? Who seems to score goals in your tactic, and how
  11. So, if I move my DLP to the CM then will it help or should use other role instead of DLP.
  12. Hello, I think the forward four-position looks good because of how I described it, and Wingers giving width here will help form those diamonds and stretch the opposition backline. The Attacking Midfielders and Forwards will push the defensive line back and get at the end of crosses and long balls coming from deep. Since we do not have CM to be part of the midfield diamond, the IWB will act like one. Sometimes, in FM, if you want to replicate individual managers' styles, it won't be precisely how they play in real life. You have to compensate by placing players in unorthodox positions or roles
  13. Hello, How do these roles and duties sound for total football because I just wanted to get those diamond shape right, and my theory is that when HB drops, he will make back three, and I have given the BPD to stay wide? IWB will act like a midfielder, in this case, to form the diamond in the center midfield with DLP behind them. Wingers are there to stretch the pitch as is necessary for the possession style of football. AF(A) will be exploiting the channels and pushing the defenders back while SS will be smart enough, dropping deep sometimes and making runs in behind to trouble the defenders.
  14. 4-3-3 Positive or Balanced is ideal CF (S) AP(S) IF(A) DLP/CM(S) Mez(S) A/DM(D) CWB(A) BPD(D) CD(d) WB(S) Go with this and then chan
  15. You mean the way Liverpool press right, your front players need to press strategically instead of going berserk, hoping it will succeed. I do not know how useful your initial tactic is, though, but I think instead of AF, you may use something like PF(A) duty to press the center-back. Increase the pressing intensity of midfielders. Maybe setting wide defensive width will force them to play inside; the center midfielders will be a little more aggressive than the opposition midfielders. Showing the center backs to their weaker foot will help too. But, I think you need to consider the formation yo
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