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  1. Hello, does anyone have any idea and knowledge about what tactics the Argentina team used during their 1986 WC win? I am trying to start something with a national team and know what tactics they used to win the cup. I know that Diego Maradona was the central figure, and everyone compensated and neutralized his lack of participation in defense. He topped the list of goals and assists. It goes without saying who I want to be, the Maradona of my team, but I have no idea what tactical style they used. They used three at the back, but it has many variations.
  2. I am not an expert per se but can offer my opinion on what I think, first, why you choose these roles and how you plan to score goals. For example, 4-3-3 is excellent for possession football, and you could dominate many teams without problems but need to approach each team a little differently. To play a possession type of football, you need two to three playmakers to control the tempo and move the opponent. What I find useful about 4-3-3 formation is diamond all over the pitch and able to create width. You have to take traits and attributes into account also. Everything needs to flow in harmo
  3. How does this look DLF/PF (S) / TM (s) SS (A) DLP (s) or (D) / Car (s) CWB (A) WB (A) BPD (D) BPD(D) BPD (C) If there is lack of support then maybe change SS (A) to AM (A) and also my focus here is to build play down the both flanks in possession to be more vertical
  4. After strategizing on drawing boards for a while and visualizing how roles will interact came up with this. First of all, let me declare I am not an expert to release the pressure that I tend to put on myself. Hence, I frequently like to get other people's views and tips to get further clarification and enjoy a complete sense of fulfillment because at least I had some part to play behind the scenes. To begin, I must mention why I put specific roles and the reason behind them. When I pick a formation with a hole player specifically in this system, I want to build it to have players make runs be
  5. It would be hard to pull off such a feat because it requires intricacies from so many different angles. You got to understand the mechanics of the game incredibly well; nevertheless still have to tinker and manipulate to match each opponent and their tactics, but when done correctly, I am sure it will work wonder. The opponents will find it hard to play out and get suffocated, resulting in many easy counter goals. I remembered in the earlier version of FM, every opponent used to play out from the back. It was incredibly frustrating to watch when they recycle the ball continuously back to their
  6. Throughout, I focused mostly on winning the ball and out of possession instructions and opposition instructions that can be useful. So, I came up with a few roles and duties it is not precisely correct or achieves what I want them to do, but I think it would be an excellent start. formation would be 4-4-2 PF(A) PF(S) BWM(S) DLP(S) Throughout, I focused mostly on winning the ball and out of possession instructions and oppo
  7. Here, I am using 4-4-2 as an example to show pressing traps I want to set. With opposition center-backs being in possession, the striker's job is to block passes into midfield, keeping the midfielders under the cover shadow, so center backs have to go wide, and then we crowd them out with numbers. Applying this concept in FM is a little complicated, and one has to use optimal roles and instructions to achieve these. Opposition instructions will come in handy to force them into areas as well. Setting defensive width narrow may be the correct one to push them outside and increase the wingers' pr
  8. Their playstyle is unpredictable because of the outstanding versatility each player has and can play in any position and formation, but the principle remains the same. They slightly adjust all based on the opposition to counter and disrupt their game plan. Nagelmann is a versatile and unpredictable coach. It might be hard for his players to play in various systems and positions, let alone for the opposition managers to figure out how to best approach them. Nevertheless, the players all have worked on it in the training ground to familiarize themselves to be more swift on the pitch. As the game
  9. I want to follow a couple of references to get an overall idea of their play style and how they like to attack, defend, and press. Here are some videos showing their playstyle and how they achieve success on the pitch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Up7EZlFqP1Y&t=249s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTd90NWdwgo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=quGoCnh1cPY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-_car-GgcU
  10. Formation such as 4-2-3-1, five at the back formation, 4-4-2, or 4-2-4 is my initial choice for formation to use.
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