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  1. We will be announcing the changes and improvements for FMM18 just ahead of launch in November.
  2. Sorry for the delay. The game launches in Korea and China have had ups and down but it's helped us massively to gather data - and we gained lots of live service experience in the process. All of that feeds into our planning for improvements and changes, hence the continued recruitment in our FMO team. I cant really be more specific than that at the moment. There are still no plans to release the game in the UK though right now.
  3. Changelist: Tweaked database in response to Newcastle issues Tuned manager sackings Made it possible to view AI vs AI matches on same day Fixed issue where latest scores of AI matches didn't match result Fixed match analysis sometimes referring to drawn league match as friendly Fixed one example of match freeze Fixed players departing too early for international duty Tweaked manager movement Fixed some issues with player career history page Tweaked AI vs AI matches - was a bit much variation in club performances Improved team confidence rating calculations Fixed a couple of obscure issues importing scrapbook players to My Club Tweaked AI vs AI player form/ratings Fixed issue with manager history processing Fixed issue with club history processing Fixed obscure issue relating to specific combinations of away goals and extra time Fixed memory leak from match screen and processing fixture Changed/added/removed a few player pictures Fixed another obscure issue with extra time cup ties Fixed issue where match could reset after theoretically disallowed navigation You will have to start a new game if you specifically want the database fixes - else all saves are still compatible as before.
  4. FMM17 - Hotfix plans

    It all depends on how long our submission takes to be approved.
  5. All Following on from last weeks launch of FMM17, we are currently preparing the following builds below. Thank you to everyone that has reported issues (via our forums or via social media). Hotfix 1 This is to be rolled out imminently (it's in QA) It contains fixes that we've been able to QA in the past few days that directly affect stability or cause serious gameplay issues (eg the penalty shootout issue in the OME). Hotfix 2 This is to be rolled out we hope within 2 weeks. It contains a variety of fixes and improvements to the game that require a little more testing. We will also take this opportunity to address some key data issues (Newcastle for example) Thankyou for your support. The FMM Team
  6. It's time... We're delighted to announce that Football Manager Mobile 2017 is now available to download from App Store and Google Play. Compatible with most iOS and Android handheld devices, Football Manager Mobile 2017 is the most authentic and accessible management game available on a mobile device. You can now take charge of more clubs than ever before with the inclusion of Poland and Turkey as brand new playable nations. Other features can be found in the forum stickies below. Store links - get the game! iOS App Store: HERE Google Play Store: HERE Amazon: HERE We hope you've enjoyed playing the game as much as we've enjoyed making it, please leave initial thoughts and feedback in this thread!
  7. And finally, a selection of small improvements and new screens.
  8. FMM17 will include better visualization of player position and player footedness player profiles.
  9. FMM17 allows users to dynamically search for staff in a similar manner as for players, filtering by speciality and badge level.
  10. Profiles now have an achievements section which includes things which aren’t awards, for instance ‘Promotions’ he might have had with a club, how many managers have been sacked when he’s been at a club. Allows for more variety in news items.
  11. There are different types of physios in FMM, the Rehab physio will help players recover slightly faster from injuries whereas the Prevention physios will instead help players avoid training injuries.
  12. Football Manager Mobile 17 has a new 'Loan to Buy' option which allows a club to negotiate a purchase price for the player when they begin the loan. Managers will now also be able to 'Appeal' against a work permit decision allowing them to potentially sign a player who was initially not given such a permit. TRANSFERS: Appeal against work permit decisions and add a 'Loan to Buy' option when signing a player on loan #FMM17 pic.twitter.com/WpIFuIn3U3 — Football Manager (@FootballManager) November 16, 2016
  13. Youth players promoted are influenced by the setup of your coaching staff so if you hire attacking staff then you’ll likely get more attacking youth players promoted etc