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  1. Achievements work work if you're using a save from Steam.
  2. What happens? Have you tried to use the new restore functionality?
  3. There's nothing on our side that is blocking Austria. Is it possible you can trash the app on your device and try to redownload?
  4. Yes - there's a new one available now. There's a thread a bit earlier where I explained a few points however that post came at a time when 19.2 was wrapping up (so the rate of new builds naturally decreases).
  5. Some good constructive posts here, some not so amazing - but passion and commitment from those participating in the public and private beta is is appreciated greatly by the whole SI team. We sometimes have to accept we come at some topics from different perspectives but we have a shared goal. I believe we all want to make the very best game that gives the maximum enjoyment. The ME has always been an emotive subject, many (i'd be brave enough to say the majority) who play the game enjoy it without any knowledge of issues. We're well aware there can be issues and we'll continue to do our best to take onboard feedback, log it (if we dont already have it logged) and fix. It's complex code, some things are easy to solve, some things are long term projects but whenever me make any kind of change we have to try and balance across a variety of different criteria - sometimes we dont get it all right however I am still confident, on balance, that it remains a solid representation of football. 19.2 is not far away from official launch. I'm going to ask the SI team to back out of this thread for a short while to let the dust settle a bit. We view this optional public beta as a positive (there have been well over 1000 of you who participated), we thank you for your involvement. I know some of you disagree with such a beta, but it's a policy we're going to continue with and we would love for you to continue to help us. Thankyou!
  6. What I can tell you is that the public-beta will go up a few gears in the next week - so for those of you wanting more than just stability fixes, we have something for you. We're just trying to get 19.1.5 out of the door and want to ensure that there are no knock ons. You've all made an effort to say you want to be involved and help us, it's appreciated. I strongly believe in this way of working. The rough part of that deal is that by making that effort to opt in, you also have to accept that you might sometimes get bugs and issues (stop sniggering, I know what you're thinking!). We RE : Match engine We might not come out and say it directly, but we are watching all the feedback and constantly making improvements. I've sat in a match engine meeting where matches were watched on a very big screen, the play was analysed in detail (all we were missing was Gary Neville) and action points to fix were planned for the next week. We dont always get it right, it's a tricky one to balance across leagues and levels. Your time to shine with a new ME is coming.
  7. I believe that option is currently disabled in beta.
  8. Your opinion is more than welcome here. In response to your original thread, I guess some of what you want we deliberately design against. For us, FMM is the fastest way to enjoy FM and making matches longer, adding lots of PC content like teamtalks at this moment in time, doesn't sit right for us. The games have different dev teams and go in slightly different directions. FMT sounds far more like the type of game you want to enjoy as it's worked on by the same team that make our big daddy PC version
  9. We will be announcing the changes and improvements for FMM18 just ahead of launch in November.
  10. Sorry for the delay. The game launches in Korea and China have had ups and down but it's helped us massively to gather data - and we gained lots of live service experience in the process. All of that feeds into our planning for improvements and changes, hence the continued recruitment in our FMO team. I cant really be more specific than that at the moment. There are still no plans to release the game in the UK though right now.
  11. Changelist: Tweaked database in response to Newcastle issues Tuned manager sackings Made it possible to view AI vs AI matches on same day Fixed issue where latest scores of AI matches didn't match result Fixed match analysis sometimes referring to drawn league match as friendly Fixed one example of match freeze Fixed players departing too early for international duty Tweaked manager movement Fixed some issues with player career history page Tweaked AI vs AI matches - was a bit much variation in club performances Improved team confidence rating calculations Fixed a couple of obscure issues importing scrapbook players to My Club Tweaked AI vs AI player form/ratings Fixed issue with manager history processing Fixed issue with club history processing Fixed obscure issue relating to specific combinations of away goals and extra time Fixed memory leak from match screen and processing fixture Changed/added/removed a few player pictures Fixed another obscure issue with extra time cup ties Fixed issue where match could reset after theoretically disallowed navigation You will have to start a new game if you specifically want the database fixes - else all saves are still compatible as before.
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