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  1. Mind sharing those two tactics? and this 4-4-2
  2. Is it even possible to play a 4-2-3-1 this year? Deep or wide... My team is Chelsea and there's material to play a 4-2-3-1 but every team I'm up against plays the **** out of me! For real? Yes some say, irl teams do that I know but wft? I don't use some fancy setup with loads of player roles/duties, just a simple setup. I must say the ME is crap all over, crosses like never before and the name should be "hoofball manager". Defenders acting like a chicken on speed, pressing all over the place. Well i'll stop here, so my question is does anyone have a balanced 4-2-3-1 or at least can show me o
  3. Has anybody used a tactic without any attacking duties? As for Chelsea, this is my current setup; Roles and Duties: (assistants reports of B Pos, B Role, B Duty) Courtois: GK-D (Goalkeeper - Defend) none Ivanovic: FB-Auto (Limited Full Back - Defend) shoot less often, dribble less, hold position, fewer risky passes, cross less often Cahill: CD-D (Limited Defender - Defend) more direct passes Terry: CD-D (Central Defender - Stopper) close down more Azpilicueta: WB-Auto (Wingback - Defend) hold position, fewer risky passes, cross from deep Fabregas: CM-S (Advanced Playmaker - Support) s
  4. Play the Chelsea way or Mourinho way which seems to be hard. He uses like a hybrid of all types of play these days, contain, counter and control. Don't think he plays very attacking to be honest. Possession, yes. Compact, yes. Counter, yes. Attacks will come naturally of all that maybe? Ivanovic is a complete wingback but is awesome in every aspect of play I think, Azpi is more defending, center half's I don't know really. Fabregas is a dlp or a roaming pm, matic is a combo of cm defend and bwm defend and even a dlp defend sometimes. The three amigos behind Costa is a hard nut to crack and eve
  5. Yes, that could work. I would like to play a semi-attacking style so control seems to be the only option, it would also give some counter attack movement I guess? As for pi's I'm struggling, nothing seems to work. But it is a good core to start with.
  6. Can someone give me an idea of a solid 4-2-3-1 Wide for Chelsea, I'm out of ideas atm ;( Cheers
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