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  1. Seems good to me, can you share some light about your thinking, tactic, settings etc? Cheers
  2. How can I remove, edit or modify this news/message window? I absolutely hate everthing that has to do with Apple!
  3. If you drop the "Apple" "Mac" ish looking news window this skin would be even better! Cheers
  4. GYSOT (Get You Some of That) ruthless 3-4-3 Laughable to see the bottom of the table!
  5. The only tactic that have worked for me and looks like Chelsea on the pitch is this one: THE GODFATHER - Conte's 3-4-3 Cheers
  6. Chelsea yes. For me the CD/D, BPD/C, CD/S seems to be right. Luiz should be the sweeping playmaker of the back three. Cahill nothing fancy, Azpi stepping up just as it says. Also tight marking for Cahill and Azpi. Luiz should be free and just spray passes all over the pitch. Btw, here is an alternative that works like a treat!
  7. The use of CD/S, CD/C and the Anchor Man with a CWB on attack is suicide defensively. You are wide open at the back for teams to exploit. I've put Cahill on CD/D and Azpi on BPD/S and haven't conceded a single goal since then. Hazard and Pedro as IF's instead of AP's.
  8. That's right! 3-4-3 Trequartista/Attack (Hazard), Defensive Forward/Support (Costa), F9/Support (Pedro) Defensive Winger/Support (Alonso), CM/D or DLP/D (Matic), BBM/S (Kanté), Winger/Support (Moses) CD/Defend, (Cahill), BPD/Cover (Luiz), CD/Stopper (Azpi) GK/Defend (Courtois) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trequartista/Attack (Hazard), Defensive Forward/Support (Costa), F9/Support (Pedro) CM/D or DLP/D (Matic), BBM/S (Kanté) Wing Back/Support
  9. The team instructions are all there in the screenshot, no player instructions.
  10. Confusing; you say wide midfielder but have a winger on attack? Seems to me that this side is wide open with two player on attack duty?
  11. How do you predict Antonio Conte to lineup Chelsea next season? 4-2-4 as he used at Bari, 3-5-2 as in Juventus to fit Pirlo's playmaking skills. Flexible seems to be Conte's style of play they say... Any ideas/inputs on this? #4-4-2 #4-3-3 #3-5-2 wing-backs #3-4-3 "Italy"wing-backs (Manchester United will sign Zlatan Ibrahimovic and could complete deal before Euro 2016 - Sky sources)
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