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  1. Probably the wrong forum for this, you'll probably need to put it in https://community.sigames.com/forum/708-database-and-research/
  2. My update seems to of stuck about a quarter of the way through. I have tried ending task to close steam, restarting my laptop and pausing and unpausing the update to no avail. Any suggestions?
  3. Great job replying to a post just to be sarcastic where you're not needed! When I originally wrote my post there wasn't an explanation, just didn't press post, not the end of the world.
  4. Rule 2 - 2 U22 Players must START the game. Rule 3 - 1 U22 Player must be in the 11 DURING the game Means you cannot sub both players off without bringing another youngster on
  5. Used VoidU as per usual and got the code instantly, HALLOWEEN is the code to get 20% off
  6. Amazing work, I know i'm probably just being lazy, but is there any chance you can repost your tactic please?
  7. When I played in the Spanish Third Division, when I started I had players on Part Time contracts, but couldn't actually offer them myself?
  8. As the title says, I've downloaded the level 11 English system, playing as a Semi-Pro team in level 10 and can only offer non contracts. I had the same problem when I started a save in Spain using Claasens Database? Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.
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