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  1. As a fellow Cornishman and Argyle follower I look forward to this. Tempted to start my own Argyle career!
  2. Tried both of those to no avail, it just started working randomly at some point this evening so I am on now!
  3. Steam is stuck downloading on 33%, have tried restarting steam and my computer, any solutions?
  4. Can pretty much guarentee it will be out tonight as I have to work and will miss it
  5. Fair enough, I think my wage expenditure is way too high, but I'm already struggling just to stay in the division
  6. How did you start making money in the Vanarama Regional leagues, I've got up to there, and now I'm just leaking so much money.
  7. So much better than they are doing in my save, been in the Championship for 5 season I believe, if I wasn't doing a one club save I'd have to go and save them!
  8. Probably the wrong forum for this, I would put one in the General Discussion Forum
  9. Holy mother of god! Thats insane! I've just made it up to the Conference South, oh what I would do for a tycoon takeover, well any takeover for that matter being 500k in the red!
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