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  1. When I played in the Spanish Third Division, when I started I had players on Part Time contracts, but couldn't actually offer them myself?
  2. As the title says, I've downloaded the level 11 English system, playing as a Semi-Pro team in level 10 and can only offer non contracts. I had the same problem when I started a save in Spain using Claasens Database? Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Season Review 2018/19 Tercera Division Group 9 Media Prediction 20th Board Expectations - Fight Bravely Against Relegation Actual Finish - 13th Overall a very good season! Next season I will be looking to push on up the table, aiming for top half personally! I feel this can be achieved with the right signings. I think 6 or 7 would be enough to bolster the squad to enable us to rotate the squad a bit more. Player of the Season - Alvaro It is imperative that Alvaro signs a new contract to stay next season, without him and the next person on this post it would of been certain we would have gone down! Top Scorer - Daniel Cintrano
  4. April/May 2019 A mixed end to the season, but much better than originally expected. The wins pushing us up the table to a very unexpected 13th place finish!
  5. February/March 2019 Not quite sure where this came from, only two defeats in two months, leading to a four match winning streak which has guaranteed our survival! Hopefully we can take this form into the end of the season, and into next season!
  6. January 2019 I don't even know where to start, both 1-1 draws we conceded stoppage time goals to cost us the wins. We are now 7 matches without a win, but still 14 points above the drop zone.
  7. December 2018 A mixed month, the win over Motril was huge, massive late goals giving us all 3 points, then followed a disappointing two games, the loss to Antequera was a very poor performance, followed by the worst result of the season in the 3-3 draw with bottom side Torreperogil. The defeat to Real Jaen was one of our best performances of the season, dominating the match and really being unlucky to lose the game.
  8. October/November 2018 Not the best couple of months but getting a couple of late goals helped earn some much needed points. The wins came over the right teams giving us a now 8 point gap between us and the drop zone.
  9. September 2018 Very happy with this month, the only real disappointment was the 4-1 defeat at home to Huetor. 3 wins pushes us further from the relegation zone and in the right direction up the league. If we can turn some of our defeats into draws I feel that we have a very good chance of survival this season!
  10. August 2018 What a start to the season, a 5-0 win against Torreperogil, who are predicted to be bottom at the end of the season. Next we came crashing back down to earth, with heavy away defeats to two of the biggest favourites for the title and promotion. Finally a much better performance in the 1-0 defeat to Alhaurin which does give us hope for the rest of the season. These results leave us 15th in the league, and aslong as we can stay above the drop zone I would consider this season a success. Finally one more incoming with a centre back coming in to strengthen our defence.
  11. Pre-Season 2018/19 A much better pre season than I was anticipating, especially with the brilliant results over Sevilla and Real Madrids "B" Teams. The Cueta result bought us straight back down to earth as they are in one of the parallel leagues, of the Third Division. Transfer wise we have bought in four players, stregthening key areas of the team, I would still like another CM and another CB if possible though.
  12. The First Team Squad that I have inherited is a bit all over the place, I will use our Semi Pro status to try and bolster our ranks, especially in the Goalkeeper position in which we are most lacking! There is a slight wage budget that I can use to do this.
  13. Tough Season Ahead! Looking ahead at the season preview I am looking at a tough season with a relegation battle a real possibility. The expectations are however realistic, with fight bravely against relegation my target from the board. My personal objective will be to avoid a relegation battle and sneak into mid table obscurity.
  14. Last year I attempted my first forum save, this didn't go as planned and I sort of just let it die out. This year will hopefully be different as I attempt to take San Pedro de Alcantara from the Tercera Division, up the leagues. I chose this team as I regularly visit Spain and my Fiances parents live in Andalucia; around a ten minute drive from San Pedro. I have chosen to setup my leagues like this: Picking the higher leagues of major European nations so there is a definite hope of a challenge to Spanish clubs in Europe. Enter Pedro Gonzalez, the persona I have chosen to lead San Pedro into a new era! Hopefully this attempt at a career on the forum will be more successful and I can entertain you all until FM20
  15. How are APOEL getting on in the lower league?
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