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  1. Probably the wrong forum for this, I would put one in the General Discussion Forum
  2. Holy mother of god! Thats insane! I've just made it up to the Conference South, oh what I would do for a tycoon takeover, well any takeover for that matter being 500k in the red!
  3. Cornish Pasties shouldn't have carrots in, and shouldn't be crimped on top!
  4. Holy sh*t! Have they actually spent money on players then?
  5. You're now upto the league in which I started with Falmouth Town! How are they doing on your save? Also Illogan RBL being fully professional and a tycoon, impressive, other than there start to the league, but it would be nice if that actually happened, regularly go there for a drink!
  6. Thats pretty much what they did the season after I went up!
  7. For some reason in my database they can go up to the 9th Tier but thats it, although I finished above them in the 9th Tier!
  8. In my fifth season now! First season it was Plymouth Argyle Reserves that stopped me from going up, but after that I have finished 1st each season, until now, currently 17th in the Southern Premier
  9. Don't think I've ever seen a save in a league in which I've played, for a team of which I have played against! Good Luck though! I recently started a save with Falmouth Town, got them from Level 10 to Level 7 at the moment, started struggling in the Southern Premier League now though!
  10. FM18 England Level 10 Now Complete (Updated)

    Irl they can get promoted; but only once and I think that is replicated in the game.
  11. FM18 England Level 10 Now Complete (Updated)

    Reserve teams didn't play in the cups in my save...
  12. FM18 England Level 10 Now Complete (Updated)

    Im the same, second season in Level 10, didn't get promoted due to damn Plymouth Argyle Reserves winning the league by a mile, I was second, 12 points ahead of 3rd but 20 behind 1st! And I am now getting a crash dump every time I go on Season Preview in Level 10, every other level it seems fine though
  13. Cherry-Picking My Way To The Top!

    Not a bug, actually whats happening! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UEFA_Euro_2020