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  1. I can't help (because, well...) but thank you so much for asking ! Who spent the last few month wondering why no player of him ever became a big brute like in older versions, and never asked himself if it would be a great idea to fill those "evening" cells and diverge from standard schedules ? Yes it's me !
  2. Not all in the same league, tactics are different (I would be totally lost if i did not stick as much as possible to the original squad, so i have to adapt), but at the end of the day, quite similar, because given the time it takes to proceed a matchday, there is few time for experimentation, so if something works, it has chances to be put in some other tactics if one of my team struggles. I would get confused too, if those teams changed every year, but no need to say that real life new recruits sometimes get the "who is that Calhanoglu guy i never heard of", or wonderkids the "why does t
  3. If you think there is luck involved (and you may or not be right), go all in, exit and reload, even if it takes a little time this patch. But 3 minutes waiting for a return to "normality" and your enjoyment may be better than a whole session of frustration. Wether you are right or not. Even if it is not a popular opinion, but your game, your way to enjoy it. Thing is, you may actually be right, at some extent. I was about to just MP as I don't want all the "it's your tactics" abuse, but : - I play 14 teams, it's my only save, every version of the game. - I may agree, t
  4. Maybe this could help : cloud / local save ? single / multi-manager ? (mine in bold, loading slowed)
  5. So it's not just me. A pitty game performances is now a sega support exclusive, i totally understand it is a more efficient way to handle technical issues, but it was always great to have a place where we could see we were not alone to have an issue
  6. Back to 3 minutes savegame loading time instead of 15s, like in every other update. Why did it have to be broken again ?
  7. So the last update didn't only add cross play, did it ? (back to 5-10s savegame loading time, instead of 5 minutes after previous update, so thanks a lot ^^)
  8. That was my loading time with previous patch (30 secs may have been overestimated, but when you don't wait, you don't count). It was weirdly the same yesterday, too. Same database, nothing noticeable about it, customised-ly speaking. Too bad there is no more sub-forum about game performance : i understand it is more efficient for them, but it was nice to be able to see if other user were experimenting the same issues, and what were the solutions provided
  9. Savegame loading time is crazy again (~3 minutes, quite the same as in 21.2, way longer than the max 30 seconds in 21.3)
  10. @lugui, are you on a 95% zoom, something like that ? I am, and I could'nt get to succeed in filling this gap and gave up, even if my TbWx values should largely cover it.
  11. It's incredible how these little things really like to reset themselves (size and selector). But i believe it is not due to the mod, as team home page behaves the same every time we come back from preferences (but as it gets fixed next restart, let's hope it is the same for ibh panels) Anyways, thanks a lot, we now have an easy acces to detailed team stats
  12. Not sure if it is also possible in network multiplayer (because in local hot seat, believe it or not, i get the same overlay), but as unintuitive as it seems, trying to advance during what looks like a treatment, you may get past it by pressing space or clicking continue for all human managers. I almost had a panic attack when i first saw it
  13. The problem is the white parts, and i am pretty sure there is something weird with the cursor's border diasppearing when in movement + being thiner than outside of the game
  14. The only issue taking this from FM19 to FM20 is the lack of opacity : the panels are way too transparent. I wish i knew how to fix this issue and have the same opacity as the base skin panels
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