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  1. Hi, Hopefully it is not too late for it to be fixed this year, but it is not possible to proceed anymore when a player from both human-controlled team get injuried during a game. First human player is able to make the substitution and confirm, but the second one does not have this possibility, and the match keeps stopped, with all options to change user and proceed to the substitution grayed out. (this makes me a sad panda, as it now also takes ages to reload a savegame after such a deadlock)
  2. The only issue taking this from FM19 to FM20 is the lack of opacity : the panels are way too transparent. I wish i knew how to fix this issue and have the same opacity as the base skin panels
  3. I have no preference for the layout. If you put the "i" and the shirt number near the player names, i'm sold. I realy don't get why they disappeared in vanilla FM18...
  4. Hi, I am experiencing a game crash when i Click on continue after a series of 2 games at the same time (as i play several teams) Crash Dump : FM 2018 v18.0.2.1032507 (2017.10.31 07.35.22).dmp Save Game : cythe2018 (v02).fm Steps (2 games to process) : - quick selection of players for Bayern game -> Continue - selection for PSG game is already OK -> Continue - All speaches are assistant speach (twice) - process first game (Bayern) -> OK - start 2nd game (PSG) --> out of my 3 attempts, i got remnants of previous game/warmup on the pitch. Last time it was the shadows of the players - finish 2nd game - Click on continue until all managers are processed on match time - Juventus (or whichever 1st manager) news show up -> press space to continue -> OK - PSG (who played a game) news show up --> press space to continue --> noting happens, as when i mouseover different items, the pointer changes - Click on Continue --> Crash happens Could you please have a look ?
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