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  1. Hello Already some hours witht he demo and I have noticed something that was happening the previous years too.. Barcelona are far away from reality inside the game..Is something I am sure it has been mentioned previously.. Their ball possession is terrible and they hardly achieve more than 60%.. In my game as Atl.Madrid I had the most possession (54-46) and I was curious how Barcelona did versus other teams.. Versus Real M. they had only 36%!! Versus R.Sociedad at Camp Nou they had only 57% Versus Sporting L. at Camp Nou only 56% and so on.. Also Xavi is not making the number of passes he usually makes in real games..Of course this is not a real game but is not even close to reality.. Seems that ME can't cope at all with the Barcelona style of play maybe because the pressing that Barcelona uses in real life to get the ball back isn't possible in FM all the latest years.. I am not going to manage Barca in this FM but it is unreal when you play against them and you have more ball possession than they have..
  2. I wasn't impressed with video blogs either this year and it is the first time since 2005 as I remember that I won't buy the game from the day of release..I am also reliefed that I didn't pre-order it since as I read there are so many problems that need to be fixed yet..Also my disappointment continues from the previous year release that I didn't enjoy the game at all with so many crashes that I had and never fixed and so much stuttering I encountered with the ME..Since then of course I have upgraded my PC to an i5-3570K with 8GB RAM and I really wonder if the game will be playable to my system this year...So until the release of some major patches I will keep playing some other games..
  3. I don't think graingergames sends outside UK(they don't mention it somewhere at their site) so simplygames will be my choise
  4. Well till now I havent seen any update to to the ME and I don't think I will..The other thing I haven't seen is the improved AI which is the most BASIC part of the game..And I am 100% sure I won't see them..And you know why?Because as I mentioned in an other post if there were any updates to those they should have been the first things to mention at the blogs-videos and not the DoF and the classic mode which means more care to casuals and new customers than loyal fans..
  5. Are you really wondering? Classic mode? Simplified training? Director of Football? And really if you want to simplify the game and make it more casual put all those to the classic mode not to the basic game..I might not use DoF at all but training with no sliders and not seperate categories-schedules for my GKs Defenders Midfielders etc? Come on please..
  6. Henceforth I am 100% sure that the company aims BASICALLY the casual players and new customers..Nothing more nothing less...
  7. Again nothing said about how usefull will be the DoF in our games..Are they going to have more influence to get players to us?Shall they be able to loan out our players easier?Shall they buy players to us without asking?All those things is realism..If the DoF addition is just cosmetic thank you but I am not interested..
  8. I am really afraid that there is not any improvement to the AI which is the MOST BASIC part of the game..Of course we havent heard any news about this yet but in my opinion if it has been improved it should have been the first to announce and not the Classic mode..Seems with those new features the company tries to attract more new customers which means more money to them(no problem with that)but all we, the loyal FM fans so many years that we ask for something which in my opinion is the most important aspect of the game, the AI, seems that is left behind..Hope they will prove me wrong and I will be the first that will come back here with an apology.Looking forward for this week's blogs with something about the AI(at least I hope so)...
  9. I don't see how real this would be and how it will work...Shall I compare myself to Mr.FMRTE or to QuitLoadboy or to Iamsugardaddy?Is there any way that Steam can leave out the "cheaters" from the leaderboards?I am afraid not..
  10. Agree 100% with the OP.All those not even 3min videos show nothing new..Like OP said all those things that he mentioned are far more important than the small tweaks that are supposed to be in the 900new features..
  11. No problem maybe my words looked like a compaint..I know that these forums have one of the greatest communities around and I know also that the developers are close to us listening about ideas problems etc.I think also that constructive critism as you said makes things better..Although those were some issues that I wanted to mention that's all..
  12. I am afraid my friend that you didnt get the meaning of my words..It's not a complaint post is just a dissapointment..I think I have the right to be disappointed on specific issues don't you think?I have never wrote a similar post before and I took the courage to write something like that because I had a lot of coversations with other friends(not 12 years old but above 35)that all feel the same..Enough said..
  13. I think the time has come to express by dissapointment on how things are going lately...After a dissapointing FM2012 with so many crashes and stutterings that never resolved and kept me away from the game because of the frustration I really wonder how will be the FM2013..Another dissapointment is the lack of announcements about the newer version..It is almost September!I read about some problems that Miles might had but I am afraid all those are some kind of excuses to my eyes..The main problem is the lack of competition which is real bad for the title..It plays alone in the management field with no oppenents and please don't mention the FIFA Manager which is not comparable to Football Manager at all those years..So as you all know if there is no competition everything moves slowly..It's like monopoly when you own everything you do whatever you like correct?..An other big issue is the language..You said that you will try to add the Greek language if piracy drops..I have all FM and CM titles original since 1998 and my friends too..So it comes another year that you will not add the Greek one because of piracy and you will add the Turkish??..Turkish piracy suddenly vanished?Please give me a break!!To tell you the truth even if you add the Greek language I will keep playing in English but I have hundreds of friends that they do not speak or understand English and they have a very big issue playing the game.The bad news is that this year they won't buy the game because of that!In my opinion if you want to give motivation against piracy you should do something about that at least..Finally, this is not a rant it is the dissapointment and the frustration of a Football Manager fan since the early stages of the game.. Hope this year there will be a surpise with the newer version with some great additions otherwise I am afraid there will be a big decline in this successful title..
  14. I think there is an issue here.. I have linked with a Belgian team to send players on loan to gain nationality as I used to do in previous versions but now they need to continuously stay there to gain the 2nd nationality but..how??At the end of every season they return back to you with no option to extend their loan...Also no option to send them there for 3 years...
  15. Wow..What you remind me now...I was 14 on CM 97/98 and playing as a maniac(after school) with Wolves with Keane, Weah and if I am not mistaken it was the year that I discovered Saviola and brought him in..Great years!
  16. A quick question.. You have mentioned "First data update will be released this Friday (28th) at 18:00 GMT" does it still counts?So shall we expect an other release today?I am confused..Thank in advance! Keep up the good work!!
  17. Lol since Wednesday I keep refreshing their page hoping for the 4.0 release...
  18. Well it's a bit different just having them but not played them at the time and age they were out
  19. I don't think so...The patch or at least the hotfix will be out this week as somewhere said fixing the GK training problem and not only..
  20. Are we any close to the release of the Megapack?Cheers!
  21. Ah ok thanks didn't notice..You can lock this thread
  22. Just loaded FM2012 and steam downloaded and update for the game..Do you know what update it was?Still it says 12.0.2..
  23. I am confused...Some said that the 4.0 Megapack(around 4GB) was up in they morning and downloaded it...But now can't find it..Is this true?
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