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  1. I am afraid this is not the case...It is supposed that the main news and features are released first so I don't think we have much to expect....
  2. Nothing special about new features in this year's version so far but I really hope they have put some focus on the ME which is the core of the game...Last year's version had serious issues in the ME especially with so many long shots scored which made the game very boring and unplayable for me...So I will be more than happy if they release a polished match engine which I will find out with the release of the demo otherwise It will be the first time since 1997 that I won't buy the game
  3. Guys because I don't have much time could you inform me if the new patch fixed the long shot problem that made the game unplayable?I do not want to start a new save and waste my time finding the same bugs that made me stop the game since December..Thank you in advance
  4. Any news yet about when the new patch will be released that will fix the long shots issue that makes the game unplayable at the moment?Almost a month already and we have no news at all..I want to play the game
  5. Ok let's say with my tactics there is a problem..What about Liverpool and Salah that I have mentioned which is controlled by the AI?And Liverpool is only one example..I will provide more later on
  6. Forgot to mention that in my above save IFs rarely score but CMs do..End of the season Salah for Liverpool had 7 goals in 32 games and Henderson had 17..Joke right?In my Forest Green save my top goalscorer is my lone striker with 38 goals way ahead of the second scorer in the league and my second scorer is my box to box midfielder ..Same applies to all the other teams..
  7. Guys please stop saying is your tactics or etc for conceding long range shots..We are not newcomers in FM series..As I have wrote in a previous post which was deleted it is more than obvious there is a problem with the ME concerning long range shots..Thats why we have so high scores in every league..I have started a season with Forest Green and my games averaging 4-5 goals..Same happens to the AI teams that play in the background..I cannot understand how something so obvious slipped away for the SI team..I am not saying the problem is only against us..We score also some crazy scorchers from outside the penalty area every single game..I have all the games available saved to prove it if you like..Hope there will be a fix soon enough and not wait till March update to play a game that we paid in November
  8. At first I thought it was in my mind but after some games I confirm there is definitely a problem with long shots..No matter what tactic or instructions you choose midfielders keep shooting from outside the area..The AI does the same even though there are better options like passing to unmarked players they keep shooting and 80-90% of goals come from outside the area..Really boring and first time in my cm/fm history I notice something like that..Please tone them down as soon as possible because the game is unplayable
  9. Great to hear that a training guide is coming out but am afraid you misundesrtood my intensions..Of course I am not the guy that asks for spoon feeding but I always experiment with tactics..This is football manager of course.. The point of my topic asking about a tactical guide is not about giving me a win-win tactic but to analyze the depth of tactics like you and Cleon have done in previous versions of the game..As I have said in a previous post sometimes I feel that I do not have the full control and understanding of what is happening in a match and why..Then I search through your guides and try to find out why I am conceding (for example) goals from crosses or counter attacks etc and what shall I do to fix it etc etc.. Looking forward to your training guide then and thank you for your efforts in all those years!!
  10. Wow!! Since I haven't played the game yet I didn't know that someting like that exists in this version!!Great news then but I also have to mention that your guides are very very helpful and useful!!
  11. As the title says, are we going to have this year a tactical guide from FM experts on how to use the new tactical system, what attributes our players should have to be able to adapt in each tactic, how to use possession, transition etc?
  12. The biggest concern afte watching the livestream was the number of total shots made and goals came from crosses..They played against PAOK and they had 41 shots vs 4 and the final score was 2-1..As another one mentioned there were too many shots against Bayern too..This has to be toned down I'm afraid.. Reminds me previous versions of the game when we had too many shots again which was fixed later on...Is this a sign that the AI can't cope with our tactics?Or the same old problem? The one thing I liked is that finally we had goals from direct free kicks..In FM18 after 2 years of playing with Wolves my players haven't scored not a SINGLE one even than their ratings were above 16 on free kicks..I knew from one point that all Free Kicks will go wide or stopped by the opposition keeper..
  13. Hello guys I would like someone from SI or Sega to inform me if I preorder the boxed version of the game here in Greece shall I be able to play the beta 2 weeks earlier than the release date or this only applies to digital pre orders?
  14. If we preorder a physical copy (boxed version) do we get the beta code?
  15. Please can someone from SI inform us if we will be able to switch tactics in attack-transition and defensive phase?For example 4-3-3 while attacking can be converted to 4-2-3-1 while defending?
  16. Well because I looked at it very closely that's why I expressed that opinion..What I see in the defensive phase is just the defensive line???Can I change the shape of tactics or not?
  17. Wait a sec guys..Why do I think that all those features were already in previous games but not in this detail level?Only if those three phases let you change positions and not only width pressing etc would be an overhaul.. For example.. With the new tactics shall I be able to to play a 4-4-2 while attacking and while defending 4-1-4-1 or not? Could someone let us know? So what is called an overhaul it was the same in previous versions by just adding each player instructions...It reminds me the last year's Hierarchy which was already in game but they made a menu for it so nothing new... Hope I am mistaken...
  18. Boring headline the match engine???Match engine is what the game really is.. "Nothing" might be too much but I know you understood what I was trying to say If they wanted 3-4 versions to fix players run through each other then how many versions do they need to be able to replicate real life football? As I said even in the latest version there are so many unrealistic things that are happening and the game becomes so predictable..I know that when my DM who is between the half line and the penalty area he will try to shoot to the stands rather than pass..I know that the 98 of 100 free kicks will go out of bounds..I know that my attacker who is one on one against the opossite goalkeeper he will shoot from a wide position or tight angle or he will take the worst decision possible even if he has a very high finishing and decision rating...I know also that if the cross goes to the far the post 99% will be a goal no matter what..Those are the things that SI should focus on and not those little useless social media things.. I am really wondering which is the selling target of the company... Oh I forgot to mention also the poor player unhappiness no matter if the team won promotion won the cup the league the world cup the galaxy cup they will still find a reason to be unhappy..Have not been fixed in 20 years now I think..And please correct me If I am wrong..
  19. Sorry but those are not valid arguments if you say that players do not run through each other...This is somtheing that should never really happen...If they couldn't animate this then the game should have stayed in 2D..
  20. Another year of release and we still have not a single idea of what the game would be like..Another year that the company asks for preorders of a product that we know nothing about it..BFV for example will be released one month earlier than FM and we already playing the open beta and we know the basic features almost 2 months now.. I am a loyal fan of the game and I have all the boxed versions since CM97/98 but there is a big decline in the latest versions...Useless little features announced every year like social media, hierarchy etc etc plus the updated squads and that's it and we see nothing new in the HEART of the game, the MATCH ENGINE.. Since the introduction of the 3D graphics little to nothing have changed and its almost 10 years since the release...You cannot say the difference if you play with Man City or Salford, and if you see Ronaldo, Messi or an amateur from conference north..Everything looks so similar and it's very dissapointing..We are almost in 2019 for Jesus shake! You cannot replicate tatctics like in real life neither the AI can, you cannot play possession football like Man CIty or Barcelona neither AI can etc etc..Defenders still cannot pass from the one foot to the other, goalkeepers still doing terrible mistakes, attackers lose easily one on ones or shoot from 200meters even if you tell them to pass rather than shoot and soooo many other things that destroy this game... To conclude this I really really hope that the change of the front cover might be the end of an era and the start of another but is something I doubt about it because if it was true we would already had the new features that will make all the fans preorder it like crazy So if nothing will change in the match engine and the 3D animation you can count on a one less loyal fan Hope this year I will be wrong R.I.P CM97/98-FM2018
  21. Nope, no crash dump file again and yes I am on the latest update along with the latest nvidia drivers Here is my Dxdiag DxDiag.txt
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