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  1. Hardly a bold claim that, is it? Unless you somehow think hooligans from other countries are more decent.
  2. Sweeping generalisations of a whole population are fine when it's aimed at English people, apparently.
  3. It's a problem that this squad is being made to play for the 1-0 win though. I accept that Southgate isn't as bad as I'd made out at times prior to this tournament, but I'm also concerned that we will be here in 18 months time saying the same things about being cautious, holding onto a lead, not making changes when things are drifting away etc. 3 tournaments would be a hell of a lot to give an international manager at a big nation. Beyond that and I wonder how much you're going to learn and adapt, instead becoming stale as we are left musing over another 'golden generation' that could have won something but didn't. As always the truth is somewhere in between 'win = got it absolutely perfectly spot on and you can't critiscise him for anything' and 'lose = got everything wrong and he's utterly terrible'.
  4. Glad you put comedian in quotes there. He definitely struggles with the comedy aspect of being a comedian.
  5. The double whammy of being absolutely gutted and also being hanging out my arse. Lovely.
  6. Those 3 penalty misses have been rushing around my head all night/morning. We're here again and it's gutting. Going to take a while to get over this one.
  7. Honestly, anybody saying losing the semi final is worse than losing a final...yeah ****ing awful feeling.
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