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  1. Only beat who's in front of you and all that, but Portugal rode the luck to win it. They benefited hugely from the unbalanced format. Hell, they were going out against Hungary at one point and were seconds away from going into the tough side of the draw *insert England joke here* I would like it to go back to the top 2 only qualifying, but that's not going to happen.
  2. Wales v Belgium was a really good game. Hungary-Portugal because it was completely "WTF" Seem to remember Italy-Belgium being alright
  3. Maybe not after the final. Griezmann was poor.
  4. What does that have to do with it being a terrible format?
  5. It's sid. He has a very simplistic and binary thought process. Don't forget this is a guy who said Wawrinka was every bit as good as Murray...just because he'd won the same amount of grand slams. That's gone out the window today, of course.
  6. What a dreadful final and a dreadful team winning it in the end.
  7. It used to be played but not since 1980.
  8. Not existed in the Euros for decades.
  9. As was the silver goal bollocks. Terrible rule changes.
  10. I wanted to taste his tears at full time. Not like this.
  11. What a save that is.
  12. Bowen was dreadful. He was bitter throughout. I've enjoyed Savage though. After the 3rd went in against Belgium you could tell he was welling up.
  13. Ridiculous leap. Great header.
  14. pahaha. ****ing hell.
  15. HAHAHA. These pens are pathetic.