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  1. didn't notice the leaflet in the case, looked like there were only two in there, the controller instructions and some Champions league guff! thought there was an extra player with the Day One stuff (Gotze??), only seemed to be a stamina boost (?), a super agent and something else I can't remember, don't recall seeing a player mentioned in the Inbox?? can't be bothered looking again, will try again tomorrow!
  2. finally gotten around to installing my PES2015 Day One! anyone tell me where the additional Day One content is, cannot find it anywhere?? also, any updates available to edit the awful team names??
  3. it's happened to me too, walked out of a room straight into it - backed away into the same room, dived into a storage unit, and (amusingly) it didn't find me. it's a "motion detector" though, so i'm guessing if Mr A is standing still, he won't show up on it! you won't enjoy level 11, if level 10 annoyed you!
  4. unlucky - haven't had a crash on the PS4 yet, though I'm sure there's one in there!
  5. you get a wrench (I think?) early on as a melee weapon, best not to attack anyone/thing unless you have to, humans tend to have an infinite number of bullets, and 100% accuracy! the revolver has precious few bullets, so I'd only use it to scare you-know-who off. basically, don't get into fights, and hide whenever possible!
  6. it's a tension building game i'd say, great for those who like stealth games, maybe not so much if it's action/gunplay that's required! first two or three chapters are quite slow as well, up to 8-9 myself now, and the tension is building nicely! i'm enjoying the game, you do need patience though, it's not for everyone!
  7. that's quite accurate! it's puzzle solving whilst avoiding you know who, and the odd mad android or human scavenger!
  8. count yourself lucky, I have the Crew Expendable and Last Survivor DLCs, not looking forward to either!
  9. about halfway through Alien Isolation now, just discovered the AI only seems to kill off other wandering human avatars at certain points in the game, which is annoying! at the start of level 6 (I think), there I was hiding in a storage unit waiting for the Xenomorph to walk through the room I was in, (half the time the thing drags me out to my death ) .... the thing travels from the door on the left to the right exit door.... and bang on his tail was a wandering human, treading the same path, maybe 8-10 steps behind. didn't help that as soon as the human exited the door on the right, the Xe
  10. my copy of Alien Isolation arrived yesterday, got it installed and patched, thought I'd have a quick look at it last night, before beddy-byes. got to the part where the dropship legs it and the shutters come down, all I could hear through the headphones was clanging noises off in the distance, and the ship rumbling! had to switch it off as it was giving me the creeps!
  11. argghhhhhhh! guess my PS3 will be sitting underneath my PS4 for a while!
  12. did ok, he features in a pre-end credit clip which is awesome!
  13. any issues with playing video files, avi/mp4s etc on the PS4? can't be bothered dismantling my PS3 and setting the PS4 up yet, if I can't play my downloaded TV shows on my usb stick!
  14. saw this yesterday, very very good movie, Rocket & Groot are fantastic! and I cannot believe Chris Pratt is the same slob out of Parks & Rec - he's great! as usual, there is a small clip right after the end titles, so stick around!
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