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  1. anyone still buy the DVD game like me? surprised there aren't more offers out there for the DVD game, as it was announced a week ago now! seems to be priced at £30 still, and downloads at £25-ish! will wait until next Monday before the beta release, hopefully there'll be a deal somewhere for the DVD version, otherwise I might have to bite the bullet and order the download version for once! guess i'm old school, like to have the boxed version to store, used to read through the manual first before playing the new game for the first time!
  2. Alex Aguinaga for me, loved that guy! circa 2000 I think, give or take a year. ruled my midfield like an unheralded Xabi Alonso!
  3. is there any way of getting rid of the two in-match widgets? I'd rather have the original FM 1-widget setup back - have more widgets scattered down the left and right of my screen, with the centre empty (usually), so I can see more of the pitch. great looking skin though, fantastic work!
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