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  1. would it be possible to view a list of vacant manager posts in the "add new manager" dialog, when given the option to pick your team from the loaded leagues? I usually pick one of the jobs available when the game loads after creation, but am getting lazy and can't be bothered anymore. I sometimes have to recreate the game with an additional league(s) if there's nothing that leaps out at me, which is even worse.
  2. anyone still buy the DVD game like me? surprised there aren't more offers out there for the DVD game, as it was announced a week ago now! seems to be priced at £30 still, and downloads at £25-ish! will wait until next Monday before the beta release, hopefully there'll be a deal somewhere for the DVD version, otherwise I might have to bite the bullet and order the download version for once! guess i'm old school, like to have the boxed version to store, used to read through the manual first before playing the new game for the first time!
  3. would quite like have more "favourite" clubs on game creation - 2-3 clubs maybe, (Liverpool is my favoured club)? currently at Dortmund via Palermo (end of 2021-22 season), Dortmund are 2nd top club in the world at the moment. haven't had a job offer in 3-4 seasons - last one was when the Arsenal job came up, which I turned down, (Liverpool job has never come up as Brendan is still there). never seem to pop up in the "who will take over" screen, though I have just popped up in the "sack race" screen at 100-1, after winning the league! if a tycoon took over one of your favoured clubs, (or they had an ambitious chairman), knowing a top manager had an interest, you would like to think they would chance their arm and try to poach you, promise you new training facilities or increased stadium capacity or something to entice you? other in-game managers & players have multiple favoured clubs, why can't we managers? apologies if this had been mentioned, too many pages to read through! quick edit, would like to add Gladbach & St Etienne to my favoured clubs list, three would do me. let me know when it's ready!
  4. Alex Aguinaga for me, loved that guy! circa 2000 I think, give or take a year. ruled my midfield like an unheralded Xabi Alonso!
  5. is there any way of getting rid of the two in-match widgets? I'd rather have the original FM 1-widget setup back - have more widgets scattered down the left and right of my screen, with the centre empty (usually), so I can see more of the pitch. great looking skin though, fantastic work!
  6. still cannot activate the game here - Steam coming back with an invalid code message, after using the code printed on the game manual that came with the boxed version. have run the dvd install which appeared to complete the installation, as another x% of game files installed, but still nothing - game only launches as Beta, not the full version. does the Beta code run until the 5th or something, then you have to use the code from the boxed version to activate?
  7. have given up activating; was running on BETA, bought boxed version, and steam is not accepting activation code typed directly from back of the manual; have closed/restated steam multiple times, and it has never prompted its own "update" or download; have run the actual DVD disc which has updated a % of install files, but steam is still not accepting the activation code; when you look in the games library, says "you already own FM 2013"; when you launch the game, it launches as "BETA"; and still no download is kicking in; have given up now, and will check again tomorrow; same old same old year on year it seems!
  8. sub-£20 for the boxed game is an utter bargain! I always like to start by reading the manual cover-to-cover with multiple biscuits and cups of tea.
  9. there is a city in Turkey called "Batman" - I seem to remember the mayor tried to sue Warner Brothers when the last 'Batman' movie came out last year, for infringing on their city name!
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