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  1. Hi @StojC Thanks for getting in contact, this is an issue we are aware of. Current fix for this is to go to preferences and reset your preferences to default then restart your game and it should be fixed. Please let us know if this fixes the issue for you. Cheers, Adam
  2. Hi @ss03 Thanks for reporting this. The issue is known about and is with our dev team. Cheers, Adam
  3. Hi @WI5ARD Are the games being skipped friendlies? If so check in your staff responsibilities and see if your assistant is in charge of friendly matches? Cheers, Adam
  4. Hi all, We have just released update 19.2.2 which will address the new iPad pro screen issue. Apologies that it has taken longer than we hoped but thank you for you patience throughout. If you could confirm that the issue is resolved your side. Cheers, Adam
  5. No that's alright, this thread will be fine. Just to keep you informed that this issue has reproduced and is with our dev team. Cheers, Adam
  6. Hi @Georgios Sorry to hear that you're having a problem with this, What happens when you attempt to drag and drop a player, does it register that the player was selected? Cheers, Adam
  7. Hi all, Sorry to hear that you are having this issue, has this message appeared for everyone when updating the game not from first install? @aki180 We would always recommend backing up your save files before uninstalling but on Android you shouldn't lose them from uninstalling. Best to be safe though, let me know if you need any information on backing up your save files. @mayney Did you get that message from a fresh install or were you updating the game? Cheers, Adam
  8. Hi @PompeyPrivs Thanks for reporting this, could you attach a screenshot of the issue please? Is this now affecting every match you play since the update? Cheers, Adam
  9. Hi @Salford Neo Thanks for reporting this, we will have a look at this in house and see if we can get this to reproduce. Will update if/when we have any more information. Cheers, Adam
  10. Hi @kave Sorry to hear that you are having a problem, could I get your save game so we can have a look at in this in house and see if it reproduces. Steps on how to send us your save file can be found below, once this has been done please let us know the name of the file so we can locate it. Cheers, Adam
  11. Hi Guys, Apologies for this I know it's frustrating. Unfortunately the fix was more complicated than expected is still with our dev team. We are regarding this as one of the top issues we want to rectify ASAP so please bear with us and we will update you when we can. Thanks, Adam
  12. You can indeed, if you save your tactic to the cloud on FM 19 Touch PC and then log into your steam account via "Cross-Sync" on your Android device it should be there ready to download. Let me know if there are any problems with this. Cheers, Adam
  13. Hi Rocky, Sorry to hear that you are having issues with this but the point you made is exactly it, FM19 Touch is a demanding game and with changes and improvements made each year this becomes harder for older, lower end devices to run it as smoothly (the same goes with computers) We have run the game on the Mini 2/3, which are lower end, and although the performance had dropped we didn't have massive lag issues. I can suggest a few things to help see if this can address a few issues: Make sure no other apps are running in the background so the memory can focus fully on FM19 Touch Seeing if 2D Classic view offers a better match day experience If these things don't help or you are not happy with the outcome then please email help@sega.co.uk and ask for a refund, you will need a proof of purchase/receipt. Apologies again for any inconvenience this has caused, Adam
  14. Hi guys, Do you happen to still have a save just before the league split happens? If so could you upload that save to our cloud so we can have a look, steps on how to do this can be found via the link at the bottom of the page. Once you have attached it come back here and let us know the name of the save game file so we can locate it. Cheers, Adam
  15. Hi @oleg8979 Have got this to reproduce in house so will pass this on and update you if/when we have any info on the matter. Cheers, Adam
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