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  1. Adam Bell

    Keeps closing down

    Hi @Alexs1995, Apologies that you are seeing this issue. This is an extremely rare problem that we have not been able to reproduce in house and has only been reported by users a couple of times. The only way that we have seen to fix this is to factory reset your device, which you mentioned you had tried but it only works if you don't restore through iCloud. If you do not wish to do that then please email help@sega.co.uk to request a refund and provide your proof of pruchase. Thanks, Adam
  2. Adam Bell

    Black screen

    Hi, Unfortunately your device is not supported by us, full list of devices can be found here. To request a refund please contact help@sega.com with your proof of purchase Apologies for any inconvenience, Adam
  3. Hi Woccy, Sorry for the late reply, after selecting see a specialist would that information not be displayed if you tapped on the 'Inj' icon? Cheers, Adam
  4. Adam Bell

    Manager History dissapeared

    Hi Craig Thanks for raising this, this issue is known about and with the dev team. Cheers, Adam
  5. Adam Bell

    Unable to connect FMT Downloads

    Hi guys, If you go into game preferences on the start screen tap the 'Reset to default' button and then restart your game then try downloads again. Could you let us know if this helps? Cheers. Adam
  6. Hi, Thanks for reporting this, the free-kick issue seems to be a language problem, as this is fine in English, so this is now under review with our dev team The second issue is already known about and under review Thanks, Adam
  7. Adam Bell

    Can't turn the game on

    Hi, We recommend not changing any files manually like this as this could affect the game as it has for you. I would back up your save game go into device settings, apps and select 'Football Manager' and delete the cache and clear the data then uninstall. Then install from the play store again and see if it works. Cheers, Adam
  8. Adam Bell

    Crashes During Games

    Hi, Sorry to hear that you are having an issue, what tablet are you trying to play the game on? Cheers, Adam
  9. Hi, Apologies for the late reply, is this still an issue for you? Cheers, Adam
  10. Thanks very much for the videos and pictures you have sent on this, we shall look into the issue. Cheers, Adam
  11. Adam Bell


    Hi @Hodgy1704 Sorry to hear about this, what happens when you try and launch the game? Also which iPad are you using? Cheers, Adam
  12. Adam Bell

    Cross sync problem

    Hi @gi_ru That's strange, which achievements are missing for you now?
  13. Hi @aradiel Thanks for letting us know! @Jupiter🇭🇹 That's strange, have you tried logging out of cross sync and trying again. Also could you check FMT PC cloud saves and see if any are showing in there? Cheers, Adam
  14. Adam Bell

    Cross sync problem

    Hi @Citizensnips2008 & @gi_ru This issue should now be fixed, it is working on our end so could you let us know if its working again for you? Cheers, Adam
  15. Hi, @aradiel, @StaticUnion & @Jupiter🇭🇹 This issue should now be fixed, it is working on our end so could you let us know if its working again for you? Cheers, Adam