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  1. Hi Guys, Apologies for this, it's proving harder to track down than hoped. I just want you to know that we are still looking into this and hopefully a solution will be found soon. I cannot really give any other information for now I'm afraid but please know that this is something we are actively looking into. I appreciate your patience for the time being Cheers, Adam
  2. Hi, This can only be done between FM 19 Touch on iPad and FM19 Touch on PC. You would also need to be signed into the same Steam account to use our Cross-Save feature Hope this has clarified this for you Cheers, Adam
  3. Hi, Unfortunately I have nothing to report for the moment. As this is a Apple beta we don't officially support that OS and any update is at the discretion of the user. Only work around we have for now is to go back to the previous iOS version (I believe there is a way to do this but would check with Apple beta documents to make sure) This is still being looked into though and I hope to provide more of an update in the future. Cheers, Adam
  4. Hi, Unfortunately no further update for this. I can only reiterate what Alistair said above and that if you know you will need to lock your device, to save your game and close the app as the issue does not seem to occur whilst the game is first launched and left open. Cheers, Adam
  5. Hi, Thanks for reporting this and as you mentioned this is a known issue. We would rather keep issues to one thread so I will be locking this one but any further information can be found in the thread attached. I appreciate that it's a frustrating issue but as of now all I can say is that it is with our dev team to review. The only thing I can recommend for now is to try not to background/lock your device for as long as you can and if you know you'll need to stop to save your game and close the app. Thanks, Adam
  6. Hi @Good choice That is weird as FMT is not compatible on phones. Did you purchase it on your phone? Cheers Adam
  7. Hi, Sorry to hear that you are having this issues with the game. We have a few Samsung Tab A's in house which have been tested on and have never had this freeze. Could you provide the model number of the device you own (this can be found via Settings -> About Device) and I'll see if we can match it to any devices we have in house. Cheers, Adam
  8. Hi @Christutte Apologies that this has occurred for you and I agree that it is not good. Problem for us is that we have never been able to reproduce this issue in house and without that we cannot resolve it, the only thing we can do is to ask anyone that has had this crash to to provide as much information as possible. Thank you for the information you have already provided but there are some more things I just want to check; When the payment was going through were you taken away from the game to log into PayPal or enter a security number for your card? At what point exactly did the crash occur in the first place? The only work around we know of is to factory reset your iPad and then not restoring the settings via iCloud as the error is stored in the iCloud keychain. I appreciate that is not ideal and if so please feel free to email help@sega.co.uk and request a refund, explaining your problem and providing proof of purchase. Thanks, Adam
  9. Hi, I've seen you have already posted in the bigger thread about this issue, I will close this thread off and we can continue the discussion there. Cheers, Adam
  10. Hi @Macdee8 Thanks for reporting this, this should definitely not be happening. How often does this occur for you? Is it everytime you close and reopen the game as we have tested this before releasing the update and did not get any instances of divergence? Cheers, Adam
  11. Hi @Israel A. Have you you also restarted your internet? What country do you live in so we can see if there might be anyway country firewalls preventing you from accessing the in-game store? Cheers, Adam
  12. Hi, This is expected behaviour on FMT and this is unlikely to change. This is to provide a more streamlined experience for the user. Apologies for any convenience this may cause. Cheers, Adam
  13. Hi @JPKR Thanks for raising this issue, have checked this on iPadOS 13 in house and the issue reproduces and is now with our Dev team. Will update you if/when there is any info to report Cheers, Adam
  14. Hi, That does seem odd, have you got a save before this game still? If so could you try and replay the match and see if it occurs again? Cheers, Adam
  15. Hi, Sorry to hear that you are having an issue, could I get your model number of your tablet please? This can be found in Setting -> About device/tablet Cheers, Adam
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