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  1. Hi, Sorry nothing has been addressed for this as this has not occurred on our Pixel C yet. Could I get more info on your setup and see if we can try and recreate it our side. OS being used on your device Is FMT up to date (19.3.4) Currently, how many matches on average can you play before it crashes If it crashes and the recovery save is loaded does the match then complete Was the crash happening at the same point in every game or does it seem inconsistent All info will be much appreciated Cheers, Adam
  2. Hi, Thanks for raising this issue, how often has this occurred for you? Cheers, Adam
  3. Hi, Thanks for raising this issue, this is known and is currently with our Dev Team to review. Cheers, Adam
  4. Hi, Thanks for raising this, we will have a look at matches in house and see what the results are. Will let you know if we have any update on the matter. Cheers, Adam
  5. Hi, The first issue is known and with our dev team. The second issue is in part as expected as we have the recovery save system if your game is closed unexpectedly without saving. The 'no file' message is odd though, could you please attach a screenshot of the message here. Cheers, Adam
  6. Hi @StojC Thanks for getting in contact, this is an issue we are aware of. Current fix for this is to go to preferences and reset your preferences to default then restart your game and it should be fixed. Please let us know if this fixes the issue for you. Cheers, Adam
  7. Hi @ss03 Thanks for reporting this. The issue is known about and is with our dev team. Cheers, Adam
  8. Hi @WI5ARD Are the games being skipped friendlies? If so check in your staff responsibilities and see if your assistant is in charge of friendly matches? Cheers, Adam
  9. Hi all, We have just released update 19.2.2 which will address the new iPad pro screen issue. Apologies that it has taken longer than we hoped but thank you for you patience throughout. If you could confirm that the issue is resolved your side. Cheers, Adam
  10. No that's alright, this thread will be fine. Just to keep you informed that this issue has reproduced and is with our dev team. Cheers, Adam
  11. Hi @Georgios Sorry to hear that you're having a problem with this, What happens when you attempt to drag and drop a player, does it register that the player was selected? Cheers, Adam
  12. Hi Guys, Unfortunately this did not make the 19.2.1 update either, as said before you will be the first to know. I appreciate that it's frustrating, I own the same iPad as well and am also waiting for all the apps to be changed to fit the whole screen. For me though it is still playable as the game functionality is there and still runs exactly the same as it would do with the screen full size. I found after playing it for a while you don't really notice it that much so I do urge you to try and stick with it for now. I want the issue to be resolved as quickly as you guys and, as I have mentioned before, we are looking into it as one of the top issues to be resolved and hopefully will get some better news regarding this in the new year. Apologies again, Adam
  13. Hi all, Sorry to hear that you are having this issue, has this message appeared for everyone when updating the game not from first install? @aki180 We would always recommend backing up your save files before uninstalling but on Android you shouldn't lose them from uninstalling. Best to be safe though, let me know if you need any information on backing up your save files. @mayney Did you get that message from a fresh install or were you updating the game? Cheers, Adam
  14. Hi @PompeyPrivs Thanks for reporting this, could you attach a screenshot of the issue please? Is this now affecting every match you play since the update? Cheers, Adam
  15. Hi @Salford Neo Thanks for reporting this, we will have a look at this in house and see if we can get this to reproduce. Will update if/when we have any more information. Cheers, Adam
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