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  1. But I don't think a 4-3-3 / 4-1-2-2-1 should be impossible to achieve succes with regardless what team you manage. Never made a 3/5 at the back before. Might play around with one and see how it goes.
  2. Maybe swtiching BBM and DPL? But wouldn't it also cause problems with the IW aswell? A MEZ would be ideal, but I don't have the right players for that role.
  3. This is my current setup. After struggling first season, I'm now going into 2nd season. A bit change of style, which I think suits my players better tbh. Now I need to bring in a better striker - I found that we were actually getting enough good chances, but Antoions low finish and composure did not serve us well.
  4. He got the best finishing and composure.. sad but true haha. I'm actually okay defensively, so conceding is not my biggest problem. Attacking and scoring goals is however.
  5. I'm really struggling in the first season as West Ham. 15 games played, 20 points, 16 goals conceded, and only 18 scores. The problem is definately offesively, but I really can't understand why. I have the striker going deep, IF cutting in and should be my main goal thread. The right wing a natural overlap. Soucek as CM(s) has the trait "Gets forward whenever possible", hence I've chosen not to give him an attacking duty. He's not really fit for a MEZ-role. What I wan't tactically is playing a semi-possession playing style, but taking advantage of possible counter-opportunities.
  6. I'm struggling to understand this part of the tactical analysing tool. I'm managing Reading - what represents my offensive focus on the picutre to the right? Cant figure out, whether I'm the blue or the red arrows, and how to understand that section.
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