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  1. Good to see it back. I also vote for expansion to 18 teams. Not entirely sure how you break the hegemony without a bit of artificial intervention. Maybe a secret vote to pick a team to suffer an 'unfortunate event'....? Not at all sure I like the idea but throwing it out there. As I recall, back in the day it was pretty uncommon for clubs to have extended periods of domination in any country.
  2. bermybhoy

    The OTF Homeowners Thread

    What's a reasonable amount for an unvented cylinder system for a large house and hive controls?
  3. bermybhoy

    Excel Help

    Ok looking at it now, vlookups on each list should be able to flag differences. So if the data is in columns A and C, on the first list =vlookup(A1,C:C,1,false) and on the second =vlookup(C1,A:A,1,false) You could put an if or iferror round the formulae to make the output neater. Does that work or am I missing something?
  4. bermybhoy

    Excel Help

    Tbh I was replying to the query from leviaxxan. This seems to have morphed into a general excel query thread. Do you have a solution? I saw there was a load of replies and haven't really tried to come up with one.
  5. bermybhoy

    Excel Help

    You could have also sorted by the reference then date and time, highlighted the whole lot then used the 'remove duplicates' function on the reference column, which would leave only the first instance of each.
  6. bermybhoy

    Every Pret a Manger employee to get £1000

    Why would they regret it? Slightly smaller slice of the pie for the main shareholders? I love the stories about the tech firms with cleaners showing up super cars because they had free shares.
  7. Yeah, he does go along to training a couple of times a week, not actually in a team though. The boys that play for the connected teams have competely seperate training as far as I know. Not sure he'd get far in trials even at this age. Most of these other kids are actually pretty handy at football and do play for the team.
  8. So my 7 year old is currently giving me cause for concern. He doesn't have any close friends at school, never asking to have any over, and the party invites (they obviously get more selective as they progress through primary) have completely dried up. He's a football obsessive, but with the best will in the world certainly isn't a natural and isn't especially good - which isn't a problem to me if he enjoys it. Over the last couple of days I saw a few things that concerned me. There was an open day at the local club and he bumped into a few kids from his class having a kickabout - this seemed to involve him charging in, trying to tackle while the other boys held him off or just passing it around him. When he did win it they'd just hold him back, or someone else would immediately step in and take it back. So in short it was unstructured, but the game seemed to involve essentially teasing him. I saw similar the next day dropping him at school (I hardly ever get a chance to). I also noticed in both cases that he just charged in and tried to get the ball - as opposed to say, asking what was the game was, whose team etc. He tells me that he doesn't ask to play because they'd 'just say no', or that if they're having a game at school no one ever passes to him because they don't think he's any good. Equally though, he was having fun, in his own way but it seemed a lot like they were having fun at his expense. At parent's night the teacher gave a glowing report and said he was popular, had plenty of friends and was always playing football, and he's smart academically - or in other words that there's nothing to worry about. My observations are more that he possibly subject to low level bullying, and maybe can't read social situation very well at all. This is a bit of a ramble - but, any advice? I'm concerned I could make him feel bad, or lose confidence, but want him to be more savvy about whether other kids are actually treating him ok or not. Tl:dr - how do you improve a 7 year old's social skills?
  9. bermybhoy

    Every Pret a Manger employee to get £1000

  10. bermybhoy

    The OTF Homeowners Thread

    I sort of assumed that's what he meant anyway but will make sure. As in, the cables wound be through accessible tubing.
  11. bermybhoy

    The OTF Homeowners Thread

    Good point that. Think i can be fairly sure where it will go but might be worth putting them in what will be a dining room in case we move things about.
  12. bermybhoy

    The OTF Homeowners Thread

    Not sure if I want to do the hard wiring, get a decent signal everywhere and its a relatively new house. That said, we want one of the rooms to be a home office/ study, so it could be a shout there in case there'd some router issue. That's not a bad idea with the Sky cable. Presumably that would only be able to play whatever is on the main tv though?
  13. bermybhoy

    The OTF Homeowners Thread

    I've got an extension going up at a rapid rate. Need to start making decisions on the positioning of sockets and stuff. Will probably get a wall bracket for a tv and HDMI cables installed behind the wall too. What else are the cool kids doing these days?
  14. bermybhoy


    I'd downvote if only i could.
  15. Hold on. What happened to the Celsius's? Celsiii? Did they just breed themselves or of existence like the Hitlers? I suppose you're arguably never going to improve the family name.