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  1. Anyone got any experience in amateur leagues? Have started a career unemployed with a few nations running, and got offered a job with some Belgian 3rd division outfit. Not got as far as playing a game and they actually look ok on paper, but seems a struggle to find anything more than marginal improvements to the team. Will it just end up massively frustrating?
  2. Oh yeah, obviously you might want to take care of that first. Might be another couple of months before my Oxford City side is anywhere near it.
  3. Ideally they would all be from the point the challenge was complete, wouldn't they? Just from the perspective that anyone who keeps going for several years will presumably have a far better team than anyone who's just completed it. Up to Paul to lay down the ground rules though Looking forward to a genuine Monkeys v Softies face off.
  4. Just a little idea I came up with that someone might want or be able to run with…now first of all, I'm presuming the in-game editor allows you to move players around different clubs? Ok, so the idea is, participants create a striker like any regular sign up. The twist here is that, rather than leave the player to the vagaries of where the FM AI may take him, you would get to choose which country and for which club he would play for each season. We have 10 countries loaded up, each player would play one season in each country, though in different orders. The order would be of your choosing. T
  5. Ooops. This reminds me I was going to email you that file, sorry Robert. I just don't think it's possible to move a database -it's precisely the problem we had in Wallace v Roberts last year, and I've seen the problem posted elsewhere since, never with a satisfactory answer. One for the bugs forum?
  6. Cheers. Yeah that's true, you wouldn't actually have to win anything else. The only thing is with the vagaries of cup competitions, it's arguably more difficult than 'just' winning the league. 5 in 7 years would be tough going as Man Utd...
  7. With the FA Cup final coming up, had a bit of random musing... If you know the history of it, in the early years, between 1872 and 1883 it was won by clubs who (to my knowledge) don't exist anymore. Wanderers FC (with 5 of the first 7) are probably most famous, then there's the likes of Royal Engineers, Blackburn Olympic, and so on. Blackburn Rovers won it in 1884, and it's been won by established clubs since then. So, would there be any interest in 'resurrecting' these teams within the game, and embarking on some community project to bring the cup back to them? Would probably lend itself to
  8. You called? I obviously don't physically attend the ground every other week though...
  9. Interesting...I'm reasonably sure I have the Softies final save position if anyone is interested in this. Think it would interesting to throw them into the 'real' premiership together to see who comes out on top. Top 2 positions for both wouldn't be impossible. In terms of a challenge, once they're in there, you could try and overtake them with the 'new' monkeys/softies.
  10. You're right enough actually, seem to recall that. No-one seems to be going for the idea anyway...would be a change though. Don't remember it. Come to think of it though, the Disharmony experiment I started and never finshed featured older players, might be that.
  11. If anyone's looking for an idea, there's something that you never see in a sign up. The vast majority are of the 'create a young superstar' ilk. What about 'create a veteran'? Maybe they all start at 31/32-ish (maybe older for defenders/goalkeepers). It might be interesting to see if there's any key to increasing the longevity of their careers. You could also allow them to have staff attributes - you could then also follow their non-playing careers once they retire. I'm sure theres a lot can be done with it....just throwing it out there.
  12. Ah didn't want to put you off, sorry. Think you had quite a few elements I hadn't come up with. The sign up for that was really entertaining it must be said. I just didn't have time to finish it off, draw any conclusions about how people's choices had affected things, etc...plus as I say there was a bit of a lack of interation, which was a shame.
  13. Wegason - in no way a criticism, but it sounds a bit like the 'Dragon's Den' sign up I ran in FM08 (on and off....for a while) with added bells and whistles such as picking players, which is no bad thing. Not sure if you saw it. One problem I found was getting much interaction/banter going...beyond commenting on your own team, seems a struggle to say much else. Might just be something to think about, sounds good though.
  14. iacovone - that's a pretty ambitious idea. Would be interesting alright. Just a shame the game doesn't itself allow you to do it - one for future versions maybe. Would be interesting to pitch the final Wallace and Roberts teams from the 2008 thread against each other - both European Cup winners and both pretty awesome sides.
  15. Sure thing. If you wanted to go ahead then I can help with some ideas. There seems to be a ton of things kicking off at the moment mind you, so you might want to hold off for a bit.
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