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  1. Currently I've got a game running down in the depths of Scottish football with Peterhead. It's going ok as it happens - 2nd season promotion and on course for a second successive promotion (touch wood) at the half way stage. At the minute My wage restrictions are a bit crippling - about £200 a week, max. I do however have a chap, Rory McAllister, who in the game and in the real world is too good for them - he is however paid accordingly, at about £650 a week. The board thankfully do allow me to renew his contract on the same terms, even though it exceeds their wage restrictions. My suspicion however, is that if he wasn't there the max wage might increase a bit, but that I'd never be able to recruit a replacement on similar money. Am I right in thinking that? Or is there any function in the game to effectively get dispensation from the wage structure for an individual star player or two - if it falls within the overall budget?
  2. bermybhoy

    A (sort of) Farewell

    I don't venture into this forum all that often any more, so caught this by chance - anyway, thought I would commend you on setting this forum up and shaping it into what has been a good little community. Also, you made a massive contribution to the couple of threads I ran here, back in the days I had the time and inclination to do so, which was much appreciated.
  3. bermybhoy

    AFC Wimbledon sponsorship

    Should think so too, backed a winner there.
  4. bermybhoy

    AFC Wimbledon sponsorship

    Er, no. Not in the slightest. That's the very point I'm making, Football Manager would be far more recognisable to the man on the street. How do you know which brand Apple would use for sponsorship? They have several brands, and may at any one point wish to promote one seperately. 'Irn-Bru' sponsors the rugby league, and the Scottish lower divisions (or used to), not Barr's. Barr's evidently see more worth in promoting that one brand than simply using their company name. Bringing it back to SI, they have literally one recognisable brand, and I can't see why they don't use it?
  5. Having just caught a glimpse of them on TV and spotting the SI Games logo, why is that used on the tops? SI are a company with one product....more people are going to recognise 'Football Manager' than 'SI Games' surely? I've no doubt a fair bit of consideration went into it, but it seems a weird marketing decision to me. Any ideas? Apologies that this doesn't have terribly much to do with the game, but it's not quite an OTF post either.
  6. bermybhoy

    dafuge's FM10 challenge

    In the end I went with my gut reaction, which was to conduct a fire sale of my most valuable players, which got me well into the black and resulted in the board increasing the wage budget significantly, allowing me to bring in a raft of much better players - on the whole - than those sold. I sneaked promotion too, so the strategy worked. My regret now though, is seeing that the striker I punted for £750k has just been sold on for £2.4 million, and I didn't bother with a sell on clause to maximise the up front cash offer... Still, onwards and upwards to the championship, right back in debt again.
  7. bermybhoy

    dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Quick question here: I'm 7 seasons in (haven't got round to doing up seasonal reports right enough) and in League 1 with Bradford PA. At season's end have found us £800k in debt, losing about £100k a month comfortably, without any serious budget overspend - the board are allowing about £33k per week in wages. What is people's approach here? Would you ignore it and take administration if it comes? Hope for a buy out? The alternative is that I have very sellable assets, a striker who can command £750k and a winger who can fetch £400k. Both were decent last season without setting the heather on fire, but are young and would be ok at Championship level. I generally have no issue at all with just flogging players to raise cash, but in this instance is there a chance of being bailed out without doing that?
  8. bermybhoy

    The Let us Laugh at England thread

    Actually, surely if Scotland were there they'd just have replicated Switzerland's results - beat the champions, lose, then draw with the diddy team when you need a win.
  9. bermybhoy

    The Let us Laugh at England thread

    Will be eternally glad that Germany scored a couple more goals, given the English propensity to argue that even if 'that' goal had been disallowed, they'd still have won 3-2. 44 years for karma to come back and bite on the backside, eh... Joking aside though, beaten by a FAR better team on the day. Haven't seen much of Germany so far, know little about a few of their players but they looked brilliant.
  10. Think it was fine too. No one complained about the save files as I recall. The only contentious issue was getting people to finish it within 10 days...
  11. Just thinking this might be up the alley of a few of the regulars in the Careers forum who haven't already had a bash at this? Know that advertising back and forth isn't great though.
  12. Would tend to say Stali-bridge personally. English placenames tend to be pronounced differently mind you. What kit does this particular Celtic wear?
  13. Quite like 5 too, although Stalybridge purely for the name... Ditching the idea of doing on a 'dafuge challenge' basis?
  14. bermybhoy

    dafuge's FM10 challenge

    With reference to my ranting above, thinking with the new patch out it appears to make sense just to start over again. Shame, as I was looking for some redemption in that same save. Don't have the stomach to write up a season report where the conclusion is losing the job though
  15. Actually, yeah, quite like that idea. Probably means that whoever goes first has to go through the re-loading process to get the 'right' team mind you. We can presumably already use the lists in the first post there to help pick teams? Don't imagine the reputations jump about too much between patches do they? It would then just be a case of making sure there's no massive disparity in terms of stadium size. Also might be wise not to go for miniscule reputation sides to make the process of getting them promoted into the relevant division as easy as possible.