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  1. That'll be great once it's done. I kinda want one of these garden makeover teams off the telly to come and start putting down mature shrubs and segment it off and whatnot and make it really interesting In reality I really just need to get artificial turf down to deal with kids playing football and to find a way to accommodate a massive trampoline and a playhouse. There's probably a really optimal way to do it.
  2. Who drew up the plans for you? And how much is it costing, if you don't mind being asked? My back garden is a state and needs a bit of inspiration.
  3. Thanks, what's the route for that, email? I must have set up the account but have no idea of any of the details. Need to find out and change the password though
  4. Question for you FUT players. My sons game has a glitch last weekend on his PS4 where he got an error message saying that he'd logged in on a new generation device and had therefore been logged out. He doesn't have access to a PS5 so definitely hasn't. I goggled it, it doesn't seem uncommon and the suggestion is to leave it for a few days then log back in. He's done that, but his entire team has been sold Anyone come across this? Any idea what's going on? Seems unlikely, but I've concerns the account has been hacked?
  5. Do we have any Chromebook experts here? I am looking to get a laptop for a 10 year old's Christmas. Function is primarily to do schoolwork, he has plenty of devices for games. Is there any strong reason not to go for the most budget option? Cheapest I can find is this from Currys https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/asus-c223-11-6-chromebook-intel-celeron-32-gb-emmc-grey-10199890-pdt.html Any help much appreciated.
  6. What do your kids watch these days? My 10 and 8 year old really only want to watch (to me) insufferable YouTube types playing games - Fortnite, Among Us, whatever else is in fashion. I'm not sure i like them spending so much of their time either playing games or watching other folk playing them. The days of Fireman Sam, then Scooby Doo and whatever else seem long gone. I can't even decide if it's objectively worse than just watching cartoons. Elder one claims his classmates watch 'adult' programmes like Stranger Things and pushes for free reign. Take it this isn't unusual?
  7. Haven't you lost a fortune on it with the recent car crash? I am relatively small scale having put about a grand in, but am just currently sitting on it as prices are currently only going one way. Yes dropping prices improve dividends returns, but if they have driven it into a wall the way it appears they might have, its ultimately worth nothing.
  8. In already. Just don't like to boast in public.
  9. This is what I find amazing. They even said Trump had a lot of the Latino vote because of these fears. Which i guess is understandable in a sense of you look at what has gone on in South America....but by any standards Biden is pretty conservative in terms of economics and not particularly liberal or progressive. Million miles from being a crazy left winger.
  10. Well that doesn't quite exist. But they all post literally the same thing. If, dunno, Elon Musk was smart enough to tweet in 8 languages we'd all happily agree he had a further x million followers in those languages I don't imagine this makes any difference to my position in mid table mediocrity
  11. Nah, hold on @Gizzy. The big guy also has 18m Spanish 5m Italian and others. Even 500k in Arabic. You're not saying they're seperate accounts? Not having it!
  12. Sent. Get well soon Gizzy. Have some virtual grapes.
  13. You'd imagine that if they're was a way to bring it back, the metals wouldn't be nearly so rare and become much less expensive. I guess whoever puts it on the back of a space pickup and brings it back would want suitably compensated mind you.
  14. Yeah the price disparity always amazes me. I bought my first flat for £67k back in 2005. Next and current place was a 4 bed detached for about £215k 9 years ago (sorry those with shoeboxes that cost more) that I've since extended by several rooms and about 1/3 of the floor area - would hope its worth more like £350k now, especially since other houses in the estate have gone up a lot in the last few years. Had a look at some new build Cala houses nearby recently - concluded that it would cost an additional 100k plus all the stamp duty for a bit more space, a great finish but fewer r
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