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  1. I'm completely locked out of PayPal because of their ludicrous PSD2 checks Checking online it's a common problem and there isn't any clear resolution. Crazy. I might just need to set up a new account. That or I can do direct bank transfer.
  2. Trying to resolve a problem - it wants me to log in, but wants to text me for verification first, except it doesn't have the right number. In an endless loop where the only way to change it is to log in, but impossible to log in because I haven't changed it. Will try again later.
  3. I'll need to dust down my PayPal account, but away for the weekend. If I can figure it out on my phone will do, otherwise might need to wait until Sunday I think.
  4. Oh yeah, obviously you might want to take care of that first. Might be another couple of months before my Oxford City side is anywhere near it.
  5. Ideally they would all be from the point the challenge was complete, wouldn't they? Just from the perspective that anyone who keeps going for several years will presumably have a far better team than anyone who's just completed it. Up to Paul to lay down the ground rules though Looking forward to a genuine Monkeys v Softies face off.
  6. Just a little idea I came up with that someone might want or be able to run with…now first of all, I'm presuming the in-game editor allows you to move players around different clubs? Ok, so the idea is, participants create a striker like any regular sign up. The twist here is that, rather than leave the player to the vagaries of where the FM AI may take him, you would get to choose which country and for which club he would play for each season. We have 10 countries loaded up, each player would play one season in each country, though in different orders. The order would be of your choosing. There would be a scoring chart for each country with points awarded for say, the top 5 (at the end of the sign up - ie, once everyone has played in all 10 countries), with an overall winner based on those points (and runner up prize, if applicable, for top scorer overall). I reckon as a restriction, no two players could ever play for the same club. There's loads of little extras that could be added, like bonuses for goals scored in their 'home' country (based on nationality chosen at the start), maybe a side table maintained for international goals and so on. I think it would be fairly interesting to see fpr example, which order of countries people think is best…eg, would you be better playing in a weaker league at the start when your player is on the way up, or writing off the bigger leagues by starting off there, and trying to blitz the smaller ones… Any thoughts, feedback...anyone want to do it...
  7. Ooops. This reminds me I was going to email you that file, sorry Robert. I just don't think it's possible to move a database -it's precisely the problem we had in Wallace v Roberts last year, and I've seen the problem posted elsewhere since, never with a satisfactory answer. One for the bugs forum?
  8. Cheers. Yeah that's true, you wouldn't actually have to win anything else. The only thing is with the vagaries of cup competitions, it's arguably more difficult than 'just' winning the league. 5 in 7 years would be tough going as Man Utd...
  9. With the FA Cup final coming up, had a bit of random musing... If you know the history of it, in the early years, between 1872 and 1883 it was won by clubs who (to my knowledge) don't exist anymore. Wanderers FC (with 5 of the first 7) are probably most famous, then there's the likes of Royal Engineers, Blackburn Olympic, and so on. Blackburn Rovers won it in 1884, and it's been won by established clubs since then. So, would there be any interest in 'resurrecting' these teams within the game, and embarking on some community project to bring the cup back to them? Would probably lend itself to a challenge best, I think, with the clubs starting out at the bottom of the pyramid. It looks like the teams would have to be edited in (me and the editor don't mix though), and I'm unsure if there's any way to link them to the names which appear on the list of past winners of the FA Cup, to ensure you get the satisfying message that you've won it for the first time in 150-odd years when you eventually get there. So a few questions: 1) Any real point? Is it distinct enough from dafuge's challenge, other than the names of the clubs involved? 2) Any suggestions for how best to go about it? 3) Anyone interested enough?
  10. You called? I obviously don't physically attend the ground every other week though...
  11. Interesting...I'm reasonably sure I have the Softies final save position if anyone is interested in this. Think it would interesting to throw them into the 'real' premiership together to see who comes out on top. Top 2 positions for both wouldn't be impossible. In terms of a challenge, once they're in there, you could try and overtake them with the 'new' monkeys/softies.
  12. You're right enough actually, seem to recall that. No-one seems to be going for the idea anyway...would be a change though. Don't remember it. Come to think of it though, the Disharmony experiment I started and never finshed featured older players, might be that.
  13. If anyone's looking for an idea, there's something that you never see in a sign up. The vast majority are of the 'create a young superstar' ilk. What about 'create a veteran'? Maybe they all start at 31/32-ish (maybe older for defenders/goalkeepers). It might be interesting to see if there's any key to increasing the longevity of their careers. You could also allow them to have staff attributes - you could then also follow their non-playing careers once they retire. I'm sure theres a lot can be done with it....just throwing it out there.
  14. Ah didn't want to put you off, sorry. Think you had quite a few elements I hadn't come up with. The sign up for that was really entertaining it must be said. I just didn't have time to finish it off, draw any conclusions about how people's choices had affected things, etc...plus as I say there was a bit of a lack of interation, which was a shame.
  15. Wegason - in no way a criticism, but it sounds a bit like the 'Dragon's Den' sign up I ran in FM08 (on and off....for a while) with added bells and whistles such as picking players, which is no bad thing. Not sure if you saw it. One problem I found was getting much interaction/banter going...beyond commenting on your own team, seems a struggle to say much else. Might just be something to think about, sounds good though.
  16. iacovone - that's a pretty ambitious idea. Would be interesting alright. Just a shame the game doesn't itself allow you to do it - one for future versions maybe. Would be interesting to pitch the final Wallace and Roberts teams from the 2008 thread against each other - both European Cup winners and both pretty awesome sides.
  17. Sure thing. If you wanted to go ahead then I can help with some ideas. There seems to be a ton of things kicking off at the moment mind you, so you might want to hold off for a bit.
  18. So, as mentioned previously I came up with another idea. On reflection, there wouldn’t be much point in me getting deeply involved, especially as it could be pretty time consuming. But, if someone wanted to develop it, I’d be happy to help out. So who knows where this goes, if anywhere? Anyway, I present to you a proposal – CSE: The Soap Opera With the ability to add female staff, it occurred to me that it makes a ‘couples’ sign up possible. Most likely this would ‘husband and wife’ manager and assistant teams. Step 1 would involve those signing up creating their own profiles and picking the qualities they look for in a ‘partner’. At this point, they would also pick the ‘DNA’ that they would pass on to any players. Step 2 would involve everyone being matched up into their couples based on compatibility – a dating agency service, if you like - plus deciding who’s male and female and who’s manager and assistant. I’m sure some people would love to be female… Step 3 is where it gets interesting – the happy couple would have some kids You could really go anywhere with this, but I thought it would be interesting to have a few different players you could follow. Therefore based on the ‘DNA’ previously chosen, you kids would share the qualities and flaws from both ‘parents’. My initial thoughts are you could have a set of twins – one good and one bad, and one other kid who you initially don’t know about… So you now have whole families, so I reckoned this is where it starts to resemble a soap opera. Those signing up could be assigned, or decide themselves, on their friendships and rivalries with the other families. So, your couple would be looking to get one over on the ones you don’t like and looking for your own players to be as successful as possible. You therefore have: Good kid – starts at your club, you get points for their performances. Bad kid – another ‘couple’ has to adopt one bad kid. They would then lose points based on bad on-field discipline, and any trouble making they cause (going awol, requesting transfers, being disliked by other players), but the parents would receive points for causing a disliked neighbour grief… Controvertially, as an added twist, you could throw in another player, who’s arisen from a past indiscretion . These players would again be created using the DNA provided, but this time, with a random other male/female (as applicable) in the sign up. I’m not sure exactly how this would work, but maybe all their attributes were masked and you can only reveal them by asking relevant questions – thus allowing you to guess which player is ‘yours’, eventually. Once you’ve figured it out, you’d start scoring points for their performances too. You have a lot of rivalry and intrigue there. If it was well enough written, it could be pretty entertaining, with plenty of banter for participants ‘down the local’...
  19. I was thinking about the inclusion of the gender choice for managers in the game and how no-one quite seems to have nailed how to include it in a sign up. Suffice to say, I think I’ve figured it out It would involve some people needing to get comfortable with switching gender (probably half the sign up, in fact) and ‘co-operating’ with another forum member. There would be gossip, intrigue and a little bit of ‘keeping up with the Jones’’. In fact, it may be yet another one that lends itself to a style of tv programme… Anyway, just throwing it out there. I don’t want to give too much away right here (but there’s always PM). Need more time to develop it, and would probably need some help from someone to set up and/or to run it, if I could even do it at all. Also as I’ve said umpteen times, I won’t even get my hands on FM09 for a few weeks yet anyway…
  20. No, definitely unchanged. There was quite an interesting GQ thread about it. Someone from SI posted in it to say it was a good idea, but very hard to implement. Sounded like it would be some way off.
  21. Corinthiano- cool – I’m glad someone picked up on this. This is largely how I envisaged it. If you went with it that would be great. I like your idea of using multiple nations; that would add a lot of variety. In terms of the order of draft, after the first year, it could be the ranked on prior year performance. You could also think about using lower league teams sometimes, which would randomize the available quality even more. For your own sanity I think you need to keep the number of participants down. I would say 10, just to see how it works out (oh, can I claim dibs already?). It occurred to me that the absolute easiest way to do this would be to upload the file each year and let people take a browse, but it would be too easy to cheat. Therefore you’d need to provide screenshots of all of the potential picks. This is where it gets difficult. Even with 10 people, say they have a choice of 3, that’s 30 screenshots, every time. Then you need to consider how often to update, and how much detail to provide. After 5 years, say, you’re tracking 50 players. If you’re doing the choice of 3 players, plus all the existing players - that already a lot of screenies, and your oldest players are still youngsters – it’s still just getting going. Of course you wouldn’t necessarily have to show each player every year, perhaps just every 3 or 4 on a rotational basis, or on request, so people can see how they’re developing. The rest of the detail (season stats and earnings) could be done in a table. You’d maybe then just want a narrative to say who got a new contract, news of transfers, and so on. Anyway, I’m maybe getting bogged down in details here, but I’ve thought about it all so thought I might as well share it. To me it sounds like it could get very time consuming very quickly which is why I haven’t run with it myself – but I’m sure if you’re willing to do it, it would be excellent. Just read Paul’s post – good point. Maybe if you ran the picks for say 5 or 10 years, then just let their careers play out? If you were only doing 5, maybe everyone could get 2 or 3 players from different countries a year? If you set a limit from the start, you know the absolute maximum number of players you’ll be tracking in the end. Not sure about full detail. Maybe you could just switch it on for any leagues the players are based in, plus continental competition, if necessary? Good luck with it
  22. I had a potentially fairly interesting idea, also slightly derived from Nep's thread, and partly from Robert's premiership draft proposal. Basically, it would involve 'talent spotting' of regens, probably those coming through at top clubs. I thought it might be interesting to see who can spot raw talent based on players stats at 15/16. It could probably be pitched an agent based competition, with performance judged based on wages and transfer fees earned by the player. I guess you would have to add a new batch of regens each season to keep it interesting, but the issue then would be that before long you'd be tracking quite a lot of players and it would get tricky. You could add in options to trade players and so on to keep it lively. But in any case, I have neither the game, and more importantly, the time for such a thing so unless anyone's interested in borrowing it, it goes no further than this ramble
  23. Unfortunately I'd be out. Not looking likely to get the game until I'm home at Christmas now quite apart from anything else.
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