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  1. I'm playing in 1440 x 900 with 175% zoom on a 2017 MacBook Pro
  2. Just had this injury in my 2019 beta save, something I've never seen before. Imagine it's very, very rare for it to occur in game but wondering if anyone else had ever seen it? Or is it a new thing? Don't want to say it's a bug as obviously it's completely possible, but something I never knew was in the game. Have I (and Isaac Hayden!) just been really unlucky here?
  3. You have the wrong Adam Johnson as a data analyst for WBA. The correct one is a free agent in the game (ID: 28110528) and used to work for Leicester City and Newcastle United. Proof here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adam-johnson-26766385/
  4. The dark and light skins are far less purple, I'll probably be using one of those. Always used the light on in FM18 too.
  5. Yes, but I was referring to the fact it's unlikely to be midnight tonight if it is tomorrow.
  6. It's a new dawn, it's a new day and I'm feeling even beta than yesterday. Fingers crossed for today folks.
  7. Absolutely. Not sure what else he can say besides expect it on Friday and before that is a bonus.
  8. He'll be sat in his office reading this thread laughing at us all desperately waiting for the beta
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