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  1. Dani Garcia Vallejo is the Newcastle United U18 goalkeeper coach. Evidence: https://twitter.com/danigarva?lang=en Adam Bartlett is the U23 goalkeeper coach. Evidence: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/adam-bartlett-b8a1a18a
  2. Have you tried putting one of your centre backs on a 'cover' duty? I definitely think there's a problem but this seems to be reducing it and helping me to defend against them a little bit. I usually choose my fastest centre-back to do this.
  3. Joleon Lescott needs to be added to Manchester City as loan manager. Sources: https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/joleon-lescott-man-city-job-14926146 https://twitter.com/joleonlescott?lang=en (bio)
  4. Finished my season with Coventry in 2nd place in League One. This was clinched on the final day of the season by beating AFC Wimbledon. Hiwula was brilliant all season finishing with 39 goals in all competitions, and I'm now just waiting to see if he wins the Player of the Season award. He should be a shoe-in for that! Dabo finishing top of the assist chart was a real positive too, especially from wing-back. My best XI shows the formation I used throughout the majority of the season, occasionally switching to a 5-4-1 when away from home and not favourites to win. This worked well, especially with the pace of Hiwula upfront in behind. That'll probably become my main system for next season in order to play on the counter in the Championship. I'll now also have a full transfer window to recruit specifically for that formation and get some good, hardworking wingers on board to play in front of the wing-backs. Excited for the challenge in the Championship but also hopeful that this will have put me on the map to other clubs higher up.
  5. I've played 25 games with Cov so far and currently sitting 2nd in the league. We had a pretty average start but then started picking up much better results as the squad gelled together and I worked out my best system and line-up. I've largely been playing a 5-2-1-2 with O'Hare behind Godden and Hiwula. Hiwula has been brilliant and is currently the league's top goalscorer. Just got to January and managed to sign Vernon Anita on a free. Doesn't really suit my current system but long term I'd like to play a 4-3-3 and he should be the perfect anchorman for that. I'll probably gradually bring it in this season and then go for it permanently next season with a few more signings. However I may need to rethink that if we get promoted! May be best sticking to a 5 at the back. Still going strong in the EFL Trophy, with Wycombe up next in the quarters and I'm through to the fourth round of the FA Cup to play Luton away. So generally going very well so far and hopefully we can carry on towards promotion to the Championship.
  6. Yes. If you go to the development centre. Then click on the team drop down menu at the top, then tactics. You can select the tactic that they play just above the team line-up.
  7. Don't think everybody would enjoy this though. Some people want to have control of everything. It may not be totally realistic but I like how FM gives you the choice. I often delegate stuff that a real life DoF would do to my DoF in the game, such as hiring and firing academy staff. I also let my youth development manager renew the U18s contracts. At least FM gives you the option to set it up how you want. If a lot of it was done already by the game without being able to turn it off, it would put off a lot of people.
  8. I would imagine that's what you've generated since the start of the save and the board have simply not lowered or raised this amount yet. Like jonpt says, you'll probably get an email once you get closer to January giving you a budget for that transfer window. That won't be your budget for the whole season, it's probably just money that's come in from clauses.
  9. Sounds like a deal! Don't worry if it's too difficult. I had a play about with it on Numbers but it was a bit beyond me as how to fix it and make it work.
  10. Not sure it's as clear cut as that. Some managers want their defenders to stay central, some are happier for them to step out and deal with things in wide areas. It's not as simple as certain players should be closer to others.
  11. This is really impressive. The tactical periodisation stuff is exactly how some coaches plan their training in real life and I've never seen anyone bring it to FM before. Going to give it a try, have a play about and see how I get on. Don't suppose there is a Mac version (numbers)? @Pedroig @FMathlete Tried opening it in Numbers but the formulas don't carry across.
  12. I like it mate, thanks for sharing that Such a flexible shape. A lot of people think of 5 at the back as really defensive but it can be just as offensive as a four if you use the right roles and instructions.
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