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  1. Had a Mezzala (Christian Eriksen) win back-to-back Ballon D'ors in a 4-3-3 so it's definitely possible?
  2. Sitting deep against them doesn't really do much. It just allows their full backs to move higher up the pitch, and more opportunities for them to switch into an overload. Marking their full backs with wingers works quite well for me as it reduces workload on your fullbacks. I've also found that defending wider also helps guard against them switching play.
  3. Not had as much time to play of late, but have made it to January 1st 2025 (My sixth season in charge). Things going fairly well from a competition standpoint. We're top of the league with 50 points. It's been a bit tougher this year, and we've managed to lose as many games as we did in the previous three seasons combined! Albeit to very good Spurs and Chelsea teams. No issues in the Champions League, topping a group of Juventus, Koln, and Feyenoord. We now have a date with Simeone's Bayern in the first knockout round. Carabao's been fairly straightforward aswell. Smashing Wimbledon, then Fulham in the rounds, then a 2-0 win over Spurs in the Quarters means we're matching up against City in the Semi-Finals. Squad's still in good knick, though I am planning to streamline it in the summer to allow academy players to come through.
  4. By all accounts, yeah - I'd be looking for him to use that strength and touch to hold the ball up, which a poacher wouldn't do.
  5. He has good movement, decisions, anticipation and acceleration, so should be able to make good runs beyond defenders. His touch and strength should allow him to keep defenders off once he does. He's not the quickest, nor is he a great dribbler so we don't really want him facing up defenders. Rather we're looking for him to stay in-line with defenders, play off the shoulder, and win headers in the box. Good long range shooter, with passable technique. I'm a sucker for a DLF(A), but think it could work with this guy. It should keep him in line with the opposition centre backs, without moving him into positions where he'll necessarily have to run at people with the ball (Whereas a support role likely would).
  6. I've had luck with him either as a W(S) in a flat 4-4-2, or as a IW(S) in a 4-3-3. Been typically good for 10 goals a season as a squad player in my current save.
  7. I've had no issues keeping hold of Pogba to be honest. Turned down Barcelona's bid at the end of the first season, and they immediately stopped being interested in him. :') He's turned 30 now, and is still excellent. Typically plays the MEZ(S) alongside Bellingham, or will play DLP(S) alongside Eriksen.
  8. Figured you were using him out wide as he's a bit quicker than my version. I've moulded mine into more of a Roaming Playmaker type. Here he is at the same age.
  9. Looks like you're on a great run at the minute! Squad looks fine size-wise to me - think mine's roughly the same size. Having the left and right foot in your squad page is a great idea. I'm always looking for two-footed players so might have to rob that. Mejbri and that Mexican GK regen look incredible! Have you used Mejbri from the start? Bellingham's getting good numbers for you, but his skillset looks quite different to mine. How're you using him?
  10. Well, pre-season's done and we're ready to go into the 2024/25 season. Signings Transfer window was fairly tame compared to the heavy spending of the previous season. Obviously the big signing is Troy Parrott. The Spurs striker follows in Eriksen and Kane's footsteps, and will hopefully live up to the price-tag. His dribbling ability and physicality strikes a happy medium between Kane, and the likes of Rashford, Sancho and Greenwood so I'm confident he will add another dimension to our attack. Troy Parrott - That dribbling's just ridiculous, really. I also added two backup goalkeepers to the first team. Mike Cooper had moved from Plymouth to Maurizio Pochettino's Porto side the previous summer. He didn't make the grade there, but he still looks fairly promising. Has a cannon of a throw which should be interesting to watch. German veteran Ron Robert Zieler adds experience, and being a former United academy player, helps with the homegrown quota. Mike Cooper - "Hold the phone he has a cannon!" The academy is strengthened with the additions of Stuart Barr, Andrew Hulme and Danny Gormley. Barr and Gormley are decent, three star players that i'd expect to turn a profit on, while Andrew Hulme has the potential to be an elite player - if I can iron out his one-footedness and crap personality. U18 Manager Ole Gunnar Solksjaer is on the case. Andrew Hulme - needs a lot of work. Hannibal Mejbri will also be involved with the squad this year, following four years of successful loans in Spain, France and Germany. Hannibal Mejbri - Well travelled. In terms of outgoings, there's a few sad losses. Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Sergio Romero all retire. While considerably far from their best, Ronaldo and Messi proved to be useful squad contributors. Ronaldo in particular scored 17 goals in 78 outings. Ronaldo will remain at the club, joining the U18 coaching staff. Cristiano Ronaldo - Can't imagine him doing this in real life. The big transfer out, was Nathan Ake, who after a tremendous 4 seasons with the club, joins Crystal Palace. He had one year left on his deal and I felt the need to clear a CB slot, with Buckle and Roberts seen as long term options. Nathan Ake - Gutted to lose this guy! Jake Warren, Joe Lamptey and Robbie Jack all leave for fees. Reports suggest these are all high potential players, who went on successful loans last season, but lack the technical ability to make it here. Jake Warren - didn't quite work out following his move from Brighton. Still turned a profit though. Joe Lamptey - runs about a lot. Robbie Jack - The game loves regen DC/ST guys. First Team Squad 2024/25
  11. I've found the IW-S to be my favourite wide man role in a 4-3-3. They'll still cut inside and offer goal threat, but they actually look up and play Kane in. I find the IF spaffs shots against the near post all too often. I love Dan James - he's very much a rotation player but he's excellent despite his attributes. He reminds me of Freddie Ljungberg in terms of his darting off-the-ball runs. Oddly scores his fair share of headers! Yeah, I held a press conference where I just slated Spurs for the duration. "Sancho's playing well" "Don't tell Spurs or they'll start scouting him". Just finished my fifth season with a domestic treble. The summer will be interesting - Parrott joining the forward rotation. Pogba, Eriksen and Aké have one year left on their existing deals. I'm at a point where I need to start clearing a path for some of the academy guys I've been developing.
  12. DLF(A) has become my favourite role for a lone centre forward. Just does everything I want it to do. In terms of other players scoring. I get good contributions throughout the team to be honest. I currently have: Kane - 46 appearances, 36 goals (DLF-A) Rashford - 29 appearances, 22 goals (IW-S, Left) Greenwood - 43 appearances, 19 goals (IW-S, Right. Also played DLF-A if Kane was unavailable) Sancho - 38 appearances, 18 goals (IW-S, Left or Right) James - 20 appearances, 12 goals (IW-S, Left or Right) Pogba - 35 appearances, 9 goals (MEZ(S)) There's another 7 players with 4-7 goals in there aswell. I wouldn't rule out the Maguire/Tuanzebe partnership - it's been outstanding for me over the last five seasons. . Here's one I don't understand. West Ham, Norwich and Spurs are obsessively scouting some of my regular players - particularly Laird, Greenwood, Bellingham and Kenneh. In five seasons, we've won the last three league titles and come 2nd twice. We've lifted the Champions League twice. West Ham have typically floated around 7th each year. Spurs typically 4th/5th, and Norwich firmly mid-table. Yet, I'm getting this;
  13. I tried using a False Nine when I was struggling to get the ball to Kane when I first signed him. Worked fairly well, but as he was dropping deep it impacted his scoring. Martial should do well there as it should open up space for him to run at people. Skriniar's been pretty good for me. I'm begrudgingly using him as he was one of the new Chairman's 'big signings' following the takeover. I don't think he's been considerably more impressive than my existing options though.
  14. Looks like you're on the right track to me. How's the False Nine working out for you? Quite similar to my set up; here it is for reference;
  15. Sod it, I've gone for it. How good does he look though?! He'll join a forward line of Kane, Sancho (not shown below as he's got a knock), Greenwood, Rashford and James. I have a couple of promising forwards coming through the academy aswell.
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