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  1. Posted this in the United thread, but think it's worth adding here also;
  2. Don't know if the AI Transfers have been tweaked in the new patch but some of the dealings I've seen in the league this summer (2020) are a bit nuts! - Wolves have made five signings, all centre-halves; Javi Martinez, Toloi, Rojo, Hoedt and Holding. - Chelsea have let Tammy Abraham (on loan), Batshuayi, Giroud leave, and currently don't have a recognised striker bar a transfer listed Loftus Cheek? - City have sold all three of their left backs, plus Otamendi, David Silva (albeit nothing they can do about that one) and loaned out Mahrez and Rodri. They've only signed Moussa Dembele and John McGinn. They've also sacked Guardiola and rehired Pellegrini? Some teams have had decent summers tbf, Arsenal have Lenglet, Joachim Andersen and Danilo Pereira. Liverpool have Jose Gimenez and Bruno Fernandes. But something definitely feels off! By all accounts I think I've done alright. Made these signings (also added Bellingham & Eriksen last season). Net spend of £36mill :') Ins: Nathan Aké - Bournemouth, £36mill Kills three birds with one stone. Going into the summer, I was looking for a DM who could offer similar physicality and defensive prowess to McTominay. I was also looking to move on Smalling, Jones and Rojo, so needed another Centre-Half, ideally a left sided one to compete with Maguire. He's also a more than capable left back, which allows me to move Brandon Williams out on loan. Great personality and leader aswell for fairly decent price (Bournemouth have been relegated). What's not to like? Nohan Kenneh - Leeds, £11mill Seen a lot of people on the forums wax lyrical about this guy. Highly rated by my scouts and only 17. Looks to be long term option either at CB, DM or MC. Joins my U23 Midfield of Doom with Bellingham and Mejbri. Luke Matheson - Rochdale, £5mill Wolves managed to pick this chap up for a lot cheaper in real life, but he looks great so can't complain. Takes Ethan Laird's spot as U23 right back while the former is on loan at Bournemouth. Potentially awesome, but thinking his future may be further forward as he's a bit lightweight. Jadon Sancho - Dortmund, £89mill Don't really need to explain this one James Milner - Free Agent Partially for bantz, partially because he's still an excellent player who, on a one year deal, allows me time to develop the likes of Williams, Garner and Laird. Should make for an excellent tutor also.
  3. Mason Greenwood's 26th goal of the season has just knocked City out of the Europa... IMG_0066480p.mov
  4. I've been playing with Man Utd this version, what's your typical starting XI? I'll assume you're using the default team for now. IWB(D) at Right Back is extremely conservative. I appreciate Wan-Bissaka's strengths aren't in his attacking contributions, but he's still serviceable. You essentially have two holding midfielders, do you need someone else coming in there? I'd change him to a FB(S) to give your winger at bit of support. I'd drop your left back to WB(S) for a bit of extra stability. You have your BPD on the right. I've typically used Maguire in this role, who I've found to be more suited to the left of the pairing. Midfield pairing is fine. I've always found Pogba to run games in the DLP(S) role so you should be okay there. I would think your SS and AF pairing would get a bit isolated as they're both roles that look to get beyond a defence. Your midfield is conservative so you're going to struggle to find them without always looking wide. I'd try a AM(S) to help link your midfield with either a PF(S) or DLF(A).
  5. Agree with what others have said in that this looks very one dimensional. Here's my thoughts; I'd change your keeper to something more aggressive in their distribution. Maybe SK(D) or SK(S)? I'd encourage one of your fullbacks to get forward more and overlap for a bit more variety. Would have at least a WB(S) in there. Depending on what level you're playing at, a Ball Player/No Nonsense defender would add some variety to your distribution from the back. One BWM is enough as you're giving space away in the middle. I'd maybe have a CM(S) in there alongside your BWM(S). I'd have a player who cuts inside on one of your wings, just for some variety going forward. I would change one of your strikers to a deeper role to link your attacks through the middle. In your current state you have two strikers pinned against the opposition defence, with no-one to get the ball to them.
  6. I've had success with a DLP(S) and CAR(S) pairing. But if you're committed to using a RPM, a BWM(S) should make a good partner. I think a dedicated Defensive role is too conservative in a 4-4-2.
  7. Started a new game with United. Looking to replicate the youth development save I had on last year's game. Playing with a 4-3-3 this time, seems to be working quite well!
  8. I'll refer you to this article on Zonal Marking; http://www.zonalmarking.net/2010/01/25/teams-of-the-decade-13-chelsea-2004-06/ As a rough approximation, I'd say something like; GK (Cech) - Goalkeeper (D) DR (Ferreira) - Full Back (S) DL (Bridge) - Wing Back (S) DC(r) (Carvalho) - Centre Back (C) DC(l) (Terry) - Centre Back (S) - Maybe BPD as Terry's passing was criminally underrated. DM (Makelele) - Anchor Man (D) MC(r) (Tiago/Essien/Gudjohnsen) - Really depended on the player tbh, I'd play with either B2B(S) or MC(S). MC(l) (Lampard) - CM(A) AMR (Duff) - IW(S) AML (Robben) - IF(A) ST (Drogba) - CF(S)
  9. Interesting to see where this second playthrough could go. Do you have any plans to utilise any players who didn't make the cut the first time round?
  10. These guys are either at Champions League clubs, or some of the most dominant nations. Without being harsh, why would they leave their clubs to come to a Championship side? For what it's worth, I don't really think Current Ability comes into it when looking at coaches. It's attributes that dictate their quality - you need high scores in Determination, Motivation and Level of Discipline, along with the technical coaching attributes you want them to cover. I'll direct you to Oliver Jensen's fantastic coach calculator, which shows a coach's star rating for each area based on their attributes. https://theresonlyoneball.com/2020/01/04/5-star-coach-calculator-for-football-manager-2020/ But as a guide, you're looking for; Fitness training Strength: Fitness Aerobic: Fitness General Training Tactics: Tactical and Mental Ball Control: Mental and Technical Defending: Defensive and Tactical Attacking: Attacking and Tactical Shooting: Attacking and Technical Goalkeeping Shot Stopping: GK – Shot Stopping Handling & Distribution: GK – Handling and GK – Distribution
  11. Got him for £21.5mill in season 1.
  12. 1. With De Ligt coming in, you should be fairly comfortable at centre back. You also have Axel Tuanzebe coming back from loan who is immense. I'd maybe keep Jones for tutoring/backup, but he should be your fifth choice behind De Ligt, Bailly, Lindelof and Tuanzebe. 2. Grimaldo, Shaw and Dalot should be more than adequate cover at Left Back. Maybe give Brandon Williams or Ethan Laird a shot here in cup games? If you're looking to move Shaw on aswell, I'd be looking at Kieran Tierney at Celtic (obviously now of Arsenal). Goes for about £25-£30 million on FM19. 3. Makes sense to move Valencia on. Dalot is an excellent right back on FM19 so should be ready to be your first choice. Lindelof would make a good backup option if you're running with Bailly and De Ligt as your starting CBs. Also recommend both Lee O'Connor and Ethan Laird in your academy. If you need to buy, have a look at Max Aarons at Norwich. Excellent right back who shouldn't cost you the earth. 4. I'd maybe make a move for Sancho to replace Mata. He goes for about £40 million in the first season of FM19. Bare in mind you have Andreas Pereira, Angel Gomes and Tahith Chong coming through aswell. All three were excellent for me on FM19. Declan Rice or Lewis Cook are options to replace Matic. Tonali is a good youth option, though you should also have James Garner in the academy. McTominay's not bad in this game (though not as good as he is on FM20). 5. I'd be inclined to move Sanchez on, go for Sancho then blood the three lads I mentioned above. You're welcome to post in the dedicated Man United team thread. The current one's based on FM20, but can't imagine anyone would have an issue. (There's also a Bundesliga one for your Dortmund thread )
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