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  1. You have him playing the attack role off your forward, but looking at your roles, it may be that he's isolated from your midfield? Especially as you have one of them dropping right into the defence in transition (DLP-D)? I'd try dropping Felix a bit deeper by playing him in a support role, and add Move Into Channels? If he starts deeper, he'll be in better positions to get the ball off your midfielders and link with both your wide players.
  2. I wouldn't bother getting your keeper to slow down. I use a 4-2-3-1, and have found some success getting the GK to distribute to the Centre-Backs. When the GK is in possession, your Centre-Backs will fan out wide, creating more passing options (full backs will push up, your two midfielders will drop in a bit deeper. No real issues with how you've set up your back-line. Maybe try changing the FB(A) to a WB(S)? FB(A) will start in a more conservative position than, say, a WB(S), but will probably make more risky/offensive passes than a WB(S), who will start higher and look to carry the ball/overlap more. In a 4-2-3-1, you essentially have two holding midfield players, I wouldn't worry about being two aggressive with your full-backs. No need to be fancy with instructions here, I think they over-complicate things for the most-part anyway. CM(S) is a pretty good role. I agree that you'd get away with a DLP(S) here also. I'd maybe consider switching the sides they're on however, as your DLP will drop into the space your BPD is occupying. If you BPD is good enough on the ball, do you really want your playmaker coming to get the ball off him? Agree on your thoughts in regard to using a winger here, though I'd maybe drop him to support so he offers that wide outlet from a bit deeper. TBH, I think the logic behind your choice of roles is pretty solid, I don't think anyone will be attacking the same space. I'd drop the AP(A) to support (or even change to AM(S)), so he drops into the space your holding midfielders leave behind. No issue with the CF(A), though I'd have a look at the PF roles considering your pressing strategy? I'd maybe drop "Distribute Quickly", as it doesn't really have much use if you're distributing to your centre backs, but otherwise seems fine for an aggressive pressing system - are you conceding many from balls over the top? I'd check out Ozil's recent posts in his Benfica thread as he's doing some great stuff with a possession-based 4-2-3-1 at the moment.
  3. I'd be tempted to go 5-3-2; I can't think of any winger options tbh! GK - You'll have Robinson, James, Seaman, Martyn and Wright here. I'd just pick the best of that bunch, not sure what they look like stats wise? WBR - Neville (WB-S) WBL - Cole (WB-S) DC(l) - Terry (BPD-D) DC(c) - Sol (CB-S) DC(r) - Rio (BPD-D) I'd rotate your midfield; MC(l) - Lampard/Hargreaves (MC-S) MC(c) - Scholes/Carrick (DLP(S)) MC(r) - Beckham/Gerrard (Carrilero) Nicky Butt is an option if you want to break up play in the middle also. I'd bring Joe Cole, Milner & Barry as squad options also Upfront, it'll typically be Rooney and Owen. Defoe is a viable alternative to Owen, as Joe Cole/McManaman are for Rooney (drop them into AM - Rooney might do better there aswell, idk). Bring Heskey as a physical option/bantz
  4. The young guys are starting to usurp the veterans!
  5. Sanchez was really solid for me over the first couple of seasons, but he got a few bad injuries and never really recovered to a point where I could justify giving him regular minutes over Rashford, Martial, Gomes or Lingard. Pace had dropped below 10 when I loaned him to Barcelona (had a decent goalscoring run for them, but still had a sub-7 average rating) before eventually letting him move to the MLS.
  6. Have you tried Axel? He's on the verge of pushing Bailly out of my team.
  7. Definitely can't turn that down. If Embalo's ready like you say, opportunity to bring him into the attack, and move Felix back into the midfield - Gives you the physicality you had with Fernandes up top, without losing sacrificing it in the middle?
  8. That positioning's easily bumped up though training, but yeah he's very much a youth prospect. Might as well stick with Garner if you're looking in that category.
  9. Completed some training with my youth players to develop their weaker foot. Having completed the training, I've noticed that they now have "Attempts to develop weaker foot" as a PPM? Should this be a PPM? Looks a bit odd!
  10. Probably the best of the bunch though, considering we're looking for an English DM. I think he'd do a job. Have you guys been hit by the Euro Super Cup bug? I've just had 95% of my club away for International Duty. Even my bloody U18s are getting capped :') Lost to a near full strength Lyon side 3-1. Only had Martin Hall (who played as a Libero in my back 5 :')), Garner and an injured Angel Gomes who could play! Got some grey players out of it, some bodies for the youth squads at least. Look at this guy's stat distribution for a winger :')
  11. I think your core ideas look solid! Hard to give too much advice as I can't see the players you're using. Your formation is fairly defensive by nature, so I think you can tweak a few of the more 'conservative' roles; - What are you looking for the IWB (D) to do? I'd personally go for something with more width here, you're pretty stacked in the middle of the park as it is. - HB(D) is excessively defensive given the shape you're using. I'd be tempted to run with a Defensive Midfielder (Support) here. - DLP(S) is okay, but I'd look for something with a bit more 'thrust' here. Depending on the type of player, Segundo Volante will give you a runner from midfield, or Regista will offer a more aggressive passer. Play about with it! - CF(A) may get isolated up there on his own. Would maybe try a Pressing Forward (Support) or a Deep Lying Forward (Support) here. Someone who can hold the ball up a bit while your runners support.
  12. First season, I had Chong, Gomes, Garner and Laird playing 5-10 first team games each. Chong & Gomes played U23 football, while Laird and Greenwood played both U18 and U23 football. Second season, Chong and Gomes became first team players (20+ games each), then were part of my starting XI in my third season. Laird, Garner and Greenwood all went on loan to Championships for both seasons and will likely be squad players in my fourth. Mengi is also extremely promising and has followed roughly the same path as Laird only a season behind. I try to keep them at the club until they turn 18 as that's when I can mould them the most, then make a decision on whether to move them up or loan them at that point.
  13. Looks a bit conservative to me. The roles you have set indicate that everyone's going to drop deep and look for the ball. There's a DLP who'll drop into the defence to look for the ball, your DLF and AP will drop deeper to receive the ball, and two IFs who'll start from deeper positions with a view to carry the ball. This is compounded by your in possession instructions, all point towards keeping possession at a low tempo with no movement. Without looking at your games, I bet it's all a bit Man Utd under Louis Van Gaal? You're dominating possession but teams are clearly just sitting deep as they know no one's going to penetrate. Personally, I'd remove the "Work Ball into Box" and "Low Tempo". You're already geared up to control possession with the "Play out from the back" and "Shorter Passing" - you really don't need much more. WBIB is a situational instruction if you feel you're taking too many pot-shots. Even then if you're using that in a game, I'd swap it out for "Shorter Passing". Role-Wise, you need something different to occupy defenders; You have plenty of guys dropping into midfield, so lets make Cavani more of a threat by making him a PF (A). He'll occupy the opposition defenders while giving your other forwards more space to move. I'd use Neymar just as you're using him. He'll get the ball deep and isolate defenders with his dribbling ability. Change your left back to a WB(A) to overlap and occupy the opposition fullback while he does so. Maybe change Ziyech to an AM(S)? You're playing a possession game, but funnelling your possession through two playmaker roles (Ziyech and Verratti). Verratti will act as an outlet for your defenders, but once the ball moves into advanced positions you'll want to pick out the player in the best position rather than the playmaker. M'Bappe would take an IF(A) role for me. You have Neymar on one side cutting infront of the defence, so have M'Bappe threatening from behind - he'll pin the opposition full back and get behind him with his pace. This will also allow space for your RB to hit early crosses. Something like this; For the record, I'm using a fairly similar shape with Man Utd, so if you want anymore info on a 4-2-3-1, just shout.
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