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  1. If he was a few years younger, I'd have no issue with it, but he's 21 on my game now. Been decent for Portsmouth and Burton in the Championship on loans, but I think that's his level.
  2. In regard to youth players, I'm rocking the following in my first team (Season 3); Henderson - Very solid backup GK when he comes back from loan) O'Connor - Rotation player across the back four, essentially my John O'Shea. Tuanzebe - Third choice CB behind Lindelof and Bailly. Rock solid, and has great PPMs. Fosu-Mensah - Good cover, typically used to bully wingers at RB, or add some height in midfield. Chong - 15 goals a season from RW Gomes - Usurped Lingard as my starting 10. Picks the ball up in pockets of space, drags defenders about then plays killer balls behind them. Great. Mengi, Laird, Garner and Greenwood will likely be in the squad next season following loan spells, with Bejger and Elanga looking like they could come up aswell. I'm hoping something comes of Gribbin aswell, but his mentals don't match his very good technicals and physicals...
  3. I'm more or less doing the same. I've allowed myself one U16 British player per window providing they cost under £2mill though. Makes you think totally differently about players in the squad and transitioning them out of/youth players into the first team squad.
  4. Chong's my starting RW over Martial and Sanchez, got me 15 goals from there in my second season. Him and Angel Gomes both turned out great for me!
  5. I don't think any of the guys you've listed represent a significant improvement over Herrera and Fred tbh. I'd aim for Savic, Kondogbia or Kovacic if you're looking for a considerable step up. Maybe Lewis Cook as an English option? I'm three seasons in and Herrera's been rock solid for me. Fred's decent, but doesn't complain about first team football and can ably cover both Herrera and Pogba's roles (I'm now training Fred to play LB aswell ). Sanchez is still with me, though I'll likely move him on after this season. He's listed by request as he doesn't consistently start over Rashford, Chong and Martial on my flanks. EDIT: Also Henderson's a really solid back up GK - hasn't let me down!
  6. I've had a fair amount of success using either a DLP(D) or CM(D), but it depends on the player you're using really.
  7. I have him as a B2B next to Herrera (who plays CM(D)) in my Gegenpress 4-2-3-1. Good for about 15 goals and 15 assists a season.
  8. I'm sure he'd be decent, but I don't think he has the athleticism and dribbling ability to be fully effective in the role. My idea of a VOL would be someone who's a sturdy enough defensive players (Jorginho is) but can break lines with their dribbling and offer a threat going forward (Jorginho isn't). Pogba's probably the best player I've used in the role if that gives you an idea of the skillset? I'd look at going DLP(S) or maybe RPM(S) with Jorginho, but if you want to stick with VOL, Paqueta or even Barkley could work?
  9. Roles look a bit disjointed to me, minimal support roles there to help you with your possession instructions. With the players you have, I'd maybe try something like this; Azpilicueta to WB (S) - Pushing him forward a bit should give you a better outlet for your DMs in possession. He definitely has the attributes to be a decent outlet and crossing threat. I like the PF(A) role in a 4-2-3-1, maybe try that with Morata? Change Lucas Paqueta to AM(S) to better support the midfield. Midfield looks off - Jorginho doesn't strike me as a VOL. Maybe Kante DM(S) and Jorginho DLP(S) if you're keeping them in the DM Strata.
  10. Been having an absolute blast doing a youth development save with United. Well worth a go, if you guys fancy more of a challenge!
  11. Not sure about your flanks - You have an IWB and a IW on the left cutting in - where's the width coming from on that side? Then you have two 'wide' players on the other side. I'd pair the IWB with a W or a WM, then pair the IW with a FB(A) or WB(S)?
  12. Won World Player & Footballer of the year for me in Season 2, but then my tactic's kinda built around getting crosses to him. Valencia and Shaw are good for 15+ assists a season ha! :')
  13. I wouldn't pay particular notice to the star ratings to be honest. They're only a measure of what SI believes the key attributes are for the role are (so, passing, vision, technique etc), rather than how good he'll perform as an advanced playmaker. Given Ox's skill set (attributes are more winger based), I doubt you'll ever get him to 4 stars. The key thing is that he's performing for you in the position.
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