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  1. As an unofficial rule on my saves, I often keep players at the club until they're 19. Then once they turn 19 I'm happy for them to go out on loan. So they essentially spend two seasons in the U18s, and then one in the U23s if you were using an English team. Any especially talented players might skip or be accelerated through the process, but I never really let players in the U18s go out on loan. It doesn't happen in real life so I'm happy for them to be at my club developing. If you're at a club with good youth coaches and great facilities, I wouldn't be worried about stunting their development by keeping them in the U18s squad until they're too old. If they're in that squad they can also be called up to play in the U23s too if the manager of that team feels they're good enough and they're needed.
  2. Most people get paid tomorrow, good time to drop the beta I'd say 🤔 Get those pre-orders in! 😅
  3. There just needs to be more variety to it in FM20, in my opinion. There should be: Decisions that don't get given by the ref but then given by VAR Decisions that don't get given that are checked and then not given by VAR Decisions given by the ref and confirmed by VAR The game stopped and decisions looked at from earlier on in the move/phase of play It seemed in FM19 that if something went to VAR it was going to get given as a penalty, or the goal would get given! Never ruled anything out.
  4. You missed the option of 'Probably going to pre-order when the beta is released'!
  5. Would be scenes if it was released tonight but can't imagine them doing it 3 weeks before release.
  6. Has anything been said about improvements to VAR in FM20? Wasn't much variety with it in FM19.
  7. I would imagine it's this, but that's a good spot and it will be interesting to see what it entails. Be great if sponsors reacted to your success on the pitch, like more interest from sponsors if you do well and vice versa.
  8. You can right click in the PKD column of the player you want to select next in the list at the top, that's always how I've done it from the squad screen. If anyone didn't know that already but I'd guess most do.
  9. He is insane 🤯 Even at 15 he looked like a solid PL striker!
  10. But are we not at a stage now with FM, like with iPhones, where there's very little 'big' features they can add that aren't already included. It's already a phenomenal game, what more can they do to make it even better besides continually adding smaller features? The match engine will never look like FIFA, I think we all know and accept that. So besides that I'm unsure as to how they really make this game any more realistic as a football management sim than it already is. It seems to me like SI are now focusing on adding smaller, realistic features to the already fantastic game in order to fine tune it. It may just be my opinion but for me it's a brilliant game and I'm just not quite sure what huge features they could possibly add that would really improve the game. Maybe SI have some brilliant ideas for future releases that I haven't thought of. We know for a fact they read the feature requests on this forum and discuss/make a decision on putting them in the game. As long as they continue to do that, and add in others that they've come up with themselves, I'm happy for the smaller features to keep coming. You only have to look at the numbers that Miles is mentioning in his Twitter polls just to see how many new features there actually are. For me, at the price we pay, FM is great value for money. As long as they keep adding useful and realistic features and not removing anything, I'll continue to buy it
  11. I'm playing in 1440 x 900 with 175% zoom on a 2017 MacBook Pro
  12. Just had this injury in my 2019 beta save, something I've never seen before. Imagine it's very, very rare for it to occur in game but wondering if anyone else had ever seen it? Or is it a new thing? Don't want to say it's a bug as obviously it's completely possible, but something I never knew was in the game. Have I (and Isaac Hayden!) just been really unlucky here?
  13. The dark and light skins are far less purple, I'll probably be using one of those. Always used the light on in FM18 too.
  14. Yes, but I was referring to the fact it's unlikely to be midnight tonight if it is tomorrow.
  15. It's a new dawn, it's a new day and I'm feeling even beta than yesterday. Fingers crossed for today folks.
  16. Absolutely. Not sure what else he can say besides expect it on Friday and before that is a bonus.
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