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  1. Just brilliant, I'm basically barred from extending the contracts of anyone over the age of 30. Posted in the bugs section but in my own case this is game-breaking seeing as I can't continue until this is resolved.
  2. Managing Chelsea, I cannot extend Willian, Pedro, or Giroud's contract. Yes, the board has the one-year maximum contract rule, but this surely should only apply to the length of the extension, and indeed in real life Chelsea gave David Luiz and offered Willian a 2-year extension. I just cannot imagine how this can be a proper way of implementing this. Essentially, the game will require me to wait until they are released before I can resign them.
  3. For me it even caused a problem for a save I started right before the patch came out. Everton signed Taraabt on loan... Mind you there was already a problem with this whereby once the English window closed and clubs got some money added to their transfer budget on September 1st, they could sign players (E.g. Dortmund signed Vignato from Chievo for ~250K).
  4. (I do intend on raising this in the bugs forum when I get the chance but...) Has anyone with a Chelsea save (or anyone with a club vision of “1 year contracts for players 30+) been unable to extend the contract of 30+ year olds... I can only offer Willian improved terms until 2020 without actually being able to extend? Surely this is not how it is intended to work.
  5. Click on the little arrow and uncheck “Highlight important panels on overview”
  6. The 3D engine seems to be much improved, e.g. the players are moving much more smoothly even though I was already at 60 fps before the update. Anyone else notice this?
  7. Can the full backs be switched/mirrored for support/attack? If we do, do we need to switch CM roles as well?
  8. There is on FM arena, go to tables and then patch 20.2.4. Cerber was first in terms of points for favourite and underdog last time I checked, although only a few tactics have been tested.
  9. Do you switch just based on whether you are winning or losing, or if you also want to dominate more?
  10. Best defensive record in Premier League history? I’d take that. So is Phoenix better than Punisher in general?
  11. Which tactic fits Chelsea best? Struggling to choose between Punisher and Raider... many players fit both MC and AMC roles.
  12. Can the Phoenix tactics be improved by having the AMR/AML man mark the opposition full backs? I’ve noticed this is a huge weakness of AMR/AML tactics in general.
  13. Love seeing my striker score almost as many goals as completed passes!
  14. When the loan manager accepts a loan bid, saying he feels it meets his valuation, what does this mean precisely? I'm assuming it means the team is of sufficient quality relative to the youngster. He seems to highly rate my youth as he just loaned out most of my U23 squad!
  15. Loftus-Cheek starts the game injured long-term. While he is injured, in September he develops the trait comes deep to get ball, even though he is obviously not training. I have replicated it once and I have uploaded the save file "Loftus Cheek Comes Deep" from a day before the mentoring report comes in, indicating he now has this trait.
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