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  1. Brilliant result with Portsmouth using 2006-07 retro database (tactic: Cerber V4).
  2. Yeah it’s just this game is very random, sometimes a player will be 6.5 one minute and 7.0 the next and they didn’t do anything, and players almost perform randomly sometimes regardless of their attributes. I feel like Yaya Toure would have been perfect for this tactic, I notice the CM in Cerber dribbles a lot.
  3. I guess a better question is... what is the role of the CM exactly? Is he mainly to score goals, provide assists, dribble up the pitch? For example I signed Jaka Bijol as a backup CM, and he scored a bunch of goals off the bench even though his attributes are not impressive at all. Meanwhile Arne Maier is almost a complete CM but he barely influences the game.
  4. Yes he fits the filter for DM but not CM by the end of the season. What makes him a better DM than CM? I ask because I want to understand better how to choose the best CM, because this position has been a bit of a problem for me.
  5. Well after winning the title in my first season I have 107 million pounds to spend, with 650,000 pounds additional wage budget. This could either be an epic transfer window or epic disaster. Anyone using Cerber have suggestions/hidden gems etc.? Also @Totalfootballfan I've been playing Arne Maier as a CM, would he work better as a DM? I have to decide if I want a new CM or DM in this window.
  6. 1st season... the football isn't always pretty but it works really well (used Cerber).
  7. Not only an incorrect offside, but the red and yellow lines were incorrectly drawn as well (idk how to get an image of that after the fact). Anyone else get anything like this?
  8. The corner setup definitely works with the right players. For example I play Kurt Zouma with Chelsea even though he is missing some key attributes because he is in the double digits for goals, all from corners.
  9. I agree partially, I think this is why gegenpressing tactics are so overpowered, because using this style I think you can create space the way Man Utd have using this style in the game (even though I wouldn't describe Man Utd as gegenpressing irl). There's definitely too many shots in the game. I think individual attributes in this game are definitely more important than ever before, because for example playing as Chelsea Abraham fits the advanced forward role really well in terms of attributes and he scores tonnes of goals and gets lots of chances in my game, but Batshuayi, who lacks key attributes in off-the-ball movement and such can barely get a sniff in the game. I just disagree that there is a complete lack of movement and creativity, but it is arguably too hard to achieve in the game. With a good advanced forward you can definitely get good striker movement though (I've also had unusually great success with target men, and they can score a lot with their feet and even get in behind). I personally think the more realistic the game gets, the better. But there is a real question as to whether this should be the goal. After all, most football matches irl can be described as boring.
  10. Watching the Manchester derby, is it really that dissimilar to the type of play people are describing on FM? Man Utd defend the central spaces, forcing City to constantly pass the ball wide where there is space, often resulting in an aimless cross; there isn't exactly a tonne of central play except for when Man Utd have space on the counter, which you absolutely see on FM. And a set piece goal to boot. My gripe isn't so much with the people complaining about what they see on FM, because it's largely accurate. Rather, I disagree that FM isn't real football in its current state, because it seems to reflect real life football quite well, except for perhaps excessive chance creation and such on FM. I'm just not sure where people find frequent real-life examples of teams cutting through the centre of the pitch like butter when the opponents are parking the bus. This logically only happens when there is lots of space to play through, either on the counter or in an end-to-end game between two attack-minded/aggressive pressing teams.
  11. I don’t know if morale is overpowered, but it is certainly different than previous iterations. In FM 19, if I had a played undeservedly asking for a contract, and I shut him down, I could still trust him to play and play well. In FM 20, this is much more difficult. This aspect is more realistic. But morale also fluctuates pretty wildly: players can go into a game with superb morale, and if it’s 0-0 at half-time, even with my team dominating, the morale is down several notches. Maybe my squad doesn’t have a good personality, but if my team is that weak-willed, I shouldn’t be able to yell at them aggressively and get a 90%+ green reaction every time.
  12. Was it a deliberate choice to remove the attributes search from the “add conditions” for staff? I know you can click on “pick attributes” but unless this is an unfixed bug I can’t imagine why this option was removed...
  13. It’s previously been said that in order to allow as many people to play, specs have to be kept relatively low and thus we probably won’t be getting a significant update to the 3D in the future. But I do wonder whether having PES or FIFA style graphics would make issues with the match engine seem more obvious. It’s sometimes hard to tell whether the 3D is simply badly reflecting the underlying code with the sometimes silly movements we see, or whether the underlying code for a specific issue needs work.
  14. Exactly. Ask Pep Guardiola what he tells his team to do when a team is too hard to break down (hint: starts with c and ends with ross). Also I have the same experience with the 4-4-2, it has been a powerful formation since FM 19.
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