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  1. I do them 100% of the time because they take so little time after a few goes and it builds relationships and morale. They are NOT fun, I don't WANT to do them and often am frustrated by how often they come around. But the team benefits are too big to not do. Press conferences are pointless. You almost always click the second button from the left and everybody is happy. They desperately need much more variety, much more randomness and MUCH MUCH more diversity in the questioning. The pool of questions that the game picks from needs to be expanded by about 100 times.
  2. One of the things that I always believe that outsiders misunderstand about the FM series is how many people play it less of a simulation game but instead as a form of RPG. We can see across the history of the series that more player interaction, more media interaction and other events that are unexpected have always been seen as interesting. Players getting worldwide bans for drugs or hitting a referee used to be an older one. This is something that I've always felt is a really underdeveloped area though. You only have to look at the Challenges or season threads to see that many hardcore users of the game are not attempting to play a highly realistic football simulator but instead are creating their own narratives in a sandbox environment. FM has much more emergent gameplay for long term saves and this is what I really feel hooks people in. However the amount of events that affect that living world are very small. You get injuries and bans for players and teams but nothing on the larger scale; nothing that can help make your world and your save unique. Nobody failing FFP, no clubs going bankrupt - from the AI point of views there's very little chaos or randomness in the world that can create these little fun moments that stand out. No player scandals, no unmanageable reactions, etc. The game feels a little "dead" for lack of a better word and in a long term save after a few seasons it does feel like Clicking Simulator 2021. It would be nice if some Earth shattering stuff could possibly happen like Brexit did in the real world. Perhaps a bad example but the game world doesn't seem to change its league rules or there's no ESL speculation, this type of stuff that would make a longer term save a bit more interesting.
  3. I have a Barcelona save currently. I have been at the club for 8 years, have won 4 league titles and 4 Champions Leagues. One season was an unbeaten season. I have dominated Spanish football and in doing so I've played attacking, attractive football using a squad with 80% homegrown players. I am considered the greatest English manager of all time, am fluent in Spanish and am the leading producer of footballers in the world. I have both the "Leads clubs to titles" traits as well as all of the traits about developing youth players/purchasing young players. I declared interest in the Spain job and they laughed it off saying I had 0 chance and it was out of my league. They appointed the manager of a Second Division side with no trophy history. I can change the foreign manager likelihood in an real time editor and it still doesn't affect it. Laughed off every time. Interestingly though, if I do all of this and then get a lesser national job before applying for Spain then they will give it to me no problem. There's something weird going on with how the major nations pick their managers
  4. Can you go into a bit more detail on this? I've always wondered what happens in the game when it is modelled accurately but the users think it's slanted in a certain way. Do you side with realism or playability in these cases?
  5. Taking a national job changes the player search view even when selecting your club profile. How do I get back to the default view? It's pretty annoying. Standard and changed views attached. Why would the game just change my club view? I obviously don't want it to do that.
  6. General question: How are red cards in other people's saves? Despite getting 5 bookings per game and constantly using Get Stuck In, I don't recall ever actually having a player sent off. Then when I think about it, I don't see many sent off against me either.
  7. Man, you'd have shot yourself if you were a City fan during the Stuart Pearce era.
  8. This shows a problem in how you address these issues. It relies on the idea that we know: 1. Enough about how the stats interact with the match engine to recommend changes 2. Enough about not just the players but players at other clubs too in order to provide comparative value 3. Enough about how a team is generating the results that it is and what specific causation we can do to change that The problem here is that nobody outside the development team has any idea about that and frankly, it's not our job to do this. All we can tell you is that the simulation of the game as it currently stands has a team that's results are nowhere near reflective of real life, which I presume is what we're aiming for. We don't know why this occurs. We don't know what changes to make because we don't know how this occurs. We don't know what specific attributes and what specific players are causing these problems. Your match engine is a black box, there is no way for us to know this. Asking for player stats to change in order to address this is like saying that you cannot talk about NHS efficiency unless you are willing to point out problems in each Doctor's schedule. We're not talking about a specific and isolated problem which can be debated with links to Opta or whatever, we're talking about a broad problem which doesn't have a simple "move this from 18 to 17" fix. People are trying to point to player stats specifically because when issues are raised, the reply is always "what stats need changing/provide evidence". But it isn't a player stats issue, it's an issue with the simulation being unrealistic which MAY be contributed to by player stats but as stressed earlier, we don't know.
  9. On a friend's save he's just scored his 100th goal for the club. Played 42 games. Something dodgy going on with certain strikers, they seem to be hugely overperforming.
  10. Not been mentioned much, but this is a good point I keep meaning to say. Haaland is broken. Not overpowered, not having too strong stats, just out and out broken to the level of a To Madiera/Maxim Tsigalko level. Does ok for the AI but does *ridiculous* for player.
  11. You don't need the other ones, just PROTON_USE_SECCOMP=1 is enough. So I guess it was Denuvo after all? That's what I get for trusting these anti-cheat programs rather than just blaming them every time. Lesson for future - IT'S ALWAYS DRM'S FAULT
  12. There is an issue posted on Valve's GitHub here for people to upvote: https://github.com/ValveSoftware/Proton/issues/4365 I'll be surprised if this is fixed any time soon, not going to lie. We might just have to accept the fact that SI has abandoned us totally and find an alternative game as it is becoming increasingly difficult every year to troubleshoot the Linux issues. Debugging this is a pain in the arse because the Denuvo keeps forcing a re-register/24 hour wait if you change things because Denuvo is a stupid system that doesn't work. However I *did* manage to get a debugger attached to it as it crashed and the errors are all Chromium errors. If I had to guess, and this is a somewhat uneducated guess, I would say that FM has changed the internal version of Chromium that they use in the game from FM20 or they changed the options for hardware accelerated video via GPU acceleration which is problematic on Linux.
  13. Unfortunately there's nothing obvious there outside of installing winbind which shouldn't be the cause. Will have to wait to get more info
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