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  1. Taking a national job changes the player search view even when selecting your club profile. How do I get back to the default view? It's pretty annoying. Standard and changed views attached. Why would the game just change my club view? I obviously don't want it to do that.
  2. General question: How are red cards in other people's saves? Despite getting 5 bookings per game and constantly using Get Stuck In, I don't recall ever actually having a player sent off. Then when I think about it, I don't see many sent off against me either.
  3. Man, you'd have shot yourself if you were a City fan during the Stuart Pearce era.
  4. This shows a problem in how you address these issues. It relies on the idea that we know: 1. Enough about how the stats interact with the match engine to recommend changes 2. Enough about not just the players but players at other clubs too in order to provide comparative value 3. Enough about how a team is generating the results that it is and what specific causation we can do to change that The problem here is that nobody outside the development team has any idea about that and frankly, it's not our job to do this. All we can tell you is that the simulation of the
  5. On a friend's save he's just scored his 100th goal for the club. Played 42 games. Something dodgy going on with certain strikers, they seem to be hugely overperforming.
  6. Not been mentioned much, but this is a good point I keep meaning to say. Haaland is broken. Not overpowered, not having too strong stats, just out and out broken to the level of a To Madiera/Maxim Tsigalko level. Does ok for the AI but does *ridiculous* for player.
  7. You don't need the other ones, just PROTON_USE_SECCOMP=1 is enough. So I guess it was Denuvo after all? That's what I get for trusting these anti-cheat programs rather than just blaming them every time. Lesson for future - IT'S ALWAYS DRM'S FAULT
  8. There is an issue posted on Valve's GitHub here for people to upvote: https://github.com/ValveSoftware/Proton/issues/4365 I'll be surprised if this is fixed any time soon, not going to lie. We might just have to accept the fact that SI has abandoned us totally and find an alternative game as it is becoming increasingly difficult every year to troubleshoot the Linux issues. Debugging this is a pain in the arse because the Denuvo keeps forcing a re-register/24 hour wait if you change things because Denuvo is a stupid system that doesn't work. However I *did* manage to get a debu
  9. Unfortunately there's nothing obvious there outside of installing winbind which shouldn't be the cause. Will have to wait to get more info
  10. Can you use the GE version of Proton available here and re-run it? https://github.com/GloriousEggroll/proton-ge-custom/releases
  11. Part of the Denuvo DRM that FM uses is the "activation limits" part. For many of us, we get a popup directing us to a website that states that we have too many activation and to wait 24 hours to try again. Once we get past this screen and can get something logged then we can start working out how to get the game running. On your issue, they seem to have changed their movie formats this year. The intro screens that are animated are just movies that they play. They've switched from the open OGV format to the more restricted IVF format for these movies. Go to your FM21 folder inside ste
  12. Not looked into it yet but the Denuvo stuff wasn't a factor last year so presumably shouldn't be this year. I can't get passed the activation screen to have a proper look at what's going on so we're stuck for now unless somebody who has gotten passed that on Linux can provide a log file
  13. I and a couple of others will fix it eventually. Happens every year, even before they dropped official support. Some really ridiculous and easily solved bug comes up and they ignore because apparently they don't support Linux apart from the other platforms they are on that run Linux or derivatives that they support. So a few people who tend to knock around the support forums find the answer. Unfortunately I can't even attempt to debug it currently because of this pointless Denuvo **** that will be cracked six seconds after release. The pirates will be able to play it before the legitim
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