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  1. So far Ive tried this challenge and Im stuck in the VNL at the year..... wait for it: 2027! ! ! My 1st season was great, finished 2nd, few points short from first place. I lost the playoffs (I end up doing so 4 times in total) All my key players, and I mean all, dont want a new contract since they all think they are too good for my club now. So I pretty much my whole 1st team in the summer and to rub salt in the wounds: most of them retired since they didnt find a new club. Ohh did i mention that any half decent youth player I get through my ranks ended up wanting a bigger challenge? Only to end up at the reserves at some L2 team and then becoming a free agent. I really dont get how this will be possible since all the good players leave, but hey, its my first time doing a Youth Academy challenge and its the first time Ive not gotten a club to a professional level within 5 seasons (And Im at my 10th in this save) I like the challenge.
  2. His last tactic was, and this one has plug & play in it's name.
  3. I just got this one in my game, I dont think they come any harder than this. Bosman ruling scrapped? I didn't know that was also possible.
  4. Is Youth Rating Dynamic?

    Some decent ones, but you also get players from Italy in the youth team, so if you are doing the double challenge (Club & Nation) getting a good Italian player was annoying at times
  5. Is Youth Rating Dynamic?

    Junior Coaching & Youth Recruitment are the two main factors on when it comes to getting good players from your youth system.
  6. Is Youth Rating Dynamic?

    I don't recall the Youth Rating being dynamic like the Leagues themselves. I did a San Marino save 2 years ago and won everything in Italy and the Championship, but didn't notice any increase in the nation's youth players getting better, other than the youths coming from my club since my facilities were state of the art.
  7. I used your tactic for a mid-tier team in Iceland that had a very small squad, having to depend on youth players to fill in for injured first-team players. And I won the league! I do minor adjustments according to each match, but the passing play, build up and fluid play is beautiful. My old tactic was my attempt to replica the Icelandic counter-attack style, with average success. But this one turned it around. My problem is leaky defense, but the fact I have only 1 Part-Time defender and the other two on a Non-Contract, I think it kind of shows how bad my resources were. And I had a GK that was injured almost half the season and having a 16yr fill in.
  8. Not really, I just thought about how I can't really remember any difference between the versions from this and last year's game. And how there are not really any "major" new features for the game anymore. And I haven't ordered it yet, I'm going to see if they release the features before the deadline (The 14th iirc) But yeah, if I would order it without seeing the new feature list, and then find out I wasn't impressed by them of course that would be on me.
  9. I was thinking about just waiting for the x-mas sale this time around since the game itself has become a $50 game. But since I have every version down to 2009 on steam I guess I'll just end up pre ordering it. Since its a loyalty discount it's basically saying "Hey, we know you like this game and you'll pretty much buy it no matter what" meaning we don't really care about new features. And that got me also thinking about how FM15 vs FM16 just feel like a DB updated and a tweaked game for the normal PC user. The focus seems to be more and more on the Touch (Tablet/phone) players and I feel like since Fifa Manager stopped, the only real competition for FM stopped, now they own this genre and others are miles behind. I really hope they do something good this year because this year's game didn't impress me that much.
  10. England vs Iceland - 8pm ITV

    Well I recall you guys calling us stupid for scoring against Austria because we would end up facing you. Guess you didn't realize Iceland is better than England
  11. Great, I just finished cleaning my apartment and came to check into the forums to see this thread! Installing FM16 ! Bye bye plans for the rest of the day.
  12. MAC Uninstall

    The game is only located in the steam games folder and your Home folder (Sports Interactive) that keeps all your data, once those are deleted with the launch icon its removed completely.
  13. FM09 - 163 HRS FM10 - 959 HRS FM11 - 761 HRS FM12 - 1929 HRS FM13 - 818 HRS FM14 - 383 HRS Honestly not liking the direction FM has been heading to, never really got into a save like I usually do.
  14. Click "Save game as..." and it should a "Cloud" radio button when choosing the save location, if its not selected, click it. That way you can access all your saved games on any computer, as long as you just log into your steam account.
  15. if (ManagerAge > 35) {CanHaveASon} That would be the code they would need to add. And yeah you need to be 35+ yrs old in game