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  1. Not really, I just thought about how I can't really remember any difference between the versions from this and last year's game. And how there are not really any "major" new features for the game anymore. And I haven't ordered it yet, I'm going to see if they release the features before the deadline (The 14th iirc) But yeah, if I would order it without seeing the new feature list, and then find out I wasn't impressed by them of course that would be on me.
  2. I was thinking about just waiting for the x-mas sale this time around since the game itself has become a $50 game. But since I have every version down to 2009 on steam I guess I'll just end up pre ordering it. Since its a loyalty discount it's basically saying "Hey, we know you like this game and you'll pretty much buy it no matter what" meaning we don't really care about new features. And that got me also thinking about how FM15 vs FM16 just feel like a DB updated and a tweaked game for the normal PC user. The focus seems to be more and more on the Touch (Tablet/phone) players and I feel like since Fifa Manager stopped, the only real competition for FM stopped, now they own this genre and others are miles behind. I really hope they do something good this year because this year's game didn't impress me that much.
  3. Well I recall you guys calling us stupid for scoring against Austria because we would end up facing you. Guess you didn't realize Iceland is better than England
  4. Great, I just finished cleaning my apartment and came to check into the forums to see this thread! Installing FM16 ! Bye bye plans for the rest of the day.
  5. The game is only located in the steam games folder and your Home folder (Sports Interactive) that keeps all your data, once those are deleted with the launch icon its removed completely.
  6. FM09 - 163 HRS FM10 - 959 HRS FM11 - 761 HRS FM12 - 1929 HRS FM13 - 818 HRS FM14 - 383 HRS Honestly not liking the direction FM has been heading to, never really got into a save like I usually do.
  7. Click "Save game as..." and it should a "Cloud" radio button when choosing the save location, if its not selected, click it. That way you can access all your saved games on any computer, as long as you just log into your steam account.
  8. if (ManagerAge > 35) {CanHaveASon} That would be the code they would need to add. And yeah you need to be 35+ yrs old in game
  9. TRANSFERS & CONTRACTS - Lower league players now more willing to negotiate contract renewals Come one SI, I just started a new save 1 day ago because my LLM save was being destroyed by this bug, now I have to pick between a San Marino challenge or a Youth save Glad it's fixed though
  10. I got my GK sent off for handballing outside the penalty area, now what I recall from real life scenarios is that the GK is booked (I faintly remember Roy Caroll hand balling when playing for Man Utd and being booked) In this incident there is no player nearby so its not like he was doing it to save a goal, whats your take? And 2 games later he picks up another red card for the same thing
  11. Well after re-doing my first season I did good (again). I finished in 3rd place and played for a spot for promotion. Sadly I lost the first leg After a 0-0 draw away and then a 3-3 draw but finishing 3-4 in extra time. Very frustrating. Also lost 2 key players who just refused to even get into talks for a new contract. The Youth players that I got this time were not as good as the ones I got from my lost save so that was kind of annoying too but that's just how it is sometimes. I noticed that after the patch I was conceding A LOT more goals than I was before, but I was also scoring more. I guess SI doesn't want defensive play to be existent in this game, because after this update there seems to be none. This season will be a lot more difficult than the last one, with so many players leaving, so finishing in top 10 will be reasonable enough for me. I really hope to get some good players this year. Leage Table Facilities Finance Squad Transfers The best youth player this year
  12. The reason you can only offer 2 year extensions is because the Part-Time contracts have that cap. I'm also having some trouble with contracts, players always want a minimum of 100 p/w raise when offering a contract, taking a toll on the budget. They always so they're not so interested in extending with my club.
  13. What a time for the game to crash! Im not sure at what point the auto save was last on but I hope its after I secured a playoff spot :/ I had just done a 1 - 1 draw away on the 1st leg... EDIT: just my luck, i had turned off the Auto save feature when i was holidaying to the reset date. Last save will start at Sept. 7th.
  14. Manager Profile Finances Facilities Squad
  15. I've decided to join this challenge. But I did break some rules with the loaded leagues since I always want to have the Icelandic one in the game, I have that one loaded and I have the biggest top divisions in EU as "View-Only", its just my personal preference to be able to keep track of foreign football and I really don't see how these things will affect the outcome of my game. So I took over FC United and got an increase in the Junior Budget granted, also a expansions of the youth facilities, but it will only cost 65k to construct so I doubt it will make a huge difference. So far I've played 5 games and won 4 and drawn 1. My tactics are very basic, I planned on starting by addings simple changes to it, but so far it has worked great without needing any tweaking so far. Its basically 442 - Counter playing football + Rigid. Only instructions I have set is Lower Tempo. It seems to have worked so far. Matthew Wolfended has been amazing, scoring more than a goal a game so far. Norton is giving the assists but only 1 goal so far. And oh my god, the wage demands from the players are very high. And they are always asking for an amazing offer since they "arent really interested in signing a contract", why the hell would they not be interested to play for a newly promoted team? beats me. But my wage bill has increased a lot. Sorry im at work so no pics atm, but later on ill post some later.