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  1. Bari 2019/2020 Facilities|Finance|First-Team|League|Transfers I didn't realize the squad would be so small when taking over Bari, thankfully youth players from the first year provided cover, and even got straight into the first team in my first season. I'm really worried about the CB's since my only non-regen one is 36 years old and retiring at the end of this season. This means I will now have a defense line of three regens, whom I feel aren't quite ready for the task. I finished 5th and I didn't make it to the finals, lost to Capri in the third round. Hoping to stay in the top 6 fight next year, it will be more hard I think. The players I got through this year look good. One of them will start playing for the first team right away while two others show a lot of potential. Season Team League Position Training Facilities Youth Facilities Junior Coaching Youth Recruitment Badges Etc. Achievements Champions League 2019 Bari Serie C/C 5th Average Average Excellent Above Average National C None N/A
  2. It really beats me why this tactic doesn't get the attention it should, perhaps is because there are so many different versions. But this one is just insane. My striker scored 51 league goals and 77 in all competitions this season. Top stuff and highly recommend this one.
  3. Totally destroying everything with this tactic. I just go unlucky vs Real Madrid in the Championship cup in the semi final and they managed to eliminate me after some some insane results. Rashford started the season perfectly but ended up with a 5 month injury, and many of my strikers were out for weeks and a lot of rotation had to be done the whole season. Ohh and a tycoon also bought the club, so I just buy players as want now. I don't overhaul the squad though, usually bring 2-1 new players per season to keep the squad familiar. I had also been managing France, winning 34 games in a row but Germany ended up being the first team to beat me last summer, so I resigned in shame. Well I basically wanted to focus on Hull, hehe.
  4. Haha yes it was France and Spain after the Euro that gave me offers. Seeing as their players in this FM are very, very strong I thought to myself "why not" now I'm just going to manage them until I lose a game with them since my main focus is on Hull City.
  5. So I finally managed to win the PRM, Man Utd had been dominating the league and the year before I was a runner up but lost on GD with as many points as them... Also won the Champions League for the first time. I also took charge of France for the World Cup. 34 games won in a row, I have not drawn or lost a match since taking charge.
  6. I just have one word for this tactic: Wow. I didn't sign any world class players when I got up to the PRM but my striker Nahki Wells got 33 goals in 33 apps, won player of the year and the Golden boot! Nouha Dicko has also been amazing in the PRM considering his avg. stats. Now this season I just signed Moussa Dembélé (30m) & Michy Batshuayi (12,75M) and I except a lethal front line. My biggest weakness this season was that if one of my starting back 3 was out, then I was leaking a lot of goals in. But 2nd place in the first season in the PRM? All credit goes to this tactic.
  7. So I was takinga break from my journey save and decided to manage my favorite team Hull and to not make my own tactic this time and try this one out. 11 players start injured and the medical room says its a crisis. I'm having to use backup players on my opening day and start against Aston Villa. I´d settle for a draw. Well behold, my backup player with L1 stats scored 6 goals this game, something I haven't seen my players do for many years. So I say, good start and a good job breaking the ME.
  8. Then he´s not getting a refund on the grounds that the game has a bug. Then he's just returning it because he doesn't plan on playing it. Getting access to beta was a pre-order bonus, meaning he gets the beta version of an pre-ordered product, the game is not out. The OP points out various bugs in the game, and then goes on asking how he can claim a refund. So I just pointed out that claiming a refund for a pre-ordered product that is not released as a final version of the game is not a valid ground. But pre-ordering a game, and then claiming a refund for it, not based off early access to the game, sure, he can do that.
  9. Since I'm not too familiar with the consumer rights law in the UK I can't really know for sure. But he's claiming a refund for a product that has not been released yet. Perhaps you didn't read what a software in beta stage is. But it is not a release of a product, therefor there is no claim for a broken product, since it's not out yet. But I doubt SI nor Steam will go hard against people claiming refunds by judging the game from a beta phase. It will keep the consumer happy and prevent drama. Plus I know that Steam gives 1 return to a customer if he asks for it for a game that he's bought, even if it has been played above the 2 hr limit they set. I had once requested a refund fora Heroes game due to a patch that they had released always made the game crash, it was a known bug yet it was not fixed within a month, so my requested a refund with over 50 hours of play explaining my case. They accepted my claim but said it would be a 1 time only granted request. But that was a fully released game, unlike FM18 And keep in mind I haven't bought FM18 since I wasn't impressed with the new features this year, so I might be skipping a version for the first time since 2006.
  10. Before you do that, you might want to read what Beta means. I´m pretty sure claiming a bug in Beta stage is not a valid ground for a refund. Here is a link so you know what you are getting into next time you get early access to an product before its final release. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_release_life_cycle#Beta Next time if you are that demanding on how well the product you buy is fully finished, don't start playing in the beta stage.
  11. So far Ive tried this challenge and Im stuck in the VNL at the year..... wait for it: 2027! ! ! My 1st season was great, finished 2nd, few points short from first place. I lost the playoffs (I end up doing so 4 times in total) All my key players, and I mean all, dont want a new contract since they all think they are too good for my club now. So I pretty much my whole 1st team in the summer and to rub salt in the wounds: most of them retired since they didnt find a new club. Ohh did i mention that any half decent youth player I get through my ranks ended up wanting a bigger challenge? Only to end up at the reserves at some L2 team and then becoming a free agent. I really dont get how this will be possible since all the good players leave, but hey, its my first time doing a Youth Academy challenge and its the first time Ive not gotten a club to a professional level within 5 seasons (And Im at my 10th in this save) I like the challenge.
  12. I just got this one in my game, I dont think they come any harder than this. Bosman ruling scrapped? I didn't know that was also possible.
  13. Some decent ones, but you also get players from Italy in the youth team, so if you are doing the double challenge (Club & Nation) getting a good Italian player was annoying at times
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