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  1. Thank you for your help. I will do what has been recommended by you and r0x0r and hopefully we can see some progress.
  2. I don't particularly need it, it's just he sits there doing nothing. I will also try loaning him out like you said.
  3. I see. I am PSG so quite a big club He is 21 now. Should I give him more starts? Sub appearances obviously are not working.
  4. Youth player that has developed well but does not possess key attributes needed for my team. Work Rate and Aggression. I will try playing them a bit more then. I normally bring him off the bench for 30 mins a game.
  5. I am trying to sell some of my players. One of them is valued at £30 million. However when offering him out I only get bids of £7.5 million and they are non-negotiable. Is there anyway round this?
  6. Is it possible to try and get a player who is booked to be sent off? In real life teams sometimes look to get opposition players sent off once they have been booked. I.e. if they know the player has a bad temper etc. Is it possible to do this in FM?
  7. How has this fared for you?
  8. I understand. I am going to have a go now and see what I can find out with what to use and when. Thanks for your help! Do you think this tactic could be used to do the high press? I.e on very fluid, higher defensive line and such? Maybe I will just try it out
  9. Yeah, I just got confused because you said, "Nah I just played this on one shape, with different mentalities and only 1 change to shouts." But now you say you changed the shape from structured to another. I thought you meant you stayed on structured but went, defensive to standard to attacking or something along those lines.
  10. Check the Conte thread and see rashidi1's tactic. That works very well at absorbing pressure. Also his defensive formation in the community experiment is very good.
  11. Just seen this post rashidi1. Much appreciated. Couple of points if I may. Did you use OI's like those that were used in your defensive formation in the community challenge? Did you ever switch from defensive? Been watching your videos, they are top notch! Keep up the good work! Interested in why you didn't feel the need for a higher defensive line.
  12. Great analysis there herne, do you think that FB/WB type players should be used at the MR/ML positions rather than wingers?
  13. I guess you change mentality dependent on your opponent? With Valencia you would maybe go standard or counter against Barcelona? Btw, thanks for the reply in my thread. I am taking a little break from it as it was doing my head in
  14. I am only beginning to get to grips with how he plays myself. There certainly is alot to learn. I am going to try these tweaks that you have recommended. Whether or not we would be stepping away from Conte's system I am not sure, I will need to research it a bit more thoroughly. Thank you for contributing to the thread. I shall be doing another update in the coming days but I look forward to hearing any further updates from yourself. Glad you have found the thread of use.
  15. Ok, I would take a guess at fluid for the shape then. Was I close with the shouts?