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  1. Ozil - are you sure the striker moves into channels. Originally it was roams? Great thread. I just had a glance as I will read it later - but the striker thing I noticed straight away.
  2. American Football

    Fantastic thread. I have been reading it for the past day or two. Trying to soak up as much info as possible. I love the idea of being able to exploit deficiencies in other formations and these are perfect. Love the thorough explanation for each of the choices. I do have one question though. I have faced a 2DM formation twice and both times found it easy to keep a clean sheet, but struggled to score. I have been using 4-6-0. Would you consider something else to combat a two DM system? The formation in question looks like this.
  3. FM17: West Ham Utd - Fortune's always hiding

    @Sussex Hammer Legend! So no tweaks to TI's or PI's? Manu looks like he is performing well for you. I just finished my first season and qualified for the Europa League again. I managed to buy Barkley and Mahrez who should fit in nicely as rotations with Lanzini. Although I have the feeling I will try Mahrez up top somewhere or even Barkley. Ajer and Lafont my other signings.
  4. FM17: West Ham Utd - Fortune's always hiding

    Delighted when I see West Ham do so well in FM, a fellow West Ham fan here. Do you mind me asking what tactics you were using?
  5. What is Team Shape?

    I think the real life example here is close to Simeone and Atletico.
  6. Pep's Barcelona (Very Fluid)

    Of course it will need tweaking. This is designed for Messi, Neymar and Suarez amongst others. The players at the club you are managing will most likely be inferior so it will need changes.
  7. @mjaferrie I think I am going to start a save with the Winter B Team one. I shall see how it goes. My dream as far as B teams are concerned would be to have a Gibraltar database with the teams there having B teams.
  8. I'll take a read over these posts after work and will be in contact with you. Many thanks mate.
  9. I would be looking to use the winter football one (I believe that is August to May football?) So can I use the B team to send my youth prospects to? I will be managing Celtic for example. Thanks for your response so far. Very helpful and I am very excited to play this. BTW How easy would it be to do this in another league? I mean creating a B team league.
  10. What are the annoying things? (Sorry, I just like to know before I commit to a long save)
  11. @mjaferrie With regards the "known issues", are they game breakers? I really want to use the B team version.
  12. Does Gibraltar now have the dynamic qualification spots for European Cups?
  13. I remember the training thread as a particular highlight. Even looking at it now, so much nostalgia
  14. Pep's Barcelona (Very Fluid)

    @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! How would you feel about playing two CWB's?