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  1. Bearing in mind you are Torino, that is pretty damn good. Nice work.
  2. How many goals have you conceded in the league? Looks great so far.
  3. Oooh, I look forward to seeing that someday, I hope. To get that with Samper in the first season is great. I'm currently managing PSG and using your Cruyff, Jogo Bonito and Sacchi tactics all together. They really are fantastic. Adding a Barca 3-4-3 to that would be excellent haha. The Arsenal Invincibles, I never got to grips with the Defensive line and how and when to change it.
  4. Using Neymar at PSG in this system. He is on fire. Great to hear about the upcoming work and can't wait to see it. Always knew Samper was good on this game but not that good haha. Incredible.
  5. I still hope you have another one of these projects in the works. I am sensing a Barcelona one will be coming Some of the football this system plays (Jogo Bonito) is incredible. Do you recommend any PPMs for any players in particular? I am thinking Plays One Twos would be good for all players, Gets Further Forward for WB's, and Moves into Channels for the Striker. Anything else you would recommend?
  6. Yes, I was going with that the TI would be the Cruyff system until I realized that system has 8 TI's and the 4-3-3 has only 6. I am guessing the CB's, WB's and IF's are standard roles with no adjustments to how they play? Like PI's. I assume the Midfield Trio and the CF follow the same pattern as the Cruyff system. BTW, you need to try the Conte 3ATB system or Bielsa's haha. That would be a challenge.
  7. Try a 3ATB of Romagnoli, Ajer and Rugani and tell me it doesn't work. It's outstanding.
  8. 3 at the back works perfectly fine if this system is used correctly. I have one multiple trophies with it. The key is in the development of your squad. Work ethic is key as well as some PPMs. I truly believe if you read this thread completely you too will see the benefits and how well this system works. For example I managed Barcelona and would simply not have one the league by plugging this system in with the starting Barcelona team. I had no right wing with high work rate to always help the team. So I signed Jonathan Walters from Stoke and he played every match that season for me. He has 20 work rate and I believe great team work. He was in my top 3 performers that season. Tough choices had to be made however. I got rid of any player with less than 14 work rate although 15+ was preferable. Messi stayed as a luxury player that I could afford to use because I had work rate across the rest of the team. However if I had used a higher workrate player in the system instead of Messi I believe results would have been better. Don't write off 3ATB, it works fine given the correct players and correct squad balance is used as I have found out. One season I only conceded 15 goals. Better than most 4ATB systems I would say.
  9. Thanks for the speedy reply. I was wondering, you posted in the Cruyff 3-4-3 thread a tactic you used with Barcelona. A 4-3-3. Did you ever get round to posting the TI's and PI's for that. It looks mightily impressive going by the average ratings of the players and I was wondering if it played similar to the 3-4-3.
  10. Fantastic thread. Your threads never fail to amaze me. Two questions if I may. 1) What is your favourite out of the four styles you have managed to implement so far? 2) How important is the flair attribute for the full backs in this system. I am struggling to find full backs with that attribute.
  11. Thank you for your help. I will do what has been recommended by you and r0x0r and hopefully we can see some progress.
  12. I don't particularly need it, it's just he sits there doing nothing. I will also try loaning him out like you said.
  13. I see. I am PSG so quite a big club He is 21 now. Should I give him more starts? Sub appearances obviously are not working.
  14. Youth player that has developed well but does not possess key attributes needed for my team. Work Rate and Aggression. I will try playing them a bit more then. I normally bring him off the bench for 30 mins a game.
  15. I am trying to sell some of my players. One of them is valued at £30 million. However when offering him out I only get bids of £7.5 million and they are non-negotiable. Is there anyway round this?