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  1. @Uncle_Sam - does the Inter Miami franchise function the same as the other MLS teams. People used to say you couldn't add another team as the youth intake and academy set up wouldn't work correctly. Would I be able to change Inter Miami to be another franchise? Would I just have to rename it just and change its city? I am thinking of making a team in Detroit which would fit in as they would be in the Eastern Conference like Inter Miami
  2. Hi guys, I am having constant crashes on start up. I haven't had this at all this year and can't understand why it has just started happening. Can anyone help?
  3. @claassen Great work on the India file. Is the Hero Federation Cup not missing though? Scrap that - I thought the Super League was included in that Cup. Apparently not.
  4. Japanese Teams

    Yes, but I have other leagues that are not in the game enabled via a editor data and they have the landing page. It is just the Japan League that doesn't. @Neil Brock @HUNT3R Do you have any idea?
  5. Japanese Teams

    Why do Japanese Teams have no club page?
  6. May be a display bug - but it does also say I have a fixture coming up in 4 days on the calendar which is actually in 8 days. Have you seen anything like this before?
  7. Hi @claassen I am running a save in Haiti and enjoying it, however dates for the closing stage semi finals and final are not matching. In the rules section the dates for when the matches take place is earlier than what happens in game. Do you know why this is? For example the final game is saying it will be played before the date I play my semi final.
  8. Gibraltar League 2017-18

    @cel1234 Does the Gibraltar League get more European spots if you are successful this year?
  9. Do they get more Champions League and Europa League spots this year for doing well?
  10. I don't get how the MLS works in this game. Under MLS rules in real life: For each Designated Player, $400,000[7][8] of his salary is charged to the salary cap and paid by the league, with any remaining salary being paid by the team's owner. This value was increased for the 2009 season to $415,000. If that is the case then why is their no way for me to offer more than 20k per week for a DP when my highest earner at the club is on 12k per week. Kaka is on 110k at Orlando Giovinco is on 105k at Toronto. I have used the editor to increase wage and transfer budget but still my wage budget in game does not change. Am I missing something? Effectively I should be able to get $33,333.33 covered by the salary cap per month and then pay him whatever I want on top of that. But it just seems to be capped at spending $57,000.
  11. TCM18 Logopack by TCMLogos.com

    @Neil Brock What is the legality of downloading facepacks and logo packs? Technically to make them you are using some other persons pictures or official club badges.
  12. What is the legality of downloading facepacks and logo packs? Technically to make them you are using some other persons pictures or official club badges.
  13. Ozil - are you sure the striker moves into channels. Originally it was roams? Great thread. I just had a glance as I will read it later - but the striker thing I noticed straight away.