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  1. @davie77 Hey, how is the Africa testing going? Looking extremely forward to this! Top work.
  2. @davie77 Playing through in Thailand and no problems yet! Thanks very much for the work you have done, makes the game that much more enjoyable playing in these off nations. I don't envy you when it comes to these continental competitions, must be extremely annoying to work with. SI seem to hardcode alot of things to only work one way. MLS, you can't even add a new club for example. Not with a working Youth set up anyway.
  3. Thanks bud! So all nations in your files should qualify for those competitions?
  4. @davie77 Have you come across any hardcoding problems with the Asian Continental Competitions? AFC Champions League and Cup for example? Thinking of starting a save over there.
  5. @davie77 I see the Flow Carribean Cup Championship is in the editor. Is it a problem with how to set it up that is causing issues?
  6. @davie77 Will you be doing the CFU Championship for Caribbean teams? Also when do you see Africa being finished? Great job so far!
  7. @cel1234Much preferred the league this way. Why did they go with the one league setup? Great work on this!
  8. I agree with regards money. But why does a league with a team that can afford the same salaries as China not be able to attract X player? Say I gave Zwolle 100 million to spend. They would not be able to get the players Chinese teams do. Something tells me its more than just reputation?
  9. Gibraltar, Holland, Scotland, Belgium. I'd say three of those leagues are more reputable than the Chinese League in real life so I am wondering if it is hardcoded in the game that Chinese teams can get these big name players.
  10. Is the way Chinese teams handle transfers hardcoded or is it to do with the editor. A team in another nation with the same amount of money as the Chinese teams cannot buy the same players.
  11. Is there still an added commentary lines update available? I remember a few years back someone completely rewrote the lines.
  12. Hi @D_LO_ Point 1 worked perfect. Many thanks for your help and sorry.
  13. Yes I did @D_LO_ My folder only goes down to: G:\Games\Football Manager 2018 - Tactics Graphics Editor Data Etc\skins\Ronnie Dog Skin FM18\graphics\boxes\custom I can't see a background fade part?
  14. Hi @D_LO_ Granted not a great picture. In the red boxes you can see what I am talking about. I am completely unsure as to how I get rid of it. I just want it to be a consistent black/dark grey.
  15. Hi, Does anyone know what the gradient part in this picture is in the skin files. I can't work it out. The bit under the title bar but behind the next match widget. I have managed to do the titlebar and sidebar already thanks to some help.
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