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  1. Here is the 4-4-2 Asymmetric (Changed to AMR) Was pleased with how it performed in the first game. A 4-1 Win over Sevilla. However against Atletico it was a 2-1 defeat. We created lots of chances but couldn't finish in that match. Ter Stegen made a terrible mistake too for one goal.
  2. Look forward to it. I am going to have a tinker with it myself. I think I remember you saying this can be pretty much applied to any formation. I am thinking of using the one in the OP, a 5-ATB and also a 4-4-2 Asymmetric AML perhaps incorporating a Raumdeuter.
  3. Was just having a browse through the Sacchi thread and I saw those variations you used with England. I was thinking of using them with Atletico and was wondering did you use any PI's in them. I already know the TI's so that is fine. Also do you think this could be used in a 5ATB system with the 2 WB's providing width? - Considering that for times I have to face Barcelona or Real Madrid. Thanks!
  4. Let's try shall we. I shall update you
  5. Oh how I wish they still had Dani Alves. Will try Aleix Vidal for now. Got a feeling that full Bielsa system is too hard to implement into FM.
  6. Ok, I am going now to take a look at this, it looks excellent. Going to try with Barcelona. Bet that will be great
  7. How is this defensively? Do you concede alot?
  8. Wow, that is some movement. Absolutely Incredible. Going to take a look at this further tonight.
  9. Top man, many thanks for this. Are you using this in 16 or 17?
  10. If you do get a chance when you have any free time, can you let me know of any PI's. Looks great and I like the use of the sweeper.
  11. Got royally spanked by Real Madrid 5-3 Here is how we lined up Two of our goals came from set pieces, the third and final goal of ours was excellent. Won the ball back, 3 passes and in the back of the net. However we shipped goals like no tomorrow. No doubt this had a bearing on the goals we shipped: 10 completed passes from 29 attempts. Surely too low? This leads me to think my first change should be to tell him to pass short and to the centerbacks + roll out. .......
  12. Attacking and Very Fluid just lists the Defensive Line and Closing Down as normal. Why does it negate the need? I'm confused
  13. need more examples

    I have posted 3 PKM's and Ozil has also posted 1. We show more than 10 examples in them. Hopefully an update will be soon
  14. I'll get a few screen grabs of the PI's for each role. Interestingly enough what you have said has seemed to worked very well. The 6 players do crowd out the attacks and we do attack extremely quick. However, I do lack in midfield as there is alot of space between the players and only to Central Players in Midfield. I mentioned my TI's are: Much Higher Defensive Line Much More Closing Down Much Wider Play out of Defence Stay on Feet Do you think I should play narrower to keep it compact instead of so open with much wider? Also thinking of more direct passes but not sure. Need to look at that actually.
  15. Congested is certainly the word I will use. Definitely going to need to change that I believe. Interesting, I will like to see that when you do post it. Very keen to get this working as much as possible. As you have said though, it seems I have made a mistake with the two wingers occupying the same area. Thank you Ozil. I will do my best. Very Fluid and Attack - did I hear you say suicide? I shall take a look at that. The Half Back does drop back yes, however I need to keep an eye on it. It can look a bit of a mess sometime. Perhaps still something we need to get looked at in the match bug thread. Do you think there is any benefits to a DM(D) over the Half Back in this set up? As for the inverted full backs, Lordluap has suggested WB(A) with instructions could work/ is working for him. Your suggestion of Wing Backs on Support does make sense as well though. All stuff to test tonight. Work rate is going to be key for this, as well as stamina I believe - stats wise