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  1. Thanks @kevhamster! Yeah FM the only game and then basic stuff (browsing, emails, some netflix). The difference in price is indeed around £200. I’ll probably go for the 13” MB Pro, just deciding on 8/16 GB RAM now. Thanks again to both you and @Smurf for your time. Awesome thread 👍
  2. Awesome, thanks both. Most likely I’ll be getting the M1 MBPro myself soon. Can’t wait to play again!
  3. Hey @dalglish1975, Thanks for your feedback on this thread. Great to see the game works fine with the M1. If you already owned a Mac before, how does performance compare? Thinking of moving on from my late ‘13 MB Pro and getting a new M1 Pro myself. Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks @Smurf I actually prefer going for a Mac for my own reasons (bad windows experiences in the past, my and my girlfriend’s devices are all Apple etc). I appreciate that I could get similar specs at a lower price in a PC but I’m happy to take that hit. So I’m just contemplating which Mac to go for in the <2k range, which means I have to exclude the 16” Pro. The standard MB Pro 13” comes with an 8 GB RAM so if I may just pose the question again: is the upgrade to 16 highly recommended? Also do you think the lack of cooling (fans) would affect the Air’s longevity for the in
  5. Hi all, Firstly, fantastic thread. Many thanks to everyone for the time they dedicate to help others. I really don’t know too much about computers and would appreciate some guidance as well! My late ‘13 MB Pro is on its last legs and unfortunately unable to play the game anymore. Thinking of buying a new machine - still a Mac. While I’d love to get a new 16” MB Pro its price will probably be over budget for me - looking to spend less than 2k€. So looking at the 13” machines now but unsure about what’s the best choice. The main (ok, the sole!) purpose of the machine is obviously
  6. Just want to say I took my MB to the Apple Store yesterday for a hardware check. Everything is in pristine condition (see pic). We even rolled back to Mojave and still the same thing: the machine is shutting down after just a few minutes every single time, both with FM20 and FM21. If someone can please advise, I’m at a loss here.. 🙁
  7. Quick update on this one: Reverted back to OS Catalina. Shut down again. Without Steam running still zero problems. Was advised by Apple to lower the FPS on Steam but have no idea how to do that. Asked on the Steam fora but no response. :/ Can someone on here please advise?
  8. Thanks @Aim_Less. I actually did check on this link yesterday. Got 16GB memory (2x8) and everything looks fine in the System Report. Also did the Apple user diagnostics too and everything good there as well. Btw with no Steam and no FM open, the machine was on sleep for ~15 hours and I was able to wake it normally just now as it had not shut down. Again, since the Steam client was on during every shutdown, I'm guessing something could be Steam related but still waiting for an answer from them.
  9. Downloaded and installed TG Pro to monitor the temperatures too. Under diagnostics I can see: Last Shutdown/Sleep: Forced - Possible issue with the memory (RAM) Contacted Apple Support again - went through various resets but according to them all hardware/RAM stuff seems fine.
  10. Just had another shutdown while playing FM20 this time. Loaded up, played one game, after 10 minutes or so the machine shuts down. I wanna say now it seems like it might be a Big Sur - Steam combo..? Will try to chase up with them again and see if they have anything to advise :/
  11. Hey, Thanks for checking @Neil Brock. I'm not actually playing any non-FM games (of course not!) but I noticed something that might imply the issue is with Steam? I've tried playing FM20 late yesterday and it was fine for a good hour or so. Then I left the machine to sleep and when I tried to resume, notice it had shut down in the meantime so had to start it up again. Other than that, whenever Steam isn't open (for either FM20/FM21 Beta purposes), the machine works perfectly fine, no random shutdowns etc, all expected behaviour. I've also sent Steam a message but haven't receive
  12. Tried low res for FM21. Was able to play with no issues for 30-45 mins. However then left it, computer went to sleep and few minutes later it shut down. Had to start it up again through the power button. Meanwhile, been running FM20 for the last 2 hours or so without any issues whatsoever. As usual machine overheating, fans working but no shutdowns and generally still works a treat. I think via process of elimination all evidence so far leads to some sort of issue for the Big Sur - FM21 combo. Works fine for other users from what I can see though so I'm one of the unlucky ones..!
  13. Thanks for the quick response! Just a few minutes ago I changed a Steam client setting re: betas from 'opt out of betas' to 'steam beta update' (or something along those lines) and while the Steam client restarted, the machine shut down again. All of this while the Mac is still very cool, I also spent half an hour earlier on the phone with Apple where we deleted some cache/startup files. From their end they said the next suggestion would be to wipe the machine and re-install the OS. I would still think the machine is fine though, it's only shut down after the Big Sur update and only
  14. Late 2013 Macbook pro here too. Played the Beta Tue-Fri without issues on Catalina, finished 2 seasons. Upgraded to Big Sur Friday evening. Game causes shutdowns of the machine pretty much every time now. Sometimes after 10 minutes of playing, sometimes when I click on 'load game' in the start screen. Mentioned in the crashes section.
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