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  1. I suppose you still have a nice savegame from FM17. Do an experiment: load it up and play it for a few hours. You will probably blown away by a much simpler and better (subjective) interface, less time-consuming non-sense and a less problematic ME. When I load up FM 17, its like a breath of fresh air not seeing FM19s clunky and cluttered interface, especially with those ever frustrating skin colors.
  2. When I see that and then someone tries to explain it as its a good thing .... i want to goon full bananas. Good job at showing these images.
  3. @MBarbaric We can agree or disagree on what the wingers should have done, but thats not the point of the latest discussion. The point is that someone suggested that the problem was that the ME in FM17 was not good defensively specifically because the wingers or CMs weren’t closing down as much as they should have. The thing is that we dont know what instructions Has the AI used. If the AI would have asked the wingers to man mark or close down that area / men, they would have done it. Same goes for the AI central mids. In conclusion, it’s not necessarly a ME problem, to me its looking more like poor tactics from AI.
  4. @Mitja @MBarbaric Completly agree. I mean, if you look at my 2nd video, both opp wingers have the tendency to tuck inside when the ball is on their side, but as soon as the ball leaves that area, they go back to the flanks. It is perfectly logical what they are doing. For example, in my diamonds, sometimes I ask my strikers to mark and harass the opposition wingers.
  5. I see your point of view. The reason for the wingers marking my wing-backs is very simple: they either have been asked to man mark, or they haven’t been instructed otherwise. I get your point and I also understand football. My players were passing relaxed in the middle without posing a huge threat to the opposition ( at least until the last 2 passes that knocked them out). No winger in real life would have rushed in the center if there is no immediate threat against a team who is 2 times better than you and at the cost of leaving my wingback 1 vs 1 against their full-back.
  6. @Mitja It has been bard to defend against, but not really that hard in FM18 and FM19 because the movement off the ball and attacking paterns were all about wide areas (just like FM16) and wide areas are the weekest in the diamond. However, in FM17 the diamond does a reasonably good job.
  7. @Mitja Agree, i would go even further and say that we dont even know what the AI opponent asked those CMs to do in terms of closing down and tackling. Its evident that they refrained from attacking my players , but in other games they rush me as soon as I have the ball, so I wouldnt say that closing down is horrible in FM17. And as you pointed out, at least the wingers are marking my Wing-backs which are in support duties in my classic diamond.
  8. @Armistice I can see where you are coming from. I feel the same way to a certain extent. All new features need screen space which makes the interface cluttered on some panels (not all of them). The choice of skins this year dont help with that either. That purple’ish thing is not a great option because it is brighter than it has to be, while the dark one is too high in contrast on most panels. Speaking of training, i think it really needed a revamp, so I agree with a change, but SI really went in depth with this one. This is probably the best thing in the world for some FM players that have extensive knowledge about training IRL, or for the FM players with lots of time to spend in game. However, for the average or new players this bew training system is a nightmare. I got one of my friends into loving and playing FM in 2017. He needed about a year until he was comfortable with the game ( by FM 2018’s life cycle ended ) and when he has seen 2019’s training system, you could have seen sheer disbelief on his face. It was priceless. The point I am trying to make is that change is needed sometimes because certain features hit a platoo, but lets not go in full bananas. Try to introduce new / revamped features slowly and then act based on feedback.
  9. @HUNT3R@Rashidi@Had_Enough What you just said @MBarbaric it exactly how I feel about it, Just to prove my point that every single FM edition is worse than the other, I just installed FM17, launched one of my best saves and game it a go. Sure enough, see what happens 23 minutes in. If that wasnt enough have a look at what happens at the end of the 1st half. FM13 and 14 were kings in off-the ball movement, but then everything went downhill. FM17 is the last decent version that somehow resembles beautiful football:
  10. I get the point you are making, but that has nothing to do with the fact that if I want to play a certain style I should be able to. Isn't this what football is all about ? Do we all have to play like Man City or X Y and Z ? For me, the beautiful way of playing is as I explained, but for you it might be different, and thats okay. What it's really not okay is for us to be forced into playing wide (ME wont allow any other way, anyway) just because in today's football, the coaches preffer a certain playstyle. If we are using this non-sense as an excuse for a half-baked and half - coocked ME, then why dont we see players doing dribbles through the center of the field more often in FM ? Maybe, just maybe you see 1 nice dribble through the center / game. IMHO, the reason for that is because the ME has some sort of code that tells players to go with the most simplistic option. And do you know what that one is ? Let me tell you something that you already know: IT'S THE WIDE PASS to an unmarked overlapping fullback. It makes sense to do it from time to time, but it happens way to often and it becomes the go-to, regardless of your tactical instructions.
  11. About 4 hours ago or so, after I got back home from work, I installed FM14 from my Steam library and guess what: I just loaded up a save I had in the cloud - Schalke 04 and it was sometimes in 2023 right on the match day against Dortmund. It ended 3-2 for Dortmund, but thats besides the point. The actual takeaway from this was: the goals were so so beautiful: defense splitting passes, driblings (real ones, not sprinting faster than the opponent), hold on to ball until the striker overlapped, etc etc. It was lively, it had variety, EXACTLY what every edition lacked EVER SINCE. It is not nostalgia, it is pure joy. I will start a new save on FM14 and play it because I am done with all the new and useless FM implementations off the pitch, while the match engine is so lethargic. SI should bloody stop from adding features upon features off the pitch and focus soley on fixing the current problems in every area. I would pay them £150 for a truly finished game with no added BS. A game that just works, even if it looks just like the previous edition. As a hardcore fan, I DO NOT CARE if you add something new or not, i want it to work flawlesly and have variety, excitement. In fact, seeing FM14 today I realised I ACTUALLY LIKED IT BETTER for the simplicity it had in certain area that today are so so over-complicated. What is the point in adding new features like improved training, dynamics, etc etc if 9/10 games look and feel the same in the match engine. I will actually record myself one day commenting an FM19 game and I am pretty sure I can predict 85% of what every player will do with that ball: yes, it passes it wide or backwards and then wide again and ... wait for it .... the cross will soon follow. I didnt see this ******** behaviour in FM14. If I instructed my team to go through the middle, they tried their best to find that one through ball that would tear the opposition. In FM16/17/18/19 it makes no difference, because one way or the other, the ball will still be absorbed by the flanks and carred through attack in the wide areas. Never once had I seen in my 100 hours of FM19 a striker that makes a first touch with back to goal that would pass it back to the no10 and play a simple 1-2 which would result in a CCC. I want to end this rant, but it's just frustrating having a worse experience in FM that I had 5 years ago. It is unacceptable to me, but I am a die-hard fan and I keep buying it in the hope that I will get a modern FM that would be so good I won't even care about 3-4 bad years that might potentially follow. I am still spending my money and my hopes are still left hanging. Thank you for listening to my rant.
  12. @HUNT3R Judging by that breakdown, yes, you are right.l: it’s not all bad. However, it is debatable what the match engine perceives as through ball, isn’t it ? For me, a through ball is a defence splitting pass within the lateral range of the 16 meter box, or through the CDs to a striker ready to run at or do a first touch and then hit a shot. I must say that through balls from recent editions of FM DONT REALLY LOOK like the through balls from FM13 and FM14. I am not expecting to score 2 or 3 goals / game from situations like this, but I DO EXPECT to at least see this movement behaviour even if it fails (CDs intercept the ball).
  13. I can see you are a patient man. So, i am a massive fan if central movement / attack. My primary formations are 4-4-2 diamond, 4-3-1-2 and 5-3-2 WB ever since FM10. Now ... in FM15 the central play took a hit, even though it was not a big one. FM16 rulled out any chance of real through balls to the strikers. It was all about wide play - crosses -goal. FM17 was better, a lot better than 16, thats for sure. FM18 was so and so ( in terms of central play), nothing spectacular, but now we have FM19, which has a different sort of problem, but the end result is the same: central play is suffering. Just so we are all on the same page, by central play I mean creating through the middle and using through balls as a primary goal scoring source: AP, strikers, creative CMs even. As a massive addict to this sort of playstyle, its very easy for me to spot this dissapointing trend. My conclusion: No.10 is irrelevant as we know it because he chooses to pass wide ( even if he had 18 vision and 17 flair), just like an anchor man, so he offers close to nothing in most games, unless you play him as a scorer, but thats a different story. The way we chose strikers is also affected because since they score most goals from crosses, they need to have different attributes as opposed to scoring from balls through the middle. I miss FM13 and FM14 days. A lot . Back the. You could have dont literally ANY tactic : playstyle and it would work as intended. Nowdays .... cross - goal, go go fullbacks and wingers. Bye bye beautiful creativity and opposition unlocking through balls. I must say I am extremely dissapointed with the direction this game is going for the past years.
  14. Hey guys, I would like to build a PC for FM19 and onwards. I will only play FM on it because I use my PS4 Pro for everything else. In order to spend as little as possible, I have been looking at the AMD Ryzen 2400G because it has pretty good integrated graphics. I will play FM in 3d, so for me its really important that the graphics card / APU can handle 3D match engine flawlesly (no stutters). I am asking those of you who might have experienced this APU if it's going to be good enough to run FM19 + in 3d ? Thanks
  15. I only have the options for ON-OFF as far as VSYNC in concerned. I have no "Fast" option.
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