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  1. Thanks for the reply guys. Well ... I guess I will play this one hardcore then
  2. Right .. so I have done something I haven't done since FM13 and that is: manage a team outside of the top European leagues. I decided to take on Spartak Moscow to a long adventure and oh boy ... what a first season that was, incredible ! I fully recommend you guys to give this team / league a go if you want something new: lots of young players, talented and they play FIRE ! Anyway, the reason I am here is because I do have a question you guys may know the answer: If I click on any player in the league (except my own players) I am unable to see a single attribute. I need to scout them befo
  3. Maye it easy on yourself and bookmark this page or the one you want to land on, that's what I did.
  4. I specifically gave Wolfsburg as an example, not Barcelona. Wolfsburg is a mediocre team and always has been, just like Dynamo Dresden (even though Dynamo was beasting the german championships many many years ago). I thought you were smart enough to pick up on this, but clearly not since you jumped over to an extreme (Barcelona and RB Leipzig) that has no comparison. You mentioned accomplishments and "last 100 years" ... do you want to know what that means in today's football when it comes down to money ? Not much. Sponsorships are based on recent and present performances (financial real
  5. I haven't said that ticket / season prices don't increase at all. I said that they don't reflect the scale of the jump in performance (even if consistent over time) and this is a fact. Also, another fact are the sponsorship deals which scale very very poorly. Yes, they do generate more money as you do a better job and rise through the divisions, etc, but nowhere near the clubs that start the game with a high reputation. As an example, I was playing a save with Dynamo Dresden (start in 3.Liga) and managed to win the Euro Cup in my 6th season. My overall sponsorship revenue was lower than Wolfsb
  6. I am afraid not ... I am at my current club, AC Milan for over a decade. I am a club icon now and even I can't ask for a certain type of affiliate.
  7. True, it isn't. That said, in this case the game should scale a lot lot better than it does at the moment. If you take a club from Italian Serie C and take it all the way to Serie A, the day ticket prices and season tickets, sponsorships, etc are not going to reflect that huge boost in performance. This is why I would want to have some sort of control, if not complete control over the financial aspects of the game.
  8. This is one of the issues I have with FM since ... forever. I find that the game is not very good at allowing us to develop comercial ties and focus on increasing our finances through comercial revenues. I think FM needs a complete overhaul in this regard: matchday revenue, day ticket prices, season tickets, sponsorships, etc. We need more control over these areas. You probably tried this already, but the easiest way to get more money that way is to find an affiliate club in China, USA, etc.
  9. V 21.2 Major Update feedback. I have played about half a season on the latest major update and for the most part, it's a good update. By this I mean that certain things have improved without negative consequences in other areas. Normally I wouldn't praise any company for this, as this should be the standard, but in recent years SI just didn't get the balance right and that's just my opinion. This time, this patch, everything they have put in that changelog is working as expected The Match Engine For me is the vital and most important part of this game and it's exceptional after
  10. I agree on this one. The full backs rarely (if ever) pass early. Instead they keep running and running until there's no more grass to run into and then they cross. The problem is that these crosses are 90% of the time useless and get blocked, resulting in a corner. BTW, this is why we have 15+ corners every game (or most games). A secondary problem that derives from this situation is that by doing this, the fullacks kill the flow of the game for their team and slow the tempo down way too much, rendering their team-mates off the ball movement completly useless.
  11. In theory yes, you can just ignore it, but it's still clutter in your inbox and an extra emai you have to click on and that's not much fun.
  12. Oh boy, you couldn't have said it better. The game overall is really good, but the decisions behind the UI are absolutely .... Every time I go over this nonsense I feel disconected from the game, immersion breaks and frustration sets in. The goal was to make you, the manager part of the game, but it has managed to achieve the exact oposite. I have been saying this for years: just fine tune existing features that make this a fantastic game, don't just add "features" that nobody really asks for. If you do, that's also fine, but only do it if you, as a developer / company are doing it properly. L
  13. I didn't see the post about focus play through the middle, but now it makes sense. Looking forward to this getting fixed. Even in the BETA seemed a bit strange, but I had no context and I took everything at face value with a fresh perspective, especially since I completly dismissed and stopped playing FM20 after 35 hours.
  14. Thanks for the feedback and is taken on board. The instructions that you see in that screenshot will change if: I encounter a low block or a heavily packed midfield. That said, because of the gifted players I have in the midfield, I manage to keep hold of the ball and create chances with it. My post was not as much about tactics as it was about the flow of the game. Example: my WB is carrying the ball forward, I have my CM unmarked on the same line with the WB, yet my WB decides to switch the ball all the way to the other flank where my FB is "kinda" unmarked. Like ... why ? I specifically tol
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