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  1. I am on my 3rd long term save, around 2030 and I have noticed a pattern in all 3 of them: the lack of quality anchor man, ball winning midfielders and wide midfielders. So let me elaborate a bit: The game seems to have a tendency of creating a lot of DLP who usually can play in both DM and MC role. The problem is that in my saves there is a huge imbalance between the number of decent and high quality DLP and a proper Anchor Man or Ball Winning Midfielder. I have found myself retraining Center Backs to either play as Anchor Man or in some more extreme cases as a BWM. Of course I am only ta
  2. I haven't played the game in Russia before in any edition of FM, this is why I decided to create a thread about it. Managing here feels so so ... retro. To me it feels exactly like the IRL football in the 90s and 00s especially in Italy. The italian players there would preffer to play for the same club (or in the same league at least) for their entire career. Personally, I very very much like this because it gives the clubs and the league an actual identity. Regarding ambition, as you mentioned, I just checked the ambition stat for all of my best players and I noticed that it's particular
  3. You made a good point with the low adaptability stat and I actually fired up the in game editor to check this. I have went through my own players, as well as the other best players in the league. I didn't notice a low adaptability issue, in fact I noticed the contrary with players age 25+. I would assume that age has an impact on how adaptable a player is and this is why the older the player, the higher this stat gets on average. Speaking of work permit, they don't really need one, except for UK. I have just declined an offer for Nail Umyarov from Dortmund worth £ 34M in 23/24 and he didn
  4. Hi guys, I just noticed something really really interesting (to me at least) and I want to share it with you guys and get the opinion of those of you who managed in Russia before. So, I am playing as Spartak Moscow and I am not beginning my 3rd season. For those of you who don't know, Spartak has a lot of young talent and a very good team overall, also the academy has been producing some jaw-dropping regens over these 2-3 years. Now that the stage is set, here is what I find interesting: Over the years, I have received offers for my players from all across the globe, especially the rich c
  5. Hi guys, is there any skin / mod that gives us the timeline back during the match ? I still cannot believe they removed it. I am willing to support anyone who has created / creates such a mod.
  6. Thanks for the reply guys. Well ... I guess I will play this one hardcore then
  7. Right .. so I have done something I haven't done since FM13 and that is: manage a team outside of the top European leagues. I decided to take on Spartak Moscow to a long adventure and oh boy ... what a first season that was, incredible ! I fully recommend you guys to give this team / league a go if you want something new: lots of young players, talented and they play FIRE ! Anyway, the reason I am here is because I do have a question you guys may know the answer: If I click on any player in the league (except my own players) I am unable to see a single attribute. I need to scout them befo
  8. Maye it easy on yourself and bookmark this page or the one you want to land on, that's what I did.
  9. I specifically gave Wolfsburg as an example, not Barcelona. Wolfsburg is a mediocre team and always has been, just like Dynamo Dresden (even though Dynamo was beasting the german championships many many years ago). I thought you were smart enough to pick up on this, but clearly not since you jumped over to an extreme (Barcelona and RB Leipzig) that has no comparison. You mentioned accomplishments and "last 100 years" ... do you want to know what that means in today's football when it comes down to money ? Not much. Sponsorships are based on recent and present performances (financial real
  10. I haven't said that ticket / season prices don't increase at all. I said that they don't reflect the scale of the jump in performance (even if consistent over time) and this is a fact. Also, another fact are the sponsorship deals which scale very very poorly. Yes, they do generate more money as you do a better job and rise through the divisions, etc, but nowhere near the clubs that start the game with a high reputation. As an example, I was playing a save with Dynamo Dresden (start in 3.Liga) and managed to win the Euro Cup in my 6th season. My overall sponsorship revenue was lower than Wolfsb
  11. I am afraid not ... I am at my current club, AC Milan for over a decade. I am a club icon now and even I can't ask for a certain type of affiliate.
  12. True, it isn't. That said, in this case the game should scale a lot lot better than it does at the moment. If you take a club from Italian Serie C and take it all the way to Serie A, the day ticket prices and season tickets, sponsorships, etc are not going to reflect that huge boost in performance. This is why I would want to have some sort of control, if not complete control over the financial aspects of the game.
  13. This is one of the issues I have with FM since ... forever. I find that the game is not very good at allowing us to develop comercial ties and focus on increasing our finances through comercial revenues. I think FM needs a complete overhaul in this regard: matchday revenue, day ticket prices, season tickets, sponsorships, etc. We need more control over these areas. You probably tried this already, but the easiest way to get more money that way is to find an affiliate club in China, USA, etc.
  14. V 21.2 Major Update feedback. I have played about half a season on the latest major update and for the most part, it's a good update. By this I mean that certain things have improved without negative consequences in other areas. Normally I wouldn't praise any company for this, as this should be the standard, but in recent years SI just didn't get the balance right and that's just my opinion. This time, this patch, everything they have put in that changelog is working as expected The Match Engine For me is the vital and most important part of this game and it's exceptional after
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