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  1. I have played a few games and I can tell you that there are no changes worth talking about in regards to the ME. If you enjoyed it, you'll still enjoy it. If you hated it ... there's no good news as of yet.
  2. The best feedback I can give you is: make it even remotly close to what you see below and then I will be a very happy player / customer. That is what central play means. That is what intricate passing means. That is what variety in goals mean. That is what exploiting the middle means. That is how your creative players damage the oppositions. You can find that in one single match in FM18, yet you need to play 20+ games in FM20 to spot half of these things. Pour yourselves a glass boys and enjoy the video. Cheers
  3. Played 8 games on the new update using a 4-4-2 diamond narrow and 4 games using 4-3-1-2. My feedback after these games is: - Central play is virtually non-existent (since FM18) - The AMC (no matter how talented) will not do anything else than passes wide or dribbles out wide. He doesn't even attempt through balls to a striker who is in a great position ... enough said on this. - Play has slowed down noticebly since the previous patch, which is a positive. - Players do tend to keep shape and do what they're told (50% of the time) which is a positive compared to previous patches. Final thoughts: this version of the ME is the best so far in FM20, but is sub-standard compared to old editions. No central play, no variety in goals, no central penetration, no through balls, no one-twos in the final third that lead to a goal. It is perfectly playable if you don't expect it to be a tactics simulator or a real-life simulator. If you do want your tactics, players roles and attributes to be reflected on the pitch, then I'm afraid you are out of luck and this simply isn't it. For that you'll have to go to FM17 / FM18 FM13 / FM14 ... but most certainly not this one. Cheers.
  4. Thank you for taking the time to respond. Everything you said is common sense and "politically correct" from a company employee's perspective, so no hard feelings. Last year, with FM19 I have gone through a similar experience, almost identical. The lack of central play and a ME which was only chasing real life satistics, but with 0 consideration about how it should get to those "statistics" and in the end someone (might have been you, but I am not sure) came and said the exact same thing: " Reality of FM is that eventually our development team will have to stop working on FM20 and move onto the next version else new improvements and major overhauls simply can't happen. " And you are right, at some point, resources need to be moved on to the next project. And this is why I pre-ordered FM20 with actual confidence. I was thinking " they can't get it wrong for a 2nd year in a row" or " no way will FM20 keep having no central play", stuff like this. To my shock ... here we are. I am not going to complain about money because it is not an enormous sum and I still have a blast with FM17 and FM18, but I will not be pre-ordering any product from SI from now on, simply on principle. Pre-order should be a reward from the customers for a company that listens and acts. SI did just this for so many years, that is untiil last year. I personally ended up with 2 editions, FM19 and FM20 that I can't bring myself to play for even 5 minutes, given how their respective MEs are. Good luck to developers with FM21. I play this franchise for so long, it's actually easy to spot bad trends / habbits and I could read right through FM19, even though the majority of the people only started complaining in FM20. TLDR: That's my opinion: the root of all this s**t lies in FM19, it hasn't started in FM20, just became more obvious. Just my 2 cents.
  5. This is THE wet dream, isn't it ?! Too good to be true. It is frustrating, as FM evolved a lot, especially in FM19 and FM20. I like the features, even though the UI / UX are not the best (to say the least), but overall is very good nontheless. The problem is that in terms of ME, FM17 is leaps and bounds ahead. Yes, FM20 has much better animations, superb cut-backs (things you don't really see in FM17), BUT the movement on and off the ball is atrocious, the variety is non-eistent, defences are way way too narrow, playmakers are as useless as a car without wheels, etc. There are so many things wrong, I don't have the patience to actually put them all down. The question is: Are the extra features outside of the ME of FM20 warrant playing the game over FM17 or FM18 (which don't have as many features, but superb MEs). Nobody can answer this question, but you. Personally, I don't mind playing with an out-of-date database at all, so I play FM17 and FM18 every day and I am getting so much joy from those 2 editions.
  6. That being said, compared to FM19's and FM20's ME .... FM18 is cotton candy, ice-cream and caramel
  7. The narrow defence trend started back in FM19 and YES, thats why we have the play channeled through the flanks all the time. It is a chore to even watch it. I don't know how anyone can look at that ME (FM19 and FM20) and say "Yep, this is how football looks" ...
  8. In terms of ME, go for FM17 or FM18. It's not even close .... FM19 or FM20 are a hard pass in all honesty,
  9. There is a lack of central play since the launch of FM19, but people weren't as vocal then, so there we have it - it's even worse in FM20 which in a way makes me happy because at least now SI can aknowledge it and improve it.
  10. From what I have seen so far (12 games played on this BETA) it seems to be the most balanced itteration of FM20's ME. Now, for the first time it's actually playable, imho. That being said, I am going to include some bulletpoints: Pros - No more balls over the top, unless in reasonable circumstances. - 1 vs 1 seems more realistic now - Central play has been improved slightly - i will mention this at cons as well. - Decision making all over the pitch seems better balanced, which makes for a more fluid experience. Cons - Strikers are still a bit lazy moving off the ball + the AMC (usually) ignores them in situations where a (risky) through ball could be the perfect assist. This is my biggest complaint since FM19 btw and for this precise reason I consider FM17 to be the most attractive ME ever made. There, you did not know what to expect from your AMC (if he was an amazing one). In FM20 and FM19 he plays much much too safe. We need that specific player to grab the bull by the horns and try the unthinkable, not just make the most "logical" decision, a.k.a pass wide for an onrushing full back, etc. - Long range shots are absolutly deadly, no matter who strikes. Shoot for long enough and you can score 3+ goals in a match from outside the box. - Full backs / wingers delay the crossing moment for far too long and therefore missing that perfect oportunity for a deadly cross. They wait and wait and 70% of the time they lose the ball. - User control over the tactic overall. It's hard to explain this one. You really have to feel it in order to understand it. Even though this public beta is miles away from what we had so far, it still feels like what happens on the pitch is not really what the tactic is supposed to do. - Movement in the final third is odd sometimes. What I mean by that is: when you are boxing the opponent deep in his own half, your strikers (and sometimes your AMC as well) are extremly static and also very pushed forward. This means that the only players who are trying to create something are your MCs and / or DMCs + wingers / fullbacks. Once again, this is another complaint I have since FM19, when the ME took a very different path from FM17 and FM18. If 2 or3 of your players are kind of inactive, just being dormant, your team becomes so very predictible and I am 100% convinced that this is one of the reasons many people complain about seeing the same goals over and over again. Overall, the public beta is 100% a step in the right direction. It is not particularly exciting for me, but I can appreciate the positive difference between this and all of the ME itterations we had so far in FM20. If SI makes even more tweaks and bring back the scintilating movement off the ball for the AMC and strikers from FM17/FM18, then for me it's a winner and for the first time in 2 years I will actually feel happy with the latest version. Keep up the good work !
  11. You are missing the point. It is not about goal-happy. You can score a lot in FM19 and FM20. It is about the way your team plays. It is about the team playing the way you want them to play. Yes, FM17 had some issues, but were minor. In fact, in comparison with FM20 you can't even call them issues, honestly. You picked the wrong edition (FM20) to make the argument about realistic ME ... because this is everything BUT REALISTIC. Speaking of FM12, you are right. The lack of a collision system made the poachers overpowered. But collision was never a thing prior to that, so it was "normal". However, looking at FM20's ME, it is a step backwards from FM17 and FM18 and that is why people are unhappy. Speaking of realism, in FM19 and FM20 you BARELY, Barely see a quality through ball from the AMC for the striker to attack into space. In real life, this is the way Barca, City and loads of other teams are breaking down opponents. They don't do it with balls over the top every other 5 minutes, or with shots from afar. Let's not bring realism argument in here, because it is the worst possible edition of FM to suooport it.
  12. I am not glorifying the past, not at all. For me it's the present, since I am playing it currently, not "remembering" it. Yes, FM20 offers a lot more FEATURES. For me, those features are not worth a single dime since the ME is heavily flawed. This is not about pleasing everyone. This is not a "meta" we are talking about. This is about balls over the top, 1 vs 1s, shotting into the sidenet bugs that we can ALL see. This is not an opinion, this is a fact. So no, it is not about pleasing everyone. Yes, I live with this too. I wouldn't call it "limitation" as you put it, because it is clearly not a limitation, but rather a poor implementation. It is the same ME as it was in FM17 and FM18, with obvious updates of course, but: those editions did not suffer from such blatant problems. Again, these problems are not my view or your view, my opinion or x opinion, but rather FACTS. I am happy with the features introduced for the most part and I would be able to live with those I don't like (poor skin color choice, etc) because that IS MY OPINION. However, I am not able to live with blatant bugs, because that IS NOT MY OPINION. Good for you and I hope you continue to enjoy it. I clocked 65 hours in FM desperatly trying to like it and overlook the problems. It just doesn't work for me because the main "thing" about a simulation game, this simulation game is or should be, THE Match Engine. Unfortunately, the ME is heavily flawed, so nothing else matters because thats where my enjoyment comes from. From being able to build something that I can actually see replicated on the screen during the match. That creation is redundant since I see a ball over the top in every single highlight, since 99% of the time players REFUSE to make a pass into open space for the striker to attack it, I could go on and on about this joke of a ME, but it doesn't matter anymore. The only thing that matters is that SI needs to get their stuff together and not release a game in this state ever again. I don't need anyone to tell me that the ME is fine or flawed. I can see that for myself. We all have eyes to see and ears to listen. Denying the obvious makes this entire situation ever more pathetic than it already is.
  13. My thoughts exactly. FM17 was near perfect, even FM18 was very very good (at least in comparison with FM19 and especially this monstruosity, FM20). But hey ... this finally convinced me to not purchase this game before trying the demo next year. Why should I ? I bought FM19, but still played FM17 and FM18. Then I bought FM20 and now I am still playing FM17 and FM18 ... I hope they fix the problems soon because it is a complete JOKE at the moment.
  14. FM 17 .... by a mile because it has the most realistic ME you can imagine. Your team will play exactly like you want them to play. Will you always win ? Of course not, but that's natural, but at least you play the way you want. I own all editions, but nothing comes even close to FM17's match engine. PS. For me, FM18 is a solid second choice (i am actually playing it at this very moment). I haven't experienced crashes, etc, so it works well for me.
  15. @HUNT3R Regarding the 1v1s, why do we even bring up the tactics conversation ? If you get to have 1v1s, it means that tactically you are doing your job, you are getting your team into favorable positions. Regarding general ME issues (non related to 1v1s), why do we talk about tactics ?! If it's a legit ME issue (and GOD knows there are plenty going around with FM20), why do "we" tell people that they can mitigate by doing any tactical tweaks ? As a player, you should be using the tactics that you want, exactly how you want, against who you want and the ME will be the referee of that (if you have done well or not). But if the referee is a bad referee .... what are we even talking about ? Should we change our playstayle, just because we are facing a bad referee ? Agreed, you can't. However, it is not the custmer's job to accept that his product is flawed and it can't be fixed asap because the fix is too complex. It just sounds out of this world, honestly. On top of that, I 100% disagree with this statement because it has been proven wrong. Last year, in FM19, after people have complained about strikers not moving off the ball enough and being useless in general, SI has aknowledged the matter (i believe it was around March or April) and said this exact same thing: "Issue is too complex, can't be fixed in FM19 without causing other damage, but it will be gone by FM20". - i am paraphrasing here. FM20 is here and guess what ?! Striker movement has improved, but it's still far and far away from where it should be. So no, we can't expect knee-jerk changes, but aparently 9 months isn't enough either. What are we going to do here doc ? What's the action plan ? Shall we just suck it up and hope for the best ? Shall we just give up and play other editions ? Shall we look at exploits which might mitigate the ongoing issues ? None of the options sounds good and you know why ? It's because the burdedn is on US, who PAID for this game, especially because we have been in love with this franchise for more than a decade. Look, we can all see it's broken. Is it as broken as some people make it sound ? it doesn't even matter, it's irrenevant. The only thing that matters is that it's broken (define that how you wish). But for the love of God, stop telling people "you can make the issue go away if you decide to play this style or that style or make x tactical change" because even if it's true, you shouldn't have to be locked into some tactical frameworks just to "mitigate" current ME issues.
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