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  1. Those numbers mean exactly nothing. It's all about the build up, etc. Create a tactic that is meant to play centrally, then jump in FM whatever edition except 16 and 19 and then try the same thing in FM16 and FM19 ... and THEN you can tell me all about it. Once you actually see the difference in ACTION, not in some numbers ... then you let me know how central play works out in FM19.
  2. I have written this in so many topics, I can't even remember, but I will keep it very very short. - Absolute lack of central play. Zero central play. - Strikers are not moving off the ball. They are very static regardless of the role. Yes, they will drop deep on certain role, but that is not what Off The Bal;l Movement is or should be. This alone is game breaking for me, as it is the point above. - Defences are way way too narrow regardless of the team's reputation. I could go on and on, but I have done this in the official feedback thread, I provided videos, etc. Point is, from a tactical perspective, this match engine is .... a write off. I understand why some people like it, it it couldnt be more further from any sort of framework it should represent.
  3. Stopped playing a long time ago. I actually think its the 2nd worst FM in the last 10 years, after FM16.
  4. @harrycarrie Very good results for a stock CPU mate. Thanks for taking the time and I have also updated the chart in the OP.
  5. It won't be a good experience unless you use zoom. if you Zoom in at about 175%, things should be fine.
  6. @BMNJohn I completly agree. Indeed, RAM speed and latency matters more on AMD based systems, but you can see the pattern being there on Intel as well, even though not as "punchy". When I built my Ryzen system, a month ago, I went with 3200 MHz, CL16 and the CPU absolutly flies. I borrowed some 2666 MHz from a friend and the difference is there in any task: gaming, video rendering and benchmarking. When I have put my RAM back in .... it felt like I have upgraded my CPU I will always go with faster RAM regardless of the platform, it's just something I've always done.
  7. @ViewsxAvo I believe it might come down to exactly what @BMNJohn said and another thing that I know 100% to be true, is RAM speed. I have faster RAM in my laptop with lower latency than XAW. This is a big decider usually between CPU's performance in intensive tasks.
  8. This is a very good option. You have a great CPU coupled with a nice GPU that can run FM in 3D really well. As a side bonus, in this laptop you will have Intel Optane technology which will increase boot times and HDD access times by a lot. https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/acer-nitro-5-15-6-intel-core-i5-gtx-1050-gaming-laptop-1-tb-10180720-pdt.html
  9. Indeed, I can relate to the stuttering / vsync issues in FM18 and FM19, however, that depends on the GPU as I have found that later. On my laptop I have a GTX 1050 Ti and I was experiencing this stutter from time to time (not all time time). When I have built this PC last month and I threw a GTX 1660 Ti inside of it, I have experienced a smooth gameplay. In regards to the stutter and lag, the only thing that will forever eliminate it, is a G-Sync or FreeSync monitor (depending on which type of GPU you have). I had a Dell S2717H with FreeSync at 75 Hz, but unfortunatly I couldn't make use of its Freesync technology because I was using an nVIDIA GPU and the minitor didn't had a DisplayPort, just HDMI. However, the G-Sync tech in my current Dell (S2716DG) eliminates all the stutter and the inconveniences in every game I have tried.
  10. @ajtI added you to the benchmark chart in the OP and thank you for posting the results. @jckc221013jamie What resolution and settings are you playing at ? How do you find the performance of the game judging by the last 3-4 editions including the FM19 ?
  11. As I said in my last post the other week, I have bought a high-refresh rate monitor with variable refresh rate. I really wanted to get the MSI Optix MAG27CQ that @Garrlor has because of the curved design and the VA panel. However, even though nVIDIA supports Adaptive Sync now, that specific model from MSI is a hit or miss in relation with an nVIDIA GPU (and I own an nVIDIA graphics card). In short, the adaptive sync function doesn't work all the time. After I have read a lot of reviews, I decided to go with Dell S2716DG G-SYNC, since it's 100% guarantee in my case and boy oh boy .... I would have never thought that this game in particular can run so so smooth. In 3D, the finess of player's movements looks better than in real life. In regards to the text, it's clearly better than before since I have made the jump from 1080p to 1440p and that shows. I have made a video that showcases how the game makes use of the computer's resources in order to keep 144 FPS. I have done it both in FM18 and FM19 and .... yea ... FM19 doesn't do something right in my case at least, but you will understand by watching the video until the end. @jckc221013jamie FM16 had issues with the game set to run at 144 FPS, while FM17 and FM18 performed outstanding. FM19 was almost there, but it doesn't utilize the resources quite right (in my case at least).
  12. Are you playing 2d or 3d and what kind of battery life are you expecting ?
  13. Yes, you are absolutly right in this regard . So, I did just that, but on the PC I took out 1 stick of 8GB of RAM and ran the other one in single channel. Everything else was the same. The end result: FM was now using less RAM. The difference was in the region of 1GB RAM - 1.2GB RAM. This leads me to belive that it is Windows 10 itself which allocates resources differently based on how much you have. I am planning on upgrading my laptop RAM to 16GB low latency as well and will repeat the test there as well.
  14. Yes, If you have more RAM, then FM will use more. I specifically tested this theory in FM17, FM18 and FM19. I took one save, randomly (had 8 nations loaded like I usually do comprising of about 15 leagues) and started playing it on my laptop (8GB RAM) and the game itself used about 5.5GB RAM. Then I downloaded the same save from the cloud into my PC, which has 16GB RAM and boom: the game used 7.5GB of memory. If you are wondering if more RAM will impact the speed in FM, the short answer is YES. But it's the principle behind that needs to be understood: It's not just the ammount of RAM that matters, but the actual speed (frequency and latency) of the RAM is even more important especially for people that have at least 8GB. Example: if you have 4GB, then upgrading to 8GB is the best thing you can do. Now, if you have 8GB of really slow RAM, upgrading to 16GB of the same slow RAM will have little impact. Howver, if you upgrade to 8GB or 16GB of really fast RAM ... you will be amazed by the difference. This is kinda the long answer
  15. I would highly recommend, based on my experience with these laptops. They are well built, solid and reliable. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the screen. On some laptops they offer 2 different screen options: one that has low color accuracy and one that has high color accuracy. Do what you must, just make sure you get the better screen because it's truely great, while the bad one is really terrible. Other than that, I would recommend PC Specialist.
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