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  1. +1 The training system needed a step-up, but the implementation is very clunky. Speaking of clunky, the interface ... seems to be just like the one we had in FM19: blasting purple, more clicks to get to the info that you want. I will say that at a first glance, it looks more structured, but when you are actually getting into a save and you spend some time playing, you realise how unnecessary a lot of tabs are and it just takes to joy away. The thing that sold this game to me, many many years ago, was the simplicity at the surface and the complexity behind. Nowdays, I feel like the surface is getting less and less simple and the unseen part (match engine) seems to be an afterthought. Does it sell ? Yes ! Apparently FM19 had record sales, so that is a good thing, because the bigger the fanbase, the better. I only wish they don't completly lose sight of that is REALLY important (match engine), because if that part of the game is not optimized as best it can be .... then NOTHING else matters. To be on-topic, the headline features are a mixed bag for me. I like the new Club Vision and Development Centre because they improve on an existing core element of the game and take it to the next level. However, Playing Time Pathway is nothing but an extra unnecessary step for the user to take and a solution to a problem that wasn't there before FM19. I quote " This should go some way to alleviating potential issues with keeping the squad happy. Now, you and your players know how much they’ll play per season." This phrase is worrying me because while it may alleviate potential player unhappiness, it may be a problem in itself. Imagine you play a 4-3-3 and after a few seasons you decide to switch to a 4-4-2 diamond narrow or any system that doesn't use wingers. What about your playing time pathway for your wingers ? Imagine that riot .... Again, this feature is a reponse to a problem that wasn't present before FM19. There were always unhappy players in previous edition, but not to an unreasonable level. In FM19 however .... For me, creating a problem, then coming with half of a solution is not a headline feature, Backroom staff improvements is for me one of those features that looks nice on paper, but involves more clicks, more reading, more space on the screen offering just about the same information you could have gathered yourself by knowing your players and using the tools already available (a.k.a tactical analyzer). When I played FM19, it only took a couple of hours to realise that for the first time, the screen looked smaller. I still had a massive monitor and the same laptop screen, but it's more and more text, more and more arrows and graphs, etc which take away the joy and fun out of this game. Why would I need a member of staff to tell me how my Danny Welbeck feels ? Why can't I analyze his performance in the recent games with 1 click of a mouse and watch him play ? I know I can just not use this "feature", but it's all about space: on and off the pitch. More and more emails, clicks and text when in reality, you can do all of that yourself ever since FM10. Whave has the sport scientist, data analyst or Director of Football brought to the game in recent years ? If anything, It would be nice to interact with physios of all people and manage injuries. To be fair to SI, I know there is only so much space on the screen and new features / tweaks will always need a little bit of space. That being said though, FM will never be the simple, but highly complex game we all fell in love with years ago. It's more sad than I can express in words (for me at least), but personally I would turn a blind eye on this one if the Match Engine would only be at a higher level. Tbh, after FM19, any improvement in the ME will be much appreciated, no matter how small. I am looking forward to see a video of the game, especially looking at striker's movement off the ball and spaces on the flanks. Before I get attacked, I will say that I already pre-ordered the game on Steam, simply because for me, this is the only game I buy and the price itself doesn't feel expensive to me. If you are asking why have I bought it, well .... I was very dissapointed of FM16's ME, but then FM17 was amazing and FM18 was very good as well. So, I am using the logic " it can't be any worse than FM19 even if they tried "
  2. Do you mind letting me know where did you get these camera views you are talking about ? I play 17 as well and I would be interested.
  3. No buddy, I have said in the same post you are quoting that I have played the game for around 100 hours, so I do know what I am talking about (or at least I think i do after 12+ years of FM). I do not use very thread to say that it's bad, although it is my opinion and I am entitled to one as long as I support it with facts. I used FM19 as a "ground zero" in order to set my expectations for this year's edition. Do I think FM20 is going to be better ? Yes, of course, because quite simply i cannot imagine a worse FM than 19. I love this game and it's a big part of my life, so take this for what it is, but I am not going to say "yes sir" when a game is bad. When you decide if a product is good or bad you have to compare it to something, hence why I brought up previous editions.
  4. Decent additions which improve the quality of life. 1. Still waiting/hoping for changes to the training system, as I belive it needs to be streamlined quite a bit. 2. For the love of God, what is with this purple / pink trend ? It looks catchy and nice, but after an hour it really takes a toll on my eyes. The skinning community will take care of this really quick, but still ... 3. Match Engine ... yes ... the big elephant If they sort this out, it will be massive. I basically skipped FM19 entirely (only played it for about 100 hours) because the non sense going on the pitch. A revised ME + the features / additions they announced and a streamlined training system will be enough for me personally to get into FM20. If there is even more coming out, perfect.
  5. I play CSGO on my laptop on an i7 -9750 and I can tell you for a fact that this CPU along with a RTX 2060 (laptop version) keeps the game at a stable 240 - 300 fps on medium details. Granted, my display is 144Hz, but i just wanted ti give you an ideea about what to expect.
  6. Historically speaking, every single version of FM (including the latest one) has a preference for high single-thread performance. Yes, it will use all the cores you throw at it, BUT the overall speed of the game will be heavily dictaed by the single core performance / frequency. For example: - on my desktop PC I have the Ryzen 5 2600 overclocked at exactly 4Ghz. - on my new laptop, Lenovo Legion Y740 I have an i7 9750H, which I undervolted and now it stays constant at a stable 4.0 Ghz. - So, judging by the number of cores and frequency they should run identical in FM, but they don't. The i7 9750H runs slightly faster becayse Intel has a better single core performance, even though it's a mobile CPU against a full fledged desktop CPU (Ryzen 5 2600). Most of the times when you hit CONTINUE in FM, it's a short burst process which will always favor higher clockspeed / single core perfoamance because the action takes very little time, so you won't take advantage of a high number of cores. Also keep in mind that the game engine is fine tuned for older hardware as well, because SI want everyone to be able to play the game at some level. One thing is for sure: if you already have a nice CPU, DO NOT upgrade for FM purposes because you will strugle to see any difference. I hope this helps.
  7. I've just got a new laptop, a Lenovo Legion Y740, which uses a i7 9750H, which I have undervolted. Without testing proper numbers, I feel like the game is snappier and runs a tad bit faster than it does on my PC, which has a Ryzen 5 2600 OC @4.0 GHz. When I'll get back home from my holiday I will update this post with results and update the overall spreadsheet in the OP. I would also say that singe core is king for FM, however AMD CPUs provide better value overall.
  8. I want to think this as well, because I cannot imagine having more of the same in FM20 ....
  9. @Novem9 I have said it many times over the last 9 months, since we have FM 19, that this is the worst ME ever created. It introduces some positives for sure, like richer player animations and the way GKs spot unmarked players for an under-pressure kick, but this pales in comparison to the negatives. Without repeating what most of us have already said, I will just say this: A good Match Engine lets you to be the creator with no boundries, no constraints and no bias towards some tactical framework - Look at FM17 and even FM18 (not to mention older, but briliant ones, like FM13 and FM14). Sure, you can create whatever system you like in FM19, but it will not work how you expect it to work because of the many flaws rooted in the ME, like: - Unnaceptable poor use of space. - Strikers don't try to move off the ball, they are way way too static - have a look at how a striker playes in FM17,FM18 .... don't just remember before you bash me, but actually install those 2 versions and have a look. It's mind boggling. - Whenever there is a 5% of a chance for a long shots, most often than not, that player will go for it. - Strikers, again .... miss out way too many one on ones or easy chances, while the midfielders are almost if not just as proeficient at the end of the season. - AI defense is a joke (our as well to a degree) in the sense that is way too narrow. Sometimes IRL teams do defend extremly narrow - Atletico Madrid, but only against the best of opponents and not every single game. In FM19, every single team, regardless of who te opposition is, is defending at the endges if the 16 yard box, leaving both flanks completly free, which INVITES to full-backs overlapping, hence why we have so many awful crosses. Yes, I know, it's my tactics, for sure. Its because over the past 15 years I have only grown to be a lesser player once FM19 dropped and I forgot every common sense theory about football and Football Manager. Again, this is not about winning or losing games. I have completed about 2 seasons with 3-4 teams each and I was reasonably succesful. It's not about success. It's about the ability to create what you want and work it as you expect (within your knowledge limits) and FM19 is everything but. I do trust SI and I haven't completly written them off, since I know they are capable of creating amazing games, like they used to, which brough me so much joy and FUN. Speaking of fun, this for me is the most NOT FUN version EVER. I can only hope that FM20 will be a hit in terms of Match Engine, I am not commenting on features outside the ME, because for me, at this stage is pointless. If the ME is poor (to put it kindly), nothing else matters. Give us the FUN and CONTROL back, I know you can, just take it on board.
  10. Episode 3: We are playing away against Arminia Bielefeld and approach this game in a different manner than we did against Kaiserslautern. If you follow this series, please leave a comment here or in the Youtube comments section and let me know what suggestions you have going forward.
  11. Episode 2: First game of the season finds us playing at home against Kaiserslautern. It's a sunny July day at Stadion Dresden and the boys are getting ready to face a determined opponent ..... All it's left when the final whistle blows are the saxon fans looking in disbelief at their idols celebrating a breathtaking victory. It's first time in a long while when they actually dare to ask the question " Can we go all the way ? "
  12. Hey everyone, I have just started a series on FM18, but ths time on Youtube, in a video format. It's the first time when I a doing this, but I plan to keep doing it consistently in the future. The objectives for the save are: - promotion in the first 2 seasons - develop an academy - use as many german players as I can The reason for why I have opted to do a FM18 series in spite of the fact that FM19 is out for 6 months now is simply because I do not enjoy the last edition of the game. I want to have fun and actually engage with the series and the channel, so it was going to be either FM17 or FM18 (which I consider to be the best in the last 4-5 years). Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and acually get to like the channel, especially since I will be uploading at least 4 times / week.
  13. Those numbers mean exactly nothing. It's all about the build up, etc. Create a tactic that is meant to play centrally, then jump in FM whatever edition except 16 and 19 and then try the same thing in FM16 and FM19 ... and THEN you can tell me all about it. Once you actually see the difference in ACTION, not in some numbers ... then you let me know how central play works out in FM19.
  14. I have written this in so many topics, I can't even remember, but I will keep it very very short. - Absolute lack of central play. Zero central play. - Strikers are not moving off the ball. They are very static regardless of the role. Yes, they will drop deep on certain role, but that is not what Off The Bal;l Movement is or should be. This alone is game breaking for me, as it is the point above. - Defences are way way too narrow regardless of the team's reputation. I could go on and on, but I have done this in the official feedback thread, I provided videos, etc. Point is, from a tactical perspective, this match engine is .... a write off. I understand why some people like it, it it couldnt be more further from any sort of framework it should represent.
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