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  1. It correlates a lot actually since nobody would enjoy a save on a poor edition of the game / ME, would they ?! It's not an enigma, not really.
  2. I don't know about FM20, but in previous editions of FM, I have had youngsters with 4-5 Determination that ended up with Determination 15+ after proper tutoring and overall integration in a professional squad.
  3. For the first time in the last 10 years, I will be waiting for the demo.
  4. Matt Flood is outscoring Yuri because Matt is a beast of a striker, while Yuri is a much more complete forward. When they play, they have very different roles. I don't know what your predictions are (my gripe is not with you, but with SI). I think the chase after real life statistics have led the game to this point. Hand on heart, when I watch an FM20 match on extended, the majority of the highlights are set pieces, some goal scoring chance created because of wing-play, etc. Repetitive to kingdom come and I really don't have patience for it. I believe FM17/18 have a much more real representation inside of the ME of real life tactics and interpretation of roles. P.S Knowing how this franchise "evolved" in the last 2 years, I would have happily paid £200 for FM17, but because I paid only £40 .... i think it's the deal of a lifetime.
  5. This is from FM17 on a save that I have left for now, but what you will see, is from my "current" season, in January: Striker Striker No10 Playmaker I use a 4-4-2 diamond narrow. Again, it's not just about statistics, but about overall play. In FM20, the strikers are USELESS in front of the goal and otherwise. They don't involve themselves in the build-up play as they do in other editions. Someone who's played both editions doesn't / shouldn't need screenshots / statistics as they would be able to spot the differences from a mile. P.S In FM19 and FM20, even when the strikers did perform in a satisfacatory manner, it still felt bland and ... boring. It's a shame, because the improvements outside of the ME in FM19 and FM20 are nice (but not amazing) and I would like to have them in FM17 and FM18 (I only play these 2 editions atm), but sacrificing the core of the game (ME) for those improvements ? NO WAY.
  6. What kind of stats are you interested in ? I will post them. BTW, football is not all about stats. It's this perception that gave us this horrible FM20 edition.
  7. I gave up on this joke of a game a long time ago and play FM17 P.S Scoring from set pieces and penalties, etc is not my jam
  8. Dude, everyone and their grandparents knows that this is the case for 90% of the players. Strikers are just off in this edition
  9. As far as I am aware, there aren't any. But even if there is such an update, it won't contain the attributes change that have occured over the years, so .... yea ...
  10. FM15 was decent, but FM14 was better if you ask me. Still, I had lots of fun with FM15.
  11. I am not playing FM19, but this applies regardless: So, in my saves, what I like to do is find young, strong DMs who I then retrain as BPDs. Works a treat. These players will make good defenders while still being able to pass the ball. Don't let the game set this limit on you, just find players with the right attributes and then retrain them. If you find a 17 yrs old who is a right winger, but has decent marking/tackling/work rate, you can easily retrain him as a right back. I hope this helps.
  12. Nah mate, this ME, just like the one in FM19 is just a joke. No fun, no realism, it feels like you see football on a handbrake. Poor, stale and repetitive. Go back to FM17 if you want some excitement and realism.
  13. Because no.22 was in the offside position and was blocking GK's vision of the ball.
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