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  1. I am on my 3rd long term save, around 2030 and I have noticed a pattern in all 3 of them: the lack of quality anchor man, ball winning midfielders and wide midfielders. So let me elaborate a bit: The game seems to have a tendency of creating a lot of DLP who usually can play in both DM and MC role. The problem is that in my saves there is a huge imbalance between the number of decent and high quality DLP and a proper Anchor Man or Ball Winning Midfielder. I have found myself retraining Center Backs to either play as Anchor Man or in some more extreme cases as a BWM. Of course I am only talking about regens and not the real life players. I know that the traditional Anchor Man is not a highly popular role (profile) in real life anymore, but they still exist and there are some very good ones out there. For me this is quite important as I love this role and it fits perfectly in my tactical setups. My second gripe is with the Wide Midfielder role, as I face the same situation as the one described above regarding the Anchor Man. There just seem to be ... none or close to none. I am talking about the role of Wide Midfielder, not about a player who can play wide. I see loads and loads of great wingers, inverted wingers, inside forwards, but not a single quality wide midfielder in 10 years. So ... I found myself yet again retraining other players to fit that role i.e Wing Backs, as they seem closest to the actual profile of a Wide Midfielder. I have noticed a trend if FM for the past 3 years and that is to replicate real life football statistics and numbers as close as possible. Every action has a reaction though (law of the Universe) and this in turn funnels us to play a very specific type of football in order to get maximum efficiency against the A.I. This happens in multiple ways; Gegenpress OP (or maybe not OP, but defending is definetly underrated), the lack of specific player profiles as years go on also force us to adopt a more specific style of play. I could have a whole conversation about this topic alone, but I will leave it here. I will say though that FM is a game, a beautiful game .... but a game nontheless. With this in mind I would like to not have my tools taken away from me for the sake of realism or replicating statistics / numbers. The whole beauty is to have a game that is not biased towards some IRL trend and let YOU, THE PLAYER explore and create whatever tactical system (even from the past) and not feel like it just doesn't belong in this game.
  2. I haven't played the game in Russia before in any edition of FM, this is why I decided to create a thread about it. Managing here feels so so ... retro. To me it feels exactly like the IRL football in the 90s and 00s especially in Italy. The italian players there would preffer to play for the same club (or in the same league at least) for their entire career. Personally, I very very much like this because it gives the clubs and the league an actual identity. Regarding ambition, as you mentioned, I just checked the ambition stat for all of my best players and I noticed that it's particularly high regardless of age, even higher than their loyalty stat (on average). The "dynasty" you mentioned, yea ... it feels exactly like that
  3. You made a good point with the low adaptability stat and I actually fired up the in game editor to check this. I have went through my own players, as well as the other best players in the league. I didn't notice a low adaptability issue, in fact I noticed the contrary with players age 25+. I would assume that age has an impact on how adaptable a player is and this is why the older the player, the higher this stat gets on average. Speaking of work permit, they don't really need one, except for UK. I have just declined an offer for Nail Umyarov from Dortmund worth £ 34M in 23/24 and he didn't even make a squeak. His adaptability is 17 and he doesn't even have Spartak Moscow as his favourite club. We also just knocked out Dortmund out of UCL Quarter - Final, so that might have had an impact on him not kicking up a fuss (but still their reputation exceeds ours). Russian clubs don't pay ridiculously high wages to russian players in my save. Heck, I am massively underpaying them if anything. I have top notch players on an average of £2.2 M / year. My best paid russian player, Nail Umyarov is on £ 2.9M / year and the next best paid is the captain, Georgy Djikia on £ 2.4M / year. I have sold a few russian players over the years, as the interest in them was very high and I had little use for them and they all got much much better contracts elsewhere (and Im talking mid table elsewhere type of club). I conclude that contracts are definetly not a factor, as they can get better contracts almost anywhere else at clubs of similar reputation and stature. You are right on your second point though (half - right) As I replied to @isignedupfornorealreason , I checked their stats with the in game editor and their adapatability is not an issue at all. Umyarov for example has adaptability 17 and most of the players age 25+ have decent adaptability on average. However, you were spot on with the loyalty stat. I have noticed that is quite high on average across all russian players no matter the age. On this stat, age didn't seem to have any sort of impact. I have 2 wonderkids (both lethal strikers, aged 19 and 18) and they have loyalty 14, respectively 16. All in all, it's very refreshing playing at Spartak Moscow, not having to constantly appease players for declining every single offer that comes their way. I will surely miss this luxury the minute I decide to start again in the top leagues.
  4. Hi guys, I just noticed something really really interesting (to me at least) and I want to share it with you guys and get the opinion of those of you who managed in Russia before. So, I am playing as Spartak Moscow and I am not beginning my 3rd season. For those of you who don't know, Spartak has a lot of young talent and a very good team overall, also the academy has been producing some jaw-dropping regens over these 2-3 years. Now that the stage is set, here is what I find interesting: Over the years, I have received offers for my players from all across the globe, especially the rich chineese clubs but never once had my players became unsettled. Now ... every rule has it's exceptions and this is no different. There was one instance when Inter Milan made an offer for my very talented midfielder Nail Umyarov (see album below), but I flat out rejected it). This caused the player to wanted to "have a chat", but surprisingly he agreed to stay at the club. Because I am trying to build a European powerhouse here, I have rejected all the offers for my best russian players (I need the good ones because of the rules in the league) and they didn't become unsettled, no matter the offer of the value or stature of the club enquiring. I have managed in more than 75% of Europe in my 15 years of FM, but never once have I seen this before. Usually, when a club makes offers relentlesly, even wanting to overpay me, the player eventually wants to be allowed to discuss terms with that club, but not here aparently (except that unique instance I mentioned above). I would like to know what you guys think about this and especially from those of you who have managed in Russia before (I didn't) and let me know what your experience was like. Also, have you had this fortunate thing happen to you at any other club ? Not related to the topic, but nice to see nontheless, is the academy of this club ... absolutelly stellar. I included a few screenshots below so you can see what talent it can produce. I introduced every single great youngster into the first team as soon as possible because I wanted to give them minutes and mentoring, etc. For those of you who feel that Western Europe has become stale and want a fresh interesting adventure, I recommend you trying this club. https://imgur.com/a/Nh0rR0R
  5. Hi guys, is there any skin / mod that gives us the timeline back during the match ? I still cannot believe they removed it. I am willing to support anyone who has created / creates such a mod.
  6. Thanks for the reply guys. Well ... I guess I will play this one hardcore then
  7. Right .. so I have done something I haven't done since FM13 and that is: manage a team outside of the top European leagues. I decided to take on Spartak Moscow to a long adventure and oh boy ... what a first season that was, incredible ! I fully recommend you guys to give this team / league a go if you want something new: lots of young players, talented and they play FIRE ! Anyway, the reason I am here is because I do have a question you guys may know the answer: If I click on any player in the league (except my own players) I am unable to see a single attribute. I need to scout them before I can have an understanding of what sort of player profile I am looking at. The best I got, was seeing the stats like 9-15 or 6-12 ... you get the picture. Even after a full season in the league, the situation is unchanged. I find this very weird, as whenever I am managing in Serie A or Bundesliga, I can see most of the player's attributes (players in those leagues I am managing). I chose my nationality as Russian and I do have 7 scouts at the club as well, so I really don't know why this stuff happens. Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions.
  8. Maye it easy on yourself and bookmark this page or the one you want to land on, that's what I did.
  9. I specifically gave Wolfsburg as an example, not Barcelona. Wolfsburg is a mediocre team and always has been, just like Dynamo Dresden (even though Dynamo was beasting the german championships many many years ago). I thought you were smart enough to pick up on this, but clearly not since you jumped over to an extreme (Barcelona and RB Leipzig) that has no comparison. You mentioned accomplishments and "last 100 years" ... do you want to know what that means in today's football when it comes down to money ? Not much. Sponsorships are based on recent and present performances (financial reality). Same goes for ticket prices / season ticket prices / shirt sales, etc. The division also influences the numbers (hence why Premier League is the leader), but the biggest factor is the team's recent and current performance. If you have no idea how money works (in actual real life) there is no point arguing about it in a video game. Manchester United's current deal with Chevrolet is around 50M / year, while Liverpool's with Standard Chartered is worth 160M / year and it was agreed ... yes ... you guessed it: On the 24th of May 2018, when Liverpool was starting to do well, performance wise. Of course club stature will always influence these numbers, that goes without saying. This is why your example is so silly (Barcelona vs Leipzig). To go back to my example, Dresden vs Wolfsburg, YES it is natural for Wolfsburg to do much much better in terms of financial revenue at the start of the game. My point is that even after 7 years in which they couldn't have been more different in terms of achievements, Wolfsburg is still doing better. I don't know how else I should explain such simple concepts so that you can understand something a person understands at their first pay-check. Your employer, my employer pays based on current (maybe recent) performance not on 7 year old results. If your reputation is really massive, but you are underperforming (Barcelona) you can get away with this for a lot longer than the average person, but not indefinetly. But then again, Wolfsburg is not Barcelona.
  10. I haven't said that ticket / season prices don't increase at all. I said that they don't reflect the scale of the jump in performance (even if consistent over time) and this is a fact. Also, another fact are the sponsorship deals which scale very very poorly. Yes, they do generate more money as you do a better job and rise through the divisions, etc, but nowhere near the clubs that start the game with a high reputation. As an example, I was playing a save with Dynamo Dresden (start in 3.Liga) and managed to win the Euro Cup in my 6th season. My overall sponsorship revenue was lower than Wolfsburg's at the very start of the game (and this was 7 years later), 7 years in which Wolfsburg was nothing but a mediocre underachieving team. Also, my ticket / season prices were still below of those from Wolfsburg. What I have said it is factually correct. You or anybody else don't have to take my word for it, you just have to simulate 10 years and look at the numbers. Yes, these things scale, as you pointed out, but the way they do it is just very very outdated. P.S Another fact: In real life, when Juventus signed Cristiano Ronaldo, Jeep (their main shirt sponsor) increased their sponsorship deal from 14M to 45M. Adidas also increased their sponsorship from around 26M to 48M (for 3 years). Yes, I know this is Cristiano Ronaldo we are talking about, but when have you seen something even remotely close to this in Football Manager ? Do we have to even talk about the increase in merchendise sales Juventus saw after CR7 transfer (numbers that again scale extremly poorly in FM) ?! These are figures that are very very poorly represented in Football Manager and this is why the whole financial aspect of the game is due for an overhaul imo.
  11. I am afraid not ... I am at my current club, AC Milan for over a decade. I am a club icon now and even I can't ask for a certain type of affiliate.
  12. True, it isn't. That said, in this case the game should scale a lot lot better than it does at the moment. If you take a club from Italian Serie C and take it all the way to Serie A, the day ticket prices and season tickets, sponsorships, etc are not going to reflect that huge boost in performance. This is why I would want to have some sort of control, if not complete control over the financial aspects of the game.
  13. This is one of the issues I have with FM since ... forever. I find that the game is not very good at allowing us to develop comercial ties and focus on increasing our finances through comercial revenues. I think FM needs a complete overhaul in this regard: matchday revenue, day ticket prices, season tickets, sponsorships, etc. We need more control over these areas. You probably tried this already, but the easiest way to get more money that way is to find an affiliate club in China, USA, etc.
  14. V 21.2 Major Update feedback. I have played about half a season on the latest major update and for the most part, it's a good update. By this I mean that certain things have improved without negative consequences in other areas. Normally I wouldn't praise any company for this, as this should be the standard, but in recent years SI just didn't get the balance right and that's just my opinion. This time, this patch, everything they have put in that changelog is working as expected The Match Engine For me is the vital and most important part of this game and it's exceptional after this update. One of the biggest improvements in this patch is the offside bug has finally been addressed; now we have valid goals being validated. Defenders make better challenges in the air, using their decision making and positioning on the pitch much better than before (much better than ever I would say). Central play is working very well, but the word I am going to use for this is BALANCED. The Central Play is Balanced, finally. You don't get too much or too little of it and it doesn't seem to be forced. It's natural, beautiful and it happens when it needs to happen. Creative players are using their Vision a lot better and are creating mind blowing plays which are lovely to watch. Finally, I can justify paying a premium for a playmaker with 18 Vision. Finally, he can actually create something that a player with 14 Vision cannot (of course there is more to the creativity of a player than just the vision stat, but you get the point I'm making). On the whole, I would say that this itteration of the ME ( v 21.2 ) is the best ME in any Football Manager ever made. There is room for improvement, as it always is, but i believe it's the best we've had so far. *P.S I have seen a lot of posts from people saying that the AI doesn't seem to attack when they are behind, etc. I have experienced that before this patch, but only in some games. The more I increased my reputation (AC Milan), the more teams were happy to get a draw. Some of them, like the lowest in the league, would not attack me even if they were 1 behind. When I was playing in UCL or teams of similar reputation in the league, I didn't really experienced a complacent AI, with a few exceptions. After this patch, v 21.2 I am seeing that more and more teams are willing to risk it against me and there are a lot of games when they just start running at me as soon as I open the score. That leads to me absolutelly anihilating them on the counter. Please see the second screenshot. As a personal take on this, I don't necesarly belive that a team which is 1-0 down has to try and get back into the game at all costs. Say you are Crotone (fighting to avoid relagation) and you have a game against Juventus. Now, your chances of getting anything at all from that game are close to non-existent. You could try and attack, but you could lost 0-6 and your team's morale would just be in the toilet after that game. This would hurt you so much in the long run, much more than not getting 1 or 3 points in a game. I am aware that I just gave an extreme example, but the principle applies vastly. I am not going to write dedicated sections for every component of the game, like the match day experience, UI, etc. but I am going to address them briefly. The UI and UX are largely the same, with very minor tweaks. Now, these 2 sections are not "bugged" per say, so from a technical standpoint, they don't need fixing or patching out. That said, I am going to say exatcly what I have said before this patch and that is: it is a HUGE and monumental downgrade from any previous itteration that I remember since every playing this game. For the most part, Rensie's skin has fixed the UI problem for me. The player overview panel in his skin is just ... second to none (I appreciate and support a lot of the skinners out there) , but never in my life have I seen a better player overview panel where everything is quite literally AT MOST 1 click away. That said, I would have expected SI to come up with such a design that is easy, fluid and intuitive. I am not going to get in the UX, because that is highly subjective and I like to speak (write) with facts. I am just going to say that for me, the UX is not good. I haven't experienced any technical issues, any crashes and on my laptop the game is extremly stable. I rendered 4k videos in Adobe Premiere while playing the game and it didn't even flinched. Good job SI for making a snappy and stable game. On the flipside, the low framerate in the 3D is still a problem for me. No matter what I do, the framerate will hover between 110 and 130 FPS, even though my laptop could run it at 500 probably. I have been in touch with the support team for weeks, but nothing clear has come out of it yet. That said, even though is not 144 FPS (my display is 144 Hz) the game runs much smoother than before this patch; sometimes so smooth I forget it's below 144 FPS, but that might just be my G-Sync kicking in. The one thing that does haunt me in my dreams is the bug I will post below. This has been the case since the BETA and I am sure it's relatively easy to fix ... so I am not sure why it hasn't yet. I have been in touch with people that reported it and all of them (6 to be exact) experience it every single game, just like me. This only happens when the opposition scores a goal. Basically, the card (whatever it's called) remains on the screen even 20 minutes after the goal has been scored. The only way to get rid of it and have your screen space back is to go to another screen (I go to the Tactics screen) and then press cancel on that screen. Once you do that, the pitch is unobstructed by that pesky card. This is a screenshot of the bug I just explained in my last paragraph: This is a screenshot that emphasizes the fact that teams did try and attack me and it led to them being completly destroyed. It's not just those teams that attack me, but I am singling them out since the scoreline is highly relevant and I don't want to post analysis screenshots from every single game. Most of the goals scored in the matches highlighted below are scored on the counter, except for my 1st goal. Most of the goals that followed in those matches have been scored on the counter or just because they were taking a more attacking mentality and gave me too much space. Some of you know me from reading my posts or from exchanging messages with me, so you know what my priorities are. For those of you who don't know, I will say say it: 1. Match Engine - for me, this is second to none when it comes to FM. I just can't get immersed in a FM edition if the ME is bad. 2. UX - user experience 3. UI - User interface - I have put this at no.3 purely for the fact that even though the UI can be cluncky out of the box ( like FM21 ), you can (maybe) salvage it with a good skin. Not ideal, but it is what it is. With these things in mind, FM21 is a very good game for me. It would have been exceptional if it would just had a better UX overall (like past editions). If you are like me, and you care mostly for the Match Engine, then you will have lots and lots of fun and the game will completly take you away from most of your activities. I am an avid angler and I fish every time I have the chance, but since FM21 dropped ... well .. let's just say that the fish are having a party out there. Football Manager 19 and 20 had great UI's and UX's, but the Match Engine killed it for me, so I just couldn't bring myself to play them. This time around, it's exactly the opposite, but hey ... it really depends what your priorities are. My most played FM is 2018 with over 2000 hours, but I hope FM21 will be high up there.
  15. I agree on this one. The full backs rarely (if ever) pass early. Instead they keep running and running until there's no more grass to run into and then they cross. The problem is that these crosses are 90% of the time useless and get blocked, resulting in a corner. BTW, this is why we have 15+ corners every game (or most games). A secondary problem that derives from this situation is that by doing this, the fullacks kill the flow of the game for their team and slow the tempo down way too much, rendering their team-mates off the ball movement completly useless.
  16. In theory yes, you can just ignore it, but it's still clutter in your inbox and an extra emai you have to click on and that's not much fun.
  17. Oh boy, you couldn't have said it better. The game overall is really good, but the decisions behind the UI are absolutely .... Every time I go over this nonsense I feel disconected from the game, immersion breaks and frustration sets in. The goal was to make you, the manager part of the game, but it has managed to achieve the exact oposite. I have been saying this for years: just fine tune existing features that make this a fantastic game, don't just add "features" that nobody really asks for. If you do, that's also fine, but only do it if you, as a developer / company are doing it properly. Looking at the image above ... come on ... how can you even take it seriously ? I can't even say it's bad .... more like cringy. @Double Indemnity I have delegated every single press conference and team-talk to the Ass Man, just so I don't have to deal with this. Also, the team talks .... you have to look up, left and right in order to see the player's reaction .... worful.
  18. I didn't see the post about focus play through the middle, but now it makes sense. Looking forward to this getting fixed. Even in the BETA seemed a bit strange, but I had no context and I took everything at face value with a fresh perspective, especially since I completly dismissed and stopped playing FM20 after 35 hours.
  19. Thanks for the feedback and is taken on board. The instructions that you see in that screenshot will change if: I encounter a low block or a heavily packed midfield. That said, because of the gifted players I have in the midfield, I manage to keep hold of the ball and create chances with it. My post was not as much about tactics as it was about the flow of the game. Example: my WB is carrying the ball forward, I have my CM unmarked on the same line with the WB, yet my WB decides to switch the ball all the way to the other flank where my FB is "kinda" unmarked. Like ... why ? I specifically told them to focus the play down the middle and my WB and FB have personal instruction to take less risks. Now ... switching the play from one flank all the way to ther other is a big risk. These are the things that bug me. I am no tactical mastermind and obviously Im the one watching my own games, not the people on this thread, so this is why I cannot understand why players choose to take the ball all the way to ther other flank when they have a free team-mate in the center or another one moving into the channels ahead of them. This behaviour is in direct contradiction with 2 team instructions and his own player instruction. I am not complaining about failing to penetrate centrally, I'm complaining because of a bias towards wide areas in situations when there are much much easier, more intuitive, better options available in the center despite the tactics, formations ,etc. I understand a wide pass when my central players are market, totally understand that. But I can't see past it when those players are not marked and I specifically ask them to do that one thing - team and personal instructions. Again @Jack Joycethanks for the feedback.
  20. Exactly. I don't know how someone can use a sound logic making the point that removing a feature without giving you the option to keep it (especially since that feature is there for more than 10 years) is improving the game. Removing established features without people asking for it is never going to improve the experience. And let's not forget, this game is about You, The Manager. So, removing tools that make your life easier, it's wrong. Changing the UI for the sake of some misguided and twisted idea of "realism" while making stuff harder for you to observe, interact with it's just wrong. Does this version, FM21 bring more realism than before ? Arguably. Maybe. Who knows ? But the general consensous, based on the feedback so far is that people don't like it ( the UI I mean). The best case scenario that has been achieved by SI is they have managed to make the interface more realistic (which I personally don't agree) all the while creating a discounect between you and the game. The overall experience suffers and it should not be the case. I'm all for realism, but when I have to sacrifice the experience for realism that's when I draw the line. If the realism is more important than the experience of playing a simulator, then I would just stop playing this alltogether and invest these hours in learning how to be a real manager. So many companies have failed because they lost sight of what is important for their player-base and that is the experience. I'm gonna go even further and ask a rethoric question: How are you going to achieve realism in a team-talk on a 2D screen ? You can't is the answer. SI thought they can, so they change the whole layout of that screen so now we have to look left, right and up in order to see player's reaction. You know what ? NO. As I noticed that, I immediately delegated the team-talks to the Ass Man. Is that the optimal thing to do ? NO. But it's better for me than having to look in circles pre-match, half time and full time. Bad bad bad decisions. Sometimes, you have to accept that in some games you cannot achieve realism (whatever that may look like) because in the end we are playing through a screen. Pursuing realism to the end of the world will kill all the aspects that make this or any game great. The right decision is to accept it and improve, fine tune the existing features while adding new ones only after the existing feature base is the best you can do as a developer. I sell stuff for a living so I know how bussiness and marketing works, I understand the need for new players and I am all for it. What I want is this game to stay true to it's core values. I don't want half baked new features that don't get fined tuned, only to see new half baked features on top of the previous ones next edition. This creates a big disconect between the player and the game. I kinda got carried away, but I stand by what I said and I tried to make the comment as constructive as possible.
  21. This is a video game. Don't bring the extremes of realism in here because most certainly you will lose this argument. The decision to remove it was stupid and there is no defence for it. Throw your mouse out the window because the manager doesn't use a mouse on the touchline, as he uses his hands. I really struggle to understand how some of you people think. The timeline was a feature that existed for more than a decade and nobody asked for it to be removed and there was no reason to get rid of it. If you want to bring this poor argument of realism in this, fine: give us the option to keep the timeline here (surely it can't be that hard from a coding perspective). And for people like you, who would strip this game naked of features because of "realism" have the option to hide it. It's that simple. At a second thought, why are we even discussing the timeline ?! Why don't we just remove the attributes, remove the training system alltogether and have a hologram train players ... heck let's remove the people from the stands because it's coronavirus. Srsly man, i rarely get annoyed, but when I see such shortsided comments it's infuriating.
  22. I haven't tried because I cannot stand any borders. My sould would die if I played with borders Srsly, it would take every bit of immersion out for me (even more than this .... let's call it bad UI/UX they put out this edition).
  23. I will keep this short: Not having the timeline is unacceptable. There can be no reasonable reason to remove it from the game.
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