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  1. I guess you will need to buy GK too since Henderson is on loan :P
  2. My scouts that has 20/20 says he aint injury prone. Here is his injury history once 7 weeks was max :P
  3. Hi, your doing really fine. For your club vision I strongly recommend you Marco Kana. Bought him for 25 mln in 2021. He looks now
  4. Hi bro, Im managing Sheffield United also. I just want you to show you my first season finish without any tranfsers. I used 5:3:2 tactic
  5. Hi I have kinda similar problem. I manage Sheffield United, new stadium was build in like 2020 then year after it was upgraded to 75k, Now after like 10 years and since every season I have 100% every season. And there aint options to ask board to build new one. You can't build more than one stadium in the game? Im the richest club on the world with more than 500 mln in bank so the financial aint problem.
  6. Started new save : Loaned 4 players for free - Rashford , TRENT Alexander Arnold, Zaniolo, Fabian Ruiz. I could do more loans but I guess its enough
  7. Hi guys I found exploit with loans. Im managing Wolves and you can literally loan almost every player that is interested of joining your team for free. I have loaned Lemar and Sancho and Im paying them 0 pounds. The things you need to do is just offer loan with big buying clausule (not optional for example 150 mln pounds) and then you need to fail contract negotatiations with player , clausule is changing into optional and club agrees to loan the player anyway for 0%.
  8. I mean there is rule that you can't loan more than 2 english players at same time so i guess after I bought Danso i shoudl be able to loan another one..
  9. I just got a question. I did play a southmapton they have 2 players on loan from english clubs ( walker peters and danso) In witner transfer window I bought Danso and after that i still couldnt loan other English player from other team - (becouse I can have only 2 English players on long term loan but there was only Walker Peters after i Bought Danso) Is it bug?
  10. I tried to enjoy FM 20. I played 120 hours and I can't stand this ME. Simulator of set pieces 2020. Last game I played against Bournemoth I lost 4 goals from set pieces and 3 from corners - hattrick by Ake. Lost 4:1. Cool game. Im adding pkm if someone is interested in watching this "enjoyable" ME. Im playing this game since FM 12 and I was never disapointed like this year. Not gonna preorder next FM for sure like I always did. PS. Everything except ME is great. Bournemouth - Southampton.pkm
  11. I just dont got why people report bugs and its "known issue" and still not fixed???
  12. Polish transfer window ends today. I wonder if players like Sturridge will be included in February patch? ( he is free player right now)
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