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  1. I just verified integrity of steam files and game was missing 22 files which I downloaded . Now everything is working fine. Must be something wrong with auto update from beta to full release. Saves are loading no crush when Im chaneging language. Problem solved
  2. No , Its clear FM without anything more. Yeah I ll try uninstalling
  3. Yeah I did. It must be bugged after the update. Cant load game and game is crasheing after chaneging language. ( it changed after I closed FM by f12)
  4. It says I have 21.1 version but my game cant load anymore. (any of saves) I cant even change the langauge
  5. How do I update my Fm beta 21 to full release? Restarting steam doesnt help
  6. put it into folder with tactics and just load it while at the game making tactic
  7. Nazwa : przy ul. Wyspiańskiego is correct. The "i" at the end is wrong
  8. Curtis Jones is unhappy we didnt qualify for EURO cup. We finished 1st and we are playing in champions league next season.
  9. After 4 seasons playing as Newcastle I had one more takeover. And what happened? They imiditelly set offers for almost 250 mln pounds for 2 players!!!! Without asking, who I want ( I was satisfied with my current positions they wanted to strenght) . And if I cancel them, I get nothing in transfer budget. I guess it shoudlnt be like that??? 188 mln and 92!!!!!
  10. Hi. I had one more crash. This one was while I was offering player to other clubs. FM 2021 v21.0.0.1476964 (2020.11.16 13.18.24).dmp
  11. And PKM of final and deciding match against liverpool Liverpool v Newcastle last match.pkm
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