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  1. Dude, if we get patch before March I'll be surprised
  2. With my greatest respect, This game was released 2 months ago and this game is still unfinished. I bought not finished game for a full price and i feel like users are your testers. I just dont understand while knowing that there are so many problems and issuess especially at ME the realease date wasn't delayed? (Naughty Dog did it and other greatest companies - its not a shame) So , Your ME testers did not notice bugs or they wasnt fixed after getting reports from your teams.
  3. I just wonder who are your ME testers. As a long time FM player ( Above 1500 hours fm 17, above 500 hours fm 18 and 19) I bought fm 20 in December. I just played 25 hours of this game and I stopped playing it. While playing it I've noticed tones of bugs that were mentioned before ( especially too much 1vs1, too much long balls over def line and too much missing's of 1vs1 by strikers). Also i noticed simple things like low crosses are not working , too much books for RBS and LBS and that players are often carring the ball and he stops and then he loose it. ( its known bug) So, JUST after 25 hours of playing I did notice a lot of bugs in ME. Who does test it before releasing game?? Maybe you should change your testers and let it test to more relevant players.
  4. So i have to play only one tactic that actuallly works becouse its not bugged?? Then just delete the other things like low crosses that are not working... Just becouse you know what aint broken in ME aint reason to play it. And also its just boring and not rewarding
  5. I played f m 2020 for 25 hours. Worst fm ever. Whats the point playing it if its all about luck? If ur stiker can finish one out of 10 cc. And then its all about next luck if ur gk can stop the enemies striker at next 10 cc. Long balls and randonly distance shoots. All about luck that you dont have any impact at. Not fun at all
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