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  1. Some games have passed now and results haven't gotten much better. can't score at all and the same frustrating things remain (Defenders getting caught on possession near to the goal, poor winger performances, awful goal to touch ratio).
  2. First of all, thanks for your advice. I've now constructed a new tactic which has the same formation but a different style of play. Would appreciate any tips on how to make this tactic better before going to any matches and reviewing it myself.
  3. followed your advice, it'd work in most scenarios for sure but sadly for me nothing really has changed over the next 6 games. a record of 2 wins and 4 losses. 2 3-0 losses at home against teams below me and the one of the wins was against the team at the bottom of the table who were already relegated and the other was an extremely lucky smash and grab. I'm seriously lost now.
  4. After starting the season well, i've found myself in quite horrid form. The league position doesn't concern me as my aim is to finish top half but i feel that this form is more than a simple spell that I just have to go through and is showing cracks in my tactics that i didn't take care of earlier in the season. This is my current form and tactics: As for the cracks i mentioned, despite getting the results, all my wingers (who are usually the best players in the team) were going through inconsistent form and couldn't ever go a few games without dropping a sub par performance. Now since the decline they've been consistently horrible. With no winger having an average form of over 6.60 since the dip. Other cracks include being out-shot by opponents most games, having defenders constantly lose the ball near my own goal and not creating much chances for what should be a progressive positive team. my touch to goals ratio has been awful (though it has always been for the majority of my FM saves and i keep my opponents T:G low). But I'm now having trouble where I'm giving too much touches in the opposition area. Tactical advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. not sure if this is supposed to go here but Problem: friendlies are being automatically created in the middle of the season when there's no winter break or some sort, and i'm not able to cancel them. Save uploaded: he (v02).fm
  6. Can’t say for certain right now as I’m not on but I do have a hitch that I struggle with formations where there’s two up front. will check tomorrow
  7. Yeah, changed it back, thought it’d probably improve the touches in the box to shots ratio (it actually did I think) but my defence became much worse. Recently turned up the tempo from standard to higher and took off stay on feet (but never turnt on get stuck in) and while it’s a 3 game sample, I have 7 out of 9. Might need a bit of polishing though.
  8. Made different tweaks so far (e.g changing IF from support to attack) but still not been able to gather any reasonable amount of consistency. Frustrating for sure.
  9. Hello, After getting promoted to league one with Salford, I got an offer from Derby after i was 1st in December. Accepted it and had a great start, going from a relegation battle to a playoff chase, didn't make the playoffs however due to a collapse in form going into the end of the season. Here's the results before the collapse: and here are the results after: Most of the games after Forest i probably deserved to lose, decrease in chances create and a massive increase in the chances i'm conceding, and i've been lucky to concede the amount of goals i have. I did lose two of my best players to season ending injuries, one is a DM but the replacement have been perfectly fine, the other is an AML and the replacement (despite being better in ability than the player who got injured) has been extremely inconsistent. my striker (who's still somehow top scorer of the league) went on a 12 game drought also. So i think that my tactics are the problem here. My tactics: Help would be appreciated, thanks.
  10. Thanks for the advice guys! Before reading this i actually changed it a bit. The new tactic was this: As for the impact it had, the fixtures i had after this were: As you can see, the impact it had was drastic, going forward there were drastic improvements and i was comfortably first, but after a seven game run i took a sharp dip in form, inconsistent going forward and leakier at the back than normal, so with all your advice taken this will be my new tactic: Will update soon!
  11. Hello, I'm in my second season with Salford City with the aim to reach for the league two playoffs after i finished 8th last season where the aim was to get a top half finish, Here is my tactic: As you can see right now i'm in sixth, so overall the tactic hasn't been a failure for the early start to the season, but i feel there are some tweaks to be made to get the most out of this squad, that has been predicted to finish 3rd. The biggest strength of this is definitely the defense, as i finished last season with the best defensive record and this season i haven't looked truly poor on the defensive side yet, the most alarming issue is going forward, ranking 12th in goals scored last season and so far this season other than the sporadic 2 or 3 goal performance i struggle going forward. In the last 5 matches i have scored 3 goals from 199 touches in the opponent's penalty area. So far this season , after 6 games i rank highest in possesion (57%), passes (2586), passes completion % (79%) and shots on target % (50%), and im 3rd in amount of shots on target (36) but 13th in chances created (9) and 9th in conversion rate (9%). My PIs are Both CBs to take fewer risks B2B to shoot less often Mezzala to Dribble More, take more risks and shoot less often Both IFs to stay wider. Advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
  12. I commented a few weeks ago about Martin Kelly needing to be changed from a Natural RB to a Natural CB, nothing has happened yet, is that something that’ll be changed at release date?
  13. For Palace: In terms of attributes, there’s no large issues on my end for that, think there’s been a good job on that, maybe Schlupp’s Off The Ball and Work Rate could be higher than 11 and 13 respectively but attributes are the least of my worries. Biggest issue however is position suitability, Martin Kelly has again been listed as accomplished in centre half and natural at right back when it’s the complete opposite. He’s been playing in centre back for well over a year now. Also Jeffery Schlupp could be atleast accomplished in centre mid as he has played there quite a few times last season. Second biggest issue is a small one which is Kouyate is transfer listed which is a bit confusing as he’s an important player for us. Third and last issue is squad statuses, in my opinion: Scott Dann: Squad Player → Fringe Player Chiekhou Kouyaté: Squad Player → Regular Starter James McArthur: Squad Player → Regular starter Maximilian Meyer: Regular Starter → Squad player Connor Wickham: Squad Player → Fringe player other than that another good job lads
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