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  1. Romaine Sawyers called up for NA nations league for 6 days despite the playoff semi finals taking place
  2. I’m still confused though as to why I’m performing so poorly away from home. Due to my tactic should I not be struggling at home rather than away due to the opposition? My problems have never been playing at home and my unbeaten streak there has passed 20 games but away it’s like we forget how to play the game.
  3. I’m just not sure how to become more attacking while staying true to the player’s strengths
  4. The idea was to have the striker drop deep and hold the ball for the advanced attacking midfielder and left winger when countering and have my goals through counters and set pieces but the set pieces have dried up so I’ll see if that change works
  5. I’ve considered that but I am dubious of going more attacking since our team is pretty bang average in terms of technical ability
  6. After finishing 3rd after being expected to finish mid table with Palace, the next season has started the complete opposite. We've played 7 games and have only won once while only scoring in two games and worst of all we've lost every away game so far, and this is without facing any of the top 6 yet. The tactic:
  7. Faulty match engines? Stats not being recorded? It's frustrating but I can still enjoy the game. But when I play the game I expect to be able to make substitutions properly, this is literally game-breaking and probably the worst thing i've experienced in any FM game, cmon now lmao.
  8. This wasn't a problem before the update, how does this even happen???
  9. First I’d just do the suggestions you got before you do anything but if you still aren’t satisfied then it matters down to what you want from your team I guess, do you want both of your wingers cutting in? In that case I would probably switch the right centre mid to one that won’t get as forward as a mezzala, obviously central penetration is important but it isn’t the end of the world if you have two wingers that cut inside on attack duties, that’s just my opinion though. If however you want to keep the mezzala then I’d slap an attack duty on him and switch the right winger to a support duty (I’d personally have him as a winger but it can definitely work with an IW) and then switch the right back to an IWB(s)
  10. Have you tried him on a defence duty? Maybe on a support duty he’ll get involved in attacks but might not do that effectively as quite literally every other outfield player except the the centre backs are going forward. So without changing other roles you have since you are doing well (except for changing your striker to a support duty since I saw you make a post on that, have him come deep so more space is created for your wide attack duty players) that is what I would suggest, unless you’re willing to change other roles in your setup.
  11. Can’t help but get extremely frustrated by the scheduling of matches. I’m sure match going fans would love a world where every match was at 15:00 on a Saturday but I miss being frustrated at the TV schedulers for giving me one less day of rest. Is it an actual problem? No. Does it mess up immersion for me? A lot. I do understand since the first season is messed up by COVID but I don’t understand why it’s like this for the seasons after.
  12. This is how our first match of the season went. A 2-0 defeat but with stats like those and Leno getting MOTM doesn't make me lose hope. Eze with a good performance getting a 7.2 rating with the most key chances and dribbles but Zaha's finishing and Sakho's big mistake means they get a 6.4 and 6.2 respectively. And now the second match of the season against the European champions. We have gotten a result this time but this might be more frustrating, it says 1 CCC but I honestly struggle to believe it, so many good chances squandered in the second half to put the game to bed and Wilf will be wondering how he hasn't come away with the match ball, so it's obvious Aguero would punish us late into the game. Obviously a fantastic game from Zaha with both wingers Diangana and Sarr preforming also. Eze had a quiet (6.8) game but that's probably due to coming up against one of the best defensive midfielders in the world in Ndidi. But it's nice to see this tactic has us preforming.
  13. The premier league is a completely different beast from the championship. I’ve had unbalanced tactics that succeeded in the championship as an underdog but then failed in the prem because I was defensively naive. The roles and duties aren’t the only problem, your TIs are needlessly over aggressive and there are some contradicting TIs. if you’re going to stick with the 4-3-3 I’d take off prevent short GK distribution and due to the strength of the team and your defensive woes I’d get rid of counter press. With this you probably won’t be opening so much space for the opposition (which is why you’re not winning the ball in the middle most likely) id also like to know how you’re doing going forward, because if you’re struggling scoring I wouldn’t be surprised with some of the instructions you’re using.
  14. Both flanks are way too attacking and a ball winning midfielder as the centre mid definitely doesn’t help that, you was right to put a half back in there but that’s nowhere near the end of your problems. Your tactic is definition of defensive suicide especially considering you’re an underdog.
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