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  1. I’m still confused though as to why I’m performing so poorly away from home. Due to my tactic should I not be struggling at home rather than away due to the opposition? My problems have never been playing at home and my unbeaten streak there has passed 20 games but away it’s like we forget how to play the game.
  2. I’m just not sure how to become more attacking while staying true to the player’s strengths
  3. The idea was to have the striker drop deep and hold the ball for the advanced attacking midfielder and left winger when countering and have my goals through counters and set pieces but the set pieces have dried up so I’ll see if that change works
  4. I’ve considered that but I am dubious of going more attacking since our team is pretty bang average in terms of technical ability
  5. After finishing 3rd after being expected to finish mid table with Palace, the next season has started the complete opposite. We've played 7 games and have only won once while only scoring in two games and worst of all we've lost every away game so far, and this is without facing any of the top 6 yet. The tactic:
  6. i cant add my save game since it's over the max total size of 9.77MB
  7. Was originally trying to bring on Tonali but changed my mind and brought on Sarr instead, however both came on. Crystal Palace v Norwich.pkm
  8. 30th minute, seriously, he's clearly in the position to shoot so why is their only one man in the wall as if it's an indirect free kick?????? Crystal Palace v Chelsea.pkm
  9. 59th minute throws it short rather than long Chelsea v Crystal Palace.pkm
  10. Faulty match engines? Stats not being recorded? It's frustrating but I can still enjoy the game. But when I play the game I expect to be able to make substitutions properly, this is literally game-breaking and probably the worst thing i've experienced in any FM game, cmon now lmao.
  11. I clearly sub Mitchell in so why is Eze still in and why does it count as 3 subsitutions??? Liverpool v Crystal Palace.pkm
  12. This wasn't a problem before the update, how does this even happen???
  13. How is this "Attacking the near post"? Make it make sense Crystal Palace v Leicester.pkm
  14. Again starting in the 61st minute, its just ridiculous . If you obviously can't do goalkeeper interference offsides properly just don't add it. Leeds Utd v Crystal Palace.pkm
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