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  1. even then it's nearly game breaking for an academy that good to not be put into a league. Now entering a 5th consecutive premier league season, i'm a champions league team and still no invite.
  2. It’s been 3 seasons since and I have state of the art youth facilities with a youth level of 1 and I’m still not getting invited to any league whatsoever, this is ridiculous.
  3. Ah my bad that was supposed to be lower LOE not lower D-line As for the kick it to playmaker sometimes he got it short but other times it’ll be extremely risky goal kicks so I took it off
  4. 19th. however i finished 2 points off safety 3 seasons ago with a much much worse squad so i think i can do it this time
  5. What tweaks do you suggest for both tactics? Usually I did well against teams that were inferior to me back in the championship with the tactic but yeah it isn’t going great in the prem
  6. Mainly this with little tweaks But i'm thinking of switching to this soon
  7. I tried everything it feels like but im not just getting the results needed to survive.
  8. i bought both my DLP's to be playmakers but i also took note of their defensive attributes so thats a good shout
  9. I get what you're saying but im trying to avoid having two playmakers so close to eachother with my DLP being on the left centre midfield role.
  10. thank you, i thought since the only playmaker was in the middle playing through the middle would mean everything goes through him and better quality passes would be more frequent, guess i was wrong. I would like to keep pass into space since my tactic is built around brown, who relies on his pace more than anything to get goals, last season he scored 28 league goals (most i've ever seen playing this game). Would keeping pass into space but lowering the mentality and removing the counter TI instead make the same effect?
  11. I made a post here nearly 3 months ago as i was struggling to survive in the prem with a massive overachieving wrexham. I posted it when we had 3 games to go and as expected, we went down. I continued on with the tactic however and nearly went straight back up the next season with 95 points and a playoff final defeat. I stopped with the save sometime after that but i came back a week ago to pick up where i left off. I decided to switch up tactics to something that is less demanding and would give us a chance to stay up if we go up. I went with a 4-2-4, changing to a counter attacking style of football. The season was a little worse this time, 82 points and another playoff final defeat. Continued onto next season and i later switched to a 4-4-2, which will be the latest tactic i have to show for you. We finished with 95 points again and 3rd time lucky we got promoted after winning in the playoff final. And now we are back to this league I've grown to despise. Through 3 years where our finances were greatly improved, our squad seems better off than 3 years ago, rather than a league one team we look more like an established championship club but we still unexpectedly went up and we're still massive underdogs in most ways possible. We started off without making much changes and we lost the first 4, nothing too worrying but rather than waiting until gameweek 35 im going to ask for help now. Here is my tactic: I'd prefer not to go through another relegation so i'll leave it up to the experts, tactical advice would be appreciated.
  12. Thanks for the advice, do youth players develop more when playing official games in the youth team rather than friendlies?
  13. How do you get your U23s to get invited to a league? I’m 9 years into my save with Wrexham and I have excellent youth facilities (soon to be improved again) I’ve been in the top 2 flights of football for the last 5 years and my youth level is 2. It might not be the best but is that not enough to get into something like the U23 PDL?
  14. Is it me or was this definitely not offside??? Happens at 49:43. St. Mirren v Rangers.pkm
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