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  1. Yeah, i forgot to mention cleaning the cache! it's not exactly that path for FM20 it's this: Android\data\com.sega.soccer.champions\files\installed\application_support\sports interactive\football manager 2020 touch\caches Delete all files, start the aplication again
  2. Hi, @查理不叉里 I know this is a long stretch, but could you make a patch incluind Germany、England、Italy、Spain、Portugal? By the way, i've tested your Patch and works very well. Fantastic work. But if could make one including Portugal it would be a dream come true.
  3. the tactic in the picture is made for quick attacks, because with all 4 front players in attack, if you don't try to score quickly you'll end up with a very conggested play. When you change both wingers to IF or IW, you change the way of attacking, and instead of having 2 players stretching the game, you now have two players running to a area that have no space. Paring IF and IW on attack with a AF(a) is not a really good combination. So, if you want to have yours IF/IW to score, you must think who will provide them the chances to score? the forward?, the attacking midfielder? the DLP? ok, so you must set them to be more of a provider role and less of a attacking/scoring role. I'm not gonna talk about team instructions, because to be honest all those instructions put together don't make any sence to me. They could work.... but i don't know how.
  4. @ThomasHK1979, I'm curious to see your tactic. Could you please post a screenshot? Perhaps yours IF, or IW, are not playing well in your 4231 formation because they dont have enough space to do the main thing they to... cut inside. How are your forward and attacking midfilders set up? If you want your wide players to be the main goal scorers, you need to provide them enough space to cut inside.
  5. No problem. In any case, i try the tactic with the poacher for a couple of games and did not work very well, so went back to the original setup with the DLF(a) up front.
  6. Just a little follow up. Played against Real Madrid for champions league first knockout stage, and decided to play the counter attack tactic suggested by @crusadertsar. First game at home, ended 0-0, but the only ccc was mine. Away, loose 2-0, but to be fair I deserve a better result. Got 3 ccc and 2 half chances, against none from Madrid, who scored both goals from long shots after a throw-in! Despite the lost the team played just the way I wanted, very compact in defense and launching quick attacks. In the end of the day, they won because of the quality of the players, I'm playing with Benfica, so nothing to bother me.
  7. So this kind of roles and duties, along side with the TI's that i had in the tactic i've posted in the op... you make, in theory, a good base for a more defensive/counter attack tactic? I know that the players that will play those roles will have a big impact, but just to give me a right direction to go through... Or do you think that those TI's are not good for a counter attack tactic?
  8. So, something like this.... PF(a) IW(s) W(a) DLP(s) CM(a) A(d) WB(s) CD(d) CD(d) IWB(d) SK(s)
  9. Thanks to both, @Justifiedand @crusadertsar. I'm already playing with standard D-line and lower LOE, but understand the point you are making about not having enough man upfront to counter attack. So, in alternative if I use the 4123 Dm wide formation, could it work better? And if so any ideas about roles, duties and Ti's to use?
  10. No, that's not there. The path is my files > documents > sports interactive > football manager touch 2020 In there you should have for example the "tactics" folder, "games" folders, and so on. If you have a "graphics" folders just place the logos, face packs and kits there. If not, create a graphics folder I'll show you mine...
  11. The logos, kits and flags are the same that are used in the PC version, and they should be placed in the graphics folder, inside the documents folder (the one that have your tactics and shorlists, for example).
  12. Hi, As instructed by @Experienced Defenderin the defensive-football-is-it-even-playable-in-fm20 thread, i'm creating this thread to get some help to make a more defensive/counter attack tactic. I usually play with a 4123 formation, but against bigger teamsis not very effective, usually letting the opponent getting to much scoring chances. So i've decided to create a more defensive tactic, with a 4141 formation. This is what i have at this moment... I'm playing with Benfica, and i use this tactic only in 3 matches so far: Away games against Porto, Juventus and Galatasaray: Won 2-0 and 3-0 against Porto and Galatasaray, and lost 2-0 at Turin. In all games i like the way we play, my team create a good amount of chances, taking into acount that i was playing against above average teams/bigger teams, but in all 3 games i had more possession that my opponnent and my scoring chances didn't came from counter attacks, apart from the third goal against Galatasaray. So despite liking the tactic this is not exactly what i was aiming for. My goal was more a lower block tactic, that allow quick counter attacks with the main threats coming from the PF(a), WM(a) and the CM(a). @Experienced Defender, in the other thread, already sugested that the 4141 formation is not the best for this kind of tactic, and that i should use, for example, the 4411 or the 442, but the truth is i dont like playing with the 442, and at the moment dont have any above average player to play in the AMC position, so i would prefer continuing to use the 4141 or the 4123 wide DM. So, any tips? I'm having a very tough championg league game against Real Madrid in a couple of weeks and i would probably be trashed if i use this tactic.
  13. I've made a couple of games, and since then change somethings. D-Line changed to standard, because with a lower D-Line I wasn't having any ball. DM(d) changed to HB(d), to have a bette built up from the back IW(a) changed to WM(a), because the IW was loosing too much possession. The team is creating chances but, more in possession attacks and not so much in counter attacks (could be related with the regroup instruction?) . In fact in both games I've played I have more possession than my opponent.
  14. Hi, This is my idea for a more defensive/counter attack tactic. Do you think that could work? Im having some doubts about my forward and wide midfielders roles, and also about the team instructions overall.
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