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  1. Keyzer Soze

    Xiaomi MiPad 3 Black screen issues

    @Declan Holbem Nor trying to change the focus of the thread, but i just bought a Xiaomi MiPad 4 Plus with the main purpose of playing FMT19. I'm still waiting for the tablet to arrive, but i would like to know how well the tablet handle the game. Is it fast? Does it freezes when changing panels? How does it handles the match day experience in 2D and 3D? Thks in advance fot any feedback.
  2. Hi, anyone playing FMT in the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4? thinking about buying that tablet, would like to know if FMT19 runs without any issues.
  3. Keyzer Soze

    30 Season IOS Limit

    But that already happens in almost every game that is released in any platform. Depending on your sistem you can run the game with better/worse graphics for example. You even have something similar in FMM, where some phones can run the game with the enhance ME and others can't. And if i recall in FM you have the star system to tell you how many leagues or computer can handle the game and how well the graphics will be. So, if that's reason, it's kind strange don't you agree?
  4. Keyzer Soze

    30 Season IOS Limit

    Apreciate the asnwer. I was not saying that the limit is arbitrary. Perhaps i didn't explain in the best way, but to me it seems that the limit is being impose by the lower end tablets. When comparing the tablets in the compatiblity list, there are some huge differences between some tablets in terms of RAM memory, cpu and gpu speed, so it's logical to admit that better tablet should/could run the game better and should/could run more nations. Why a 2gb ram memory tablet should need the same limit then a 4gb tablet? The extra 2gb should be there for something, right? It seems that SI made the decision, and they own the game so they can do whatever they want, to decide a limit that can be fulfill by all tablets. It's the decision that they think it's better. Perhaps it's the easier decision, in terms of tests and all the stuff needed to release the game. For me, i think it would be better to allow the more hi end tablets to run more nations.
  5. Keyzer Soze

    30 Season IOS Limit

    @Lucas About the 3 nation limit, do you know any oficial reason why it's the same limit to all tablets, and not something that changes depending on the tablet capacity?
  6. Keyzer Soze

    30 Season IOS Limit

    Actually it's easier to achieve 30 season in FMT. You must considerer that a season in FMT can be played much faster, so for users that like longer saves, 30 season can be reached in a couple of months.
  7. Keyzer Soze

    30 Season IOS Limit

    What i find hard to understand is why the limit is the same for every tablet. I mean, from the compatibily list you can see that there are a wide range of tablets in terms of their ability to handle the game, so why not have a dynamic limit based on the tablet capacity? Something that would be avaluated when we start a new save game. The same should happen with the nation limit. Why 3 nations limit for every tablet? It seems that those two limits are being imposed by the lower end tablets, when SI should work on a dynamic system that would set the limits based on each tablet capacity. Something that i think already happens in terms of the 3d graphics ...
  8. Keyzer Soze

    Player Not Unlearning Trait

    I gotta agree with this. I remember paying FMT17 and FMT18, and in all my saves if i put a player to unlearn a trait, he will be there the whole season and never unlearn it.
  9. Perhaps with a jailbreak version of the iOS could be possibles
  10. But the specs for the lite version of the mediapad are not the same when compare with the mediapad. Só, it's normal that one can run the game and the other can't.
  11. No, nothing like that. You'll get updates, but, for example, let's say that you have a issue with the game, some problem that you detect. If you are playing the game in a tablet that it is in the compatibility list, then SI can look at problem because they have the tablet to test it. They can even release a hot fix for you problem. But if you are playing in a tablet that is not on the list, then it's difficult to SI to try to help you by cause they don't have the tablet in house.
  12. At this moment SI can’t say if any tablet, outside the ones on the list can run, or not, the game. So, for any tablet outside the list, you’ll have to wait to release date and see if the game will be available for you, on your tablet, in the play store. the problem is, even if it is available, and you can play it, SI will not give you any support, because they only tested the game in the tablets that are on the list.
  13. I would resume to this: No kids: FM Kids: FMT or FMM (depend on their age)
  14. Keyzer Soze

    Editor Poll

    @grade I gotta agree with Lucas on this. SI will never release a FMT editor only for PC users. The same way, they will never release a editor only for tablet users. It's not the way they work, When they release it, it will be for all platforms.