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  1. Hi, Little question regarding the Mezzala, and the PI to run wide with ball. If we have the Mezzala, playing with support role, and on the same side of the pitch a winger in the AMR position, would the Mezzala and the winger be in some conflict if we set the PI to run wide with ball?
  2. Help building my 4-1-2-3

    Hi, Been thinking about a new setup for the 4123 formation, trying to put together in the midfield a AP and a MEZ. Came down to the this : DLF(a) IF(s) W(s) AP(a) MEZ(s) DM(s) WB(a) CD(d) CD(d) WB(s) SK(d) TI's: play out of defense, work ball into box, press more The idea was getting a very creative midfield, with the AP(a) creating for the forwards runs from the MEZ and the IF, with the winger providing width in the attack. Some doubts about the forward role (DLF, attack or support, or CF support) and also some doubts about the Inside Forward, perhaps would make more sense change the IF to attack and the left wingback to support to have more attacking runs on the left side of the pitch. What do you think?
  3. Help building my 4-1-2-3

    I know, and i agree with you. That other post was a bit of a rant, after loosing a game. In previous editions, i did manage to built my own "supersystem". A tactic that i use in my entire save, just making small tweaks here and there in some particular games. This is the way i play FM, since... forever, and always with great sucess. But this year, i haven't been able to do that. It's a matter of time.
  4. The Firmino

    Don't understand what the examples you are giving are related with the Firmino role...
  5. @herne79 Gedson is still young, i've just start season 2018/19. I got him the whole season unlearning the shoot from distance trait, and by the end of the first season he was still unlearning. He got plenty of game time (don't know if this influence the outcome), because i'm doing a save with Benfica playing with many youth players, so he play around 40 games in the first season. By the end of the first season, i stop him from unlearning that trait, because i was spending 66% of the train time with that, something that i really dont understand how unlearning a trait can occupy a player train so much (but that's another issue). I'm playing the FMT version of the game, in a IPAD, don't know if the learning/unlearning system works differently from the full fat version.
  6. The Firmino

    This is probably due to the fact that you have 3 players (Firminho, Salah and Wijnaldum) all with move into channels instructions on the same side of the pitch. Something will have to give, and it's probably Salah that is getting less space. I wouldn't change Firminho or Salah role, manly because i think Firminho play benefits by having the RMD near, so i think the best way is do something about the MEZ, perhaps changing the duty to support and see how it goes.
  7. Hi, Some questions about unlearning a trait. 1) Is it alway possible, or some player no matter how longwe ask them tehy will never unlearn it? 2) How long does it take? In my current save i asked Gedson Fernandes to unlearn the trait to shoot from distance, and after one season it still have that trait!
  8. Help building my 4-1-2-3

    I don't know... the more i play, the more i can relate with @BlairNo.1. Every setup that i try for the 4123 Wide DM end's ups failing after a couple of games. I can even get 3 or 4 wins, but then get that strange loss against a bottom table. Just now, lost 3-0 away against Moreirense for the Portuguese league (playing with Benfica). They completly trash me with more possession, more shots... more everything. And i'm playing the FMT version of the game, so there's no excuse for a stupid team talk or whatever. I really need to re-think my game strategy.
  9. Help building my 4-1-2-3

    Not trying to divert from @BlairNo.1 issues, but since this is the thread about the 4123 more active at the moment, would like to know the opinion about my current shape. So right now, i'm playing like this: DLF(a) IF(s) W(s) AP(a) MEZ(s) DM(d) WB(a) CD(d) CD(d) FB(s) SK(d) Standard/Flexible with TI's playing from defense, work ball into box and close down more. The first thing i've notice when seeing my games, is that many times the AP(a)+MEZ(s) would push up too much, in particulary against teams that would sit deep. I've try to fix that by giving the AP(a) the PI to hold position. The second thing i've notice, is the role that i choose for the right back. At first i was playing with a IWB(s). It work in some games, but in others i was getting too exposed in particulary when i was loosing the ball in attack. Because of that, i change to a regular FB(s). Well, just would like to know what do you think about the tactic... And, would like the opinion about the forward role. Is the DLF(a) the best choice in this case?
  10. Gotta agree with @warlock Despite playing with a rather attacking mentality, the TI's that you are using will slow down the game too much, make it easy for the opponent to sit deep and calmly wait for your attacks. On top of that i don't think that the roles you choose makes much sense... at least for me. Nasri, Alli and Odegaard will all occupy the same area of the pitch, and with Kane also dropping you will get a very congested front of the box.
  11. How to achieve a solid defence?

    @Herne79 I usually play with a 4123 wide DM formation, so because i have a player in the DM position, i think it's more logical that the central defenders should be told to press less. The mark tighter PI is more confusing to me. Apart from the situation that you use the "play offside" TI, should the "mark tighter" PI be always select for the defenders?
  12. How to achieve a solid defence?

    This is something that i always struggle a bit in FM: what set of PI's we should use to get a solid defense. For example, because i usually use the TI to press more, i tend to tell my central defenders to press less, so that they stick more to the position. Also because of that i've stop using the mark tighter PI in my central defenders, but use on my fullbacks. Just curious on how you set your defenders. Do you use any PI's?
  13. Help building my 4-1-2-3

    @Rashidi Yeah, you already said that, two hours ago!
  14. Help building my 4-1-2-3

    I did test the MEZ with attack duty, but i was playing against a team that was very deep in defense, so i didn0t take much advantage from that. But, when i did that, i keep the DM on support duty, so i will give it a go once again but wih the DM in defense duty. Usually when i'm facing more difficuties to score, my first change is the W(s) to W(a), then if that not works, i change the AP(s) to W(s) to give more width to my attack. The mentality, sometimes i change to contol, but when i do that i use the TI to work the ball into box, to prevent stupid long shots... manly from the MEZ and the CM. It's working so far, but i still feel that i'm not in full control of the match. The amount of shots that the opponent can make it's still worrying me, but i hope with the tweaks the tactic will improve.
  15. Change Player No. All the time

    In the squad screen, under the "Numbers" Tab