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  1. @Experienced Defender Just one more question. If i changed on of the wide players to a IW(s), should I changed the left or the right one. I believe that the IW is more a creator, and helps more in the build up phase of the play, while the IF is more forward/attacking thinking. Is that correct? So, perhaps changed the left IF to a IW(s) so that my left side, with the DLP(s), builds up, and my right side, with the IF and the MEZ gets advantage of that, perhaps from a quick pass to the opposite side. What do you think?
  2. But, having on the same side, a MEZ(a) with a WB(s) behind him, isn't too risky? Because both have make forwards runs instruction. That was the reason I've changed the MEZ to a support duty, to be more balanced in the midfield. But... Knock on effect, the MEZ(s)+IF(s) isn't working to well. I also tryed MEZ(s) +IW(s) but it was pretty much the same thing. Could help give the right IF(s) to sit narrow?
  3. Hi, Would like some advice on these setups. I'm happy with how my team is playing, but having some doubts regarding the role of the AMR, FBR and the forward. Which one is more balanced?
  4. @Harrison Modeste It's fixed. We can now promote players from the B team. One thing that is different from FMT20, but i suppose its the way it should be now, is that FMT20 you could control the training from players that were in the B team. In FMT21 you need to promote them to the main team to control the training.
  5. Hi @Harry Dunning In new savegames is all fixed. In older savegames i can't give any feedback, sorry.
  6. @lucazz I understand, but what you must realise is that you were able to create tactics, like the ones you've described, because there were flaws in the match engine. And because of that you could achieve unrealistic results. With the evolution of the match engine, that sort of "magic" tactic are harder to make if not impossible. The purpose of SI is to make a game that is closer to reality as possible, so I'm afraid that you will struggle to make a tactic that can have the type of results you want.
  7. I think that since FM13 or 14 those kind of exploits were fixed by the evolution of the match engine. Things like having a Center Back scoring 30goals from corners just don't happen any more. But, by searching the forum you can easily find good tactics that almost can guarantee back to back promotions even with lesser teams.
  8. Couple things pop-up to me: hit early crosses, when you don't have a solid presence in the box (F9 playing upfront). Why play narrow, when you have your wide players to cut inside? You are taking space for them. Why focus on the right, when your playmaker is on the Mid-left side?
  9. I just want to congrats on the first bread analogy of this forum!
  10. Ahahah, I usually don't get into a long save untill the winter update is released, so untill then i load up several saves to try different tactics and players to buy. Thanks for the feedback.
  11. That's a good point. The players that i have in my Benfica team are much more suited to play a possession style of play. My main tactic, that i use pretty mucu in every match is this DLF(a) IF(s) IW(s) DLP(s) MEZ(a) DM(d) WB(a) CD(d) CD(d) WB(s) SK(s) Mentality: Positive Team Instructions: POOD, Be More Creative, WBIB, Counter Press, Higher LOE I also set a split block, with the 3 forwards + Mezzala with more pressing. But i can't go play with this tactic aga
  12. Thks for the repply. I don't have in my squad a player with the right attributes to play as BWM(s), so that's not a option. Could it work with a standard CM(s), and if so, should i change the left WB(s) to a FB(s)?
  13. Thks again @crusadertsar Couple of questions... Why the Anchorman instead of the DM(d)? Why droping the mentality? Isnt a more attacking mentality better for conter attack? In terms of stability in the midfield , wouldn't be better to use the Mezzala on support and then the right winger on attack?
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