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  1. I don't know if this is already been mention, but when you search a club/player in the search bar and try to select it, it wont work.
  2. I set to physical during pre season, until 2 weeks before the first official game. Then set to balanced and leave there the rest of the season. Then, I take over the individual training, setting up according the player role/duties in my main tactic. The only exception are the forwards that I always set them as CF(a). In terms of intensity I have the players from the main squad with normal intensity, the youth I set for double intensity.
  3. Did you place the graphics folder in the right path? documents\sports interactive\football Manager touch 2021 Then you must clear the cache: Delete all files within the "cache" folder that is in Android\data\com.sega.score.touch\files\installed\aplicattion_support\sports interactive\ football Manager 2021 touch Then restart the application
  4. Yes, because whenever there's a uptade, the game install files that are needed to be deleted in order for the real names fix to work. I believe it's the same thing with the full version.
  5. It's not closed https://community.sigames.com/topic/522828-fm-touch-2020-more-leagues-save/
  6. For android you can do pretty much everything you can do for the PC version. Real names, facepacks, logos, and so on. Just Google it on places like sortitout and others.
  7. Last year there were a user that make something like that, although a more modest save with 5 nations and I think 100k players. It worked both in ios and android. There is a thread in the editors hideaways. Unfortunately he never explain how to do it.
  8. Bought the game last night for android. Play it for 20 minutes, just enough to got to play a friendly. Just like to leave my quick opinion on the game. - playing the game in Xiaomi Mipad 4. It runs faster than FMT20. Starting the game, loading the game... All is faster and smoother. - until I got to my first match the game looks exactly like FMT20. At some point I thought I was playing an updated version of FMT20 and not a new game. Same panels, organized in the same way, same colors, just too similar to FMT20. - love the new looks and match day experience. I just feels much
  9. @Alex Pitt About the new features list. Are all the new features the ones already point out in the FMT page? Nothing new in terms of nation limits for the android/ios version? Or perhaps an increase in the seasons limit? Editor?
  10. I agree with you in terms of the elements that are in the game, but in terms of the optimization that we users would expect, I think the game just stalled. This is particularly evident in the android and ios version. In 2015 when the FMT first came out to android and Ios we had a 3 nations limit and a 30 season limit. 5 years later we are with the same limits. There is also a clear lack of optimization of the game to be played to truly in a "touch" environment, with buttons and drop menus too small to be touched with your fingers. So, there is a huge work that can be done to
  11. I know, I was being a bit... a lot... ironic. But these were the new features that I think the majoraty of the FMT fans would like to see in the game. In the last couple of years we didn't see any new feature that we can say is something new exclusive to FMT. It's always new features from The full fat version that are also included in FMT. And that fine, but to be honest we need more. The game needs to move forward, the same way we are seeing in the mobile version. Yes, FMT is a strip down version of FM, but it still needs his own identity. If SI wants to keep the game and wa
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