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  1. Thinking about this as well. I first thought would be a AM with support duty. Perhaps adding PI's to take more risky and move into channels.
  2. Agree with you about the choice for Nintendo switch. It would make more sense if they go with the mobile version instead of the touch version. Curious to know the selling numbers from Last year, but if are keeping with it, then the numbers must have been good.
  3. OK, But in the end of the day I can't imagine SI dropping FMT for tablets if the game was lucrative. Só despite the sales numbers, in the end of the year they were probably loosing money or not gaining what they expected. I do agree that FMT is, probably, played by older players with less time to play but the numbers they showed are overwhelming and there's a huge difference, to my surprise, between the playing hours of FM and FMT.
  4. Ok, thks @Neil Brock, But still, for someone that only plays FMT in a Android Tablet, going from 20€ (i think that was the cost for the android version) to 110€/year is a huge difference. And on top of that, i'll lose the mobilbity that the tablet would give me. I understant SI position, but to be honest i don't think that the alternatives that are presented are appealing, at least for me.
  5. So, let's say you only play FMT in PC. The cost, per year, would be 1€+9.99€x11... plus the price of the game (39.99)? So.... €150.88
  6. This decision, and in particulary regarding the end of the android/ios version, just seems to me a little bit strange in the timming. If they took this path 2 years ago, i would find it much more reasonable, because the tablet market, in particulary the android tablet, was dead. But this year, we have seen many high-end tablets arriving to the market, at a very interesting price, like the new Xiaomi, or the Lenovo Padpro, that could give acess to the game to more players.
  7. Look, I understand your frustration, because I'm feeling too. When I say that the communicate from Miles is honest, it's because I think that they could claim many excuses to stop with FMT. But no, they were clear by saying that its a simple equation of money spend making the game vs money received selling the game. I'm just talking about today's communicate, simple as that. I imagine that FMT, like the mobile game, are side projects that were released with the assumption that they could get enough profits to continue their development. It seems that FMT, at least for the Android, IOS and PC doesn't sell enough.
  8. Really a sad day for me. I've been playing FMT on IPAD/Android since 2015 and was, untill now, my number one game choice. So sad that, from this day on, my only option on tablets will be FM Mobile that as nothing to do with the realism that FMT gave us. At least is there any way to make available some sort of data uptade (transfers uptade) for the android/IOS version of FMT21? Or make a app that allow us to make some sort of data changes? @Neil Brock Anyway, apreciate the honesty by @Miles Jacobson. It's a purely comercial decision, and the it's probably the wise one. Also apreciate that they decided to make the announcement so early.
  9. Can anyone give me a real life player/team that plays/uses a wide center back with a attack duty? Just curious to see some videos do know how it works...
  10. @Alex Pitt Hi, I'm buying the new xiaomi tablet, the mipad 5, that was just released. Will FMT21 be available to download in the play store? Because it's a newer tablet is not on the compatibity list, but the xiaomi mipad 4 is, and the mipad 5 has much better specs. Edit: Well, the tablet arrived yesterday, and I could installed FMT21 without any issues. It runs very well and the 3D graphics are so much better, in comparison with the graphics in the Xiaomi Mipad 4.
  11. Hi, In my current save i've been using the deep version of the 4231 that @Cleoncreated, with only some minor changes. DLF(a) W(s) AMC(s) IF(a) DM(s) VOL(a) WB(a) CD(d) CD(d) WB(s) GK(d) Mentality: Positive TI's: POOD, Counter-Press, Higher D-Line, Press More PI's: AMC(s): take more risk passes DM(s): Hold Position The tactic is been working great. I'm playing with Benfica and so far had no problem winning in domestic league. But recently i play against Porto away, drawn 0-0, but it was out of pure luck. They dominate every aspect of the game. They play a very pressing 442, and i could just make any decent attack play. Against Porto i used a tactic a bit more defensive..... DLF(a) W(s) AMC(s) IF(a) DM(d) VOL(a) WB(a) CD(d) CD(d) WB(au) GK(d) Mentality: Balanced TI's: POOD, Regroup, Counter-Attack, Higher D-Line, Lower LOE, Press More PI's: AMC(s): take more risk passes But like i said it didn't work. I pressed very high with 4 players and i couldn' play from the back. Half time i decided to drop the POOD instruction, to try to pass more directly to attack but that also didn't work. So, any sugestions for those harder games, against teams that will press very high?
  12. Hi, Have you try the tactic? And if so, are you getting good results? The best way to avaluate a tactic, it's to try it. If you are getting good results... don't change a thing. in any case, just a couple of opinions: 1) for a underdog team, your out of possession instructions are very risky. In fact your transition and out of possession instructions are much more suited for a top team. So, keep a eye on your defence. 2) i not a fan of simetric tactics. unless you have some PI's on the IF and CM, you are attacking the same way from both flanks. Changing some roles to have some variation could be a good idea. But in the end.... results are the key factor,
  13. With the stay wide PI he will still cut inside but from a wider initial position. It may come in handy, particularly playing against opposition that defend deep and very narrow.
  14. Hi, Does it make sense playing with a lower LOE and adding the instruction to prevent goalkeeper distribution? Or to use that instruction I must always have a higher/very high LOE?
  15. There are roles that, because of is specifically are harder to use right in the game, because you need players with the right set of attributes to fill the role. If you give a player the CWB role, and he don't have the right attributes it can be a disaster. Bare in mind that, in the end, it's the players that play the game, so, first you need good players, and not just set a nice combination of roles and duties.
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