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  1. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    i think the idea is that you give that instrucion/position with the role and duty that you assign to each player, altough i agree it's short in terms of options available at this moment. I don't like the with ball/without ball solution because, imo, it could easily leave to very akward and game breaking tactics, with human managers building tactics where you would crowd 11 players in the box in the defense moment, and then with a slow built up, have a very ofensive formation in the attacking moment. i like your idea, if i understand it correctly, of the game automaticly create a with/without ball screen, after you had built the tactic, where it show the "consequences" of your choices in terms of position, roles and duties. This could be useful. Idealy, you could even had the possibility of some fine tunning in the player position.
  2. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    Thing is, the day SI change the tactic board to, for example, represent the 11 players in only half the pitch, the same confusion will happen, with players with doubts about the players positions in the opponent half. The game have this representation since forever i think, but for some reason that i don't quite understand, only last year that all this confusion start.
  3. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    Altough i don't disagree with you, i think we are talking about different things. I only stated that i think that it should be obvious for every one that the tactic screen represents your defensive formation. You are talking about limitations in the ME that prevent us, and AI managers, to simulate how some real life managers defend in the game. I know that there are limitations, and that those limitations can have a double effect by bringing more confusion to people that are playing the game.
  4. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    I don't see whats the problem here, and i don't understand why suddenly people are surprised that the formation in the tactic screen represents our defensive formation. What did you think it was? If you set your tactic, in the tactic screen, to play in a 442, they will defend with a line of 4 defenders, with 4 midfielders ahead, and 2 players in the front. Did you need to have all the players position in the defensive midfield to realise that? So what did you think? You set your players in a 442, but because they are spread all over the pitch in the tactic screen they will defend in those position? I really don't understand the problem here. What SI should had explain, and make perfect clear, is that with the right team shape, mentality and team/player roles, you can transform a 442, when defending, into a 443 or 343 or something else.
  5. It's a strange decision by SI. It's obvious that the 3D face mapping feature is something that SI must be very proud, or at least spend some time and money in the development, so i can understand that they what to keep it in the game, despite the common negative feedback. What i don't understand is the reason they didn't give us the upload photo alternative, when it's obvious that it's the one most people like. It's strange, that a computer game, where almost every player, manager, referee, etc can have a real photo, and you, the most important item in the game, can't.
  6. Football Manager 2018 Announcement

    Hi, Is it possible to play FMT with the demo?
  7. Gotta be honest, a bit disappointed with the video. Football inteligente was the video I was most curious about, and although it's nice to ear that improvements were made in the way AI teams and managers aprouch transfer market and development their teams, all the information was too vague. This is, imo, a core area of the game and pretty much the difference between being able to play competitive long term saves or not. On top of that, these improvements that are vaguely mention in the video are very hard to notice in the demo, because only after a couple of years it's possible the see if AI teams can build competitive teams. Anyway, really hopping that these improvements take long terms saves to a better level.
  8. 2D classic. Can't get enough of those little dots. Sometimes, big games, cup finals, I turn on replays with the 3D.
  9. Football Manager TV: Matchday

    I didn't know it was already in the game. Haven't play the full version since FM13.
  10. Football Manager TV: Matchday

    I got that impression too, specially in that white and red (arsenal like) equipment.
  11. Football Manager TV: Matchday

    I liked de video. Nothing big, but many little features, and it's always nice to have a fresh look to the game. When I as seeing the part related with the team talk, to the team, to player, to sectors, and then in the tunnel, Jesus... I just thought... Thank God I only play FMT. Really like the customisable angle camera, the new stadium, and the little part of the video when we see the teams enter the field. Hope that will be something similar for the end match and celebrating competition wins. As I said, nothing mind blowing, but to honest I wasn't expecting to. The match day experience, 3D graphics and ME are always more like a working process.
  12. i'm keeping my fingers crossed hoping that is something that as changed for FMT18. Instead of having the 3 nation limit, and no league limit, we could have a league limit but with the possibility that each league were from a different nation.
  13. @Lucas Weatherby Clarify one thing for me, please, the FMT version for PC has the same features as the version for IOS and Android?
  14. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    Let's start with a few more, make those right, and then go from there
  15. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    Theres no need to have separate tactics for attack and defend. In fact i don't think that make any sense. What is needed is a few more options, manly players instructions, so that you can ajust players position (and behavior) with or without the ball. That simple. And i think that could be arranged in the current system.