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  1. I think that in the real world, and by that i mean outside these foruns, que large majoraty os FM players judge the game by a simple barometer: Am i winning or not? Am i getting the results i'm suppose to have or not? Am i overachiving or not? If they are, then many bugs, or issues, and in particulary bugs or issues related with the ME get minorize. So to me, the majority of FM players care more about things like the UI, or league bugs (rules and stuff), or issues with the database, 3D graphics,and no so much with the ME and how the ME is more, or less, a real life image of football. And so, its natural that the game is beating sales records, edition after edition, because in those areas the games is always getting better, in oppose to the ME that varies more in terms of...lets say quality.
  2. Hi @Harrison Modeste First of all would like to wish you happy holidays, to you and your family! The match generation issue is solved with the last update. Just tested it, and the game load without issues. But, and there's always a but, I couldn't make any tactic adjustments or substitute any player, because the "tactic" wasn't showing after I loaded the temporary save file. Tested this in two games, and in both the same happened.
  3. Check rashidi youtube channel. Edit.... Nevermind, just realize that you were looking for something related with real football
  4. I see the 3D graphics like any other feature. And there are many features that exist in FM and don't exist in FMT. What's the point of having 3D graphics in the tablet version it, they set the graphic quality so low (i imagine because of the tablet graphics limitation) that for example in the Data Analyst Camera all i see is a big green rectangle with on or two lines and a couple of dots.
  5. Ok, I know this may seem a bit odd, and many will not agree with me, but anyway... I would like that SI remove the 3D match graphics for the Android/IOS version of FMT. The quality is very very low, to a point, at least for me, only the 2D view is bearable. So why have it? Why not have a simple 2D view, like the old one for example, and use the free up memory for other things like increasing the available data base, or the number of leagues/countries that we can choose. I think it would be possible to have the same ME, with a different graphical representation: a 3D one for FM and FMT for PC, and a 2D one for android/ios FMT version. And even for the ones that play FMT both in the PC and in tablets i think it would be ok... when playing in PC they would get 3D graphics, and in the tablet they would only get 2D.
  6. No you don't. After is unlock, in your current save, and all new saves you'll start, you can manage internationally.
  7. Yep. And a simple pop up windows with the question...."do you want to accept the transfer" would be enough to resolve this.
  8. Spot on by @tyro In the tactical aspect of the game, FMT is great to see if your tactic is good or not.
  9. I always made my own tactics. This is, after all, a football manager game.... if i'm not managing .... then what am i suppose to do?
  10. @kutlubey Don't you think its a bit unfair all this rant against a game, and those who made it, that gave you so much joy for almost 20 years? So you don't like this version, you think it has some issues. Ok. So, give them some credit, and go to the Bugs forum and present them. This kind of posts is just pathetic, for someone that is probably over 30 years old.
  11. Yeah, its probably the feature that i hate more in FM. In particulary when you are trying to make a save with a specific objetive. For example, in one of my save, playing with Benfica, i was trying to make a save just buying youngsters and not spending much on buys, when after a take over the new chairman just decided to spend 140M in a central defender that i didn't needed, and pay him over 1 million per month.... when my second high salary was 300k. Just insane.... I kept playing the game for a couple more day, but the thought that is completely unrealist for Benfica to spend 140M in one player, and to pay him over 1M/month... just killed all the fun, and i ended the save.
  12. Agree that the convertion ratio of 1-on-1 situation is a bit low, but for me the thing that i think really needs to be fixed is the amount of 1-on-1 situations you have per game. I often see in my games 4 or 5 1-on-1 situations for me and the opponent, and it doesn't matter if i'm playing a weaker or a stronger team. It's just insane. It's too easy for a forward to escape the central defenders, even if we are talking about a world class defender vs low division forward. In fact, i'm kinda happy that the goal convertion ratio for 1-on-1 situations is low, because otherwise it would be a goal galore in almost all games. On the other hand, and because i play with a big team, it feels a bit exploiting the game, because i can move up my D-Line, and press as much as i want the opponent, because even if they get 3 or 4 1-on-1 situations, they probably wont score any.
  13. Oh, i forgot one.... Never stop playing after a loss, it would take you into a bad run of results. Always wait for a win, before leaving the game.
  14. Hi, This may seem a bit strange, but as anyone tryed to install the PC version of FMT in a android tablet that as windows installed? I recently read some articles and walk-through explaining how to install windows 10 in a android tablet, and I was wondering if the Pc version of FMT would run there, or, it would be some sort of issue that would prevent that.
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