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  1. Keyzer Soze

    Editor Poll

    i think @gradewas talking about a new editor for FMT, not using the existing one from the full fat version. Edit: you must bare in mind that we are only nagging you because the games is not released yet. Once is out, youl'' have some peace!
  2. Keyzer Soze

    Editor Poll

    I could be wrong but the cross-save features is something that is always mention when the subject is related with trying to implement new features in FMT. It seems that, atm, is something that is delaying/difficulting the evolution of the game. Perhaps, could make some sense, making some kind of poll to know if FMT players actually use the cross-save feature, or if they simply play the game always in the same platform.
  3. Keyzer Soze

    Editor Poll

    For me the editor it would be for the more basic stuff: changing teams and competitions names, change kit's colors, players attributes and so on. I wouldn' care much for a editor that allow creating new leagues or competitions.
  4. Keyzer Soze

    Editor Poll

    Absolutely yes. Theres no logical reason for the absence of an editor in FMT, except of course some technical reasons that only SI could know. There are editors in both FMM and FM, and all with the same purpose: give the users the possibilty to edit their game. The same should be allowed for FMT players. The thing is, if i understand from reading others threads, while the editors in FM and FMM were more easy to implement because FM and FMM are games thar run in a single platform (FM on PC and FMM on mobile phones), with FMT we have this particularity of having a game that should be played in 4 different platforms (PC, Android, IOS and Switch). So creating a editor that can create files, for saves that should run in differents platforms could be very tricky.
  5. If at any point i make opinions as facts, i'm sorry for that. My intend was only share my opinion. It's curious you talk about marketing but the truth is, marketingis the main (if not the only) veichle to share information between a company that is selling a product and a group of people that are thinking of buying that product. The part that i highlight at bold is right on target of what i was trying to say: Does FMT look distinct enough as its own title? For me, it does not, and it should. And the main reason i see fot that to happen is because SI don't deal with FMT the same way they do with FMM. You could say, because FMT it's product closer to the full fat version, it's harder to make FMT as distinct as FMM, and i agree with that. It's harder, but still so much more could be done.
  6. Like many, i also think that FMT, and FMT players, are a bit neglected by SI, but i don't think that there is any chance that FMT will end in the near future. In fact, i think that year by year the number of users playing FMT (in pc and tablet) are increasing and are becaming more and more like a little community inside the football manager world. The problem for me, is the SI is still living in 2013 when they released FMT (back then FMC) for the first time. When FMT was released in 2013, it was only for PC and it was a free game to anyone that bought FM. By making this, SI was giving a new version of the game, a more simply version of the game, attending a large number of players that were leaving FM because it was getting too complex and too time consuming. But it was a game for FM players. I don't think that SI released the game to bring in new players but only to prevent old players would leave the game. In 2015, they start to also release FMT in android and ios, and FMT could also be bought apart from FM, and this was a game changer, with new players starting to play the game, playing only FMT, playing for example only in a tablet. And from that day FMT was no longer a light version of FM, but a new game for many players around the world that simply don't care about the full fat version. I think that SI needs to adapted to this new reality: they now have 3 separate kind of players: FM players, FMM players and FMT players, and they tend not to mixed up. So, like FMM that has his own agenda, and his own rithm of development, i think that the same should happen with FMT. The problem is that SI still see FMT like a side B of a vynil album. Until they start to realize this, i think FMT will alway be overlooked by SI.
  7. Keyzer Soze

    Database size

    Well, the android/ios it's still to be released, so i'm not 100% sure. But, unless there is a big surprise for the tablet version, i would agree with you.
  8. I asked, in twitter, at Miles about the compatible list and he said that will be out around 1 week before the release date. So probalbly around 26-28 October
  9. Keyzer Soze

    Database size

    It depends on the number os nations/league you choose. More nations/leagues = bigger database. Like in the full fat version.
  10. Keyzer Soze

    Database size

    It is, if you disable the 3 nation limit. But if you do that, then you cannot cross-save between the PC and tablet.
  11. Keyzer Soze

    No FM touch beta

    Ok, so, the old system, where you ask a player to tutor another player was replaced by this mentoring system?
  12. Keyzer Soze

    No FM touch beta

    The last time i play FM, was FM13... i never heard of those groups. If i understand, in group 1, Danny Pugh is tutoring 3 players at the same time?
  13. Keyzer Soze

    No FM touch beta

    Hi, Can someone share some images related with the tutoring in FMT?
  14. Keyzer Soze

    No FM touch beta

    Is this true?? And all of the sudden, I'm a happy man!!!
  15. Are you serious? Jonas is back!!! And Jonas beats Beta... everyone knows that!