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  1. I did the same. Took a break for three weeks and then started a new career game unemployed, with loads of leagues uploaded. Got a job in Serie D and having a tough but very rewarding save. I think boredom can set it when your saves are similar to your previous ones. Try something different, like being unemployed with a regional or lower repuation. Your first job may not sound particularly appealing, but you've been through the interview process and earned it. Crack on with your career and see where it takes you.
  2. Current playing with two forwards and both are scoring.
  3. Just the once with Dundee United in an end of season dead rubber. Had about 5 shots to their 25+ and won the game 2-0. Watched most of the game through my fingers - it was a bit like the first Rocky Apollo Creed fight. Played them in the Cup Final that season as well. 0-0 up to the 81st minute and lost 2-0
  4. I would assume they're just generated but loosely based according to structure/style and capacity. E.g. Ibrox would be generated as a large ground with four prominent stands, The San Siro would be a large tiered ground with all corners filled in. It's great when you see a ground that looks similar though. Imagine what the community could to with a pre-game stadium builder. Put it on Steam - I'd buy it!!
  5. Club Brugge's Jan Breydel Stadion... and what it looks like IRL
  6. As long as you haven't cheated to sign him, what's the problem? The game throws up loads of odd transfers. You've signed him legitimately within the realms of the game, so enjoy!!
  7. Some nice grounds in Scotland. Take a look at Hamilton Academical's Douglas Park and compare to the real one. Obviously not exact, but a pretty decent representation.
  8. So - you'd consider giving up something you enjoy because you're not getting a customer loyalty discount?!?!?! Also, do you honestly expect a 50% discount (or the game gifted to you) because you spend £40 on their products annually?
  9. Not sure. I know he's been out of the game since his Zurich stint ended. Maybe it's a contractual thing.
  10. Without getting too deep, a 2009 study into two-footed footballers was led by Dr Alex Bryson, Professor of Quantitative Social Science at UCL. His study (based on European leagues) suggested that 18% of players are two-footed. Never read the report so can only assume that if you're competent with your weaker foot then you would be regarded at two footed. Not sure what percentage of FM players are classified as two-footed though.
  11. I'm not seeing players misjudging/not reacting to long balls 6 time per game in my save. My central defenders don't push up too far - that way they seem to be able to deal with it and then distribute to the fullbacks. From experience, if you set your defence with a higher line, then you're going to be at the mercy of the ball over the top. If you're seeing that many mistakes per game then you should report it in the bugs section.
  12. I feel your pain. It's happened to me before and it annoys me when it happens. However (and without being able to view the goal you conceded), the defender just messed it up, just like they sometimes do in real life. You could say it's a reaction bug - or you could say he'd having a mare and needs to be brought off. IMHO players sometimes doing inexplicable things in the game and it makes it more interesting. Steve Gerrard's slip - if that happened in FM, the whiners on here would say "... the game is broken, one of the world's best midfielders just wouldn't do that..." Football IRL is littered with individual mistakes, so why not FM? I've just found this on the Youtube. There's having a bad day and there's this:
  13. I disagree. Constructive criticism is needed, and bugs properly reported. Negative comments don't help, they just make this a really toxic place.
  14. Have to say, I was enjoying the game before the patch and I'm enjoying it after the patch. I personally think that by ignoring most of the negative comments on here and remembering that it's only a PC game (I've never played one that is perfect) the game's fine. Also, at £40 for a year it's a very cheap hobby. Meanwhile in the real world my U15s team (I've coached since U10s) is falling apart. Promoted last season and they're finding the step-up really though. Combine that with the fact that half the team have become largely apathetic and the other half gobby teenagers - then the 'problems' of FM20 are incredibly small and an almost welcome welcome distraction after another defeat that has taken me 50 minutes to drive to. If it's any consolation, my U15s team also have a shocking 1v1 conversion rate.
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