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  1. Hi @Declan Holbem, any initial update on this issue? Thanks!
  2. Hi @Declan Holbem, thanks for looking into this! Please find the information in the screenshots. It might be a different model of that tablet you have in UK than we have in the US. I posted the exact model I bought from Amazon in the original post. All updates and apps are installed on the device and Google Play as far as I can tell. Anything else you want me to try or provide? Again, thanks for your efforts in trying to track in this down!
  3. I saw this post from last year: and I tried rolling back play store version, clearing cache/data from Play Store and Google Games etc. - no luck so far. My device is not rooted so I can't logcat and see what's going on 'under the hood'. Thanks.
  4. Hi @Declan Holbem, I reinstalled the app and left the game sitting for more than 1 hour on the black screen. No progress. I get to select my Play Store profile once during first launch and after that nothing. Let me know what info I can provide. I work in mobile so let me know what you need.
  5. Hi @Declan Holbem, thanks for getting back to me. I've had it running for several minutes. The video was just to show an example how it looked like. I can try to leave for as long as possible tonight.
  6. I can't seem to enter the game at all on the device below after the game's splash screen appear. It displays a black screen and then nothing happens. I attached a video. Exact device: https://www.amazon.com/ZenPad-2048x1536-Android-Titanium-Z500M-C1-GR/dp/B01MATMXZV 2018_11_07_06_20_00.mp4
  7. @michaeltmurrayuk - heck, you are right. I recall it wasn't there earlier on Player Searches. Might have been added in a patch? We can disregard this request, and I'll open a bug for it. Thanks. EDIT: Bug opened:
  8. Within any search screen (being in players or staff) there are no options to clear the current search. The user is forced to either 1) manually clear all selections or 2) close the search modal and click the "Clear" button next to the "New Search" button in the search Player/Staff Search screen. See attached screenshot for example. In this case I have multiple selections and I back out and hit the "Clear" button and then re-enter the search screen via "New Search". It seems unnecessary. This is a minor request, but would reduce number of click for users.
  9. Thoughts on when "Use Fake Players" are enabled for a save, that it seems to only be the name that is fake? Maybe some of attributes have been moved around, but that's kinda it? The nationality, age etc. of the player the fake player is based on haven't really changed. I understand completely randomizing this might be a challenge to ensure well-proportioned teams, but it seems it's just based on the real world players with minor changes. Thoughts? Examples attached of what I would assume is based on Zlatan, Messi and Hazard.