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  1. Hi knap! thanks for your work. Do you include set up pieces, corner routines, etc for your FM19 tactics? I am playing with a limited newly promoted team, with an average CA of around 120 in LaLiga so I need to get every possible help from set pieces and any extra edge to win. Any particular tactic suitable for a not so technically gifted team in FM19? I recently lost 2-3 at home against Real Madrid (probably with a CA of around 160) and want to improve things. Cheers.
  2. I hope that FM21 can implement the new FIFA regulation on player loans. They have been designed to curb clubs such a Chelsea hoarding players. I have myself been guilty of this using the Juventus Gambit techniques to have a player farm of more than 300 players in my last FM save (yes, it is a micromanage hell, but very profitable and needed if you start at the very low of the pyramid). FIFA said that it expected member associations to implement similar rules on domestic loans "in line with the principles established at international level" although it did not set a limit. Regard
  3. Spain lower categories 2B and 3 will be reshuffled for the 2020/21 season, thus it is probably a great chance to fully incorporate the changes and the tercera division into FM.
  4. 1. Trial players that you later sign won't earn any milestone or achievement such as best player of the year, top goalscorer, or winner of league X or cup Y with your club. Probably this impacts the value of the players. 2. Players that enjoyed a trail in your team count as former players, thus there are extra motivated to perform against your team we you play against them.
  5. And there is a pesky bug related to trials. Trial players that you later sign won´t earn any milestone or achievement such as best player of the year, top goalscorer, or winner of league X or cup Y. Probably this impacts the value of the players. Totally bugged!
  6. Strange. I haven´t seen this problem in Fm19.
  7. Spanish TV deal is buggy and does not reflect reality well. Spanish teams have changed how they share and distribute TV money but this is not reflected in the game. This link explains how the pot is distributed: 50%+ 25% +25% https://www.sportbusiness.com/news/gap-from-top-to-bottom-narrows-in-laligas-distribution-of-e1-42bn-in-tv-revenues/ Further info: https://www.footballbenchmark.com/library/broadcasting_revenue_landscape_big_money_in_the_big_five_leagues
  8. Spanish TV deal is buggy and does not reflect reality well.
  9. If you want a nice challenge, start with a classic team in Segunda B. Historical teams with an interesanting past, waiting for you to lead them to glory again are: Cultural Leonesa, Racing Ferrol, At Baleares, Logroñes, Burgos, Real Unión Irún, Salamanca, Castellón, Sabadell, Hércules, Cartagena, Real Murcia, Córdoba and Recreativo Huelva (oldest team in Spain). A different interesting new team is Unionistas, which is run by fans like AFC Wimbledon or United of Manchester. Or maybe you want to make true Gerard Piqué business dreams leading Andorra to Champions League. Segunda B is known as
  10. There is (at least) one downside of getting players for trial. They count as former players of your club... maybe that has implications in the match engine, and the player is more motivated to score against you!. I have also observed that if you manage to get a player for trial that you really intend to sing, he asks for lower wages while he is trial.
  11. Thanks for the answer. How can I change the division they are playing then with the editor in the middle of the season of a running save?
  12. Hello, is there some way or editor to remove teams in FM19 from an on-going save? These teams have disappeared and do not exist anymore. Thanks!
  13. Hi knap! Why do you use specific tactics for the holiday season?
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