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  1. It is buggy. https://www.footballbenchmark.com/library/broadcasting_revenue_landscape_big_money_in_the_big_five_leagues Spanish teams have changed how they share and distribute TV money but this is not reflected in the game. This link explains how the pot is distributed: 50%+ 25% +25% https://www.sportbusiness.com/news/gap-from-top-to-bottom-narrows-in-laligas-distribution-of-e1-42bn-in-tv-revenues/
  2. Are they going to add new leagues in FM20? (Spanish Third Division would be sweet)
  3. Thank you knap. I will try your top tactics with my very bad team, let's see what happens
  4. Steam achievement: "Six of a kind" or "Silver Six": Win six official competitions in the same year. Example European club: Club World Cup, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Supercup, Domestic League, Domestic Cup and Domestic Supercup.
  5. Tercera division in Spain would be a great addition and make the country pretty complete in FM2020! A real challenge to win LaLiga from the very bottom
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