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  1. I rarely place "Rest" slots for my players, could this hinder their development?
  2. I think training might be one of the issues. Do you have the workload of your coaches in "light", or "average"? I assume anything beyond "average" will decrease the progress of the players.
  3. I peeked into the ability of these players to check your assumptions. Mahlonoka CA 137 PA 150, professionalism 13 Barros CA 127 PA 132, Professionalism 16 Two weeks of training schedules:
  4. Another example, Mahlonoka, a bargain from some obscure Southafrican club. He was the key player of the team last season with only 20 years, and crucial for the title conquest. He played 34 matches scoring 11 goals, however, his development has been disappointing as well, and almost flat.
  5. Yes, the problem is not only about this player, it happened to all the players in the team.
  6. Great training facilities. For the main squad training I have 6 general coaches, 5 fitness coaches, 2 gk coaches, the assman and myself. Good quality overall I would say. Last season was the first season of the team in LaLiga. I won LaLiga, Cup and Supercup.
  7. I am playing FM19 and my players are not increasing their attributes at all or extremely slowly. I have plenty of examples. Initially thought that the lack of play for some youngsters was the reason this was happening. However, I checked the regular players of the main squad and found out that nobody is growing in attributes. For example, the development of a just turned 20 years old central defender that played 20 games in LaLiga last season has been flat. Any ideas why this is happening?
  8. It would be incredibly useful to have a chart showing the evolution of the value of the player against time. Possibly this is a nice feature which is not very costly to implement.
  9. Segunda RFEF will have 90 teams in five groups of 18 teams. I don´t think that they will add Tercera RFEF to FM21, however they should add additional latent teams to Tercera División Groups to ensure that the new format of Segunda RFEF is sufficiently fed by teams and in order to manage the promotions/relegations of the following seasons...
  10. The maximum four players from "second teams" rule also applies to 2B and Tercera competitions: https://www.rfef.es/sites/default/files/pdf/normas_reguladoras_bases_competicion_segundab_tercera.pdf (Art 11.3)
  11. Beyond fleshing out all the bugs, if Miles wants more Spaniards to buy the game, in my opinion the key is to add the lower divisions of the pyramid: Third Division and Preferente. It is a big task but it would bring £££££, because Spanish football fans love to play with their little town clubs. It could be done in two years, first the Third Division, and if SI feels there is an increment of the sales as I forecast, then Preferente the next year.
  12. It should only be in the game for affiliated teams, not for dependent teams. At first, I thought the rule was valid as you do, but if you read carefully articles 109 and 110 you will see the difference between a dependent team (B, C) and an affiliated club (e.g. Basconia, Perelada). Thefore at the end @aboudiaby was correct. They have chosen confusing wording to define what a "filial" is. Apparently, FIFA forced RFEF in 1990 to make this distinction.
  13. Additional competition rules for Primera and Segunda: https://www.rfef.es/sites/default/files/pdf/documento_escaneado_8_removed.pdf 10.2 At least 7 players of the line-up must belong to the main squad. 10.4 Only 4 players from dependent or affiliated teams can be playing simultaneously in the field.
  14. You are correct, they have chosen the definitions unnaturally because filial comes from Latin "son". Traditionally in Spain a filial was the B team but I see that from a legal point of view it defined as follows: Article 109 says that an affiliated club is essentially a somewhat independent club, with different board, even when the squad is controlled by the parent club. This is the case of Peralada and Girona FC. Article 110 establishes that a "dependent" club shares the board with the main team. This is the case of B and C teams. I have updated my previous post accord
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