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  1. Not sure if it's limited to this database only, but the scheduling in 2022 is horrible. Winter World Cup overlaps with the latter stages of the Emperor's Cup, there was a random break throughout all of June with no games, and now in late July, 23 (!!!) members of my first team have been called up for the Asian Games and are away for ten matches. Completely destroys the save. Otherwise it's a really good job, just wish the scheduling would be sorted out.
  2. Can someone at SI confirm if 19.3 will indeed be the final patch despite the overwhelming negativity towards the ME? Because if so I'm so so disappointed. I could go in and give feedback but it's all the same as the last few pages - forwards simply do not work at all (much better off playing a strikerless formation), long shots are stupidly OP and the final third movement is laughable. Mods posting screenshots of individual cherry-picked matches disputing this does nothing helpful. Anyone who plays the game for at least half a season can see the glaring errors. FM19 was my first one since FM16, won't be buying again unless these ridiculous - and more pointedly, obvious - problems are fixed.
  3. North Korean league hasn't scheduled 2020/2021 fixtures
  4. That's downright crazy. Was he injured/came back from a bad injury? Because if not there's very much an issue here which needs to be addressed.
  5. Yes. Played 7 games since the update and my strikers have scored one goal between them.
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