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  1. I did all this and none of it worked, so didn't touch the game until the proper patch game out - ie the one released today. Lo and behold, the issue persists. I can't stress enough, the issue is that the day's games do not start generating for 5, sometimes 10 minutes after continuing the day. That's the issue.
  2. As mentioned in the first post, I do use custom databases. Have tried multiple setups, with between 8k and 125k players, difference is minimal. Games still don't start to generate results for sometimes >10 minutes after continuing a day, doesn't matter how large or small the database is or if I'm using custom DBs.
  3. I do not. My Macbook is regularly connected to my TV through a HDMI cable, but never when playing FM as it messes with the resolution.
  4. That wasn't the point I was making at all... I'm saying that as the demo doesn't allow you to use custom databases, I had no way of knowing before forking out for the game that implementing editor data into FM20 is a bit of a nightmare. If I had known that before then I wouldn't have bought the game at all. The ME issues are totally separate.
  5. Not every person who is unsatisfied with the game will visit these forums, in fact most will not. It doesn't mean those people aren't frustrated or think it's unsatisfactory either. It could be in the Steam top 1, it wouldn't make an iota of difference of how poor this game is in it's current state. The whole situation has to be looked contextually (in terms of this is a long-running franchise, not a standalone game), and this includes you saying 'individuals posting the same 2-3 issues'. I mean, it's the dedicated feedback thread. Are we just not supposed to post here now as people are report
  6. I play almost exclusively with custom databases, which the demo doesn't allow you to use. I bought the full game and it has all sorts of problems loading custom dbs - the fault is the game's, not the databases themselves. There was no way of knowing this without buying the full game. As someone else also mentioned, the ME used in the demo was an old version, even by Miles' own admission so this argument is moot in terms of talking about the ME.
  7. This is the crucial part that needs looking at imo, something isn't right with this.
  8. I'm sorry, but I honestly find it incredible that this was posted. Arguably the most crucial part of the game is totally unsatisfactory to most users, and you're suggesting that people should visit the tactics forum to exploit the bugs and errors. Unbelievable.
  9. Processing between days is crazy slow for me. I've owned the game for 8 days and I've managed to get through only 10 weeks of game. Reported it in the bugs forum but responses on there are almost as slow (and frankly quite useless) as the game itself.
  10. I don't have an option to save it as anything else. What file type would you prefer?
  11. All detail is set to low. I've tried six new saves and the issue is the same on each one.
  12. The Evo-Stik East in the England file hasn't been scheduled a month into the first season. @Timo61, do you know if the leagues not scheduling issue is a game bug, or just an oversight with some of your files? I'll report it to SI if it's a game bug.
  13. Hi Kyle, yes I've tried all the options in that thread. I'm on a Mac so not sure I can obtain a dxdiag, is there a Mac equivalent?
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