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  1. Have you reloaded the skin? And is there a config file in the logo folders?
  2. Hi, could someone point me in the correct direction of where to find the world browser panel file? Specifically I want to make this panel much more opaque. Thanks for any help.
  3. EDIT > Fixed my initial problem, was a conflict in the folder. Can anyone tell me how I'd go about editing this panel though? I want to make it more opaque.
  4. If both the above fail, double check the config file.
  5. For some unidentifiable reason it won't work on Macs. I've just ran a two year test with only the CPL and the MLS loaded, and it works fine with the correct expansion teams coming in during the correct seasons, but if you add any leagues lower than the MLS it will crash FM. Uncle Sam posted some links further back in the thread which you can use to start an already-saved game on a Mac, but this won't work for me as I can't add leagues from other custom dbs this way.
  6. In FM19 clubs are unable to refuse callups for the Asian Games. But in real life, this tournament is not FIFA-recognised and clubs are not obliged to release their players for the tournament. Proof here.
  7. Just chiming in here - I've seen this issue mentioned a few times over the months. Happened to me with a downloaded database (North Korea), but I saw it had also happened to someone else where the Irish fixtures didn't generate. I didn't add or remove any leagues, and the save is now in 2027 and the league still says 'Fixtures for the 20XX season will be generated on 20th December 20XX' (can't remember precisely what year it was, though it could well have been 20-21). Should also say I wasn't an active manager in the league - I had it loaded as playable but I wasn't managing there. Will be following this to see if there's a resolution.
  8. Clubs can refuse call-ups to the Asian games as it isn't a FIFA-recognised tournament, proof here. Yet in FM19 players cannot be withdrawn from squads.
  9. Has anyone figured out why this error message appears for Mac users?
  10. This seems quite unstable, game crashes when trying to turn off social feed in Preferences > Screen Interface, and now game crashes on boot after Steam update today. It's definitely this megapack causing the issue as when removed or replaced with other league megapacks the game boots as normal.
  11. Which is still nowhere near the ratio I'm getting in FM...
  12. Haven't played for a few days and then first game back... completely ridiculous.
  13. Your compensation budget is under £500k and from what you've selected the compensation would be over £4m...
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