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  1. Am I misunderstanding something here? On my stats panel, under 'CCC' (Clear Cut Chances Created), I have a total of seven chances across all my players. Yet in the final match stats my team has only apparently created four clear cut chances? Either I'm misunderstanding something here or the game isn't collecting data correctly - which is a very big deal on a game which relies so, so heavily on statistics...
  2. 34 goals on a 5-game matchday seems pretty mad, pretty much averaging 7 goals a game. Feel like this could still do with some tweaking.
  3. Very quickly getting very tired of dominating every game (15+ shots), scoring one or two, whilst the opposition have one shot and one goal. It seems every opponent is just stupidly clinical on this version.
  4. Scorelines like this are still a bit too common imo. Only a few months into the season and have had a few of these.
  5. Credit it where it's due, new patch is an immeasurable improvement given the shambolic state of the game before. However, and I sound like a broken record given I've been asking for this for the best part of the last half decade, please please please fix the inordinate amount of woodwork hits. I'm getting between 3-6 woodwork hits in consecutive games, it's just utterly insane.
  6. JFL teams all have incorrect names. Reinmeer is Reinberg for example, Honda is Haneda. Is there a reason/fix for this?
  7. Nitpicking but as I Saints fan I have point out this is incorrect. Broja has been at Chelsea since he was 8, after spending a couple of years at Spurs. He was only at Saints for a year on loan when he was 20.
  8. No other editor data files selected and this is what happens on the game setup screen. I can the FM24 Japan December file, but not the FM24_Japan_League (the one in this screenshot). I'm looking to load a file that goes down to JFL, not any further.
  9. Which file is the simple one only? No matter what I select I seem to be forced to enable all the regional leagues. Also, some of the JFL teams seem to have fake names?
  10. It's almost like they know they've released an (embarrassingly obviously) unfinished game which is nothing akin to the pre-release promotion and they don't want people asking awkward questions about it
  11. Just read that a reasonably well-known editor has quit due to a disagreement with SI; on top of all the issues already this has killed FM24 for me. I play for the smaller league databases and whatever the disagreement was has upset this person enough to make them not want to support the company. It's been said multiple times, as recently as on this very page, but SI's leadership and goals with the series have to be called into question at this point. It really is starting to feel like a cash grab ala EA with FIFA, and in the process alienating players who have loved the game for years - and worse, people who have poured their heart and soul into the game to make it so much better.
  12. I abandoned my save in the beta as I got promoted (at a canter) from the J3 league despite avoiding relegation on the final day the year before (joined 21 games into the season). It was honestly incredibly difficult to not win. Just felt so unrealistic given I had one of the worst squads in the league as well.
  13. Sounds like a reputation issue, and you're far from the first person to report this kind of thing happening. My FM hot take is that the 'reputation' system holds the entire game back massively. I'm not a coder and I don't have an alternative way of having AI distinguish what decisions to make, so I understand why reputation is a thing, but you see players like Rico Lewis, who in real life are getting decent, consistent and meaningful game time under the best manager in the world get ragdolled about on loan for years before ending up in relative obscurity. It's the same reason why AI international management and awards are so, so bad and not reflective of in-game form or ratings, because the AI selects these players based on their reputation alone. I'm not holding my breath but I hope reputation is severely nerfed in FM25's reboot, as it's probably the single biggest under-the-hood immersion killer for me just because the AI relies on it so rigidly.
  14. I'm also waiting for the update before starting a long term save. I'm kind of apathetic to the situation, as FM has always been not quite playable with view to a long-term save on release, but I fear a patch may not be forthcoming quickly given the radio silence. I did do a two season run with Hachinohe in the J3 League on the Bet... sorry, Early Access, and though I agree the ME is generally a vast improvement on recent editions, the severe interaction problems and worse-than-ever AI really are dealbreakers for me. I haven't played seriously since FM19 so maybe I'm behind the curve here but scouting also seems extremely clunky and I'm still not exactly clear on what my scouts are doing at any one time or how to get a quick, basic scout report. Usually takes months to get a report back...? If SI can fix, preferably quickly, the AI and interaction issues I will be content with my purchase. If not then I'll do what I did with the past three editions and simply forget about the series again for the next few years - I'm done with getting angry about the game, but I really do hope they can fix the widely-reported issues as there is a decent game hiding somewhere in here. On the plus side, my game looks absolutely gorgeous - kudos to all the skinners, facepack and logopack contributors. It would just be nice if I could play it!
  15. There are major issues with squads constantly complaining about squad depth, player refusing to agree to targets, team meetings still are an absolute lottery when it comes to squad reaction... in short, it's better to avoid interactions as a whole when possible, and if the squad do start complaining about something inane like your goalkeeper depth, then good luck because it will likely derail your entire season.
  16. Interesting, I genuinely didn't know that. I'd still much rather they fixed the mess that is the Oceania Champions League, which has been completely broken since as early as FM10, than have the option for face paint which I will literally never see once I move past the manager creation screen.
  17. Yes but think about the inclusivity! (When was the last time anyone saw an IRL manager with face paint?!)
  18. Hitting the woodwork constantly has been an issue for years and years in FM, I remember I posted a detailed analysis comparing my FM save and real life many moons ago... never heard anything from SI, and the exact same issue persists. It's broken and has been for years.
  19. Yes, had two players recalled from my J3 league side because they weren't being played in the exact roles in the initial agreement. The players were both averaging over 7.0 and doing well, they were being played in the agreed position but not the agreed role. My biggest issue with it is that the AI would not budge on the role they wanted the player to play when negotiating the loan. So you have to accept their demands, otherwise you won't get the player at all. It's far too rigid and seemingly no leeway.
  20. Players are being called up for the South Korean under 19s national team despite not having South Korean nationality, nor residing in South Korea. None of the Peruvian or Sri Lankan players have South Korean nationality, here are a couple of examples. There was also a Chinese newgen that was called up for the last squad who also didn't have a second nationality.
  21. Sadly not, none of those players have South Korean second nationality, nor even play in South Korea. Definitely a bug. Even if they were, there's less than 2000 South Koreans living in Peru, the chances of even one of them playing for the national team are extremely slim, let alone seven. The Chinese and Sri Lankan players also don't have any SK second nationality.
  22. Yes, I'm getting at least one, often two or three a week at this point. Players can barely string three consecutive games together.
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