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  1. 18 millions for a Brazilian regen CD 18yo. I had doubt about him, cause that was the greater amount of money I ever spent (in fm20) (a part him I have spent 8 millions for a 16yo AM from France touted the next Zidane) (I'm playing at Soroksar in Hungary, 2043) and 'cause he wasn't so better of my CD at time, but he was 4y younger. He become soon a wonderkid, but after the first year, Flamengo comes and paid the clausole of 33 m and he went away. Sad story.
  2. I've just played the national cup quarter with only 6 ( + 2 orange injured) players available in all team (second and U19 included). So I've 5 grey players on the pitch. (I've lost 6-1) (36 players with national team and the others u19 played a game earlier that day).
  3. I don't touch set pieces. 'cause I don't like score from them. But I score a lot the same.
  4. it's funny that you wanna score with head and you don't seem be able and I that I'd love to score the less possible with head, score a lot.
  5. 7 games (6w 1d) 18 goals scored (1 against). 14 header goal assist: 9 cross (from 103 completed - the second team have 66) (and 3 corner + 2 fk and only 1 TBall in a counter-attack) I played with the 2 full back set with less cross, 3 trequartista behind the lone striker and with both the 2 trequartista wider with less cross. Cross in TI are set LOW. My wider trequartista score the most of goals (5 and 4) and they have 12 and 11 at header. While my Striker score 1 (header) with 19 in finishing Now, my tactics is a little strange (as I said I used 3 trequartista) and with more expressive TI, so I can expect maybe that if they don't not finding enough space at center they decide to overwrite my PI, but at now seems to play at a Football Manager "Bierhoff edition". Score from cross and with header should be less than this (and in generally less then with feet)
  6. No, sorry, I'm playing in Hungary and I saw that only when I have enough rep to look for French young players.
  7. Maybe. But, in my game, in the match report you get in news inbox, it say what you see in the visualization (4 header) so we have: 3d game shows header inbox news says header analysis type goal say place shot.
  8. There is an issue with the type of goals in analysis. I scored 5 goals in the last 2 league matches: 4 header. but the analysis say 2 placed shot, 1 powerful shot and 2 header. So go further to see if the problem remains.
  9. I win the league but, despite some great matches, there are some aspects that I don't like. Central play. I made 3 season with the last ME patch and I see only 1 through ball, from my AM (trequartista or playmaker). I also try a test: I create and AM with 200 CA and 20 at vision, tech, pass, decision (and ppm killer ball often and others), with a striker 200CA. Well, in several matches, despite the available space (even if little, that's normal), the AM pass the ball always to the wide players that are always free.
  10. My was and existing save. I raised it in the bug forum (and I found that even in Bundesliga there is the same issue)
  11. Some clubs from France and Germany have a very strange reputation. Even if the League Rep is the same throught the years, all the clubs from Ligue 1 and Bundesliga have Worldwide (almost all) and Continental rep. I don't know if it affects the gameplay or it is a merely a cosmetic bug ('cause it doesn't seem to me that all club succeeded to attract great players) The game file's name is "club reputation weird"
  12. I don't know how rep and CA have to do with this, but i think a lot Is due to player type. So if you have a fast striker and among legends there is an explosive striker, then the young player have good possibility to be the next...
  13. You can see screen from the other user, my situation is quite the same (but, obviously i have different team cause i'm in 2042)
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