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  1. Imho. it's right in this way. 'cause this margin of error is the only thing to prevent game becoming too predictable and easy. (then, in your example, maybe scouts think that player, even with high PA, will not reach that level for various reason like personality) if i said i hope one day SI will take off PA from game (maybe using only 2-level, one for normal, one for game-changer like Pelè, Maradona, R9 ) and scounting potential will become like IRL when scout judge a player on CA, personality, family...
  2. Sorry maybe it's for my bad ennglish , but when i said 'partially' i mean othen than what you have said (age, ca, etc..) an importan factor was the actually PA, that you didn't take into account And when i said 'with a margin of error' i mean that if a playe have a PA of 150, scouts/coaches could think he can have 140 or 160 (the margin is dependin on their JPA), that with the others factors you said (like age), is translated in stars: so a player of 21yo with 150CA and 155PA will could have more PA stars than a 31yo with the same CA but better PA 'cause the can't reach it anymore. The breach in the system is well clear even in your example, 'cause with all the same stats, you get an increase/decrease in stars only changing PA: the fact is that IRL if you could change a player's PA (if that exists...) scouts cannot detect any difference, cause they don't know it. In game you cannot take off that huge factor, in game scouts have to know (with a margin of error) the real PA 'cause if not, they JPA will make not sense. So, for me there are only two way: or cancel JPA, but that would meaning take down almost all scout system or cancel right the PA concpet, 'cause even if PA exists in real life, that is not the same way as it is in FM. And returning at the topic: there is no way Barca will spent that amount of money for a 150pa player. In game as in real life.
  3. Sorry, but that's partially false. Also the real PA is a part of the so called Perceived Potential Ability. Scouts/Coaches know the actual PA with a margin of error depend on their JPA. That is easily verifiable: changing a player's PA with a real time editor you will instantly a decrease/increase of the potential's stars. And it must be so 'cause it is the only way scouts/coaches' JPA attribute make sense. That's one of the fail of unreal PA system, 'cause in real life even if there would be a PA (sure not in FM way), scouts don't know and the judge a player on his CA, personality and improvment areas (eg. speed is a lot harder to improve, so the player's height). About de Jongs' PA. how many players paid that money have a PA under 160? just out of curiosity.
  4. But you were a third division club, you cannot think that your attendances grow faster in 3 years. A part of the away supporters things that is an issue (that i don't know if SI will fix for next patch)
  5. I always play with MTK in Hungary. The attendance's grow up slowly in realistic way due to reputation and trophies. Also the city's population is an important factor. I don't know if even the quality of game (like scoring a lot of goals) could increase It. There is some issues, i think, in the away's matches attendances, that are always too low.
  6. Thank for the explanation That's better,( but i think attributes' weight should be fixed)
  7. You could make test using editor (both pre- or in-). When you change an attributes, you will see a change in aspected CA. The attributes that doesn't cost CA are: important matches, Aggression, consistency, flair, fitness, injuries p (maybe i miss something else). Little OT: i always find irrealistic that attributes cost a different amount of CA for different roles: IRL training shooting is not easier if you are a defender or marking is not easier for a striker. That's something SI will get rid off and change.
  8. (I really don't know if a such great difference in CA point can deliver a such high difference in stats as in example, but in general, as with a 180 vs 200, it's a right way). That's 'cause there are important attributes that doesn't cost CA: continuity, important matches, natural fitness and injuries pro. It's like in in real Life: if you wanna win World Cup, you should prefer a player like Griezmann than a player like Messi or CR7.
  9. At the time i've read something about It (that there was an issue getting a new job with the double job) but i don't remember if in Fm18 or 17.
  10. It's true. You can also build a team with only under20 and win league (at least in low nation). Maybe mental attributes should be more important (and young should have low value in them)
  11. in a old CM, at Milan i have all main right wingers out so, looking at stats i found that my Goalkeeper have pace, acce, cross, dribbling and tecnique at 20, so i play him as winger, but he didn't work. so i had to pick up a young from u19, with lower attributes, Fabio Paim....and that is another story,
  12. ( Martins was never a 170+ player) the problem is the PA. But this is a underlying problem. i think that there is not a PA IRL like it is in FM (cause clearly physical attributes have limits but in FM we get players at 15yo that at the age should be already set - a 15yo with 1 for pace should not reach 20 even with 200pa for example - so the limit IRL is already set in the current attributes that cannot improve utmostly). But Even if we said that PA is realilty, then how something of genetic can be linked to the quality of facility? Do youth coaches are modern nazi-scientist who make genetic experiment? So if there was a PA, that should be random.
  13. I use always take MTK in Hungary. It's very hard to win in Europe 'csuse you can win easily in Hungary After some season, but the level of nation stay low, so you have always sell players. That's not a problem itself but i think that SI have to put in game some code that once you become too strong for your division at least one other team get many money and buy good player to stay at your level. The only very boring thing is that level of your youth stay very low. In 30 years i see a total of not more of 20 player stronger the ones at start in all nation. (And only 2 that can compete for a First in my team). Get the maximum level in youth Academy should be harder but at the same time you should get better player then ones you have at start with midium facilities.
  14. I don't mean the single 'game', but the game-football itself. To stop Ronaldo in Italy in 97-98 or Maradona in Naples opponents need one thing: refree that protect defenders (and that were paid to make Juventus win...). With Messi, you have refree that protect him to let him perform. It's an huge difference.
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