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  1. In my games CR7 always becomes a legend in Juventus (I don't manage them) despite the fact that in game Juventus have the worst seasons from 2010-11 without a single trophy with him.
  2. Even if I tried played with less and low cross, more than half of my team goals are header. (and also goals from AI are header for a good half). My best scorer is my Trequartista in wide left position. He scored 12 header. And even if ha a very good jumping attributes (14), his header attributes is 2 that is very low even in a poor league as Hungarian one. This ME version make all player like Bierhoff/Klose. You can have a striker with 20 finishing and he will need at least 5 good chance to score, while a player with 2 header will need 3 header at max to score. to compare with real life stats, in the last premier the top 3 team in headed goals are: Liverpool 19, Everton 16 and Burnley 12., That is 22%, 36% and 28%. The best player are Jimenez, VanD and Woods with 5. and all have good header stat in FM20. In this FM20 there is too much difference between players attributes and real effects in ME.
  3. As Milan fan, I don't believe to have read Locatelli/Cutrone and wonderkids in the same post
  4. Well. In my game I have often 4/5 'wonderkid' that I can sell without hesitation 'cause staff tell me they won't reach a better level. In real world nobody sell of a young dubbed wonderkid so easily. Staff in game could be wrong sometimes, true, but they know PA (or a range of it). Take a look at Unde19 teams in game and then look at the same teams in real world (or at the star of game) In game you could easily have a global young team (I often have 1/2 national player at max), while in real world the under19 are made almost all by nationals: cause in game you will buy all player with higher star in potentials even if they current rating is less than half star. While in real world there isn't sense to buy a player (at the same age of others) that is weaker of all your players 'cause no scout will tell you it will be the new pele. There is no PA (nor variabile PA) in real world. (and I made I thread in future request about it)
  5. I report the bug in the early version of the game (but I don't find the thread so maybe I post it in another's user thread) and in the first patch they correct it but only for the top nations. So for minor nations the bug is here. Ok, I don't find it 'cause it was also a FM19 bug and I reported it at the time and not for FM20.
  6. Stats are useful only if we use them associated with each other. Shots number means nothing per se. First of all: why a team shots so much. That is the first problem. Your team shots so much 'cause you have many players with set 'shot more'? ok you can untick that trait Your team shots so much 'cause they don't find enough space? That's bring us to many street. Why they don't find space? and this most likely a tactic problem. but, much important: why they continued to shot if they don't find space even if they have shot less (and work into the box)? and that's a ME issue, 'cause even the most smart players seem prefer to shot despite better option. Second: quality of shot. If brazilian Ronaldo would play in real life match like this ME, he would score 7 goals for match. There are too many quality chances. And too many misses. (just and example: maybe we have 1 gol every 7 great chances while would be better have (in the same number of matches) 2 goals in 4/5 great chances.
  7. True. But I try to make an other example: Ballon d'Or or World Footballer in game are awards (other story: there is a great work to do to make award work properly) that live at the moment of ceremony to have no more importance the moment after. Say "Haaland" or say "the three times-in-row Ballon d'Or winner Haaland" have a different impact. Say "Pelè" and and the three times World Cup Winner Pelè is totally another story. Or say 'the one who score 2 goals in a World Cup final!" And so on. Most of that infos are in the game, but are deep in stats or bio while they could be used to color the news. Plus there are a ton of info that could be add in the game to feel it more vivid. something like (use past players example only as example): "Maradona, loved by Napoli fans and considered the best player ever with Pelè" or "Without injuries Ronaldo would become the best player ever, surpassing or at least catch Pelè" or remembered the style of playing or great matches etc..
  8. I would love have it. But the fact is that FM fails to create an environment. And you notice that 'cause once you move forward and real player begin to disappear, you don't perceive the different level of importance/capacity, cause the news you get is about raw facts. For example there aren't anymore the feeling of great players era like Messi and Cr7. You don't feel the sense of great newcomers like Haaland or Mbappe. And even legends are something that doesn't exist (it's foolish that a young player could be dubbed the new Pelè or Maradona in game but the news doesn't spread globally - think about Adu or the same young Messi). Teams are teams. But great teams are made by great players and FM fails to recreate this. When I face Barcellona (for example) in the game I feel to face Barcellona while I would love to feel I face Barcellona of Messi,Suarez,Griezmann,etc.. (or the newgens). ( and same with Managers )
  9. No, the structure will be the same forever. (it can change only if in real life there will be an official change and SI coded it, like, if I'm right, the World Cup club)
  10. Premise: I usually use a lot the editor, modify leagues, players and even awards so I wanna understand if there is a problem once you edited or if is always the same. in my current save, I manage Manchester United and in the second year I bought Haaland. He make great things (scoring 42 in 49 games the first and 36 in 38 the second year). He won the 2021 and 2022 Ballon d'Or. Ok, I should be happy, but no, 'cause I didn't win anything, so Haaland didn't win anything and he played good only one or two big match in CL (where we reach only the quarter finals). Plus in 2022 there were the World Cup where he didn't play 'cause Norway failed to qualify. Now, I don't think that prize should be gave to only a winner (cause that Is a team sport etc...), but that at least the winner have to play at least the majority of big matches (so at least the semi-finals of the great competitions) cause is there where he have to make the difference. Now in the game seems that count only the average rating and goals.
  11. only to said that in my current save, Portugal have won the 2022 World Cup at penalty shootout against France. (2-2 in reg. time with goal of Martial and Maximin, then in 84' Ronaldo and at 91' Guedes)
  12. They will increase, but not so much. In my save (that I have erased so I don't remember exactly), Hungarian League was the fifth league in Europe and I the prize for winning the league was 5 milions circa. Players' value increase (something like 5-10 millions at max circa) And I could sell great young player even for 70 (50 maybe, I don't remember) Said that. The point is: if the target is the realism then it is right keep the financial equilibrium stable with the currently nation, 'cause it will never happen that England fails and Hungary rise. But if the aim is the realism then there are a ton of step to do to make the game realistic. The moment you cannot create a realistic match between Human's career and Ai manager, so that a Human could compete with a small nation club (thank you players scouting above all), then it's make a little sense doesn't let the financial power change in the World. And I think will be funny have sometimes in a long career the USA major league become the best or even an African ones. And about making comparison with past years: it's impossibile. In the years of Red Star winning CL the economic factor wasn't so important.
  13. I'm creating a new World Cup with a legend db but I have 2 issue: - I'm using normal editing, there is a way to make the draw like in real WC (or Champions) ? cause I get only one big group from the team are pick - Holland. I don't what is the issue with that but Holland's AI manager select only 'real' today players despite having elite like Cruijjf (that is, strangely, the captain) Van Basten... so they have a very poor team (with player with 80 CA), is there any 'national pool' option in the editor I don't see?
  14. Surely FM could improve a lot, I don't know how different is their model from yours, that seems a good work I would add the amount of money a club had to your equation 'cause for example a club with 500millions could reject easier a 50millions bid than a club with 10millions. (I have to say that it's possible get big money from AI, for example I sold many young valued less then 1million for even 40million)
  15. the youth system need a revamp. From what I understand how it works, it is all about chance. So the importance of the nation/league it's too decisive. That's mean that develop the best youth system in poor nation have no sense cause it is less expensive buy young players. In my opinion, if I'm (example) in Finland and I have the best youth system possibile, I have to get young players like the ones get by Barcellona (even if a smaller amount of them). If with the best youth system possibile you don't get more than 2 players suitable for first team in 10 or more years in poor nation, the 'chance system' is the problem, cause at a team/league reputation growing doesn't match a grow of the chance plate.
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