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  1. Are you also a National Team manager? If yes, look at the scout news only when you have your club selected
  2. I retrain a lot of wingers on the left or Central Mid for the right Side where i use Inverted Wing Attack
  3. Pace and athtetism are different. There is more Stamina nowdays, yes. (in fact the record by human on big distance was made in 2018) Pace is a different thing: in fact the record is by Bolt in 2009.
  4. Yes (Kakà vs Messi in the video) Messi have better agility, balance, ball control and dribbling (of course, he is way better than Kakà). But not better pace.
  5. Kakà was faster then Messi. And Brazilian Ronaldo when was fat and out of form was faster then Kakà. (ok Ronaldo pre-injuries was out of world with only Pelè and Maradona but not only for his pace) (oh and Zidane was slow, but can outclassed Cr7 and Messi very easily) Agility, balance are more important. And talking about pace, then explosion (that is the fast in first meters) is more important in football. It's very rare that a player can reach his max speed in a football field.
  6. Even if the new features are pretty useless (above all the recruitment meeting that i starting to skip), I think this the best version of the game. the ME is not perfect but it has a great balance between realism and fun. At least for the way i play (creative with 2 Trequartista roles + an advaced and a complete forward in front). while with a similar tactic in FM20 i scored the most of the goals with header (even if i have all Messi-like strikers) and with so many attacking roles the team was too balanced, now there are more (a lot more) goals with low ball and central play, a lot o vari
  7. that he has an high quality (ca) for the young age. Funny, "promising" said nothing about his potential.
  8. I don't know if you really read what i write, but clearly you don't undestand anything. Take your second images and tell me if you can said who from the name we see Is a Legend, who a superstar, who a normal player with a great game. In the third: Tagliaferri. You can tell me ( without look ah his profilo reputation) if Is a world class player or merely bench player with a good effort? In the fourth: we have post by supporters. The same you can get in a second hungarian division level. That not make a second division hungarian player a worldclass superstar.
  9. 1) no all U19 League have prizes. 2) transfert news are not the point. do you read news about Messi only when he pass in another teams in real life? of course no. 3) Golden Ball news has the same space than "where is Kisvarda team of 2020?" 4) real life Italian Serie A example: Cr7 is always on YouTube cover highlights even if he had not a good game. In FM is very very very rare that the news' title have a players name written. but: you again miss the point. let me make an example. If I have to look for in google "English Quartet band of 60s" for sure then
  10. I know that you find the info in the player description i said that the data in already in the game. (another story Is that feature is very basic programmed and based on nation legends' description in db and not really linked with Legends' attributes). But As yourself said every year we have 'another' messi. And the fact that you know that without be a pro scout, prove my point. If you follow sports media even at basic level you will find pages on youngs prospect. Talking in general in real life even my mother that has never seen a single game of football know about Messi
  11. One of the biggest lack in the game imho is that FM fails to create a immersive world (a part of the knowledge we user have). Then it's a pity that one great step could be made using data the game already has. That's is an example. In that news they said about the younger that is labelled the next Kubala (that is one of the best player of Barcelona history). That's great. But to make that appears i have had to declare interest in that younger. And his description is a marginal note in the news. While if in Hungary would pop-up the next Kubala (or Puskas or Albert etc...)
  12. Yeah, i reply to prove that there is no a cospiracy against human
  13. I have a different example. I'm the away team. 6 min extra the AI score at 97min My team at 101 ca. (i dont' remember exactly)
  14. Imho in something the OP is right. Is totally unrealistic that some small clubs (above all in minor nations) ask for a price so high. A club with at best a balance of 2M, cannot ask for 100M and refuse offer that are near its total balance. Said that it's absolutely possible sell players for very high value (and it's a lot easier that in real life). Generally i found good cheap players in South Africa. Now, that I tried to buy some expensive players (for my status) like Jelic for 4,6M - that would be hard to sell to a greater amount of money (also 'cause maybe he cou
  15. Pace is too overrated. Irl there are very few moment where a player can use a great amount of pace. Simply because there is not enough (open) field and the actions are several short phases: so explosion and accelleration are more important. While in FM seems that a fast striker can do anything even if you are not playing counter: finishing better, better heading etc.. (Brazilian Ronaldo was very fast even in the fat fase, but what he lost was agility and balance)
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