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  1. FlorianAlbert9

    Why FM19 > FM18?

    I didn't play FM18. I can tell you that, with the current ME, if you like tiki-taka, possession, using Advance playmaker or trequartista, then: FM19 is not for you. If you like park-the-bus, direct-counter-attack, then FM19 is great.
  2. I'm playing with a Intel Atom and 2gb RAM.
  3. FlorianAlbert9

    Your managerial "role model" ?

    Bobby Robson. Not a great cold tactician, but i like when, like in Barca, he left freedom creativity. And then he was good to developped players.
  4. FlorianAlbert9

    Losing its realism

    About Real Madrid, there was a time where if you was Real Madrid, you must not only win, but win playing attacking football. That's the main reason Capello was sacked. At the first Capello years, Ronaldo's Barca was so much more enjoyable. Same for Brazil 1994 WC winner: you cannot play like european if you were Brazil. (It would be beautiful if the club's philosopy have bigger importance - and if there would be a similar thing in National teams)
  5. The player's value is a mix of player reputation, ability, league etc... but i don't think it says if player is unique or common. So,due to medium player are more than excellent ones they will harder to sell at her value. I sold a good that value 500m for 7M, while for his teammates who valued 150m i had accept less than 50m, 'cause ai can find several player like him for that price.
  6. I faced it 1 time each in my first 2 season with MTK. I was lucky (or the game loves me)
  7. FlorianAlbert9

    [Suggestion] Buy T-Shirt with our salary.

    Straight to the point: With the money we get in game we could buy the shirt from players in game (club or National). T-shirt from events faced by real or regen players like the one used in a World Cup final in 2026 or also classic t-shirt like Pelè's in 1970. We, Human manager, will have a sort of showcase with them. In showcase we will see the shirt with the name and the data about the game when it was used. A t-shirt used in WC final would be more expensive that one of Hungary in group stage, or the one by Arsenal in Premier. Graphically It will be another story for license, it's true, but ad default will have the normal shirt with the possibilty to change It with external add-on. That will be totally ininfluential for the game, obviously, but a nice addiction to make money less useless.
  8. As I wrote in General Feedback thread, there is an issue that i find also in old game version. Boards seems to set a minimun offer for a player that they will accept, while they are unaware of the different (past and present) offers. In this save-game (premise, i don't remember the exact offers) at summer break, Milan came with an offer of 1M for a young player that i refused, than raised up to 3,5M, and board accepted it. Fair.That was a great money for a small club (Mtk in Hungarian top division). But i contest it and they listen to me. Then Milan came with 6,5M cash that i refused again. In winter break, Watford comes with 1,1M plus various (as you see in save game) and board accept it. (i don't try to contest yet, i stop playing to post this). Now, this is very strange for different reason: 1) we entered in Europe League, so our balance increase a lot and we don't need money 2) if board would have accepted the 6,5M in summer, even after they accepted my protest, it would be ok, 'cause that is an enormous amout of money for hungarian club (i think the gretest ever irl) So, it seems that, if you protest was accepted, Board let you to refused all the bids in the near space time. While after months, Boards seems to lost memory and starting acting like there weren't offers before. i upload save-game in the cloud: "MTK - board accepts offers" : the exact day Watford make the bid. "Andreij Ivàn Vlàdìmir VII - MTK (v03)" and "Andreij Ivàn Vlàdìmir VII - MTK (v03) (v02)" are of some days before. MTK - board accepts offer
  9. 1. Dynamic & group 2. Parternship in starting 11 3. Effects of World Cup 4. Supporters, Media & Board (5. Legends, Icons, Top 11 & records) We all know that National managing needs an huge revamp at least to have the same options we have in club (like training and staff): Football Manager 2022 will go out with the next World Cup so it will be amazing to have a great improve for that edition. 1. Dynamic & Group Dynamic here will be important mostly to 'drive' the Manager's team selection. So the most important player can push the Manager to call their teammates (if similar level) or veto a controversial player. With the help of group section you will can select a bunch of player of the same team to have a better cohesion (like have all defenders from the same team for example) 2. Parternship in starting 11 Parternship link in National Team are harder to create, but you could use the ones exististing in the club. 3. Effects of World Cup World Cup should be the most important competition in game. Now it shared the crown with Champions League, but I think that WC should be the alone king by far. Messi and CR7 would change for sure all their CL for a World Cup. So, the season before this great events would affects players depending their personality: for example, a player who isn't regular in his club could want find a new team to play more and gain a call for the World Cup. Other players could refuse to get injection or play out of form for club to avoid injuries for the World Cup. 4. Supporters, Media & Board Some National Team should have a playing identity so if you manage Brazil, you cannot use a defensive style and even if you win, many will contest you (see the 'european' Brazil the win World Cup in 1994). While in team like Italy, win would more important than the syle of playing so if you attacking tactics brings poor results, media & supporter will push you to play more cautious. About the selection: the most of supporter will often ask you for their beloved players, while the media push for the who performed better. (5. Legends, Icons, Top11 and records) That's very important for me. Maybe this point affects the game-core very little, but it has (at least for me) an huge impact on the enviroment, on the atmosphere. But, well, i will make another post 'cause 1) it will be long 2) it will be for both national and clubs.
  10. It's true that "it's your tactics" but for the ME that have an huge preference for counter-direct-football. So if you try and attacking mentality football, the ME will kill you. Playing a CM with direct passing, a fast striker, even with 7 in composure, will score a lot
  11. FlorianAlbert9

    Real Fixtures in International Competitions

    Maybe i'm wrong, but I think it's impossible, 'cause while the National league have fixed team (for the first season, obviously), UCL and UEL have qualification round played in game, so the teams in groups will be different from reality.
  12. I played from 2002 to 2008, the stopped and returned with 17. I don't completely agree with all you about FM17. Yes, i have fun, and i reached my best results (1 Europe League and 2 Champions League in 30 years of game with hungarian team MTK ), but ME has his weakness like i can count on the 2 hands the amount of dribbling i saw in Key highlights during 30years. Now i saw more risky action by players. Said that the ME19 has great problems in mentality setting, forward moviments l, central attacking play and possession. That plus "Pace" and "accel" , as always, overpowered over tecnichal and mental attributes so you can turn a bottom club to a top one using a direct ball from deep CM
  13. @Ben Kenney I wrongly overwrite the three save so i don't have It now. But i think It will occur in the next transfer window, so i will post It then.
  14. NEW MENTAL HIDDEN ATTRIBUTES NEW WAY of SCOUT REPORTS for HIDDEN ATTRIBUTES IMPORTANT MATCHES REVAMP SCOUT REPORT DIFFICULTY LEVEL 1. Mental attributes are the harder to evaluate. (And should be the most important ones in the ME, but that will be another post), and it’s perfect that in the game we have hidden many of those. We already had: Important matches, Consistency, Pressure, Professionalism, Sportsmanship. Dirtiness, Temperament, Versatility, Loyalty, Controversy, Ambition, Adaptability, injury proneness I would add these to the hidden tribute list: DECISION: (it should be one of the most attribute). it’s hard to understand the real value, ‘cause it depends on so many aspects (is it his decision or a manager’s tactical choice? for example) DETERMINATION: now that is an important attribute also for the growth of the player, have this hidden, would be a greater challenge. AWARENESS: (as i written in my new attribues suggestion) that determinates how a player know his own ability. That affect his role in the team, his request etc.. 2. All the hidden attributes keep their hidden 1-20 value (or the most desidered 1-30) but scouts and coaches would only be able to tell us a 5-level range of the value in the following terms: 1-4: poor 5-8: fair 9-12: average 13-16: good 17-20: great The greater the scout/coach ability in Judging Player Ability, the more precise will be a report: so, if a scout has 20 in JPA he guess (always in “poor, fair…” terms) all the hidden mental ability while a scout with 1 in JPA could miss all and tell you that Player X has a “Poor Decision” while he have indeed an hidden value of 16. 3. Important matches. That value will be not something that a scout can guess without have real prove. So scouting a young player with no app. in any important game, we will not have a report about this ability. There will be a ‘box’ in the player’s panel where there will be a list of all important games he played and his performance. There, while the scout with 1 - JPA will base his report only on vote of the performance, a scout with 20 - JPA will base his report on real “important matches’ stats to simulate that he was able to understand the reason behind the performance (eg. if the player played poor ‘cause he wasn’t in condition, or if he played good only ‘cause he had a great team around him) *(Update) scout need at least 5 important matches of the similar Level. Plus: the player's important matches level determinates the report. So if the player played the final game of Hungary Cup (i think that is set 9of20 in db, i don't rember for sure), scout can tell us that player could have Poor, Fair or Average, but can tell us more, 'cause player have to play in more important matches. 4. We can also set a 3 level difficulty on starting game: Beginners: where all hidden and not hidden stats are revealed Intermediate: the same without attribute masking option we have now. Advanced: like now plus the new system above.