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  1. But the AI managers of top club have to know how make Ronaldo scores. In Madrid Ronaldo have Mourinho, Ancelotti, Zidane and he always scores. I would love see that the AI Zidane, Mourinho, Ancelotti etc ... Know as make Ronaldo scores. But that is never happened for poor ai modelling (and some me issue) Football Manager gave us the wrongly feeling that to be a top club manager is easy, 'cause in game we have a totally bad (Easy) level of difficulty (for human players)
  2. I disagree. A real test for the ME is the AI's matches, nor only the human ones. And about strikers, how many times did you see AI capable of keep the same goals numbers of real world? I never see Messi or Ronaldo in game make half the goal the made in real. Oh, i like the fm19 match engine, but there are many steps to do regard strikers.
  3. You're right. But i think all the new features we want are actually a better modelling of the same things you want to have polished. So we all want the same. Imho the most important areas are: Match Engine - we are at good level Tactics - good level Training - good level Player development - poor level Enviroment (recreating the football world at emotional level) - very poor level (at now there is no difference in played a World Cup match or an hungarian second Division match. We don't feel fan. We don't know legacy of legendary player. We don't feel the media/fan attention about star players. Etc....) Details and stats - very good level Transfer Market - normal level AI - poor level Graphical rappresentation (animation) - very poor level Longevity - very good level to infinity level.
  4. You miss the point. It isn't a comparison. You can change Beatles with "good album with a personal vision" or with whatever you want. The point Is that if somebody has always made a same thing in years, you can say he/She/It will make the next thing in the same way again.
  5. Yes, but... You know for sure that It cannot be as good as The Empire. You know how Disney works. You have a lot of proof in their SW episode and in the MarvelStudios. It's quite impossible Disney changes. You know that the next Rihanna's album will not be good as Beatles' Revolver. You don't have to wait for that. There are 'premise'.
  6. We all would love a perfect FM. There are features the somebody would love and somebody would hate (like PA- e.g. i would love see SI cancell It) There are features very hard to make (a balance between a perfect AI and the joy to play) or that take a lot of time ti develop There are features that SI cannot make at the same time 'cause they have to sell every year, it's business after all. For first I am not very happy about this year features. But we all have to keep in mind that a near perfect simulation would cost us a lot more of the actual price. Think about the cost of pro-soft that not all have FM's complexity.
  7. Come on Seb It's easy to test It changing PA with in-game editor and suddenly the staff opinion will change too. They don't know the exact value but someway a range of PA, that is. With the system we have, that is the only way scout/staff jpa attributes makes sense 'cause if they don't know PA at all then they would be pointless 'cause they would not discern a player with PA 90 from one with PA 200 (both with all other same attributes)
  8. Club visione is great. Dev. Center will be great the year SI will get rid of PA. Now is superfluous take care of youth. They now develop or not independently from you. And i hate the fact that your stuff know the players' PA even if in a partial way Nothing else. Too Little. Hope for match engine then.
  9. A part of team Building there also: - ai don't use staff as you, it's common find a top world team with 4 avarege coaches at max while even when I player in Hungary tend to have the the best cosches i can. - same for scout. - ai follow the rules programmers gave them while US follow the game rules. These rules should be the same but i actually doubt. I think match engine Is not mirroring football how AI 'thinks' So, for example, if AI spend moneys on well-developed aged players while US can win with a U19 team Is because programmers 'told' AI that used those players is better than used youngers while WE know that it's false and It is easy (irrealistic Easy) build a young team. For me would be Amazing have the a stronger AI at least in the nationals first divisions.
  10. It takes 5 years with a mid table team becomes the best with no challenge at all. Said "then take a weaker team! Etc.." doesnt make sense cause the to be a top club manager have to be the hardest thing.
  11. My impression is that the only thing that matter is if AI manager's tactics preference Is good in the match engine or not. Then if the manager has 20 ca or 200 make no difference at all. It's only an impression with no real test (a part one not so accurate when i put a 200 manager in top side in Hungary, but he failed)
  12. PA is totally irrealistic and SI should re-think the system We don't have PA in life. We have all Is needed to devoleped player in game without PA. Start CA+mental+some phisical unlike to improve much (like pace)+enviroment+inj. pro. You could use those for all example in real life.
  13. I understand your point. But I think that is a choice by SI for technical reason (eg. Making different offert means to have different ai behavior that means more workload on cpu) so soon or later we will have this fixed (i think when SI Will see that the most of ours pc could do It)
  14. Improve the (social) media Is not a bad idea. If you think about It, now there is so Little about the football world in game. At start you are fooled about it, cause It Is all in your head (eg. You know about Messi and Cristiano be the best in that last 10+ years), but soon you realize FM failed to create that world in the game's years.
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